The Witch Tree

The Witch Tree Four days before Christmas in Elk Park Colorado genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client s body When she starts asking questions no one wants answered she becomes the killer s next target Still

  • Title: The Witch Tree
  • Author: Karin Kaufman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four days before Christmas in Elk Park, Colorado, genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client s body When she starts asking questions no one wants answered, she becomes the killer s next target Still grieving the death of her husband, Anna must draw on her wounded faith to enter a world of wicca and paganism reminders of a past she buried long ago and discover the secrFour days before Christmas in Elk Park, Colorado, genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client s body When she starts asking questions no one wants answered, she becomes the killer s next target Still grieving the death of her husband, Anna must draw on her wounded faith to enter a world of wicca and paganism reminders of a past she buried long ago and discover the secret of The Witch Tree.The Witch Tree was a finalist for a Grace Award in the mystery suspense category.

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    1 thought on “The Witch Tree”

    1. I'll admit, the title had me hesitating. I'm one of those people that usually stay clear of anything having to do with witches. But because it was advertised as an Edgy Christian Mystery, I decided to give it a chance, and I'm so glad I did. "Days before Christmas in Elk Park, Colorado, genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client's body. When she starts asking questions no one wants answered, she becomes the killer's next target. Still grieving the death of her husband, Anna must draw on her wou [...]

    2. Having no knowledge or interest in Wicca or paganism, "The Witch Tree" would not be a typical book I would pick up. That being said, I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it. Ms. Kaufman enlightened me, entertained me and intriqued me. Her characters were well developed and very believable. A very good debut novel and I look forward to her future works.

    3. A family tree full of witches. A genealogist determined to find the truth. Just days before Christmas in the mountain town of Elk Park, Colorado, genealogist Anna Denning discovers a client’s body. When she starts asking questions no one wants answered, she becomes the killer’s next target. Still grieving the death of her husband, Anna must draw on her wounded faith to enter a world of wicca and witchcraft—reminders of a past she buried long ago—and discover the secret of The Witch Tree. [...]

    4. Karin Kaufman’s suspenseful mystery, The Witch Tree, is, hands down, one of my favorite novels this year for a host of reasons, not the least of these being the outstanding writing.The story opens with genealogist Anna Denning finding the body of one of her clients, to whose home she has gone in order to deliver a copy of her family tree. It’s apparent the woman has been murdered, and when the victim’s husband finds Anna in his house, he is convinced she’s the perpetrator of the crime. F [...]

    5. If you picked this book up for a heartwarming Christmas tale filled with sugar cookies and little elves, you're not going to get it. What you are going to get, is a great book filled with action, suspense, and a tinge of romance. Follow along and sit on the edge of your seat as spunky Anna Denning is unceremoniously swept away into the mystery of The Witch Tree. It was supposed to be a simple job. Research Susan Muncy's family tree. But only the female lineage. Deliver it personally and get paid [...]

    6. No real mystery here. The characters were stereotypes. The murderer was pretty obvious by his/her second scene. No real investigation takes place. The entire story was about attempts by the antagonist to intimidate and harass the protagonist, Anna.And then there was a conversation between Darlene, a witch and pagan, and Anna, a Christian. Darlene refers to a celebration of the "spring solstice". Anna corrects her and insists on the word "Easter". This is pretty obnoxious. Imagine if Anna had ins [...]

    7. Review: THE WITCH TREE by Karin Kaufman[Anna Denning Mystery #1]A really engrossing mystery which kept me captivated throughout, THE WITCH TREE is not a paranormal, but a clean Christian mystery with a lot of emphasis on where one's faith is placed. The protagonist is a very empathetic widowed genealogist in small town Colorado. This novel commences the Anna Denning Mystery series, and I can't wait to continue.

    8. Loved this book! Got the Free Sample on my Kindle, and I was hooked! It's a Murder Mystery with real characters. Only .99 Cents, and I highly Recommend!~

    9. This novel delivered on nail-biting suspense that had me worried for the main character, Anna Denning, until the end. I just realized the poignancy of how the title wraps in with the story--brilliant! Denning is a character I rooted for throughout, as she deals with her own personal struggles while trying to get to the bottom of a murder. The witchcraft aspects were obviously well-researched, and as a Christian I appreciated the lack of the typical layer of glitz that generally accompanies "the [...]

    10. I liked the story and I like the main character, but the author is a bit heavy handed with pushing her Christian agenda. At first, I was going to give it a 3, until I thought about it some more. This really irritates me and it is completely unnecessary to making the story work. The characters can be good Christians and that would still be fine, but she obviously did a lot of research, and then she misrepresented information in the furtherance of pushing her agenda. I won't read the others storie [...]

    11. This wasnt a book I enjoyed reading. I was not going to finish it but decided I may as well . If your not in to witchcraft, wicca, witches etc. you probably wont like it. About a lady who wanted to be the TOP witch - but it didnt work that way. She put spells on the lady she didnt like trying to scare her so she would leave town. It was suppose to be about genealogy also - which was what interested me to read it but not enough of it to make me like this book .

    12. I really enjoyed reading "The Witch Tree " by Karin Kaufman. Anna Denning is our heroine, a widowed woman who loves her dog and does geneology research for a living. She is up against an evil woman, self proclaimed witch, Darlene who likes to control people. Anna has to solve a murder and keep herself and her dog alive.

    13. I enjoyed this book and the introduction of an interesting main character, Anna. I rated this three because the mystery was decent but I felt that the suspects all acted too oddly. It wasn't really believable that the killer's focus switched to Anna since Anna really had no idea whom the perpetrator was at the time.

    14. Great storyA unique, very well written story. Grief is written into the character better than I've ever seen it written before. Would have given it five stars if the curse words had been left out. They may be true to those characters, but not necessary in a faith-based book.

    15. I enjoyed the unusual topic where a character deals fearlessly with witchcraft. The characters were authentic and varied and the writing well done. Nice amounts of suspense and romance. Very satisfying, well-written story.

    16. The story was well written and kept me interested. It got too churchy for me at times so I doubt I'll read any more of her books even though I like her writing.

    17. Wonderfully written book. You don't need to know anything about paganism or wicca to enjoy this book. Looking for an entertaining, well written mystery? Than this is the book for you!

    18. I honestly had no thoughts going into this series, The story seemed interesting and I needed something to read for a long weekend.First I love the idea of someone that works in Genealogy, its interesting and something you do not see a lot of as a main theme in books like this. However, it does not seem to get as much light as I thought it would in this first book.Overall the story was alright, a little twisted and rushed in places but it was okay in the end.I found the reminders in nearly every [...]

    19. The book was okay, interesting enough to keep me reading but not good enough for me to recommend it. The main character is a Christian woman that I found extremely unlikable; she was very pushy, judgmental and even though she kept claiming she wasn't the one who started it - she definitely was not going to be the one to let it end. I was surprised this was written by a Christian author because I felt it made Christians look bad. There was also a little love story which I don't know why Christian [...]

    20. The Witch TreeThis is exactly the kind of story I like: a bit of the supernatural without being gruesome, spooky nights, good and bad people, but you can't tell exactly who's good or bad, a Christian world-view where good definitely is more powerful than evil, and wonderful characters. I will look forward to reading another in the series.

    21. The Witch Tree by Karin Kaufman is a fast-paced mystery novel set in a scenic mountain town in Colorado. Anna Denning, the main character, is a professional genealogist who comes upon a murder victim while delivering genealogical research results. Against her will, she gets swept up into a mystery involving apparent attacks on her by the husband of the murder victim and members of a local coven. At first she seems to just want the attacks on her to stop, but then she decides that everything is c [...]

    22. The Witch Tree by Karin Kaufman is a Christian novel about a woman who unwittingly gets involved with a group of modern day witches and must protect her reputation and ultimately, her life. Anna Denning makes her living as a genealogist, researching other people’s family trees. When she shows up at a client’s house with her findings, she discovers the woman dead. Thus begins a tale that takes us into the minds and hearts of modern day witches, wiccans, druids and covens. Unknown to Anna, she [...]

    23. I'll start off by saying that I did enjoy the book and I would recommend this as a fairly good and entertaining read with a nice flow, some interesting characters (although others are a little cliché) and a few goosebump-giving moments. The book starts with the main character stumbling upon a dead body as she personally delivers a family tree that has been commissioned on behalf of the victim.So far so good on the mystery part, but if you are looking for an investigation into the murder, you ca [...]

    24. This book was recommended to me by an author of Christian fiction mysteries and since her books are so good, I decided to read it. I was very impressed. The book starts off on a good footing and continues, without any slowness or bogging down at all. There is never one spot available for boredom.Karin Kaufman has written, well written, I might add, a very tight mystery, extremely interesting and more than a bit spooky. The book's main character, Anna Denning, does genealogy for a living and is a [...]

    25. When I saw the word witch, I was a little dubious, but I needn't have worried. The Witch Tree is a great thriller, with a lot of twists and turns. It's a riveting read and very well written. It had me on the edge of my seat. Anna Denning is a genealogist; she delivers some work she has done for a client, only to find the client is deadrdered. Anna finds herself a suspect and so begins her desperate attempt to prove her innocence and save her reputation and genealogy business. The author has a gr [...]

    26. Quite the yawnfest. I kept hoping it would improve but it never did. A story of a rescue dog who appears on every single page. You can't get away from the dog. There are also some witches who reek of essential oils and incense, which apparently makes them truly bad people. A judgemental protagonist who is proud of how judgemental she is, and is happy to shove her beliefs down everybody's throat. The only characters are either witches or Christians. There are no other denominations, and certainly [...]

    27. The Witch Tree is a Christian murder mystery set in a small town in Colorado. Anna Denning is struggling with her faith following the death of her husband when she discovers the murdered body of a client. This is a whodonnit that weaves Anna's Christianity through a trail of witches and the occult.As someone with a wide world view and friends of many faiths, I found the strong anti-pagan bent of this book to be a turn-off. There are bad people in all walks of life, but Kaufman's story pins even [...]

    28. A mystery that dives into the occult and that side of life where people's lives who aren't so perfect are led astray by untruths and manipulation. A genealogist in a small town gets wrapped up in a murder saga. The witch coven uses bullying and lying to keep all the players in the game. Well written, I was picking this up every time I had two minutes to spare! Will good win over evil? Will someone who's faith is on shaky ground be able to stand up to a coven of witches? This book brought back my [...]

    29. 4 1/2 StarsI wouldn't normally read a book with "witch" in the title but I'm glad I did read this one. I usually read police procedural mysteries and sometimes cozy mysteries that are based on realistic circumstances. This was an enjoyable, clean, Christian good vs evil adventure, but not much of a mystery. Not overly preachy, but more of a gradual enlightenment of God's grace. Anna was a somewhat likeable & brave character who doesn't seem to use good judgment when dealing with the "bad guy [...]

    30. Anna Denning does genealogy work. She is hired to dig into Susan Muncy's family tree, so when Susan is found dead, Anna is on a short list of suspects. Trying to find what really happened, Anna finds herself in the middle of a suspense with witchcraft at the base and she begins a journey of murder, mystery and strange happenings. The author did a good job with this mystery thriller I think readers are going to enjoy.

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