Even Steven

Even Steven When Bobby and Susan Martin come across a dirty shivering child at their campsite the last thing the childless couple expects is to be drawn into an unthinkable crime But when one of the boy s kidna

  • Title: Even Steven
  • Author: John Gilstrap
  • ISBN: 9780671786731
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Bobby and Susan Martin come across a dirty, shivering child at their campsite, the last thing the childless couple expects is to be drawn into an unthinkable crime But when one of the boy s kidnappers comes out of the brush waving a gun, Bobby is forced to react In one chaotic, explosive moment, the predator is brutally murdered But was he a criminal or a cop WWhen Bobby and Susan Martin come across a dirty, shivering child at their campsite, the last thing the childless couple expects is to be drawn into an unthinkable crime But when one of the boy s kidnappers comes out of the brush waving a gun, Bobby is forced to react In one chaotic, explosive moment, the predator is brutally murdered But was he a criminal or a cop With a vicious crime ring closing in on them, and unsure of whom to trust, Bobby and Susan desperately plunge into the heart of danger to save the boy and themselves John Gilstrap s Even Steven enhances his reputation as an ingenious and innovative contemporary thriller writer.

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    1 thought on “Even Steven”

    1. This is the 12th Gilstrap book I've read, each one as well-written and suspense-filled as the last. The man knows how to grip your heartstrings well as build tension with expert pacing and intriguing characters.I've loved every book he's written and look forward to his next release.Even Steven is Gilstrap at his best.Victoria Allmanauthor of: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain

    2. I had a harder time getting into this novel than with Gilstrap 's other works. The Martin characters were hard for me to relate to, especially Susan. The other characters were well-drawn, especially Samuel.

    3.  This is the first book I've read by Gilstrap. I plan on adding him to the list of authors I'd like to read more of.  Gilstrap does a superb job of writing from different points of view and bringing them all together to weave a thrilling mystery.

    4. Good action novel, with steadily growing suspense. I was impressed most with the juxtaposition between the mother and the would-be mother of the kidnapped child, which John balanced incredibly well. The ending was wholly satisfying.

    5. This book from Gilstrap follows the kidnapping of a young boy and the various players in his abduction and the people who attempt to rescue him.

    6. Enjoyed it up to a point. All the children stuff in it made me wanna puke. And the the ending? You still wanna have a kid with crazy cow? Hope you other books are better than this, Gilstrap.

    7. This is a haunting tale centering around a panicked little boy who runs screaming into a remote campsite on a cold spring night, the couple who find him, and an assorted cast of characters who all have an interest in him, mostly nefarious. Despite enduring unspeakable cruelty and living in confused squalor, the child is a charmer, a point on which several characters agree, be they villains or heroes.Speaking of villains and heroes, those characteristics easily blur, with no one but the baby bein [...]

    8. Bobby and Susan Martin are on a little camping trip to W.Va even though it's cold out. They have been trying for years to have a child and all they've had are miscarriagesIn the middle of the night a young boy dashes into their camp-site. He is filthy and freezing and a man is right behind him. The man says that the boy is his but the Martin's don'tbelieve him. In a struggle that follows the man pulls a gunand Bobby Martin accidently kills him. He has a policeman's badge on him and the Martin's [...]

    9. Mysterious Ways IndeedA young couple lives in drug induced poverty, lurching from one bad decision to the next, barely dragging their small son, Justin with them.A comfortably wealthy couple struggles to stay together through the valleys and mountains of infertility solutions. Their last failure costing them more than they had to give.A police detective waffles, just a little, as he begins to identify signs of career burn out in his own thoughts. Just what could make this impossible job worth hi [...]

    10. It's my first reading of John Gilstrap's, and boy, I'm impressed. Well Gilstrap's protagonists, Bobby and Susan Martin's saga began when a screaming boy ran out of the woods in the dead of night near their campsight. Sensing danger, they try to flee with the frightened dirty child. The kidnapper, however, was right on the heels of the child and agressively confronted Bobby. Fighting for his life, he killed what he later learned was a police officer. Dubbing himself a cop killer, he and his wife [...]

    11. Gilstrap is a new author for me, and WOW! am I ever so glad I have discovered him!Wonderful writing (I didn't want to skim or scan anything)!"She froze as the sound of crackling sticks and rustling leaves came ever closer, their sounds still maskedby the roar of the river and the quiet hiss of the snow falling through the trees."Like Harlan Coben, John Gilstrap also uses characters to develop the story line by depicting the actions and reactions of ordinary people propelled into extraordinary ci [...]

    12. An action packed, fast moving thriller that held my attention from the getgo. Gilstrap does an excellent job of making the reader feel the desperation of various characters - the mother, the would-be mother and her husband Bobby, plus the sad figure of Samuel.It's sometimes hard to accept that this all took place over 24 hours - but it did. I didn't get the title. Not sure why that was chosen and I did feel that there were a lot of characters to keep track off and not all ends were tied off but [...]

    13. This book clinches it. John Gilstrap is now, officially, one of my favorite authors. Bobby and Susan Martin are on a recovery camping trip. The baby they wanted for so long was stillborn and there is a lot of healing to do. Then, out of the night comes a filthy 3 year old boy, screaming and terrified. And behind him comes a man with a gun. Bobby wrestles the guy in a fight to save their lives and ends up killing him. The pocket of the dead man reveals he was a cop. And, that's in just the first [...]

    14. When a disheveled, crying toddler appears at their campsite in the middle of a National Park, Bobby and Susan Martin defy the kidnappers and take him home to replace Steven, their stillborn son. But just how far will his real mother go to rescue her child?This is a wonderfullly complex, rollercoaster story of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. The believable plot adds to the action and you won't be able to put it down.

    15. A nice surprise - my first book by this author and a real page-turner. Not a "whodunit" mystery, but a very complex plot interweaving the lives of about a dozen people that have one thing in common: a crime involving a 3-year-old boy. Mr. Gilstrap is a very skilled writer who makes you care about his characters, even the not-so-good guys. A solid 3.5 stars that I rounded to 4.

    16. Another fantastic book by John Gilstrap. All of them have feature a teen, but books for all ages. The pace of the action is as fast as the others (Nathan's Run, No Mercy).We are emotionally with each character in their frustrations.

    17. Filmstrip always deliversAnother fine thriller from this author. Actually my second time to read. Just cannot say enough good things about Gilstrap if you enjoy original clean thrillers.

    18. My first book by this author. Good read with plenty of twists and plenty of making you want to smack certain characters.

    19. An action packed book through and through. A great read.My first book by John Gilstrap. Ill be looking out for more

    20. Excellent; Childless couple foils kidnapping while camping, but manthey kill appears to be a cop. Multiple story lines converge in gangland trouble and a frantic finish.

    21. Interesting premise, engaging, and well written. My only complaint is that he failed to tie up all of the loose ends at the end of the book.

    22. John Gilstrap is one of my favorite authors. This was an excellent stand-alone book that was exciting, fast-paced, surprising and thoroughly enjoyable.

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