Miles to Go

Miles to Go Now in mass market from the bestselling author who is still tugging heartstrings than a decade after The Christmas Box The Salt Lake Tribune comes an inspiring tale of life and death love and second

  • Title: Miles to Go
  • Author: Richard Paul Evans
  • ISBN: 9781439191460
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now in mass market from the bestselling author who is still tugging heartstrings than a decade after The Christmas Box The Salt Lake Tribune comes an inspiring tale of life and death, love and second chances, and why sometimes the best way to heal your own suffering is by helping to heal someone else s.Picking up where his bestseller The Walk left off, Evans contiNow in mass market from the bestselling author who is still tugging heartstrings than a decade after The Christmas Box The Salt Lake Tribune comes an inspiring tale of life and death, love and second chances, and why sometimes the best way to heal your own suffering is by helping to heal someone else s.Picking up where his bestseller The Walk left off, Evans continues this unforgettable series about one man s unrelenting search for hope.Alan Christoffersen, a once successful advertising executive, wakes one morning to find himself injured, alone, and confined to a hospital bed in Spokane, Washington Sixteen days earlier, reeling from the sudden loss of his wife, his home, and his business, Alan set off on an extraordinary cross country journey in an effort to soothe his mind and heart Carrying only a backpack, he planned to walk to Key West, the farthest destination on his map But a vicious roadside stabbing has interrupted Alan s trek and robbed him of his one source of solace the ability to walk.Homeless and facing months of difficult recovery, Alan has nowhere to turn until a mysterious woman enters his life and invites him into her home Generous and kind, Angel seems almost too good to be true, but all is not as it appears Alan soon realizes that before he can return to his own journey, he must first help Angel with hers.

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    1 thought on “Miles to Go”

    1. I loved this book. Richard Paul Evans, as an author, is outstanding in expressing the importance of other people that touch your life in some way that you and that person are changed forever in a very positive way. I am looking forward to book 3 in the series.

    2. Ok this is God talking for sure! After finishing the first book, I wanted to read the 2nd. I was in WalMart, heading from the groceries to the books, when I prayed: "God, I know You have more important things to think about than whether the store has the book I want, but I also know You care about the details of my life, so if that book is on the shelf, please help me to see it." I walked all down the book aisle, looking in every section, and did not see the book. There was a clearance bin, and [...]

    3. This was an unusual book but I find these journeys/pilgrimages are often not just interesting but touching deeply as they provide an insight into the author's mindset too. The book lost a star for me because of the constant descriptions of food and the many different types he ate on the way. Apart from that I did find the book interesting to read. There are many parts of sadness and some in depth portraits of the people he met on his long journey by foot. I am keeping this short because I am wit [...]

    4. My TakeA beautiful, well-written second book in The Walk series, this book is rich in life lessons and character development, two things I love in a novel. Evans’ chapters are short and impacting – it makes you feel like you are zipping through the book (I read it in two days). I like the title and how it is taken from “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost (shown below) – I’ve always loved this poem.There are really three stories going on here – Alan Christoffersen [...]

    5. I picked up Miles to Go by Richard Paul Evans on purpose. I'm not a fan of his writing, but I wanted an uplifting book for the holidays. Reading it reminded me of why I'm not a fan of his writing. It should have been an uplifting book. It had all the parts of the formula: sad story, characters overcoming hard times, a happy ending. The problem was it had all the parts of the formula. All of his books follow the same formula and when I read them, I get bored. There are no surprises, no suspense, [...]

    6. Easy read. Enjoyable. Uplifting. Picked it up shortly after reading the first book in the series The Walk because I enjoyed it so much.

    7. I found the second book of this series as compelling and touching as the first. I think I have found an author that I am very inspired by. He writes a tale that is gripping, realistic, and emotional. I think if you haven't read anything by him, you should give it a try. It might not be your type of story, but I think you will be effected by the time you finish it. I am continuing my journey into the third book. Hope you are out there on road with me.

    8. NOTE*** The second journal of “The Walk” series. The first was titled: “The Walk”. MILES TO GO continues where The Walk left off. Book 3 will be released in April 2012.Alan Christoffersen, thirty-two-years old, is writing the second journal of his walk from a hospital bed. His plan to walk to Key West, Florida from Seattle, Washington was interrupted when he was mugged, stabbed, and left to die on the side of the road in Spokane, Washington. Sixteen weeks earlier, within a 5-week period, [...]

    9. I'm not quite sure why I keep reading books by RPE I guess I keep hoping that I'll really like one eventually. Things I liked:1) I love the character of Falene, a beautiful woman who is not swayed by the gawking men and does things because it's the right thing to do.2) Two new characters, Angel and Kailamai. Very distinct personalities, well written so that I could picture them. Angel seemed a bit bi-polar for a while, but then things were explained.3) Some great phrases that are profound, most [...]

    10. Miles To Go (The Second Journal of The Walk Series)By Richard Paul EvansPublished by Simon & SchusterIn this second journal in the series, Alan Christoffersen awakens in a hospital bed after a brutal roadside attack. Lucky to be alive, Alan is visited daily by a woman named ‘Angel’ he recently helped while on his walk. A true blessing, Angel invites Alan to complete his recovery at her home; however, Alan soon discovers that it is Angel who’s in real need of healing.As one person’s s [...]

    11. The continuation of The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. In this small novel Alan wakes up in a hospital in Spokane, Washington with three knife wounds to his stomach, inflicted by a gang. He has only walked 318 of the 3,500 miles in his journey from Seattle to Key West, Florida. Alan has lost everything important in his life and walks, with only the bare necessities on his back, to get through the pain - well he did, until he was jumped by the gang outside Spokane. Now, lying in a hospital bed regai [...]

    12. This is book #2 in a 5 part Walk series by the author. I liked this enough that I am going back to read the first one and am on the library waiting list for the other 3. It is a reflective, thoughtful and inspirational read. As a quote in the book said "We plan our lives in long, unbroken stretches that intersect our dreams the way highways connect the city dots on a road map. But in the end we learn that life is lived in the side roads, alleys, and detours."

    13. I like this author and always enjoy his writing, this book definitely sets the stage for a very long series.

    14. Another Richard Paul Evans classic. The continuation of Alan's journey as he walks across the nation to find healing after his wife's death.

    15. Miles To Go By: Richard Paul Evans If you’re looking for some kind of happy ending love story, this isn’t the book for you. This book will make you question your purpose on earth. Overall this is a great book. Richard Paul Evans wrote this book describing what it was like after losing his wife, home, and cars. He had nothing, so he decided to walk. Miles to Go is the second book in the series. When you first start reading you notice that Alan Christopherson is in the hospital with 3 scars on [...]

    16. I really like the first book but this book, even though it is fiction, is a little bit 'too much' with all the troubled people he meets on his walk. It just seems to unrealistic. And some parts of the book feel too rushed while others are too long and too elaborated. I will eventually continue reading this series because this book ended with another cliffhanger and I want to know how it all ends. I just don't know when I will start with book 3.

    17. Second book in the series and again love the writing of Richard Paul Evans. Never want to put down the book and keeps me just wanting to sit and read forever! Great story line and love each character. Since a new character was introduced at the end. go and read and see what Book three holds!Love his writing!

    18. I've decided that any book that makes me cry deserves 5 stars. Can't wait to continue reading the series.

    19. Richard Paul Evans continues his wonderful Walk series in book 2. This book is so enjoyable. Once you start reading it you do not want to put it down. The stories seem so real to life. The characters make you want to love them. I have included several quotes and I understand the quotes from this book will not do them justice until you read them in the book and see them in context. But, the quotes are to good to be left out of my blog. So here they are:We plan our lives in long, unbroken stretche [...]

    20. I like the inspiring verses infused throughout Miles to Go by Richard Paul Evans. As Alan Christoffersen writes in his journal of his journey walking across the United States we learn a lot of life lessons. We learn to be winners and not whiners, to be victors not victims. We learn not to pursue suffering. We learn that when a man loses his vision of the future he dies because if there is no future, there is no now. We learn that in the end we own nothing. The shortest path to healing is to heal [...]

    21. i wrote to his web page, asking about the contest, they don't ask for your address. richards assistant wrote me back, she told me people don't respond so if i sent my address i would be the winner. i did and i got the book. i thought it was 'the walk' but after i started reading it, i realized it was 'miles to go' which continues 'the walk'. i should have re read 'the walk' before reading this but i didn't. i re read both againso far it is REALLY good. short chapters make it easy to stop when i [...]

    22. Wow, this has been one of my favorite stories or series in some time! I wasn't quite as excited about the potential of this book due to the fact that it began with rehabilitation rather than the journeyBut the quality of writing, and depth of relationships and personal introspection quickly dispelled that notion.We join Alan as he recovers from his knife wounds, with new friend AngelAs caring as she is he sees that she has her own buried hurts and secrets. They develop a pure and natural friends [...]

    23. I liked this second book of The Walk series. In this story, Allen Christoffersen is recovering from a roadside stabbing before he can continue his walk to Key West, Florida. I enjoyed reading how he was able to help "Angel" who took him into her apartment while he recovered---well, actually save her. I liked having more story to read this time and deeper character development, since he worked with people in longer intervals than just passing through towns. The end of the story got back to the we [...]

    24. This is Evan's second installment of his Walk series. I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first. This one starts of right where the first ended. Alan is in the hospital in Spokane after being attacked and stabbed by a gang. At his bedside is a lady who he had helped change her tire. She had given him her card and the police called her since they had no other contact. Her name is Angel which is amazing since Alan had a vision in which McKale, his dead wife, told him he wasn't ready to go home [...]

    25. Not as good as The Walk. I felt like Evans pushed this one, kind of like "I need a middle book so just write something". A lot of details I didn't need, like how to make a sandwich on the road - literally how to open the mayo packet etc. But in-between there were some real gems, note:"We plan our lives in long, unbroken stretches that intersect our dreams the way highways connect the city dots on a road map. But in the end we learn that life is lived in the side roads, alleys, and detours." p. 3 [...]

    26. “Miles to Go”, the second journal of “The Walk” series by Richard Paul Evans, begins with Alan recovering from his near-death mugging. In this series, it is quite obvious that the story, like life, is not about the destination, it is about the journey. And it’s not just the simple act of getting from one place to another; it is the stops along the way and the chance meetings with others that define this story, as they affect Alan’s life. The author illustrates quite vividly how choos [...]

    27. I don't usually pick up books such as this one; inspirational, moving, journey books. I don't know why, maybe it's because I feel like they're mostly written from a shrink's point of view or something. I must say, I was entirely wrong when it came to this book and I'm glad I got it.Could you tell I liked it? I finished the entire book in under 24 hours. I didn't get much sleep last night because I couldn't put it down. Why? Maybe it's the constant suspense of the everlasting foreshadowing. Or pe [...]

    28. Well, Richard Paul Evans surely is good at leaving ya hanging. Now I have to wait a whole year before the next book in the series comes out, not fair! I am also curious how many books total will make up this series, cause it seems like there is still a long ways to go- especially if there are any more detours in the upcoming books like there were in this one. I was surprised by the character of Angel and touched to tears as Alan reaches out to Kailamai. I love the way that Alan is able to learn [...]

    29. I went straight from Book 1 to Book 2, and while I liked the characters and plot lines as Al moved on with his walk, I found myself wishing the pace could be picked up just a little. Being human, I loved the revenge on Ralph and the problem solving of what to do with the teen age runaway, but by the end of this second book, we've only traveled a third of the way. At this rate, it'll take 10 books to get him to Key West. However, I will still give it four stars for making me think about how I app [...]

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