Sheltered in His Arms

Sheltered in His Arms Ten years after leaving Shelter Valley Sam Montford a direct descendant of the town s original founder returns accompanied by a troubled young girl and is reunited with his ex wife Cassie Tate O

  • Title: Sheltered in His Arms
  • Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780373834662
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten years after leaving Shelter Valley, Sam Montford, a direct descendant of the town s original founder, returns, accompanied by a troubled young girl, and is reunited with his ex wife, Cassie Tate Original.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] Ø Sheltered in His Arms - by Tara Taylor Quinn ✓
      463 Tara Taylor Quinn
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    1 thought on “Sheltered in His Arms”

    1. What an emotional intense second chance at love book,adored Cassie she is a survivor,after completely breaking she picked up and made a new life for herself.Sam-one stupid jerk who had everything but he threw it away,he falls into that group of people who are lucky enough to have everything but they take it for granted and after it is lost they realize the importance of what they lost.Sam hurt Cassie and his parents very badly,left town now after a decade he is back with realization what he has [...]

    2. Yet another chick book where the woman falls completely apart without her big strong man to love her. She can't eat, sleep or ever be with another man again until he comes back. Please! I would like to think that in this day in age, a woman would have enough sense in her head to get up and eat something even though her man walked out on her. Life does go on even if your cheating louse of a husband moves on!

    3. This book is fairly good until you reach the resolution. Like so many authors, once the "big secret" is revealed and (in this case) the hero understands just how much he wronged the heroine, resolution is achieved almost immediately.(view spoiler)[Ten years ago, Sam Montfort had a mini-breakdown. He was married to his long-time sweetheat, but was unhappy in life and uncertain about the path he was taken. He was the golden boy in both his family and the small town he lived in. One day, he broke, [...]

    4. 3.5 starsYeah, got to say, I didnt like the way it wrapped up. Yes, i could actually forgive him for the infidelity, which is a surprising and very rare thing for me to actually think he was redeemed for that. However, I dont think that the abandonment for 10 years- the selfish running from his problems, never discussing his despair with his wife, never asking if she would come with him and then not contacting her AT ALL in all that time - was excused or redeemed to any type of satisfaction. I a [...]

    5. This is a book that takes place in a cute city with characters that show up in the series over and over. I like to get to know the people and how they interact. Yes, the woman fell apart when her husband left, but I can relate. She did pick herself up and made a life for herself. This is the first book I read in the series, and I will look for more. I am interested in the back story and the other characters. Fun, quick read!

    6. This was a formulating story with wooden writing. It also supposed to be a character driven story but the characters were never flashed out completely making this reader really scramble to understand HEA. I know that the author went out of the way to portray the hero as a changed man and wanted us to excuse the hero’s earlier behavior as one of the young people mistakes. It did not work for me at all.

    7. A great novel! The sadness is so palpable that when things begin to get better you can't help but fly with the song that begins in your heart, Loved It!!*Note* If any one has the epilogue of this book, please share, the copy that i have read belongs to a library and the last page is not clear!! Help, if you can.

    8. Adorable!! ♥️♥️♥️ I actually had TEARS rolling down my face during multiple parts of this book! I've been there, Totally identified with the traumatization (albeit not to that extent) of Mariah! Emotional read!

    9. Writing was fine, but that resolution was awful. I felt Cassie's pain, but Sam? He felt more for his adopted daughter than the baby he abandoned, or that's how it came across.

    10. loved this book! reading about pet therapy and healing from past wounds and betrayals. Cassie's and Sam's story is so good.

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