Evangeline's Miracle

Evangeline s Miracle Evangeline didn t know she was looking for a miracle until one found her A grieving ghost an unsolved mystery a lost child a broken marriage and an estranged mother and daughter Can one young wom

  • Title: Evangeline's Miracle
  • Author: Lisa Buie-Collard
  • ISBN: 9780983647805
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evangeline didn t know she was looking for a miracle, until one found her A grieving ghost, an unsolved mystery, a lost child, a broken marriage, and an estranged mother and daughter Can one young woman find the answer to the mystery before yet another tragedy strikes In 1877 Lady Miracle Sobieski dies a sad, broken hearted aristocrat Yet her restless spirit reaches thEvangeline didn t know she was looking for a miracle, until one found her A grieving ghost, an unsolved mystery, a lost child, a broken marriage, and an estranged mother and daughter Can one young woman find the answer to the mystery before yet another tragedy strikes In 1877 Lady Miracle Sobieski dies a sad, broken hearted aristocrat Yet her restless spirit reaches through time to a particular young woman to try and avert a mysterious legacy of tragedy In 2007 Evangeline Lacroix loves her husband to distraction But her unspoken fears strain their three year marriage to the breaking point As her life falls apart, Evie finds herself compelled to solve the 100 year old mystery Elusive and sometimes dangerous clues entangle her in an intricate web of deceit and hopelessness disaster that threatens everything she s ever known As time runs out, she discovers a connection between herself and the haunted ghost Will Evie ignore her life long fears and listen to the past Will she save Miracle, and in so doing save herself, before tragedy strikes again

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    1 thought on “Evangeline's Miracle”

    1. Evangeline’s MiracleLisa Buie-Collard**** of *****Evangeline LaCroix is a young writer wed to a handsome Frenchman, the man of her dreams. Despite her lovely life, she is haunted by self esteem issues and trust issues from her largely absentee father and emotionally repressed mother. She and her husband Christian have a pleasant, albeit predictable life except for his profound desire for a child and her insistence that the love they share should be enough. One of their shared passions is piano [...]

    2. This was an enjoyable book with a very creative premise. I thought Ms. Buie-Collard did a nice job bringing to life a historical time/setting. The unfolding of the mystery in the first half of the book was action-packed and fast-paced, while the second-half of the book focused on the main character's own emotional journey. I would recommend this book to a friend!

    3. Whatever you might think about ghosts, this story is unlike any ghost story that you might have read so far,for sure it was the case for me. I found great pleasure reading this kind of a story. In some ways it reminded me on Zynga's game Hidden Chronicles which I like to play sometimes. Evangeline Lacroix is the main protagonist of the story. She is an author still unpublished with doubts on herself. She leads an estranged relationship to her mother, also her husband Christian is unhappy with th [...]

    4. I think Mrs. Buie-Collard fell in love with a story and chose to write it down before it faded away. The best part of a story is its characters, and Lisa obviously spent a lot of time and effort discovering and falling in love with the characters in this book. It is a very personal story that not only offers an insight into the lives of her characters but into her own life and experiences. It is an easy book to read, though not all of the content is light-hearted. This book deals with the fears [...]

    5. In Evangeline's Miracle, Evangeline Lacroix becomes consumed by the plight of a mysterious apparition. As she crusades to change the unfortunate circumstances that marked this spirit's life, Evangeline's own life spirals out of control. She has a tragedy to fix, a slew of Mommy issues to get over, and a marriage to save. Yeah, she's got a lot going on.As a World Literary Cafe reviewer, I chose Evangeline's Miracle for two reasons: it sounded unusual and I'm a sucker for anything historical. I'm [...]

    6. This story has a strong, unique premise. Lisa Buie-Collard ties together several interesting elements: two very different love stories happening a hundred years apart from each other yet connected in an unexpected way, the suspense and tragedy of a loved one suddenly gone missing, and lush historical detail. I thought the time travel aspect particularly well-handled. I've never seen anyone write about it in the subtle yet powerful way Buie-Collard does, as an altered psychological state like a t [...]

    7. I give this book 3.5 stars. The plot is very interesting, but it seemed to drag on. All of the family members had the same name, which I thought was weird. Why not be original? Keeping family names are fine, but each generation seemed to have the same names. This story had a good premise, but it was not exquisite writing for me.

    8. What a story! Past and present, all mingled together in the name of love. True love, that's all it matters.

    9. (This review contains spoilers).Like with Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne, I finished this book a while back, but only just thought to add it to .I did enjoy this book a lot. It was engaging enough to keep me interested in it and the idea was a unique one. I really like books where things happen in dreams, so this book was fairly good in that respect. One thing that did kind of strike me as strange was how little time it took to solve the mystery I'm a huge fan of happy endings, so how it ended w [...]

    10. This story is a genealogical and relationship journey for struggling writer, Evangeline Lacroix. The catalyst to begin this adventure is through the concert where Evie meets the ghost of her distant relative Miracle. They begin to communicate through dreams, and Evie helps change the course of history. Meanwhile, Evie’s husband leaves her because she refuses to bear his children. Evie continues to string together her past in desperate hope to secure her place in the world and reconcile with he [...]

    11. Very intriguing story. The heroine Evangeline Lecroix not only saves, but she is saved in return.Not many stories have two climaxes, but Lisa Buie-Collard did an excellent job in building both in her story craft.I cared very deeply for Evangeline Lecroix. She used research and perseverance to solve a perplexing mystery, but she turned to her heart for the final resolution.Definitely material for many sequels for Lady Miracle Sobieski and her family through many generations.

    12. I enjoyed this story immensely. The beginning dragged very slightly, but then it really took off and I couldn't put it down. I had to find out the mystery that the author so cleverly revealed through a lovely ghost. Lots of interesting detail enrich this book and the emotion is powerful. A very worthwhile read.

    13. AmazingThis story was so absolutely entrancing that I couldn't put it down! Mystery, ghosts, history, drama, loveis book has all of this. I very highly recommend this!

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