Ztraceni - Temná země

Ztraceni Temn zem Robert se zni ehonic ocitne uprost ed podivn d ungle nah a pln s m Je mu zima m hlad a krk mu spaluje pal iv ze Byl p ece v letadle se sv mi rodi i a sestrou Vraceli se z dovolen Co se stalo Kde to

  • Title: Ztraceni - Temná země
  • Author: Gillian Cross Karolina Horynova
  • ISBN: 9788000022765
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Robert se zni ehonic ocitne uprost ed podivn d ungle, nah a pln s m Je mu zima, m hlad a krk mu spaluje pal iv ze Byl p ece v letadle se sv mi rodi i a sestrou Vraceli se z dovolen Co se stalo Kde to je Z tilo se snad letadlo Roberta pron sleduj ot zky, na kter nedok e naj t odpov A nem ani as je hledat, proto e se mus hlavn postarat, aby v becRobert se zni ehonic ocitne uprost ed podivn d ungle, nah a pln s m Je mu zima, m hlad a krk mu spaluje pal iv ze Byl p ece v letadle se sv mi rodi i a sestrou Vraceli se z dovolen Co se stalo Kde to je Z tilo se snad letadlo Roberta pron sleduj ot zky, na kter nedok e naj t odpov A nem ani as je hledat, proto e se mus hlavn postarat, aby v bec p e il krut boj o hol ivot za n.

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      260 Gillian Cross Karolina Horynova
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    1 thought on “Ztraceni - Temná země”

    1. This is one of the most unique Fantasy books I think I’ve ever read. Which isn’t to say that the rest are all cookie cutter books, but I do read a lot about magic, and as different as the books are, the stories share similar genes. Dark Ground enters a new realm of real versus the unimaginable.On a flight with his family, Robert Doherty takes a trip to the restroom, where he happens to look at himself in the mirror, and feels he sees someone looking back out at him. That’s the last thing h [...]

    2. Usch vad dålig! Läs den inte!Jättelångtråkig, jag gav upp i slutet, fatta, i SLUTET. Då brukar man ju kommit in i boken men det tog ju aldrig slut. Det var bara ett enda stycke av långtråkigt kallprat och handlingar. Början var bra så därför får boken en tvåa i alla fall, annars skulle den fått en etta. Synd på en så bra författare (vad jag förstått) och en så bra story.

    3. I liked it although I didn't always understand what was going on. I think it could have been explained a bit better. I liked the idea of the book and the storyline was good. The main character wakes up in the jungle and the only thing he remembers is being on a plane. As he struggles to survive he notices someone watching him.

    4. Very unique book about the little people that live amongst us. So interesting. Robert gets pulled to the small world (lost and not knowing that he is small!), Lorn ends up showing him the way to where the rest of the kids live. He goes on a quest with Cam and Zak to find his family. Will he be the one to save them all?

    5. A kind of survivor story, Robert goes from returning from a holiday, to being attacked by a monster, with no knowledge of how it happened. But, Robert is determined to find out, and on the way, finds himselfcommended for people of all ages.

    6. I read this for school, and it's one of the most frustrating, confusing books I have ever read. I initially gave this book 1 star, but I remember that we had a nice Skype session with the author so I will be generous here and give 2 stars.

    7. The Dark Ground is a truly unique fantasy book filled with magic and mystery. This book was very confusing at the beginning. I was grasping at straws trying to piece together a puzzle where more than half of the pieces were missing. I, like Robert in the story, had no clue what was going on or why it was happening. For this reason I had a hard time getting into the book. It took about 50 or 60 pages before the story really started to flow and I felt like I was able to put a few pieces in place.W [...]

    8. Interest level: 5th +Reading level: mediumGenre: adventure, fantasy, survivalSeries: LostWhat would you do if, one day, something strange happens and you shrink so much that you are no taller than a blade of grass? What would the world look like and how would you survive?This is what happened to Robert who wakes up after a plane crash only to find himself all alone in a thick jungle. Although in shock, Robert quickly realizes that he needs to find food and shelter in order to survive, and as he [...]

    9. This book is having a lot of enrich mystery which is really hard to work out and all of it is connected to a boy's struggle towards his hometown.The whole story contains characters that are having almost the same problem as Robert, the boy; they all need to get home but as they don't know where they are so that's why they can not make their move. As they know that any wrong step might cost their life.But as Robert has seen something, he is determined to get there and find out the truth about how [...]

    10. I remembered reading and enjoying 'The Demon Headmaster' books when I was at school so I thought I would read something else by Gillian Cross.Robert wakes up in a jungle. The last thing he remembers is being on a plane with his family. Where is he? How did he get here? As the story unfolds it becomes clear that the world Robert thought he knew is very far away from him. He meets up with a community of other children who have made the jungle their home and sets out with three of them to try and f [...]

    11. I'm not quite sure what to make of this read. It isn't the thriller, it is described as being on its cover, but then I hadn't realised it was part of a trilogy, so maybe the next books make it so. I'd describe it more as a dark 'borrowers' for older readers. Much less of the jolly making furniture out of cotton reels and much much more of the hardship and struggle that the characters experience. How the characters ended up small in the first place, will I think become more significant in the lat [...]

    12. The book jacket describes The Dark Ground by Gillian Cross as "unputdownable." Not an elegant description, but accurate, as I read nearly all of it in one sitting. Robert is in strange and dire circumstances, no doubt. But he tries his best to survive with only his wits and bare hands. Luckily, someone takes pity on him and gives him a helping hand; which leads him to discover a whole group of other people in strange and dire circumstances. He is not satisfied that there is no way out of the sit [...]

    13. It's Lost meets the Littles in this unique fantasy. Robert doesn't remember what happened before he woke up naked in the woods. His last memory was being in an airplane bathroom. Did his plane crash? If so, where is the wreckage, and why don't there seem to be other survivors? As Robert tries to survive in the wilderness, he becomes aware of others around him, helping him. But when he realizes the truth about where he is and what has happened to him, he must undertake a difficult journey to reac [...]

    14. this book was allright, but nothing more. the only reason to keep reading at the beginning was to try and clear up your thoughts as to what in the world was going on. i didn't get the situation until about halfway through the book. after that, it just carried you, but it was hard to follow the author's train of thought. although the cover makes it seem daer and depressing, it really isn't, (don't go judging books by their covers) but just odd. i guess if you like that sort of thing i don't think [...]

    15. A tense adventure for super small humans who keep getting smaller.Problem is you don't really get to know the characters and have no idea who they are, why they are small, why Robert changes at the end, etc. Maybe the author wants to save all this for #2 and #3, but you need something to help you stay connected to the characters and the story. I may go on to the second of this trilogy; I haven't decided yet.

    16. May contain Spoilers!!!!!!!This is the weirdest book I have ever read. I don't even know what to think after reading it. I feel like my brain isn't functioning. I don't quite get what the hell just happened. It didn't explain anything. How did they get small? Why? Who did this to them? Why them? After reading this book I was left confused and frustrated. Nothing makes sense and the book was pointless. No adventure, no passion, no romance, no thrills. Just confusion and irratation.

    17. This book was really good and kept me interested and made me want to keep reading. I actually couldn't stop reading. I read it all in about one week. The book consists of a boy Robert who ends up shrinking and finds some friends who help him survive and together they go on a journey to get Robert back to his normal self battling huge monsters and eating a snail in order to survive.

    18. Only read the first half. Started out really cool, but once the big plot twist was revealed, I lost interest for some reason. Probably because it looked like it was going to turn into a fairly straight up adventure story after that, and I wasn't in the mood for it.

    19. On occasion I like to read juvenile books just so that I can stay current on what's popular. This book was full of surprises and it left me guessing the whole way through the book. I can't wait to read the next ones.

    20. This was a good story, although it was a little gritty for a kid's book. There was no humor to offset the survivalist theme. The ending was good, wrapping up one portion of the story while leaving possibilities for the next book.

    21. This was one of the most exciting, interesting, well thought through, fun book I've ever read. LOL. Robert is one of the most headstrong reliable guy I've ever read about. lol.This book is a must-read. :)

    22. Als ich das Buch in der 6.Klasse für eine Buchvorstellung gelesen habe, fand ich es super. Es birgt eine super schöne Idee, die umwerfend spannend war und mich sehr gefesselt habe. Vielleicht sollte ich es nochmal lesen, und dann die Folgebände noch anschließen, die ich irgendwie nie gelesen habe.

    23. I really just don't do well with the whole man vs nature survival genre. Having said that, this is one of the better ones I've read with an intriguing premis.

    24. Interesting YA adventure story, similar to survival tales like The Hatchet but with a mild fantasy element.

    25. Unputdownable. The atmosphere! The mystery! The adventure! Unfortunately the next two books in the trilogy are not as good, though the story does come together nicely in the end.

    26. Boy unexplainedly shrinks to a minuscule size. Tries with help of others in the same circumstances to get back home.

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