Bound by the Vampire Queen

Bound by the Vampire Queen His soul is hers for the asking as the phenomenally arousing series continues Sworn to obedience compelled by loyalty and threatened with damnation for betrayal Jacob is Lady Lyssa s vampire serva

  • Title: Bound by the Vampire Queen
  • Author: Joey W. Hill
  • ISBN: 9781101552773
  • Page: 113
  • Format: ebook
  • His soul is hers for the asking, as the phenomenally arousing series continues.Sworn to obedience, compelled by loyalty, and threatened with damnation for betrayal, Jacob is Lady Lyssa s vampire servant But as Lyssa struggles with the powers that have come alive in her paternal Fae blood, she is challenged by two deadly enemies.

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      113 Joey W. Hill
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    1. 5 Fairytale Stars!If you aread this. It wasEvery time I think of Joey Hill, I think "Someday you will be old enough to read fairy tales again"This book is proof that there is a PERFECT adult fairytale.I adore this book, it is magical. To me this book is PMR perfection. My thoughts after just reading the first few chaptersWow!What Wonderful start to A Sweet Majestical World.And upon closing itwow, this is Joey Hill at her best!I Love This Book!Every word! Every page! ENCHANTING!This World is Writ [...]

    2. The couple I love best is back! I thought we wouldn't have another story with Lady Lyssa and Jacob. This one I had been dreading because I basically had my happily ever after. Why would I want this messed up? It is WONDERFUL Ms. Hill returns to the original couple who captured my heart. This was really the first paranormal romance series which showcased erotic, BDSM and more specifically, femdom. I LOVED the Femdom in this story. Ms. Hill does it so bloody well. In this latest book, Jacob needs [...]

    3. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsWe’re back to the couple that started us off with the Vampire Queen series, Jacob and Lyssa and I was so happy their story was continuing on page. When we last left off, Lyssa had lost her vampire powers, but her Fae powers, which she has from her father’s side, were gaining strength. With that comes a summons from the Fae world and their Unseelie Queen, Rhoswen. Jacob has been turned, but even as a young vampire he still has the fierce need to serve [...]

    4. This entire series has been one amazing book after another. This story picks up from the first two books in the Vampire Queen series in giving us more of the amazing love story that is Lyssa and Jacob. Like the previous books, this book is raw and the vamps and fae here are the dark, erotic, complicated and brutal characters one would expect and not softened like we see so often in other stories. We have Lyssa and Jacob being ordered to Fae land by the Fae Queen who does not appear to be a fan o [...]

    5. The founding "Mother" of the Vampire Queen (VQ) series, the subject of two prior books in the series, and a recurring character in the "lives" of many other VQ subjects/books, is not having a good month.Lyssa's very powerful, yet mixed fae-vampire background is causing her trouble in both worlds; worlds which see no reason to 'meet' on any level. So Lyssa and Mate-Servant Jacob set out to make said meeting happen.Suffice it to say, that through various encounters, visions, fights and life-alteri [...]

    6. Bound by the Vampire Queen, captured my imagination like no book ever has. In my opinion, this story is Joey W Hill’s best work. I downloaded my BBtVQ digital edition the morning of December 6 (release date). From the first page to the last, I read nonstop with only a few hours sleep, until I finished the next evening. The whole time I told myself, “Just one more paragraph.”, but one more paragraph was never enough because I needed to know what happened next and then next after that. For m [...]

    7. So many thoughts about this bookFirst and foremost, Joey Hill is hell on wheels when it comes to making you fall head over heels in love with a character. Jacob is abso one of my fave characters ever. She holds nothing back when it comes to describing his every thought and every calculation. That being said, if you've never read a Vampire Queen book, book 8 isn't where you should start. It's basically part 3 in the Jacob/Lyssa saga.This book is over the topd I'm not talking your usual "vampire m [...]

    8. this book is a recommended read.Jacob and Lady Lyssa’s child is in danger. Jacob is always loyal to his Mistress. The Fae look down on Lyssa for being a vampire, but they have to respect her power. While everyone warns Jacob against mating outside of his species, Jacob believes in love, honesty, and above all, loyalty. These are beliefs that can’t be swayed by others. With Lyssa’s dormant Fae powers beginning to blossom, Jacob will do whatever he has to in order to protect those he loves f [...]

    9. A totally entralling story where Lyssa and Jacob once again prove to each other their deep abiding love. Fighting to maintain her hold on the Vampire Council, and endeavouring to search out ALL her Fae skills, Lyssa undertakes three 'quests' demanded by the Seelie Queen. Of course, Jacob wants to protect her (and their son, Kane) at all costs and never let her be alone without any help, but he does complicate matters and, in some respects, makes them worse. :)So this is a heart-rending story of [...]

    10. One of my absolute favorite series. Joey Hill is such a talented, complex writer. I will admit that the Fae world we enter here is amazingly described, but not my favorite locale, much more sinister than its appearance suggests. And yes, way over the top. Rainbows, waterfalls, fairy insects, unicorns, gnomes (!). It's like high fantasyen in comes the vampire. Lol. The plot does make a turn that deeply disappointed me at first, but I understand it, why it needed to happen. The future of the Counc [...]

    11. I must say I am truly and utterly amazed with this book. Joey W Hill did an amazing job tying everything together.Jacob and Lady Lyssa have been by far my fav couple in this series and it was nice to see the author tie this series up with them.I adore Jacob he is the definition of an amazing man if only all men actually thought behaved and thought like him =)Sex scenes were beautifully written this book was beautifully written I'm sooo happy for mason and Jessica.My only three problems the overk [...]

    12. This is a comprehensive review of the first eight books in the series.Passionate, raw, often painful to read. Hill takes D/s to a supernatural level that knows no bounds. The world she creates is haunting and addicting, rife with floggers, whips, paddles and fangs. It hurts so good, stabbing way down in the deep dark squishy part of the soul.

    13. took me a bit longer than I expected to get into this one, but it was definitely worth the effort.

    14. I didn't have very high hopes b'c Lyssa & Jacob are not my favorite character's (well Lyssa more than anyone) but I was open minded regardless b'c I liked the softer, less haughty Vamp Queen that we met in book 1 and also I have faith in Hill's skills. To be honest, the 1st 50% of this book really bored me & it took me longer to get through than any other Hill book I've read before, even books of hers I didn't like. I put this down twice after I started reading it and then when I went ba [...]

    15. Title: Bound by the Vampire Queen (Book VIII)Author: Joey W. HillRelease Date: December 2011Genre: Erotic/BDSM Paranormal RomancePages: 464Publisher: Berkley HeatSeries: Book 8/Vampire QueenFormat: PrintISBN: 978-0425243442Posted: February 2012Reviewer: BarbRating: 5 StarsHeat Level: IIIBlurb from: Bound by the Vampire Queen(I couldn’t have written a better blurb if I tried)Sworn to obedience, compelled by loyalty, and threatened with damnation for betrayal, Jacob entered Lady Lyssa’s servit [...]

    16. Many other reviewers on who gave 3-4 stars on this book mostly had the same issue with the book: they didn't like the Fae world so much but most of the said reviewers got more excited toward the end when Lyssa was off facing the Council. I, on the other hand, loved the journey to the Fae world and the great imagery Joey Hill depicted. But the reason why this book only got 3 stars from me was because of two things: 1) the subtle shift in my favorite couple of the series(Jacob and Lyssa)'s relati [...]

    17. Guest reviewed for Caught In A Fab RomanceBound By The Vampire Queen is the third installment revolving around the relationship of Vampire Queen, Lyssa and servant, Jacob. Which is why I want to warn you all there will be a certain loss of reading pleasure if you haven’t read the previous installments in this relationship! I don’t know how Joey W Hill does it but again she managed to concoct a story where new characters affected me to the core and to my surprise I found a Fae world that enth [...]

    18. Of all the paranormal romance series I've read, this one breaks the mold in every way. But then, what else can we expect from Ms. Hill?The last time we read about Jacob and Lady Lyssa, their relationship had gone through a cataclysmic change. She had reverted to her Fae blood and given all of her powers to Jacob when she converted him to a vampire, in order to save his life. They are doting parents to Kane, their gorgeous baby vampire boy. This change in their status has made them a target for t [...]

    19. This book was a complete mind trip. I wasn't expecting this story to go this way so bear with me as I get my thoughts out. There are always things I love about the Vampire Queen series. Jacob/Gideon, Jacob the unsubmissive servant, Deagan and all the other vamps, dinners and free for alls.I will start with Jacob and Lyssa, I was so surprised as this book took us into the Crazy over the top Fae world. Talk about overkill. To me it was overdescribed kind of like Fairies on crack! The idea is great [...]

    20. Bound by the Vampire Queen by Joey W. HillParanormal Romance - Dec. 6th, 20114 starsJacob was a vampire hunter until he was tamed by the vampire Queen, Lyssa. Now he is her servant, and they both have a young son. However, Lyssa’s mixed Fae blood causes the happy couple complications. It raises the ire of the cruel and powerful Unseelie Queen, Rhoswen who is jealous of Lyssa. They both have the same father but Rhoswen feels that Lyssa was favored and can’t forgive her. Trapped in the Unseeli [...]

    21. If you are new to the Vampire Queen series, you will probably want to at least read Vampire Queen's Servant and Mark of the Vampire Queen before beginning this book since those two novels introduce Lyssa and Jacob and tell the story of their relationship and commitment to each other. It would also be helpful (though not as critical) to read Beloved Vampire, Vampire Mistress and Vampire Trinity since the main characters in those books have important roles in this book as well.Having said all that [...]

    22. Since this is the eighth book in the series, this reader had to pay close attention to understand the various dynamics and storyline. Vampires take human servants and bend them to total subjugation. Most servants are fully trained before being assigned to their supernatural masters so that they know their place and obey without question. Lyssa’s loving relationship with her Jacob was more hard won and deeply strange, given that he’s been reincarnated to be with her no less than three times.T [...]

    23. I have been reading JWH a couple years now and I must say her writing style and the world she creates surrounding the Vampire Queen never cease to amaze me. Joey has Jacob's gift of story telling. With that said. I love this book. the last 200 pages of it atleast. I am so sorry but I just could not lose myself in the Fae world, which is sad because she (Joey), really put a lot of effort into creating that world bringing it to "life" for her readers. I know vampires aren't real but I can consider [...]

    24. 4.5 Stars!Ms. Hill certainly went out on the sociopolitical limb in this one or at least that's my interpretation of it. The overall message is one of benevolence & acceptance-benevolence from our chosen leaders & encouraging them to promote acceptance amongst us. She does use different species to further the cause but generally speaking a positive message nonetheless. She never ceases to amaze me with her ability to construct characters that are complex, both light & dark, but in th [...]

    25. Lady Lyssa and Kane are reveling in domestic bliss with baby Kane. All is well until Lyssa is summoned by the Fae Queen, Rhoswen. It's come to her attention that the Vampire Counsel wants to take baby Kane and raise him since Lyssa's vampire tendencies have taken a permanent vacation. There is no love loss between the Fae and the Vampires, so Lyssa is less than eager to appear before the Queen and even less than enthused to have Jacob, who is now a full fledged vampire, tag along. Bound by honor [...]

    26. Okay this one is kind of slow. I liked the fay world, all the different fairytales and legends that got use and having Irish roots, I of coarse love Jacob & Gideon (I am not sure I like the new twist on Jacob I won’t say more on that don’t want to spoil it for anyone). And I do miss reading about the fay after the wicked lovely series I would love a good new fay series, and I’m sure Joey W. Hill can write a hell of a good fay series, like her Mermaid Series I never liked Mermaids until [...]

    27. This book did not capture me. I found it hard to keep reading. The last third was somewhat better than the first two thirds, but not enough to make it worth the read. The author has created a complex interesting world. It has layers and depth. The characters that inhibit this world were cruel and cold and had little depth. How can a story of sex and crulty be cold? Hard to imagine but this one was. I did not like the threatened rape and the forced sex resulting from that threat. This was torture [...]

    28. Absolutely loved, Bound By the Vampire Queen! If you've read previous stories of Jacob and Lady Lyssa this is a must read, if you haven't, I would definitely recommend reading The Vampire Queens Servant and Mark of The Vampire Queen. This is not necessary, but if this book has piqued your interests I think you'll enjoy these as well.I won't give anything away, you must read this book for yourself, but if you enjoy Paranormal Erotica you'll love this book. With its BDSM element it's a little grap [...]

    29. I struggle with 1/3 of book. 1/3 was ok. 1/3 of book was good.Over last 1/2 was worth the read.This book revisit previous characters from bk 1 & bk 2.The Vampire Queen who is part faeturn to fae land to discover her roots. Seelie & Unseelie courts are there. Fae Queen mean.nts her. Turns out to be her sisterey had the same father. Both fae & vampire want claim to her vampire toddler son, Kane.Lyssa turns mother bear in both worlds insure his with angels, amulet & taking [...]

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