The Dragon's Boy

The Dragon s Boy In order to gain wisdom you must learn to read inter linea between the lines Artos doesn t know who his parents are just that kindly Sir Ector and Lady Marion took him into their castle when he was

  • Title: The Dragon's Boy
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9780060267896
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In order to gain wisdom, you must learn to read inter linea, between the lines Artos doesn t know who his parents are, just that kindly Sir Ector and Lady Marion took him into their castle when he was a baby Though Sir Ector raises him as one of his sons, Artos never feels he truly belongs The other boys of the castle Cai, Bedvere, and Lancot make fun of him and In order to gain wisdom, you must learn to read inter linea, between the lines Artos doesn t know who his parents are, just that kindly Sir Ector and Lady Marion took him into their castle when he was a baby Though Sir Ector raises him as one of his sons, Artos never feels he truly belongs The other boys of the castle Cai, Bedvere, and Lancot make fun of him and never invite him to join in their games.One day, while searching for Sir Ector s missing brachet hound in the fens around the castle, Artos stumbles across a musty cave in a hill where a very old dragon lives Though he is afraid, he is drawn to the beast by both the dragon s knowledge and his promise to teach Artos the game of wisdom With the dragon s guidance, Artos begins the slow journey to his destiny one that he never dreamed could belong to him Notable 1990 Children s Trade Books in Social Studies NCSS CBC

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    1. My name is Artos, and I've mostly enjoyed my life as a foster child to Sir Ector and Lady Marion. However, I've discovered a dragon living in a nearby cave who has promised to teach me wisdom each day. I'm able to read, unlike my illiterate brothers, but I don't understand what the dragon meant when it said I need to learn to read inter linea. It also called me Artos Pendragon, but I don't remember my real parents. I used one of the dragon's gems to buy a wonderful sword, and after that, my brot [...]

    2. If I had to sum up he main character in one word than that word would be persistent. I would call the main character persistent because when he first met the dragon the main character was very scared but he always came back to talk to the dragon and receive some wisdom.what is the most interesting scene in the novel? What did the writer do to catch your interest?the most interesting scene in the book The Dragon Boy the boy went to look for his lost dog but he could not find him but he still did [...]

    3. “Uncoiling the Mythos of the Pendragon” A master at creating and recreating the mythos of the Arthurian legend (see MERLIN’S BOOKE) Jane Yolen offers readers an original tale from the youth of Arthur—with tantalyzing hints of his legendary future. Thirteen-year-old Artos, the orphaned fosterling of Sir Ector, finds himself the youngest of a band of unruly, illiterate but nobly-bred bullies—who barely accept him. In danger of growing up to be one of the wild bunch one day Artos stumbles [...]

    4. The Dragon's Boy by Jane Yolan is a children's chapter book in the Arthurian tradition. Artos is a lonely and regularly teased boy in the castle of Sir Ector. One day he is tasked with chasing down a dog that has run off- and somehow ends p in a mysterious cave where he meets a dragon that offers him wisdom. Despite his fear, Artos becomes the dragon's student and learns things he never imagined. Atros receives wisdom of all kinds from the dragon, but still wants to be recognized as a worthy fri [...]

    5. Young Artos lives in Sir Ector's castle and is shoved around by the other boys. One day, while tracking down a wayward hound, he discovers a cave that has a dragon living in it. The dragon offers him wisdom in exchange for pots of gravy and meat.It's a grand tale of young King Arthur with some familiar characters. He doesn't become king by the end of this book, but he's well on his way to understanding how to lead people. He gains some understanding of himself and the people around him as well. [...]

    6. THE DRAGON'S BOY is a sweet, short retelling of the King Arthur mythos. It's similar to the Disney movie "The Sword In the Stone" but it reshapes things like Merlin and that sword in subtly different ways. For such a short book, there's quite a large twist at the end, but it's an interesting one. Sick of being bullied by the older boys at Sir Ector's small castle, Artos is happy to find a dragon who offers him wisdom in exchange for pots of gravy with meat. Artos complies, and learns, but soon i [...]

    7. I checked this out for my nephew because I was tired of reading his Animorph reviews. Now that I have finally read it I feel embarrassed that I pushed this book on him. Not one of Yolen's best. It wasn't a bad book really, but when reading it as if I was 9 years old I realized that it was a very confusing and dull book. The language and subject matter was more for a teen-ager. So my gripe might be more with the library system for putting in the Juvenile section when it should have been put in th [...]

    8. 13-year-old Artos stumbles across a cave while searching for Sir Ector's hound, and the thundering voice of a dragon ropes him into stew in exchange for wisdom each week. Slowly Artos begins to rethink his world and his place in it, just as he finally wins the respect of larger knights-to-be who have been pummeling and teasing him for years. This is a great book to hand to readers who can handle advanced vocabulary but aren't ready for mature content (or middle school boys). A short read that ca [...]

    9. A good, solid reworking of the Arthur mythos. I have immense respect for Jane Yolen and her (massive!) body of work, but for some reason, I am never as in love with the works as I wish I could be. So with The Dragon's Boy. I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness and depth of the meditations on wisdom and belonging, but the story still felt too short. It's really more of a novella. I did like how Yolen recast some of the usual suspects of the Round Table--Bedivere, Lancelot, and Kai. If only this had [...]

    10. What to do about books for younger readers who can manage adult words and aren't ready for adult topics? This is an interesting possibility, if not a must read. Yolen's take on the Aurthur legend is original and doesn't avoid fifty-cent words, yet the content is completely appropriate for the second grader I read this to. (There's a tinny bit of sword play, rich allusions, and no real peril, violence, or evil.)Unfortunately, the ending didn't seem to satisfy my seven year old (too open ended and [...]

    11. When I agreed to review The Dragon's Boy for Open Road Media, I checked off the book due to its title. I did not know Jane Yolen, so this the first book of her's I read.Turns out Jane is a prolific writer in both SF & Fantasy and a self confessed Aurthur-holic.This is a charming tale about the boy Artos and his longing for more from life. Old Linn wants to give it to him but chooses a unique way of doing so. Artos discovers a cave in a lonely tor with a resident dragon. he trades lessons in [...]

    12. The Dragon's boy by Jane yolenArtos Pendragon is learning to be a night, a foundling that has been raise in Sir Ector's Beau Regard castle, but finding a secret cave leads to unexpected knowledge. His friendship with this new impressive friend changes his life forever. Teaching him lessons that will help him be accepted by Cai, Lancelot, and Bedvere the other apprentices of the castle. A great story to share with your students who are struggling with coming of age conflicts. Jane Yolen is a grea [...]

    13. A full review is available at my blog: destinydawnlong.wordpress/Excerpt:Overall, I think this would be a nice book to introduce younger readers to the Arthurian legend. Artos is a protagonist that tweens and early adolescents should be able to relate to and sympathize with. Although, if they are already reading fantasy, they might find it a bit short compared to other books they’ve encountered. In final analysis I give it 3 out of 5 stars. I liked reading it, but it could have been better.

    14. Very disappointing read, entirely too short even for a child's book. Author could have gone so much further, and should have, to expect the electronic-edition book that I unfortunately purchased to be worth $6. Shallow characters, poor story-line, improbable scenes. And, when I read the product details after I finished nibbling this unsatisfying morsel, I found the thing should have been 128 pages I only got 82. Which included several pages about the author. If I could return for refund, I would [...]

    15. I am a fan of Jane Yolen's work targeted to adults, so when I saw she had written books for a younger audience (starting in the late 1990s I think), I picked them up. "The Dragon's Boy" is a young King Artor story; she changed his name slightly. The story is engaging the entire way through, and well-written. I read it to my five-year old, and he adored it--he was totally into the story throughout.

    16. Artos is a "fosterling" who never knew his mother or father and was taken into the castle of Sir Ector and Lady Marion. His one true wish is to be accepted by the other boys: Bedverl, Lancot and Cai, heir to Sir Ector. One day, as he searches for a missing hound, Artos stumbles upon a cave inhabited by a dragon. The dragon promises to give Artos wisdom in return for a pot of stew.Thus begins a stroy based on the Arthur legend. A good, short introduction into the fantasy genre.

    17. This is not Jane Yolen's best work. Artos is a young man who finds himself discovering a cave and a dragon that offers him a trade for wisdom. Artos discovers he enjoys the dragon's trades and so the story goes. Not really that interesting and a little confusing for the younger reader. The ending was just lousy so I'd pass this one by for a much nicer read.

    18. Who doesn't love a story about dragons -- even one you don't see? This is about an orphan boy finding his way in adolescence, learning wisdom from the dragon in the cave. Totally engrossing story set in a castle and caves. A bit of the Arthurian Legend for kids. Like a short reader about young Arthur.

    19. It was a good book about King Arthur Pendragon, who, in the book, meets a Druid who teaches him many things. It was very inaccurate, though, because the book claims Arthur's name is Artos, and say that he also lived with Lancelot and Bedivere. (however you spell his name). It had a reasonably happy ending, in which everyone survives. The book needs more action.

    20. This is a different twist to the old "Sword in the Stone" legend made popular by T. H. White. A short, easy chapter book, it would be good to read aloud to children not ready for Harry Potter and other popular fantasies.

    21. Arthur is just a fosterling, not knowing who his parents are. He feels like he never belongs, striving to fit in with Kay, Bedivere, and Lancelot. But now Arthur has a secret. He found a cave with a dragon, and it has chosen him to share its wisdom with. If he isn't eaten first!

    22. I wish this was a much longer book. I would have loved to follow Artos throughout his life. But the glimpse we got of his growing from a boy to a man was wonderful. Fascinating and believable characters and world; great storytelling

    23. One for the younger set-- 8-12 yrs. I have long enjoyed Jane Yolen's recasting of folktales and legends for a contemporary audience. The Dragon's Boy introduces youngsters (and interested others) to Arthur on the way to being king

    24. A fun take on a King Arthur tale. I did not enjoy it as much as I usually do Yolen's books, but I was reading it aloud with my 8-year-old son. It makes for a very choppy read. I like to read bigger chunks at a time. That said, I liked the end of the book. :o)

    25. One of the first authors I ever sought out by name. She had the whole bottom shelf in the kids section. :) nice to reread as ebooks now.

    26. Jane Yolen is a great dragon writer and i will alwase love her books. the only thing about this story is that it is predictable and follows a "sord in the stone" steriotype.

    27. Wasn't sure what this was going to be all about, I won't give it away of course, but a twist in the story. Fits into other stories of Arthur to, me.

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