After Adam (A Teen Summer Romance)

After Adam A Teen Summer Romance Anna starts the second summer after her boyfriend Adam s death with a new determination to rejoin her peers She even takes a summer job waitressing at The Shack a greasy diner in the small beach town

  • Title: After Adam (A Teen Summer Romance)
  • Author: Katie Aleo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anna starts the second summer after her boyfriend Adam s death with a new determination to rejoin her peers She even takes a summer job waitressing at The Shack a greasy diner in the small beach town where she lives Her feelings get complicated however when Adam s older brother, Camp, comes home from college and starts working there too.The story you love re released wAnna starts the second summer after her boyfriend Adam s death with a new determination to rejoin her peers She even takes a summer job waitressing at The Shack a greasy diner in the small beach town where she lives Her feelings get complicated however when Adam s older brother, Camp, comes home from college and starts working there too.The story you love re released with a beautiful new cover This novella is approximately 27,000 words

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    1. 4 Hopeful Stars!This book was both sweet and heartbreaking. It deals with life after losing a loved one, in this case Anna’s boyfriend Adam. We are never told how Adam dies, and instead of focusing on his death, the author places the emphasis on moving forward, healing the heart and living! Connecting with those left behind and finding love again when you least expect it. Even though my heart hurt for Camp, Adam’s brother and his parents, the ending gave me hope and left me smiling. Very nic [...]

    2. This was a very touching and sweet story about dealing with losing someone you love, and then finding love again.It's been about a year and a half since Anna's boyfriend, Adam, died. Anna seems to have moved out of her depression but not out of her survivor guilt. Every time she goes to have fun she thinks maybe she shouldn't, what would other people think? This summer is different though, because her mother insists she gets a job to pay her expenses. Anna goes to work at The Shack, a local grea [...]

    3. 3.5 stars A very sweet, melancholy, and promising romance. The main characters are still so young that it’s hard to imagine that these two will marry and live HEA, but I don’t think it’s that kind of romance. It’s a teen romance and really what happens between Camp and Anna over the summer is not this great love but a young love blossoming; it also shows that they are healing from the loss of Adam - someone very important to them and who they both loved - and are moving on and living the [...]

    4. This was a very heartwarming book, but it was a little too short for me. It had potential to be a really good book. The relationship was kind of surface deep, probably because of the length, and I liked Anna and Camp and wouldn't have minded reading a little more about them. One thing that bugged me was I kept wondering what happened to Adam. I mean, I guess it really doesn't matter in the long run, but I think it would have helped me connect a little more to Anna and Adam - like if his death wa [...]

    5. The story was nice. A little too quick for my liking, but I really got invested in the story and wanted to know what was going to happen with Anna and Camp. They made a cute couple and I could really tell that Camp was into Anna long before Anna realized she was into him, too.It was quite well-written and it didn't feel as short, it somehow felt longer The author did a good job creating the atmosphere for us.It was a bit weird in the beginning, as there were some punctuation problems (sometimes [...]

    6. Wow.where do I begin? Thankfully I only spent .99 on this ebook. I am really disappointed. I've always at least liked the ebooks I've bought but this one just wasn't that great.Let's start with the story line. Girl's boyfriend dies. Girl starts working at diner with dead boyfriend's brother. And I'm sure you can imagine the rest. I'm okay with this story line, however, when you have a storyline that is not original you have to make the story special and charming, this was not. And I have to ment [...]

    7. So death is something that we face all the time right, I mean it's part of life, but some don't realize how much of an impact it can have on the people surrounding the person that's not related to them. Anna was Adam's girlfriend, a serious girlfriend and it hit her hard when he passed away. It's been a year and she's just now coming out of the need to feel locked away. Granted her mother had a big role in shoving her out there, it worked out.Camp is Adam's other brother who has also been MIA si [...]

    8. The most annoying this is that this could have been a real good story if the author had any idea how to write, there is terrible sentence structure in every paragraph and almost every sentence runs for ever and there is terrible problems with punctuation and often cheap books for kindle have issues with lack of editing but I believe that an editor would have to completely re-write every single paragraph on this book so it can't be used as an excuse this time around and I even think I would expec [...]

    9. After Adam was a book I found while trolling through the Barnes and Noble online shelves. It appears to be a self-published book, and it is living proof that self-published authors can be really awesome writers and that their books can really sparkle. I absolutely loved this book. The story was simple, and when I say that, don't think I mean lacking in plot, originality or lacking in any way. I mean simple as in straightforward, honest, and just very real.Anna is trying to get over the death of [...]

    10. To read my verdict, please go to From Bows to Books♥Synopsis: Anna is going through a tough time. A little over a year ago, her boyfriend of two years, Adam, dies. She has basically been secluded and avoided by her peers. Now, her absentee mother has decided to parent and forces Anna to get a job at the Shack. Little does she know, Camp Stellar, Adam's older brother, has decided to work there on his summer break from college.Prosecution:Her best friend, Hannah, is not a character I especially [...]

    11. This was a good novella. I do wish it had been longer. Anna is still trying to recover from her boyfriend, Adam’s death. Everything reminds her of Adam and she can’t let go. Over the summer she is forced to get a job and when she does, she finds she is working with Adam’s older brother, Camp. Suddenly, new feelings start to spark in Anna – happiness, relief, and even attraction for Camp. This was a really good, simple read. I liked the dialogue and the emotions Anna and Camp both seemed [...]

    12. If you want an easy read that you don't really have to think about then this could be yours. It's a story of a young girl losing her first true love and her grieving over him to end up working with his hot older brother over the summer. It's a really short book that just touches the surfaces of the relationships. It had great potential, but didn't go deep enough for my liking. I think the thing that bugged me the most was that they never say how Adam died. It's hard to emotionally connect to the [...]

    13. After Adam was a fast read and would have been such a great book, I just couldn't get over how it was wrote, I found a few mistakes, but was able to look over them. I loved Ash, and the pain she struggled with of losing her boyfriend Adam you could feel it. Ash has to get a summer job, and when she goes to interview she runs into Adams brother Camp who is also working at the same restaurant. Bonding over their missing of Adam and Ash finding out that Camp has always crushed on her. Can she start [...]

    14. I enjoyed this little story. My only problems were the numerous grammar/missing word/extra word/punctuation issues in the text and that I would have liked more details about how Adam died. Otherwise, if you can get past the editing issues, it’s a quick, sweet romantic story with cute characters (loved Camp and Anna!).

    15. This is a sweet story about recovery after a significant death. I was hesitant to read it, but attracted to it because of personal reasons. If you have experienced significant loss, this book takes you on a gentle and authentic journey of grief and recovery without getting depressing. I feel better for having read it. A young romance that brings new life to both partners. What's better than that?

    16. The story itself was sweet and I liked the characters a lotbut please, authors, when you self-publish, HAVE SOMEONE PROOFREAD YOUR MANUSCRIPT! PLEASE. Not doing so can make your book nearly unreadable. This could have been a 4-star book, but I'll never know because I was too distracted by the legions of errors to give it a balanced view.

    17. I feel that giving this book 3 stars might be a bit generous, but I did finish reading it despite how cliched, predictable and riddled with grammar errors it was. The plot of the book was cute though very easy to see what would happen from the first time she ran into Camp. The characters were okay, but none that I will really remember after. Overall, it was a somewhat decent mindless read.

    18. 3.5 stars -- totally enjoyed it. Loved Camp and Anna, felt for the characters and the adjustments they were going through. A bit "younger" reading (if that makes any sense at all), which is why it's 3.5 and not 4 for me.

    19. A touching story about starting over. The second summer after Anna's boyfriend dies, she decides it's time to start living again. But can she? Will her friends allow her to break out her her mourning role? With the help of Adam's older brother, she learns to live her own life.

    20. I thought the beginning was α bit slow but I think once it got going it was really good. It was an amazing story about how the love that seemed so wrong turned out to be the one she really needed. Really good wished there was more

    21. Ithink The Only Question ihave Is How Did Adam Die? The Story Was Cute It Could Have Been Longer More Details, Feelings, The Name Of The Song In Those Two Playlist. But iwas Contempt With What IreadCute Short Read :)

    22. really???? really????? arrggghhhh read this in a couple hours. It took way to long to get anywhere and when something finally happened. Wait for it. It ends. Yeah it does. I don't even know what happens to Adam. Don't hve anything else to say.

    23. What the heck?! As soon as the story really takes off, and you're attached to the characters, it suddenly ends! I only gave it 3 stars just for that reason. The writer has some great characters, but needed to finish the story.

    24. It was good but REALLY short, I would have like to have known how adam died, but I guess that was the premise for the story on the girlfriend and the brother get together. Pretty good though.

    25. at first it was a little slow.but then after i kept reading i couldnt stop reading! i liked how she ended up liking her dead boyfriends older brother!haha

    26. ***.5 cute and clean. She falls for her dead boyfriends brother. Whole book is her trying to admit and decide if its ok

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