Sheep The ramshackle farmhouse in Ty Gwyneth seems like the perfect retreat for James Adele and their young son after the tragic drowning of their daughter Ruthie But things take a horrific turn when James

  • Title: Sheep
  • Author: Simon Maginn
  • ISBN: 9781565049109
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • The ramshackle farmhouse in Ty Gwyneth seems like the perfect retreat for James, Adele and their young son after the tragic drowning of their daughter Ruthie But things take a horrific turn when James unearths an odd collection of bones while working on the house, and Lewyn, a local farmer, relates a nightmarish story of the tragic history of Ty Gwyneth.

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    1 thought on “Sheep”

    1. I don't usually even look at horror novels so why even chose this particular obscure little book, you may ask, to dip into the genre?Well, way back in the early 2000's I used to go to the cinema from time to time with a friend who really, really likes Sean Bean. Around 2006 Sean Bean happened to star in a couple of horror films which we then naturally had to watch, one of which I was actually interested in (which was Silent Hill, an okay movie, with really nice monster designs), and one I was no [...]

    2. It was easy reading and not too gory or scary, but I found the 'twist' to be quite obvious - and as I am from Pembrokeshire, I couldn't quite get past the not-great characterisation of the accent, and the fact that Strumble Head was referred to as 'Stumble' Head throughout - even down to the word 'Stumble' being incorporated in the plot. That really irritated me!!

    3. A rather grim Welsh rural psychological horror. A family moves to Wales following a family tragedy, but they have brought the mental scars with them.

    4. Ooh dark in so many ways. Okay, so horror is the best genre to plonk this one in but that doesn't even begin to cover it. I love horror that is low on gore and shocks and high on atmosphere, especially where the horror element may or may not be supernatural. This has all of that, plus realistic-ish characters (they're stereotyped but also still slightly believeable: e.g. bohemian middle-class public school rebel wife and bit of rough working class builder husband), relationship plotlines (includ [...]

    5. Closer to 4.5 stars.So like many others, I too have seen the movie The Dark (2005) when I was little and had fond memories of it. I know it's considered a bad film, and to be honest I haven't seen it since I was just a kid, but I liked it at the time. Anyway, I discovered it's based on this book, and so I bought the kindle version of it. (I understand that it's out of print and hard to get, but it's available on kindle for just 3.99$, guys. Very simple.)First of all, if the movie was based on th [...]

    6. I watched a really dumb horror movie with sean bean and Maria bello about this family who is Wales and there are ghosts and some welsh folklore cult and blah blah blahough the movie was poorly executed, the concept was interesting and when I found out that it was based on this book, I tried to find it. It is, of course, out of printeverywhere. I finally found it, after a few months of searching sporadically, on uk marketplace.I eagerly awaited my copy and gobbled it up.It wasn't bad. But all th [...]

    7. First off, this book is completely worth the effort it takes to hunt down a copy. I read a lot of horror novels, and when trying out a new author there's always the risk that they'll focus too much on the horror and not enough on the novel. Maginn definitely wrote a novel, with decent characters and enough depth to explain people's actions and reasons. I never yelled for someone to stop being an idiot while reading it. If they were being one you bloody well knew why. The horror is also well craf [...]

    8. This is a very strange book. I read it because I saw the (frankly terrible) film The Dark, which is very loosely based on this book. Reviews suggested the book was much better - I wholeheartedly agree.The story is dark, menacing and somewhat gloomy. It's not an easy read. The characters are interesting- Maginn demonstrates a lot of talent here. I thought the basic story idea was strong, but didn't quite deliver at the end. There are more questions than answers - it could have used another 50 pag [...]

    9. I tracked this down after watching "the dark" (although the only thing the two really have in common is the setting) and i'm really glad i did. This book really got under my skin, and made me think about children and parents and responsibilities and nervous breakdowns in new and creepy ways. It's currently available on kindle for 3 dollars, and is well worth a read.

    10. Not an easy read, but engrossing and one of the better horrors of the year, mainly because it is REAL. Who says that those you love and trust are the ones you're safe with? And how inherent is evil really? Many questions and too many answers - I may just think about this one for a while

    11. Als je van horror houdt een goed verhaal met een wat onbevredigend einde. Mooie verhaallijn. Heden en verleden, denken en zeggen, lopen voortdurend door elkaar heen zonder voor verwarring te zorgen.

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