Prudence From New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger comes a new novel in the world of the Parasol Protectorate starring Prudence the daughter of Alexia Tarabotti When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akel

  • Title: Prudence
  • Author: Gail Carriger
  • ISBN: 9780316212243
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger comes a new novel in the world of the Parasol Protectorate starring Prudence, the daughter of Alexia Tarabotti.When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama Rue to her friends is given an unexpected dirigible, she does what any sensible female would under similar circumstances names it the Spotted Custard and floats to InFrom New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger comes a new novel in the world of the Parasol Protectorate starring Prudence, the daughter of Alexia Tarabotti.When Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama Rue to her friends is given an unexpected dirigible, she does what any sensible female would under similar circumstances names it the Spotted Custard and floats to India in pursuit of the perfect cup of tea But India has than just tea on offer Rue stumbles upon a plot involving local dissidents, a kidnapped brigadier s wife, and some awfully familiar Scottish werewolves Faced with a dire crisis and an embarrassing lack of bloomers, what else is a young lady of good breeding to do but turn metanatural and find out everyone s secrets, even thousand year old fuzzy ones

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    1 thought on “Prudence”

    1. I don't know when I've been so disappointed in a book.I loved The Parasol Protectorate series. I pre-ordered this book precisely because I loved Alexia's story so much and I couldn't wait to read more about her and her daughter being awesome together in steampunk supernatural London. This is definitely not the book I was expecting.Warning. here on, there are spoilers. Let me list the problems with this book:1) The plot is nonexistent.There should be a plot. The premise is that Alexia's daughter, [...]

    2. Ah, the first not fabulous review of this book. Well. Isn’t this awkward?Having read (and loved) Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series I’ve been dying for this new spin-off series. Prudence! Their metanatural daughter all grown up, wreaking all sorts of havoc on London! How freaking fun is this going to be?!?! For me? Not so much. Not so much at all. This was such a chore for me to read and took me a whopping 25 days to get through. 25 days!!! I can’t even begin to explain how sad [...]

    3. [5 Stars] I adored this book. I feel like I can't say much because it will spoil the Parasol Protectorate series, but if you are a fan of Parasol Protectorate you need to read this one. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times, and it has all of the wit and intelligence of her other books. The characters are fascinating, and I particularly love the way they interact with each other. I also adored the glimpses we got of characters from the Parasol Protectorate and the references to that se [...]

    4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *hyperventilating*This is about Macon and Alexia's daughter, isn't it? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 2015 come already! *sobs*

    5. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/03/17/bI didn’t expect to like this one so much. First of all, I haven’t read any of Gail Carriger’s other books save for Soulless which I found quite enjoyable, but ultimately the emphasis on Alexia and Maccon’s romance kept me from diving headfirst into the Parasol Protectorate. Then along came Prudence. Described as a new series featuring the adventures of Alexia’s daughter, this book sounded like a lot of fun. More importantly, [...]

    6. 1.5 stars!How can Gail Carriger - the one who wrote the awesome Parasol Protectorate series - make this awful book.Prudence is the most obnoxious, spoiled, self-absorbed heroine I have ever read. She touches supernatural people without permission, and thus takes their werewolf curse or vampirism. She has no cultural sensitivity whatsoever, and she looks down on everyone. Rue's best friend, Primrose, is the most airheaded heroine I have ever read, that I just wanted to chuck this book across the [...]

    7. At once a beautiful continuation and a refreshing change from the Parasol Protectorate. A little younger, a little more daring, and a little more worldly wise, Prudence Akeldama is a wonderful successor to Alexia. This new series stands alone well but also does that wonderful thing of showing you the continuation of life after happily ever after. The temerity of age to creep upon us, the consequences of deals struck in anger, and the wisdom that comes from both. Delightful and clever as ever.

    8. Fans of Gail Carriger, do you remember that spark of delightful, outrageous humor that was there in Soulless, but seemed to have all but disappeared in later books? It was probably somewhere collecting interest because it’s back in full force in Prudence. This is Carriger’s best work since her debut, it’s fresh, full of adventure and has just enough romance to keep us glued to our reading chairs. Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama, Rue to her friends, daughter of Alexia and Conall Maccon [...]

    9. I finished listening to this today! I had two long car trips, which helped speed things along :)If you liked/loved Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series then you'll enjoy this one as well - same world and most of the same characters (or relatives of those characters). The narrator is different than the lady who read the Soulless books so there are a few different pronunciations, but Moira Quirk does an excellent job. I believe Moira also reads Carriger's Finishing School books, which I als [...]

    10. As an existing fan of Gail Carriger's work, I was expecting to like this novel a lot. I don't think I was quite expecting to like it THIS much.Rue is a very different creature to her mother, in a later time and a more relaxed era, and the tone of the novel very much follows suit - ruder, cheekier, almost bawdy (I'm pretty certain Alexia would not have stood for a device that ejaculated sticky white fluid at climactic moments, no matter how useful). There's less whimsy, as Rue's mischievous pract [...]

    11. Read more reviews like this at lovelybooksblog! Every author out there has a book that just didn't quite turn out. Some of them are horrendous failures, but some are just books that are obviously not the authors best work. Prudence is one of those books. While I wouldn't call this book a failure, I wouldn't say it was Carriger's best work either. Though the writing was fantastic, as it always is, everything else from lack of plot to poor character development really brought this novel down. The [...]

    12. 5 Words: Steampunk, tea, travel, fashion, were-what?Full review to come.This was awesome and I loved it. I loved the nods to the other books she's written. I loved how the world she built just keeps on growing. I loved Rue and Prim.But it wasn't as good as Parasol Protectorate. I loved the nods to the characters, getting to meet them again, but it kind of felt like one last time. The last time I'd see Alexia and Connall. The last time I'd see Lyall. The last time I'd see Akeldama. And I hope it' [...]

    13. Fits right in with everything else in this unique universe, and exactly what I've come to expect from Gail. Having read both Finishing School and the Parasol Protectorate before jumping into the Custard Protocol, I love finding the Easter egg connections between old and new characters. :) Rue and her companions are a ton of fun, and I'm excited for Imprudence!

    14. Adventure, humor, friendship, family, romance, mystery, witty dialogue, etiquette lessons, paranormal, politics, cute cats, historical yet futuristic fiction = Steampunk(or at least steampunk the way Gail Carriger does it)This is not as good as the original series, but it is still highly enjoyable. My heart melts seeing Alexia and Conall again. I am definitely interested in seeing where Prudence’s journey will take her. She is brave and reckless and fun-loving and kinda of a badass. My only co [...]

    15. Compared to Gail Carriger's previous series - both Parasole Protectorate and Finishing School - The Custard Protocol is shockingly tame. Rue is positively proper in comparison to the two previous heroines, which really skewed both my interest and liking of the book towards the negative. Soulless was a breath of fresh air, considering Alexia was witty, sharp, and a trouble maker who managed to subvert social norms and adhere to them. Sophronia was that way as well, attracted to danger, adrenaline [...]

    16. This is one enjoyable start of a new series. The characters play really well together, the setting is familiar and new at the same time, and the story doesn't rush anything.I really enjoyed the time Carriger took to set a scene always paying attention to clothes and tea - as we are used to by her.The story itself is not action packed, but the book lives from the interactions and banter of the four main characters.I am looking forward to the next in the series!Rereading this just improved it and [...]

    17. I was thinking of giving this one an ok rating, but, did I think it as ok? Did I like a single thing about it?Not really.Every single character was an idiot. So freaking annoying. I would not want to be friends with any of them. I would not even want to be in the room with any of them. I did meet 3 previous characters, but even they had changed.The book tried WAY too hard. WAAAAAAY! No, that is not funny. No, that is not cute. That is pushing it beyond. It was trying. It was exhausting to read.T [...]

    18. This is a HUGE disappointment. Nothing happens for the first half section of the book, other than extremely long introductions to characters. The jokes are being repeated over and over and are low brow flatulence jokes. I am just shocked that this normally well plotted and funny author has written such a book. My husband and I couldn't even get very far past halfway. We were too bored. Prudence, the main character is the least interesting character.

    19. I've enjoyed the entire Parasol Protectorate series and found the Finishing School series a not horrible addition to the world-building, especially with the cameos by my favorite French inventor. I'm still not quite sure how to take this new sequel series, the Custard Protocol and its heroine, the ridiculously long-named Rue. We last spotted the metanatural as a trouble-making toddler and now she's all grown up and off on her own adventures. Unfortunately, it took so long for the actual feeling [...]

    20. I had hoped that "Prudence" would wash away the bad taste left behind by the Parasol Protectorate books (which started strong and ended in a bland mess). How terribly wrong I was. Rue is an utterly obnoxious heroine - immature and entitled to a fault. I could put up with her mother's grating attitude in the original series because there were other characters I could stand (and hey, she was fairly tongue-in-cheek). Sophronia from the Finishing School series annoyed the shit out of me but hey, she [...]

    21. Loved it! It was nice getting a small glimpse of the characters I loved in the Parasol Protectorate series. Prudence is all grown up. She is an interesting combination of her parentswit, creativity, dramatic flare and of course her metaphysical abilities. Can't wait for the next book!

    22. Prudence is the first book in the Custard Protocol series which is a spin off from Gail Carriger’s marvelously fun Parasol Protectorate series. Thankfully, I promise you that you don’t need to have read her original series to read this one. While there is some character crossover, any reader should be comfortable jumping right into this steampunk Victorian alternate history world with Prudence.Characters to love!The main cast of characters consists of four people who really balance each othe [...]

    23. I enjoyed Prudence more than I thought I would. I was worry that spin-offs won’t live up to the original series, however this addition was great. It was so nice to see all the young characters of the Parasol Protectorate all grown up. I think I may prefer Rue to Alexia, although I’m not ready to fully commit to that yet! This was action packed from start to finish, and the inclusion of some of the secondary characters from PP really helped make this instalment feel part of the same world. I [...]

    24. Originally reviewed for & posted at Vampire Book ClubReview source: copy provided by publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review Rating (out of 5): 4 starsWhen I found out there was to be a spin-off/sequel series to Gail Carriger’s truly brilliant Parasol Protectorate series, I’m not going to lie, there was arm flailing. Prudence, The Custard Protocol Book the First, takes place roughly twenty years later, and has the daughter of Lord and Lady Maccon, Prudence, at its helm [...]

    25. "Prudence" by Gail Carriger mixes steampunk and the paranormal into a mesmerizing whirlwind adventure that takes Prudence (Pru) Alessandra Maccon Akeldama and her friends from England to the jungles of India. On assignment for her stepfather to negotiate the rights to a tea acquisition, Rue stumbles into a hornet's nest; the kidnapping of a brigadier's wife, stolen tax money and a fight with weremonkeys. With her ability to steal from shape-shifters as a metanatural and an instinct for getting i [...]

    26. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI was so excited to hear that there was going to be a new series dedicated to Prudence, the daughter of Conall and Alexia Maccon from the Parasol Protectorate series. Prudence was such an interesting child who could steal the abilities of any supernatural she touched that a whole new series dedicated to her hijinks as a young adult just had to be written. PRUDENCE is an absolute delight with dangerous new creatures and high skies dirgible adventures, od [...]

    27. So, Gail Carriger has long been a wonderful author for me, ever since I read the parasole Protectorate series by her. I not only feel completely in love with the characters of the Parasole Protectorate, I also just adored the flouncy, spiffing way that the characters were thrust into adventures of perilous and peculiar sorts all over the place. This new series is no different, I loved the characters and I found myself quite captivated by the adventure they went on. We do get returning characters [...]

    28. It took about half the book before I really got into the plot or cared about the characters in this new series by Gail Carriger. There was quite a difference between the first and second halves-the first feeling forced, almost like someone trying to write like Gail Carriger rather than the lady herself, and the second snapping back into the delightful style of her earlier books. I rejoiced at the appearance of characters from Carriger's other series, especially that of Professor Lyall.I wasn't s [...]

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