The Weepers: The Other Life

The Weepers The Other Life A teenage girl leaves a sealed bunker after years in hiding only to find Los Angeles devastated and haunted by humans infected with a mutated rabies virus

  • Title: The Weepers: The Other Life
  • Author: Susanne Winnacker
  • ISBN: 9780761462750
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A teenage girl leaves a sealed bunker after years in hiding, only to find Los Angeles devastated and haunted by humans infected with a mutated rabies virus

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    1. books like this make me appreciate authors like laini taylor so so muchrt of me is concerned that maybe i am being unfair. the book is on scholastic, which makes me think it might be intended for a younger-than-teen audience, in which case, it is probably awesome. but for a contemporary YA audience, or (ahem) someone much much older, it just wasn't enoughe premise is great - after a rabies-like disease overtakes LA, sherry and her family take shelter in their bunker at the urging of the military [...]

    2. I rather wish I'd waited to read The Other Life until the second book was out. Or maybe I wish so many books weren't stretched out into a series. This novel just felt a bit insubstantial to me since it's fairly short and the contents could definitely have been a bit meatier. The promise of it is there, but just as things begin to get interesting, the story ends and you'll have to wait a year or so for the next one.I'm a big fan of post-apocalyptic books and survivalist scenarios, and the premise [...]

    3. Well, it would have to go and end like thatYou see, this book was incredibly hard to rate because I spent the entire thing bitching and moaning about the lack of plot and originality, the boring characters and how I couldn't wait for it to end then the ending had to be all super interesting and leave us with the most exciting piece of info in the entire novel, didn't it?The ending would have been perfect if I'd enjoyed anything else, it's not quite what you'd call a cliffhanger but it opens an e [...]

    4. I swear I didn’t mean to do it.I was just going to open the package—I swear. Not read the books. I just started another book. But…I found myself running my hands over the cover, flipping the pages, yes—okay smelling them too perhaps, opening to the first page, reading the first chapter, and BAM!The next thing I knew it was 2 a.m. and I only had one more chapter to go! When I say this book pulled me in—it PULLED! The only time I moved was when my butt went numb and I jumped from the flo [...]

    5. "Danger is not the only thing that makes your heart beat faster" 4.5 stars - Such a lovely read! There were so many things I loved about this story that I don't even know with what to start.The Title:There is this big gap between this life and the other life.This life is one of hiding, of trying to survive, of fighting monsters, of not knowing if tomorrow will ever come for you, not knowing if your family will be safe, if you'll be able to keep them alive. This is a life full of death.The other [...]

    6. "The dead skin looked like it belonged to a snake, and its spine looked strange. The Vertebrae were took big and pushed against the skin as enormous white bumps. With every intake of breath, they got more prominent, as though they might poke right through."-Quoted from the uncorrected proofWeepers aren't your usual zombies. These ones can look like humans, or like a fury beast, they even sleep. But what stands out the most is their intelligence. They live in nests, they stock up "prey" for winte [...]

    7. I don't know what it is that makes me giddy when I hear the word zombie. Maybe it's the promise of the action, suspense, the running for your life, and trying to survive, that usually go along with any good zombie tale. This story has Weepers, which may not technically be zombies, as I'm not sure if they're actually dead or not. At any rate, to me they're in the same category so: me=giddy! Fifteen-year old Sherry and her family have been in a safety bunker for the last three and a half years. Th [...]

    8. Rating: 4/5Sherry and her family are in the middle of an apocalypse. For the past 3 years they've been living looked inside their bunker. But food has finally ran out and they have they have to come face to face with the new world, a world were a rabies virus has turned people to beasts (close to zombies). Sherry and her father decide to go out for a food run and they end up been attack by a bunch of Weepers, the infected humans. Sherry's father gets abducted and Sherry is saved by a mysterious [...]

    9. After 3 years of living in a bunker, they are out of food. With their family starving Sherry and her father have no choice but to leave the confinement of their bunker to find food. Once they emerge they find the devastating truth.I really like my own space and I think being stuck in a bunker with my family for 3 long years would drive me up the wall crazy! (not that I don't love my family) (= I say this all the time whenever I read a dystopian novel but I'll say again, I love post-apocalyptic/d [...]

    10. I am starting to get the feeling that if you’ve read one post-apoc YA book then you’ve likely read them all. In this one it’s a couple of years after the world’s been ravaged by a rabies-like virus and we see people holed up in bunkers because of infected zombie/cannibal like monsters. Circumstances lead her and her father out of their safe place into a place that barely resembles the place she used to call home.I was expecting something more sinister. But things just progressed too conv [...]

    11. 3.75 starsI've always been a fan of zombies. Not that I'd loved them if they become real but I just like the thrill, excitement and nervousness they can make me feel. I've seen lots of zombie-themed movies and read some mangas of it. But I haven't really read any novel about it, I realized just after I finished reading this book (and I really wonder why I never thought of reading one. Hmm~). So basically, this is my first 'zombie' themed book and it went really well. Hurrah! It was good and I li [...]

    12. Two minutes ago their last can of food ran out. With her family starving, there is no question that she is going along when her father says he is venturing outside the shelter for the first time in three years. Three years ago it happened. Three years ago people became infected and Sherry, her family and others were forced to hide in sealed bunkers. No help has arrived and time is running out.But when her father is taken by the Weepers - who were humans but have turned into - zombie like feral c [...]

    13. It's a If I were 20 years younger, I might like this book 2 stars.In the fictional world of The Other Life, an USA Army's top secret experiment had backfired three years ago and a deadly virus was created as a result. Those who were influenced were either winded up dead or became man-eating, violent mutants called the 'Weepers'.The main character is a 15 years old girl who had a strange habit of counting the passing of every second, minute, day, week, month in her thoughts, and her father was ca [...]

    14. I can not express how much I love this book! How much I love dystopian books in general. I knew that once I started this book that I was a goner. There was no way I was going to put this book down.So what did me fall in love with this book? The plot line. It is just filled with pure awesomeness that I was blinded by it. I loved that once I started this book, the reader is filled with what is happening with the world. Counting down time, the reader meets the family and see the struggles. I adored [...]

    15. Remember Will Smith in I Am Legend? Yeah, it's a lot like that. Sherry and her family managed to live in their LA bunker for more than three years before they ran out of food. Their part of the country was ravaged by a new strain of rabies, one that only one in ten were immune to. The other nine? Well, if they were lucky, they died. But most turned into a rabid, intelligent version of a zombie (the infected actually remind me of those in I Am Legend).Not gonna lie. I'd wet myself just thinking I [...]

    16. 2.5*Reading the synopsis for The Weepers, it sounds like it should be exactly my type of book, but for me it did not live up to its expectations.Post-apocalyptic, rabies infested humans (i.e. zombies), quarantined civilians, and a war ravaged Los Angeles. What’s not to love? Turns out a few things.Sherry, the protagonist of this book, is a very one-dimensional and uninteresting character and shows little to no development throughout the course of the novel. She whinges that she is the one who [...]

    17. Vlot lezend zombieverhaal over een vijftienjarig meisje dat meer dan drie jaar in een ondergrondse bunker heeft gewoond met haar familie. Wanneer ze geen eten meer hebben, verlaat ze samen met haar vader de bunker. Algauw komen ze echter in aanraking met zombies, Weepers genoemd. De schrijfstijl leest erg fijn, maar het plot laat hier en daar te wensen over. Heel lang gebeurt er weinig - pas op pagina 288 komt er een interessante plottwist. Maar dan is het al bijna tijd voor boek twee De flashba [...]

    18. Sherry has spent the last 3 years 1 month lock in a bunker with her family. They all believe that a bad strain of rabies had started making people crazy under orders from the military they stayed safe in the bunker everything changes when they run out of food. Sherry and her dad leave in search of food but what they find is the world has changed. The story in this book is brilliant sherry family have been locked away for so long they have no idea what’s going on in the world outside of their o [...]

    19. sounds like resident evil, and that's good,'cause I loooved Resident Evil.Can't wait for this.Nice cover! love the bloody butterfly!

    20. 3.5 starsWhen I saw this, what immediately caught my eye was the protag’s obsession with numbers. Having read Shatter Me, I couldn’t help but be apprehensive about how far the similarities might go between the two. Fortunately, that was as far as it went. The Other Life proved to be a quick read that, while not the most amazing of dystopias, certainly kept me reading.Sherry has spent just over three years living in an underground bunker with her family. When a virus started turning people in [...]

    21. Originally posted @ Book WhalesThey’re called the Weepers, and you don’t weep for them. You must kill them, or they will kill you When a dangerous type of rabies start spreading out, everyone was forced to hide in bunkers for their own safety. Now, 3 years have passed, and no one has ever heard anything from the government. Sherry’s family had been staying in their bunkers for that same number of years, and what they feared most happened. They’re running out of food. With six persons to [...]

    22. Well really this has all the things that I should love about a book. *Dystopian setting.*Zombies (who technically aren't zombies, but whatever, they are.)*A potential kick ass female protagonist.But it only managed two stars, and here are three reasons why.1. I wanted more from the world. Granted it got there a little bit towards the end, but overall there are too many questions for me. Why did the powers that be allow the radio's to work for 3 years? Only cutting them off 2 weeks previous to th [...]

    23. Imagen being stuck stuck in a bunker for 3 years 1 month, 1 week and 6 days in a deserted ghost town LA. Hiding from a deadly virus. Something that isn't so nice and could drive you crazy. Its not somewhere I would love to be but Susanne has made this story so insanely good I never wanted to leave. There are a lot of Dystopian novels coming out lately. Some I Like some I don't like and some I absolutely love like this one.As soon as I opened this novel it pulls you in. So much is going on is jus [...]

    24. You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Actual rating: 3.5The Other Life falls into a category that I am finding very popular lately, it was a book that I wasn't enjoying too much but about halfway through I got sucked right into it. The novel starts out rather sluggishly as we meet Sherry and her family who have been contained in a bunker for 3 years following a rabies outbreak. The mood that is set inside the bunker had even me feeling claustrophobic, tensions were at an all time high [...]

    25. 2.5 stars. The Other Life had an interesting premise; people forced to go 'underground' due to an outbreak of the rabies virus. I enjoyed how the main character, Sherry, used numbers to show how long it had been since she'd seen the ocean, eaten chocolate, etc. Instead of 3 months, she would use 90 days, or ____ number of minutes. I thought it was fun.The first 2/3 of the book was slow and I kept stopping because of words that, in my mind, were misspelled. It bugged the crap out of me. However, [...]

    26. I’ve wanted to read this book for ages, so I was thrilled when I found out I had won a copy of The Weepers: The Other Life through a recent contest I had entered on the authors website. The author, Susanne Winnacker, was kind enough to personalize and autograph my copy for me. So I’m pretty stoked about that as well. I first spotted The Other Life here on first reads giveaways last December. The very first thing that caught my attention with this book was the bright red butterfly on the cov [...]

    27. Just ok. A short, post-apocalyptic YA novel where the main character, a 15 yo girl, falls in love with the first boy she meets the day she climbs out of the bunker she's lived in for 3+ years.

    28. Actual Rating maybe more like 2.5?The Weepers: The Other Life engendered really mixed responses in me - some of them even conflicting - which is making it hard to process exactly what I think about it. It is not very often that a book can simultaneously remind me of The Diary of a Young Girl and Resident Evil! And therein lies, I believe, the problem: it almost feels like there is more than one book here. It's as if Winnacker had more than one direction she wanted to go with the book and, in fai [...]

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