The Pigman's Legacy

The Pigman s Legacy The Pigman s return Four months after the Pigman died John and Lorraine are passing by their old friend s empty house when they receive the shock of their lives An elderly man has taken up residence

  • Title: The Pigman's Legacy
  • Author: Paul Zindel
  • ISBN: 9780060759704
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Pigman s return Four months after the Pigman died, John and Lorraine are passing by their old friend s empty house when they receive the shock of their lives An elderly man has taken up residence in the abandoned home Convinced this down and out recluse is a sign from beyond the grave, John and Lorraine decide they ve been given a chance to make up for what happenThe Pigman s return Four months after the Pigman died, John and Lorraine are passing by their old friend s empty house when they receive the shock of their lives An elderly man has taken up residence in the abandoned home Convinced this down and out recluse is a sign from beyond the grave, John and Lorraine decide they ve been given a chance to make up for what happened to the Pigman a chance to make things right, once and for all.

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    1 thought on “The Pigman's Legacy”

    1. I really missed my high school friends John and Lorraine so I had to see what pile of crap they'd stepped in next. This sequel is an emotional experience that hits some decent beats, but may prove difficult for the modern reader since the story points are Hollywood cliche today, when they wouldn't have been so apparent when published. Sometimes you don't just step in the dog doo--sometimes it's so slick you end up on your own tuckus. It hurts, it stinks, and there isn't much to do except get up [...]

    2. spoilers: Absolute worst book ever, even worse than the first: how that is possible, I don't know, because the first was pretty bad. This book is just a heap of random: a hobo in the pigman's house, and a lunch lady - yawwwwn, wow, I'm not even captivated. And I don't find anything funny either. And then they get the old man fudge for some reason: because they're stupid pieces of crap who don't learn from the first time they killed an old man. So they hop in a car and drive around, and - that's [...]

    3. John and Lorraine really need to stop meeting old people. It’s been over 4 months since the Pigman has died, and John and Lorraine are still pretty shaken up about it. So much so they even take the long way home because they don't want to pass by the Pigman's old house. But something in that house calls to them, somehow they can't stay away. Was it the Pigman's ghost come back from the dead to haunt them for what they did to him? Was it some bum sneaking in to get a free night’s sleep at the [...]

    4. For those who liked The Pigman, like my high school students, it left readers a little at loose ends. John and Lorraine start a subtle romance, but nothing is official. The Pigman leave John and Lorraine, but they never get to say a proper goodbye. And the positive changes both were making in their lives because of the Pigman are never fully realized. Let's just say this book provides nice closure on all of those things. The three students who elected to read this book right after we read The Pi [...]

    5. I liked revisiting John and Lorraine in The Pigman’s Legacy. I liked how they had grown as individuals, but that there weren’t any pat answers. I also liked John and Lorraine’s friendships with Dolly and the Colonel.

    6. Do you believe in miracles? John and Lorraine give you an amazing story about trying to find their legacy that the Pigman left them. One day the two sophomores decide to stroll down to the Pigman's house. To their surprise they find an old man who took advantage of the vacant house. At first, the kids didn't want anything to do with the old man, but soon they would realize that he would help them find their legacy. Along with the help of the school's janitor Dolly, John, Lorraine, and the old ma [...]

    7. I finished the first book with hardly a hint of interest. The only reasons I read this were because it was a sequel (I'm a sucker for sequels because I have to know what happens!) and because I'm desperate to reach my reading goal for the year and this was pretty short.This book was boring, just like the first one. I don't know how either of them got such great reviews. I don't know why the Pigman's house was just left empty (view spoiler)[after he died (hide spoiler)]. And why do the two kids h [...]

    8. I read The Pigman years ago and had no idea that there were 2 followup books. I really enjoyed this book. I liked that it offered redemption to the characters and that it offered love as a legacy that people could leave. Simple, but powerful. Definitely adding it to my classroom library

    9. The Pigman's Legacy is a sequel to the first book written by Paul Zindel The Pigman. In this book the two main charters Lorraine and Jonh speak on the Pigman's death four months later.In the beginning, the book deals with the lives of Lorraine and John after the Pigman's death and how they were affected by the lost of the older friend.As they are walking by the former residence of Mr. Pignati (Pigman) and discover an elderly man on the run from the IRS. He rejects their advances and chases them [...]

    10. I read the original book, The Pigman in grade school. I liked the story but hated having to write essays about it. I hate studying books. So when contemplating reads for the 2nds challenge, I remembered that I had always wanted to read the other books about The Pigman, (there is also The Pigman and Me which I intend to read.) I'm glad I decided to read this one. The Pigman's Legacy is even BETTER than The Pigman. I was almost in tears at the end. I love the writing style which switches with each [...]

    11. [*Spoiler*] The Pigman's Legacy was an 'ok' story. If you hadn't read the first one, then you may be confused while reading this one, because I know I was. One part of the book that I enjoyed was the way it was written. Each chapter was the voice of one of the two main characters, John and Lorraine. I've only read one other book written in a similar fashion, and that was Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. The book has some humor here and there like when John and Lorraine thought they saw a ghost [...]

    12. One of those rare situations in which the sequel is better than the first book. John and Lorraine of course are still their usual selves, although they've become a touch more mature The book is in the same format as the first, with the two switching narration as they talk about what happens with their new friend who has moved into the Pigman's house. John and Lorraine still make mistakes and they obviously haven't fully learned their lesson, but their intent is good this time. They want to make [...]

    13. I wish the colonel hadn't died but I loved how it ended, well the last paragraphs- ' "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," John said so gently and sincerely my entire body heard. We turned toward each other, holding on to one another there in front of that glass wall that I felt held the answer to every mystery of what we were doing on this earth to begin with. Our bodies were touching and there was no shame, there was no fear, there was no Death. Love. That was our legacy-the gift whi [...]

    14. Having read the first part of the 2-part series of this book in high-school, I tried reading the other part, once I graduated high-school. Although geared to the younger-generation, this book was a bit interesting to read. The chapters very quick and light, and I was able to get through a few chapters a day(I finished this book in about 4 days-due to other thing also present on my to-do list at the time). If you've read the first part, you'll thoroughly enjoy this second part of the series of tw [...]

    15. The pigman has died. If I spoiled it for anybody, I apologize. But now we are introduced to Gus. Lorraine and john have discovered Gus living in the pigman's house and they start to try make amends for what had happened to the pigman and his death. Those two kids are just swell, just swell. If you read the book, you'll get the joke. John learns not to judge his father's alcoholism so harshly. Lorraine learns the true legacy of the pig man is love. Next book.

    16. The Pigman's Legacy actually gave me quite a bit of insight into the Pigman, so I went back and changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars. The kids are back and really examining their role into the death of the Pigman, and are offered a second chance at making a difference in a lonely old man's life. It seems that they've learned a lot, but the scene at the casino in Atlantic City made me want to throw the book across the room. What is the destructive streak that runs through that kid? Gawd!

    17. I think Zindel is one of the best YA writers. It breaks my heart that my students won't get into him. His characters seem like such real teenagers--they're flawed and trying too hard to grow up and not always conscious of others' feelings. Also, his books manage to be hilarious and tragic at once. John and Lorraine have had to learn some pretty tough lessons, but they made me laugh on the way. Please give a Zindel book to a teenager; I'm terrified he's going to fade away.

    18. The Pigman's Legacy is the sequel to The Pigman, but it would still make sense if you didn't read the first book.In The Pigman's Legacy, John and Lorraine go to visit the Pigman's old house through curiosity. They find an 82 year old man who goes by the name of Gus. The two teens decide that the old man is the Pigman reincarnated so they befriend and take care of him. They later go on several mini adventures with the elderly man and learn several things about themselves along the way.

    19. listened to it on unabridged audiobook. Fell in love with the characters all over again :) Glad they got their shot at redemption. Story surpassed my expectations, as I wasn't sure a sequel could live up to the original. Don't know for sure yet if this one is a re-read/re-listen, but I definitely wouldn't say "no" ;)

    20. I read the first pig man and it was wonderful being that the story had no were to go any more after one of the characters died that's what made it that much better. it is a very touching story and a very good plot as the characters in the book you will never forget the pigman!!!

    21. Since i haven't read the first book before this one, i can say that this is a book to read by someone who wants a little humor while relaxing. The plot is cute for me and as i turn the page, the suspense and the mystery is thrilling for me. And of course, the life game. Haha. :)

    22. Once again, I love Zindel's writing style. He creates suspense and mystery and it makes the reader want to continue even though there really isn't much of a story.His sprinkles of humor gave me a few chuckles while reading The Pigman's Legacy too.

    23. Ok so i just finished this book, and like the first one it didn't dissapoint me. I had forgotten a few thing's that happened in this one so i was somewhat surprised. I can also see now why i enjoyed them so much as a teen

    24. not 100% as good as the first one, but still amazing in itself.i recommend playing the life game after reading it,(not the game LIFE) i still go looking for the things from that game through my everyday life.

    25. 4 months after the Pigman died, John and Lorraine receive the shock of their lives: An elderly man has taken up residence in the abandoned home. John and Lorraine decide they've been given a chance to make up for what happened to the Pigman.

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