Edge of Survival

Edge of Survival Dr Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn t be easy As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Can

  • Title: Edge of Survival
  • Author: Toni Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781426892639
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • Dr Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn t be easy As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Canadian bush She expected rough conditions and hostile miners but she didn t expect to find a dead body her first day on the job.Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a careDr Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn t be easy As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Canadian bush She expected rough conditions and hostile miners but she didn t expect to find a dead body her first day on the job.Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a career as a helicopter pilot, working as far from the rest of the human race as possible The thrill of flying makes his civilian life bearable, and he lives by his mantra don t get involved But when he s charged with transporting the biologist to her research vessel, he can t help but get involved in the murder investigation and with Cameran, who awakens emotions he s desperate to suppress.In the harsh and rugged wilderness, Daniel and Cameran must battle their intense and growing attraction while keeping ahead of a killer who will stop at nothing to silence her

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      284 Toni Anderson
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    1. I Spread My Wings and Keep My Promise - 14 Squadron RAFWho are my favorite heroes? Those tormented men who have served their countries with honor, risking all, asking for nothing in return… those men who look death in the face, every day, for no other reason than to make the world a safer place for people they don’t know, people they’ll never meet. Show us his pain, his demons, his vulnerabilities… give me a man like that, one who never gives up, and you’ve given me a hero I’ll fall [...]

    2. The one book I read by this author, didn't work for me but my friends had rated her books higher so I decided to give Edge of Survival a read and I am glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do so much like reading about damaged and human characters and the hero Daniel fits the bill.Daniel Fox, the hero is a pilot and has been in Canada for about twenty-three months ever since his career went down the drain and the disaster of his last mission with British SAS took root in his conscious pl [...]

    3. Story Rating 4.5 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 3.5 starsAction Level 4.5 starsOverall Rating 4.5 starsI started out just liking this book and then about the 54% mark the book grabbed me. I was still waiting for the heat to hit and about 60% it started to smolder and then the flames kicked in :) Shortly after that the big action started and that's when I was wowed big time.Loved the characters, the plot, the story line and the heat but most of all the ending.

    4. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: November 11, 2011 (Available Now!)Publisher: HarlequinImprint: Carina PressAuthor’s Website: tonianderson/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: NoSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyDr. Cameran Young is the lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team sent to monitor fish migration patterns in relation to the building of a dam in the Labrador, Canada. Expe [...]

    5. Edge of Survival By Toni Anderson released from Carina Press on the 21st of this month. Due to certain other commitments and stuff that kept cropping up, I took my own sweet time to finish this fantastic contemporary romantic suspense that features a hot British hero who made all my James Bond fantasies come to life.34 year old Daniel Fox is a former SAS agent whose sole focus after his spotless military career goes haywire in a split moment’s decision becomes flying, drinking and seducing any [...]

    6. 5/5; 5 stars; A+Wow, what a great romantic suspense story. There are so many things that made this book special and two of them are not the usual things that would stand out in a book. First; the author created a heroine with Type 1 Diabetes. In her intro to the book she mentions that 15% of the royalties for this book will go towards fundraising for diabetes research. Toni Anderson did a stellar job of integrating the extremely challenging aspects of this disease into the heroine's life, her ba [...]

    7. Could be just me, but I DNF-ed after Chapter 3. To me, the hero of a romance cannot be sleeping with other women, especially not after he's met the heroine and she's started doing something to his buried heart. Once Daniel slept with Cam's assistant, Ms. Anderson lost me. There's this bit where the assistant (can't even remember her name!) tells Daniel that he should be 'a real man' and shag her, because that's what a real man would do. I beg to differ, because to me, a 'real' man knows how to s [...]

    8. A thrilling romantic suspense. The hero, Daniel Fox, is a helicopter pilot who is trying to deal with his past. He wasn't very likable at times but I still loved him. Cameran Young is the heroine, a young biologist with diabetes, studying fish migration in Canada. This was almost a 5 star but not quite. There were minor things towards the end that I would have liked to seen done differently. I recommend to anyone who loves romantic suspense with a great balance of suspense and romance.

    9. Huge 5 stars! Great storyline, characters, action and of course romance. Purrrrrfect! I absolutely loved it.

    10. More of my reviews can be found @ obsessionwithbooksEdge of Survival was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Carina Press.Dr Cameran Young is part of an Environmental Impact Assessment team doing a baseline study on fish migration to try and minimize the impact of the mine being built to the wildlife. On arrival in the northern Canadian bush not only did she encounter hostile miners but also a dead women in the local bar.Daniel Fox has lost his military career, his life and his honor so numbs [...]

    11. Wicked Wilderness AdventureStumbling upon a dead body on the first day of a new assignment doesn't exactly imbue biologist Dr. Cameran Young with a sense of calm confidence and hopeful enthusiasm. In fact, it freaks her the hell out. She's in the northern Canadian wilds to head an Environmental Impact Assessment team in part because it is both her job and her passion to ensure that the large mining operation in the area will have minimal impact on the delicate ecology. The other part is the shee [...]

    12. 5 stars for the suspense and realistic scene descriptions and a very realistic look at a person living with diabetes. Cameran Young is a biologist who along with her team has come to the northern Canadian bush to do a Environment Impact Assessment. When they arrive in town and are waiting for the helicopter pilot that is going to take them to the ship where they will be stationed for the next 3 month they realize the miners aren’t happy they are there fearing they are going to ruin their jobs. [...]

    13. This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookwormThis is what the book is about.Dr. Cameran Young knew her assignment wouldn't be easy. As lead biologist on the Environment Impact Assessment team, her findings would determine the future of a large mining project in the northern Canadian bush. She expected rough conditions and hostile miners—but she didn't expect to find a dead body her first day on the job. Former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox forged a career as a helicopter pilot, working as far fro [...]

    14. 4.5 stars!I thoroughly enjoyed this book, mainly because of the oh-so-fine hero, Daniel Fox. I know right, even the name is yummy. He's an ex-SAS agent, and has a killer British accent. Daniel has a brutal history, as well as a pretty terrible case of PTSD. Watching him try to become a better man was interesting. The heroine in this novel was really uniquee had a very bad case of Diabetes, which made the protective feelings come out for Daniel. There were a few things that happened at the beginn [...]

    15. **3 1/2 stars**The best parts of this book were most definitely the ones with Daniel and Cameran.ose two were a great couple! They had really good chemistry! He was a very yummy, former military, tortured alpha male suffering from PTSD and she was a smart and tough biologist, no shrinking violet that's for sure and i really liked how they incorporated her having diabetes into the storyline's a disease i didn't know a whole lot about so it was really interesting and kind of scarey how Cameran had [...]

    16. 4.5 StarsThis is the second book in a row I’ve read where the heroine has a real life disability/handicap. In Edge of Survival marine biologist Dr. Cameron Young has diabetes and her condition actually plays a major role throughout the novel. The author does a really good job (at least I think she does) of portraying the day to day trials and tribulations someone living with diabetes must endure. Always aware of what and when they’ve eaten and the very real life threat if they are not dilige [...]

    17. I had never heard of this author before, and was pleasantly surprised with this book. Very good mix of mystery, suspense, action and romance! I didn't guess the bad guy at all! Totally thought it was someone else. The characters were well developed. I liked the heroine--smart, strong, fiesty, etc. The hero is your typical tortured alpha type (ie, military man with PTSD), but I have to admit I had a problem with his womanizing ways. He ended up not being as likable to me for this reason. The roma [...]

    18. Edge of Survival is a thrilling, fast-paced story that keeps the reader guessing throughout. I enjoyed author Toni Anderson’s willingness to write about such a difficult disease ~ diabetes. Her character, Dr. Cameron Young, faces many obstacles in her desire to do her job despite her diabetes; but her biggest obstacle comes in the form of ex-military Sergeant Daniel Fox.I loved the plot setting, and the wonderful scene setting in Northern Canada. The characters were believable in their charact [...]

    19. A fabulous, tension-filled read. The author is a marine biologist and her knowledge of the subject shows in this story, without slowing it down. Her heroine is diabetic. I have a niece with type 1 diabetes and could relate to the fears that Cam lived with on a daily basis.The hero is ex-UK special forces, haunted by a mission that ended in him shooting a civilian.Cam and Daniel are thrown together when they discover a murdered woman in a small Canadian town. Daniel is suspected of committing the [...]

    20. 'Edge of Survival' is a romantic suspense based in the wilds of Canada. The heroine of the story is living with diabetes and the book explains the condition making the reader aware of the trials a sufferer has to go through just living day to day. It also shows how difficult and worrying it is for their loved ones. Toni Anderson is generously donating 15% of her book royalties to help find a cure for diabetes; so as well as enjoying a brilliant story you can feel good about helping a worthy caus [...]

    21. I was lucky enough to get an advance reading copy of Edge of Survival. I’m a huge Toni Anderson fan and I believe this is her best yet. I can’t tell you how much I loved this book.Doctor Cameran Young, our heroine, is a biologist leading an environment impact assessment team in the northern Canadian bush. She’s prepared for everything the area can throw at her, but finding a dead body wasn't the greatest start.Helicopter pilot and former SAS Sergeant Daniel Fox, despite his best intentions [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsI really enjoyed reading Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson. I especially loved the strength and character of Dr. Cameran Young who was strong willed, likeable, and an all around nice person. I wasn't especially fond of the male lead, Sergeant Daniel Fox, who was brash, self centered, and emotionally challenged. I had a hard time believing the budding romance between them, but even with my doubts about the chemistry between the two, I still really enjoyed the story and would recommend it [...]

    23. My rating isn't doesn't jive with some others I've read - but I didn't connect with this one. I'm not exactly sure why, but it didn't pull me in. I liked the premise, and I appreciated some of the reviews I've read, so popped this to the top of my pile to read.I am glad for the experience, but this just didn't hit the right cylinders for me.I wouldn't recommend it highly, but others do, so don't mind me this may suit you just fine.Happy Reading!

    24. Edge of Survival by Toni Anderson is a compelling story of love, murder and survival in a remote and hostile wilderness.Dr. Cameran Young comes to Frenchmans Bight for her post-doctoral research on fish migration. It should be routine, butFrenchmans Bight is in the Canadian Wilderness with a capital W. The research is a before-and-after investigation on the building of a mine, and all the miners in the area are just sure her research is all about shutting down the mine. And last but definitely n [...]

    25. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2011/11/23/Publisher: Carina PressPublish Date: Out NowHow I got this book: NetGalleyCameran has lived her whole life with diabetes, and wanting to prove that she has the ability to make it as a scientist in the field, she takes an assignment in the Canadian bush, despite the protests from her parents and others. Before she can even get started, Cameran stumbles on to the dead body of a local girl and realises she might have gotten a little over her [...]

    26. In the wilds of northern Canada, a biologist living with diabetes falls for an ex-British military man haunted by his past in Toni Anderson's romantic suspense EDGE OF SURVIVAL. The book opens with a bang as Dr. Cameran Young finds the body of a murdered woman on her arrival in Labrador. Cameran is there to study the impact of mining on the local fish population. She never planned on becoming involved in a murder investigation, or with the helicopter pilot hired to help her during her research.D [...]

    27. 3.5 starsI picked this up after I learned that the heroine has T1 diabetes. I'm not a huge fan of romantic suspense in general, and probably would have liked this more if I were.I didn't care for the multiple POVs. They got in the way of me getting to know Cam and Daniel. They also made it so I could tell who the killer was fairly early. (Which is fine by me, I would have peeked at the end otherwise.)The portrayal of life with T1 diabetes seemed reasonable. Diabetes hits everyone a little differ [...]

    28. I really love stories that take place in the far northern portion of the Western Hemisphere--Alaska and its environs. The heroine is a scientist, an environmentalist who is concerned that the commercial oil industry isn't overwhelming the nature and animal life of the area. Dr. Cameron is a kind and gentle woman, a lady who has put her personal needs and concerns on hold to follow the "muse" of science. She literally collides with Daniel Fox, a former Special Ops military man who has been "let g [...]

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