The Popcorn Dragon

The Popcorn Dragon You could hardly blame Dexter ordinarily a well behaved young dragon for showing off when he suddenly found that he could make clouds of smoke The temptation is irresistible but Dexter quickly beco

  • Title: The Popcorn Dragon
  • Author: Jane Thayer Lisa McCue
  • ISBN: 9780688083403
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You could hardly blame Dexter, ordinarily a well behaved young dragon, for showing off when he suddenly found that he could make clouds of smoke The temptation is irresistible, but Dexter quickly becomes insufferable First he watches his own reflection in the river in order to admire the smoke Then he puffs it in the faces of his friends the zebra, the giraffe, and theYou could hardly blame Dexter, ordinarily a well behaved young dragon, for showing off when he suddenly found that he could make clouds of smoke The temptation is irresistible, but Dexter quickly becomes insufferable First he watches his own reflection in the river in order to admire the smoke Then he puffs it in the faces of his friends the zebra, the giraffe, and the elephant He even blows smoke rings around his own tail to prove how clever he is.Soon Dexter has no friends left He is a very lonely dragon indeed, until quite by accident he discovers a way his talent can be used to win back his playmates.This wonderful story first published in 1953 will delight both young readers and their parents, and so will Lisa McCue s appealing new pictures of this lovable show off.

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    • ✓ The Popcorn Dragon || Ö PDF Read by ✓ Jane Thayer Lisa McCue
      466 Jane Thayer Lisa McCue
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    1 thought on “The Popcorn Dragon”

    1. The Popcorn Dragon was an interesting fantasy book about a dragon’s new ability and his so-called friends. The main character is a dragon, Dexter, who is just learning to blow smoke with his mouth. He is very excited about his newfound knowledge that he wants to share his ability with his friends. Upon seeing the dragon’s talent, the other animals become jealous and abandon the dragon. The dragon was hurt by his friend’s abandonment and sulks in a corn field and starts to blow hot air. To [...]

    2. Old stories are so strangeThis is about a little dragon who learns that he can blow smoke and just cant get enough of it. He becomes quite the show little show off and no on likes that. He is eventually shunned by the zebra, the elephant and the giraffe who are at first envious and later annoyed by the little dragons showboating. Dexter (the dragon) ends up sad, sleepy and alonepping in a cornfield. Dexter awakes to the sound and smell of his hot breath popping the ears of corn into popcorn. The [...]

    3. a cute story of a little dragon and his lesson in blowing smoke, and braging, and how to make up with a friend by doing something nice for your friends.

    4. A dragon who just learned how to blow smoke and is playing around when other animals come to watch him. They can't blow smoke like him and think he's a show off and they don't play with him. Sad and Adobe he takes a nap and accidentally blows smoke on some corn and makes popcorn. The other animals see him eating popcorn and now they want to play. Ok I know it probably didn't mean to but this book came of as if someone had a talent and is showing it, it's ok to be mean because he's probably a sho [...]

    5. This was a nice 'change of pace' storybook for my adult special needs son and I. Dexter the dragon was super excited when he accidently finds out he can breath smoke. So he goes about making smoke everywhere When it comes to his friends though, he starts boasting about it and they all get upset at him. In the end he soon learns the importance of not being boastful.

    6. I gobble up anything dragon related I can find! This cute picture book illustrates how showing off in front of others when your trying to make friends, can have the opposite effect.

    7. 3.5 - I wasn't sure what to expect here in respect to Julia actually enjoying the story. She tends to get bored easily the older the book is in a lot of cases. This wasn't the case here and she was interested throughout. I'm especially happy that she got the message to the story that I wanted her to get. The dragon in the story is so proud of himself when he finds he can blow smoke that he's eager to show his friends. So eager to show his friends that for awhile he cares about little, if anythin [...]

    8. The Popcorn Dragon. By Jane Thayer. Illustrated by Lisa McCue. Inc 1989. ISBN 0-590-43609-0Dexter is a dragon who discovers one day that he can blow smoke from his nose. He excitedly shows off his talent to other young animals, but soon finds they are so jealous that they don't want to play with him. It is only through acts of kindness that he is able to find friendship.I liked the initial descriptive word choice. The illustrations are engaging and the combination of these with the message of t [...]

    9. This book is a super cute book about a dragon who is a show off. He breathes smoke and none of the other animals can do it. He ends up getting on their nerves so they don't want to play with him. He falls asleep and wakes up to realize that his hot smoke popped the corn right off the kernels. He ends up sharing with the other animals and they all become friends. This would be a great book for teaching sequencing.

    10. This book is a really fun story and introduces the idea of taking a "liability" (even though it's cool) and turning it into an asset. Although the idea might be a bit difficult for younger ones to catch, they would enjoy the story just for the story's sake, while older children might be taught the value of turning "lemons into lemonade" or should I say "fire-breathing into popcorn popping".

    11. I have such fond memories of this book. This was the first book that I turned into a script for a puppet show for the library. My brother was on leave from the military and helped out by starting the popcorn machine near the end of the play. The timing was perfect -- when the popcorn was mentioned in the book the popcorn was popping in the machine. Such wonderful memories, such a mediocre book.

    12. This is a cute book about a Dragon who brags about this ability to blow smoke. He loses all of his friends though but realizes that he can pop popcorn with his smoke and wins his friends back. I could read this to my class and talk about how it is awesome to be confident and be proud of yourself but there is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. This could also be a good book to use for sequencing.

    13. An odd story originally written in the '50s. I must say that I didn't really get it. It seemed overly long and boring and just a bit jumbled--a dragon playing with zebras and elephants and giraffe in an African savanna (I assume) with a field of corn that he can pop? Lisa McCue's illustrations are adorable as ever, but overall this was a tedious read with too obvious a message.

    14. The drawings in this book were cute. I didn't really like how the other animals were so envious or the dragon so overly proud. Neither is an emotion I want to encourage my children to exhibit. It was nice that the animals and dragon became friends at the end, but it almost felt like it was because of bribery and not out of the goodness of any of the creatures.

    15. I would actually give this only 2 stars for the story but 4 stars for the illustrations, so it averaged out to 3 stars for all. The story was written in 1953, and is subsequently a tad didactic, and the message about bragging is a little heavy-handed. But the illustrations by Lisa McGue are wonderful, making Dexter completely endearing.

    16. A cute story about Dexter the Dragon who is lonely and wants to make friends. He learns how to blow smoke and immediately begins to show of - which of course is not the best friend-making technique. Only when he decides to share his talent with others do they want to be friends with him.Really cute illustrations.

    17. A beautifully illustrated fun read aloud to share with young children about boastfulness and jealousy. Kids love books with talking animals, especially stories that involve dragons; making this a book that will be requested again and again.

    18. Too long for storytime so one on one but a cute story of a dragon who learns to blow smoke and then alienates his friends by doing it too much. But his hot breath has an unexpected treat it can make when he falls asleep in a corn field.

    19. Bought this for Mums and Widget. No idea how he'll like it, but it's a cute story and the art is fantastic.

    20. The young dragon discovers his gift for blowing smoke, then promptly alienates the other animals by showing off. Then he finds a way to use his smoke to share. I love this story.

    21. There were some cute things about this book, but I didn't appreciate the implied message that it's not okay to use your talents because somebody might get jealous.

    22. Rylee loved it because she loves popcorn. A little wordy to hold Wyatt's attention, unless he's really tired. But a cute story!

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