Thwarted Queen

Thwarted Queen THWARTED QUEEN encompasses ROSE OF RABY Book ONE SEED SOWN Book THWARTED QUEEN Book and TWO MURDERS REAPED Book It is the ENTIRE saga of Lady Cecylee Neville a portrait of a woman trapped

  • Title: Thwarted Queen
  • Author: Cynthia Sally Haggard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THWARTED QUEEN encompasses ROSE OF RABY Book 1 , ONE SEED SOWN Book 2 , THWARTED QUEEN Book 3 and TWO MURDERS REAPED Book 4 It is the ENTIRE saga of Lady Cecylee Neville, a portrait of a woman trapped by power, a marriage undone by betrayal, and a King brought down by fear Cecylee is the apple of her mother s eye The seventh daughter, she is the only one left unmaTHWARTED QUEEN encompasses ROSE OF RABY Book 1 , ONE SEED SOWN Book 2 , THWARTED QUEEN Book 3 and TWO MURDERS REAPED Book 4 It is the ENTIRE saga of Lady Cecylee Neville, a portrait of a woman trapped by power, a marriage undone by betrayal, and a King brought down by fear Cecylee is the apple of her mother s eye The seventh daughter, she is the only one left unmarried by 1424, the year she turns nine In her father s eyes, however, she is merely a valuable pawn in the game of marriage The Earl of Westmorland plans to marry his youngest daughter to 13 year old Richard, Duke of York, who is close to the throne He wants this splendid match to take place so badly, he locks his daughter up The event that fuels the narrative is Cecylee s encounter with Blaybourne, a handsome archer, when she is twenty six years old This love affair produces a child the One Seed of Book II , who becomes King Edward IV But how does a public figure like Cecylee, whose position depends upon the goodwill of her husband, carry off such an affair The duke could have locked her up, or disposed of this illegitimate son But Richard does neither, keeping her firmly by his side as he tries to make his voice heard in the tumultuous years that encompass the end of the Hundred Years War during which England loses all of her possessions in France and the opening phase of the Wars of the Roses He inherits the political mantle of his mentor Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, and become s the people s champion The rambunctious Londoners are unhappy that their country has become mired in misrule due to the ineptitude of a King prone to fits of madness Nor are they better pleased by the attempts of the King s French wife to maneuver herself into power, especially as she was responsible for England s losses in France But can Richard and Cecylee prevail Everywhere, their enemies lurk in the shadows This book is filled with many voices, not least those of the Londoners, who forged their political destiny by engaging in public debate with the powerful aristocrats of the time By their courageous acts, these fifteenth century Londoners set the stage for American Democracy.

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    1. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.At the time of her death, Cecylee Neville had already lost her husband and survived all but two of her thirteen children. She'd stood witness as her sons vied and gave their lives for the English throne, saw the fall of her house and the rise of Tudor dynasty. Never being in a position to wield power in her own right, Cecylee commanded significant influence from the sidelines making it easy to see why Cynthia Sally Haggard felt inspired to fic [...]

    2. Thwarted Queen is the story of Cecylee Neville, Duchess of York, and mother of two kings; Edward IV and Richard III. Comprised of four books into one, spanning over almost a century, it’s a recounting of the War of the Roses seen through Cecylee’s perspective.Cecylee was the youngest child in her family and as such, her mother, Countess Joan de Beaufort, delayed the marriage to Richard Duke of York for well longer than customary. This allowed Cecylee to revel in her youth while strengthening [...]

    3. This was my second novel about Cecily, Duchess of York. Both were enjoyable in their own right. This one is geared towards a young adult audience and is available in 4 parts as well as in the entirety to perhaps make for easier reading for younger minds.This book is written as Cecily's memoirs written as she is dying. She wants to make sure her story gets told HER way, not history's way. It follows the course of what is known about her but this book does allow that Cecily had an extra marital af [...]

    4. First to clear up some confusion - at least it confused me. Thwarted Queen is available as one continuous story by that name or in segments as follows: The Bride Price , One Seed Sown , The Gilded Cage , and Two Murders Reaped . On Kindle, they are available all together as Thwarted Queen or individually. It is really all one book with continuous chapters, though the point of view of the storytelling jumps from 1st person to 3rd person and back again in the separate sections.Basically, Haggard a [...]

    5. The detailed summary of the book gives you a fair idea about the plot. So instead of repeating it, let me just tell you all about my thoughts on the book.When I realized that the book is based on an actual character from history, I immediately checked out “Cecily Neville, Duchess of York” on so that I had a basic idea about what was being narrated.The story is narrated by Cecylle – our leading lady. I found her to be very spirited, intuitive and a character of strength. While in reality K [...]

    6. Thwarted Queen by Cynthia Sally Haggard’s’ Cecylee de Neville is an inspirational read that brought a plausible historical outlook on a conflicted person in history. Again the author provided family trees, and short bios of the prominent people within the story. It helps not only people new to the history but also people who are familiar but need a little help keeping people straight. In this novel the author took the historical debate on whether Cecylee de Neville had an affair or not. This [...]

    7. I rather enjoyed this book, but I found that it had a few issues I had trouble getting past.The first is that the book switches back and forth at points between first person present, to third person past and finally to first person past. I understand why the author made this choice, but I found it to be jarring.The characters were relatable and I found myself sympathizing even with Richard III the so called Evil King. By that same token, I wanted a bit more character development. For instance, I [...]

    8. Thwarted Queen is another great book about Cecylee (Cecily) Neville and her brush with the throne of England. Written in an engaging voice, you are able to feel as if you are living in her shoes. Cecylee Neville was known as the "Rose of Raby". Both her mother and her father indulged her and she was known for speaking her mind and taking no guff, so much so that she was given the nickname "Proud Cis". As the wife of a regent and the mother of kings, she make her share of mistakes, but still mast [...]

    9. Thwarted Queen takes us thru a thrilling period in English history. Clearly Haggard has done an epic amount of research on this subject and time period….I was very impressed by her knowledge of the period and her ability to take lots of information and present it in an understandable fashion. Well done, this is not an easy period in history to dissect.The reader can’t help by sympathize with and admire Cecylee, she is strong and unyielding but yet she is a romantic at heart. The relationship [...]

    10. Giveaway through March 4, 2013 at hookofabook.wordpressThwarted Queen, by Cynthia Haggard, is the story of Cecily (Cecylee) Neville, the wife and mother of husband (Richard II of York) and sons were instrumental in the beginning of the War of the Roses. This novel seemed like a large undertaking with its voluminous size, but I flew through this book in no time! I was totally moved along by the story, as well as the drama, that I didn’t even have time to really dissect it. To me, the sign of a [...]

    11. ROSE OF RABY is the first and second books in a series of four about Cecylee Neville (1415-1495), mother of Richard III and Edward IV, Queen by Right and Abbess. This tale of Cecylee’s girlhood and love-affair will appeal to readers of YA novels. Cecylee is the apple of her mother’s eye. In her father’s eyes, however, she is merely a valuable pawn in the game of marriage. But does Cecylee wish to marry the boy her father has picked out for her? Does she wish to marry at all? For at the age [...]

    12. Thwarted Queen by Cynthia Haggard is a novel that encompasses the life of Cecylee (Cecily) Neville. I have read a couple of books about Cecily and what I find most interesting is how different authors take the events in history and then weave their stories around them. With each novel that you read you learn a bit more than you knew before and Thwarted Queen is definitely rich in historical detail which I enjoyed a great deal.Cecylee lived in the 1400′s which wasn’t an easy time for women. A [...]

    13. The Thwarted Queen is a powerful and intriguing piece of historical fiction. In the past, I've read many novels about Edward IV and his queen, Elizabeth. However, I've never read anything from the perspective of his mother, Lady Cecylee. I found Lady Cecylee to be a very strong lady and someone I wanted to read more about.Ms. Haggard wrote this book from the first person perspective of Lady Cecylee. In fact, Lady Cecylee calls it her memoirs. The first person perspective worked really well with [...]

    14. "Thwarted Queen" is the story of Cecylee, mother of Richard III (yes, the same one that was recently discovered to be buried under a car park) and a major player in the War of the Roses. Cecylee has always been a really fascinating historical figure to me. She was incredibly driven to make sure that her descendants ended up on England's throne but in the end, her drive and her habit of trouncing on people ends up making a lot of trouble for herself.Because she's such a fascinating figure, I love [...]

    15. It was entertaining to read about the woman who would be queen or at least mother of kings, Cecylee. Haggard writes with authority and knowledge about a time and place that is intriguing and enigmatic to most people; fortunately, she injects the story with a humanness that can be recognized and little drops from history that strike a bell of recognition. The Archbishop of Canterbury seems to have a great deal of political power, and Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English literature (1343-1400) [...]

    16. Not the strongest of historical novels, but definitely worth the read. It has its merits in a different approach to a number of historical events surrounding the Wars of the Roses. I understand why it was broken up into different books, coming from different perspectives, but I still found it came together as a cohesive story. Doesn't quite reach the designation of "epic," but involved, long, and interesting. It might have helped to understand whether the conceit laid out in the beginning and en [...]

    17. This book takes place before The War Of Roses. I haven't read much from this period, other than Phillipa Gregory's The Lady Of The Rivers, so this is new territory for me.I was surprised at how much I remembered about the historical figures that were prominent during this time period, particularly Marguerite of Anjou, who isn't portrayed in a very favorable light here.The story is about Cecylee, wife of Richard of York.She's a very strong woman and she goes through a lot in her life.From the ver [...]

    18. "Thwarted Queen" is the story of Cecily Neville (here spelled Cecylee, for reasons the author explains in her end notes), mother of Edward IV and Richard III.We start with Cecylee's girlhood and betrothal to Richard, Duke of York -- a match of political and economic alliances between the two families. Cecylee is not fond of Richard and even takes a lover. The author bruits the idea that Edward IV is the son of this lover, based on documented favoritism of York toward his second son Edmond, the D [...]

    19. This multifaceted story is made interesting by the author's attention to historical detail. She writes knowledgeably about the Plantagenet period, and has done considerable research in order to describe Cecylee's character in a realistic manner. However, there were times when I thought that the story faltered a little and became somewhat fragmented. The style of narration between the books gets a little confusing, as the author switches between tenses from first person present, to third person, [...]

    20. Honestly not sure why this is getting 4-5 stars. It was just okay. The writing is really very basic -- great for a smart pre-teen or average high school kid. Maybe because it was in the first person - but it was like reading a teenaged girls diary if that teenaged girl had become the mother of two of England's most famous kings. In this telling of the life of Cecily Neville, Cynthia Sally Haggard decides to go with the "slept with an archer and Edward was illegitimate" side of the story as well [...]

    21. I am always fascinated by the stories of queens and their lives, and was thrilled to be asked to review the story of Cecylee Neville, the mother of the infamous Richard the Third.Author Cynthia Haggard takes her readers right into the heart of Cecylee's world using the main character's voice for narration. Her descriptions of life during the 15th century is fascinating, and her storytelling skills make the reader feel they are sitting with the actual players as their lives unfold.Fans of histori [...]

    22. Cecylee Neville Tells Her StoryI read a lot of Plantagenet and Tudor fiction and non-fiction. This is Cecylee's story told in her own words (her own spelling of her name) and this is a story with a twist that adds a fascinating layer to Edward IV. The twist comes from Cecylee herself. It is a spellbinding story of the house of York. I can't say much because it would add spoilers. The first paragraph grabs you and the book doesn't let go until the very last line. If you are interested in this per [...]

    23. Thwarted Queen is historical account of Cecylee, Duchess of York. It's told from her point of view and the impact she had on history. I often found at times the listing of the many historical and imagined characters boring. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the story or the characters because I did. Cecylee is very much a driven and determined person who doesn't let anyone stand in her way. The title of this book is aptly named to say the least. Cecylee was definitely The Thwarted Queen.

    24. Great bookI highly recommended this great book I am a great lover of history and I could not put this book down. If found it very exciting and I learnt things that I did not know about the war of the roses like why the two house fought each others. I have never read any of books by Cynthia Sally Haggard before but will add her to my list of writer's to look out for

    25. Fast read-I enjoyed this book. It is, of course, historical fiction but found the historical references to be well researched. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and history around this time period.

    26. I always love reading historical fiction from the point of view of the women behind the throne.

    27. Very good readWell written. The intrigue of 15th century English politics is fairly clearly presented in spite of how complicated those times were.

    28. We are proud to announce that this book has been honored with a 2012 B.R.A.G.Medallion - telling you that this book is well worth your time and money!

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