Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book

Dr Seuss s Sleep Book Illus in color Deliberately calculated to make its readers yawn No one could resist those zillions of astonishing sleepyheads The New York Times

  • Title: Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780808524366
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Illus in color Deliberately calculated to make its readers yawn No one could resist those zillions of astonishing sleepyheads The New York Times.

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      240 Dr. Seuss
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    1 thought on “Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book”

    1. Ironically a sleeper book!GOOD NIGHT, DR. SEUSS!A yawn is quite catching, you see. Like a cough.It just takes one yawn to start other yawns off. I dare you to read this charming tale and not yawn!It’s true! I yawned and I am not shamed to admit it!Obviously that’s the very idea of the story, to help kids to sleep, and…well…h…(yawn)……ZZZZZ……ZZZZZ……ZZZZZ……ZZZZZ……ZZZZZ…

    2. Warning: This book should be read in bed! It's such a cute book, even though there's not really a point except to point out all the creatures sleeping, and implying the reader should be sleeping too! What I love about it is it's classic Dr. Seuss, and it's great! How in the world did this man not only draw these fabulous creatures, but the funny names and the story lines? Anyone who thinks he is not the best thing since sliced doughNeeds to be run over by the Hoop-Soup-Snoop Group, So I'm bother [...]

    3. A book about sleep - what a curious thing! After reading this book what dreams will it bring? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist).

    4. It's not good book to read at bedtime. Every time there was word "sleep" or made allusion of going to sleep, I was interrupted with: "I'm not going to sleep!" Kaito was extremely annoyed with this book and I was annoyed with tongue twisters.

    5. I don't know why, but I don't know how many times I yawned when reading this book?! :-OWhatever it be, it's a good sleep book ;)

    6. Look I didn't like Dr. Seuss that much when I was a kid, and I don't like him that much as an adult, and I don't like reading this aloud to my 4-year old cos, like every Dr. Seuss book, it goes ON AND ON AND ON. I like the sound of Seuss's rhymes, he has a great sense of rhythm and cadence and all that, but jeez why do all his stories have to go on for so long? I don't think I've ever read a Dr. Seuss book that I didn't want to end 20 pages before it actually ended.Maybe there will be some inter [...]

    7. If I have to read this book one more time, my head is going to explode. I give it five stars because my daughter dearly, dearly loves it.You know what I like about Dr. Seuss? Sometimes it's not about "teaching" anything—it's just about enjoying a good, toe-tapping rhyme, and my child can't get enough of him. I don't mind when stories have a message, but sometimes the joy of the story is sacrificed for the sake of the message, and that's no way to learn love of reading. This is a largely meanin [...]

    8. Now that my internet is back on and had a day to ponder about this book I am actually glad that I sticked to my guns and didn't change the rating for this book. I was conflicted whether to give it 4 or 5 but this is definitely 4 star material. For me when it comes to this book I didn't get that enthusiastic feeling when reading Dr. Seuss books and I believe its because I didn't actually care about the characters or the dialogue.This bug called the Van Vleck starts to yawn and then it becomes con [...]

    9. This is one of my all-time favorite picture books! I remember just studying the whimsical pictures for hours as a child, imagining myself living in the world Dr. Seuss created. This “sleep book” tells invites the reader (presumably a small child being read to in bed) to learn about how all of the mystical creatures in the “County of Keck” are preparing for their slumber. Dr. Seuss uses a very decodable style, with plenty of rhyming made-up phrases to accompany the many illustrations of y [...]

    10. While this book may be read at any time of day, the book concludes by advising the reader to only read this book at night. Yet another classic by Dr. Seuss that reinforces the beloved tongue-twisters, repetitive words and made up phrases! I read this book to bed the other night and am not ashamed to admit. Dr. Seuss is simply the best.

    11. I never read this one as a kid and recently got it after reading Dr. Seuss's Sleep Softly Book to my boy about a thousand times (not complaining, as I love it!). He's almost 8 months old but that's not quite mature enough to have a sufficient attention span for this book. For now, I'm sticking to the Nursery Collection, but I got a good chuckle from reading The Sleep Book.

    12. When read aloud to someone, or even to yourself, it works every time. ( At least for me)Zzzzzs every time with this book of rhyme.

    13. This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I have clear memories of my grandmother reading this to me before bed when I would spend the night at her house as a child. Eventually it must have made its way back to my house, because my mom recently found it there and gave it to me to read to my son. I hope that he'll come to love it as much as I did (and still do). The pictures, in true Dr. Seuss fashion, are mesmerizing. They strike a balance between cute/cuddly and haunting/eerie. As I read this to my b [...]

    14. Dr. Seuss is always perfect and so is this book of sleepy time poems. Yes the book can be read as one continuos story but it is also a collection of stand alone poems. Dr. Seuss in his fanciful way always ,also, makes the pictures pleasing to children. This is a very good early reader book with new easy vocabulary introduced through out. Children could take turns learning to read the verses( poems ) separately and then reading them to the class.A Jedd is in bed,And the bed of the JeddIs the soft [...]

    15. I had never heard of this Dr. Seuss book before so naturally I had to read it to see how I liked it! Most of Dr. Seuss' books fall under the category of a poetry book, and The Sleep Book is no exception. The story begins with one small yawn that spreads from bedroom to bedroom and across the country until ninety-nine zillion, nine trillion and three Seussians are sound asleep. It is the perfect bedtime story/poem. I really enjoyed this book. I found the words and illustrations to be very engagin [...]

    16. This is a book that was read to me when I was a child. Now that I have children of my own, I read it to them - well - at least I read it to my two year old almost every night.I have fond memories of having this read to me and one of my siblings got it for me for a present a few years ago. I forgot how much it makes you yawn and want to go to sleep. Most of the time, my son is asleep by the time we are finished reading the book. Sometimes, not.

    17. Absolutely clever and cute.I really want to read this to my kids before they go to sleep.*sigh*

    18. When I was a nanny I would sit close to the crib and read this in a low voice, then getting more soft until I was whispering, he never made it to the end of the story.

    19. Read this book to two kids I was babysitting. I really appreciated the cute, bedtime-appropriate story! Some children's books are unbearable but Dr. Seuss's fun rhymes, creative plots and interesting illustrations make even the oldest readers smile.

    20. I started yawning while reading this book from just looking at the yawning friends of Van Vleck's. They were yawning so wide you could look down their necks.By the time I got to the moose and the goose juice I was wanting a drink, and that put me on the brink of screams. SoIm warning you, now! Never drink in your dreams.So did the Sleep Book help me sleep? No, but it sure was a fun ride, that only Dr. Seuss could ever provide!

    21. This classic by Dr. Seuss is one of our family's all-time favorites. It's a long book, so don't pull this off the shelf if you want a quick story before bed for your kids. But if you want a story that will get your kids to sleep 9 times out of 10, this book is your best friend."The Sleep Book" has become so much a part of our family's heritage, we'll quote whole sections of the book to each other on road trips, just for fun.One of our favorites:"Counting up sleepers? / Just how do we do it? / Re [...]

    22. I guess I must have read this some time in my life but I read it this time because it is mentioned in Alison Bechdel's memoir about growing up and her mother, Are You My Mother? since it was a memorable text in her youth and she has always had sleep problems… Well, this is Dr Seuss! So obviously it's great and touches on so many sleep issues in often hilarious and insightful ways.

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