The Marriage Contract

The Marriage Contract Journey with Cathy Maxwell to nineteenth century Scotlanda land of romance and dreams There away from the stifling ballrooms and idle gossip of London a debutante hopes to find a life she could only

  • Title: The Marriage Contract
  • Author: Cathy Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780380808335
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Journey with Cathy Maxwell to nineteenth century Scotlanda land of romance and dreams There, away from the stifling ballrooms and idle gossip of London, a debutante hopes to find a life she could only have imaginedd a noble Highlander discovers that the truest love of all awaits him in the form of an unexpected bride to beHe was a man exiled from society hanJourney with Cathy Maxwell to nineteenth century Scotlanda land of romance and dreams There, away from the stifling ballrooms and idle gossip of London, a debutante hopes to find a life she could only have imaginedd a noble Highlander discovers that the truest love of all awaits him in the form of an unexpected bride to beHe was a man exiled from society handsome, unpredictable, and proud Dark rumors surrounded his name But Anne Burnett had signed a marriage contract binding her to Aiden Black, the Earl of Tiebauld And although she d never met him, she s determined to keep her word and make theirs a marriage in truth Because a well bred lady with little fortune to recommend her has no choice From the moment she arrived, Anne fell in love with Kelwin Castle and its roguishly handsome laird By day, he instills a fierce loyalty in his people with his masterful waysd by night, he tempts Anne to surrender her innocence to him But while he is willing to offer his body Aiden refuses to give Anne his heartking her wonder what prevents him from truly claiming her as his wife.

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    1 thought on “The Marriage Contract”

    1. İlk kitapta bahsi geçen Deli İskoç Lord Tiebauld ve Anne'in hikayesiTiebauld'un ablası Leydi Waldo'nun ilk kitapta yana yakıla bir gelin aradığına şahit olmuştuk Eh, sonunda amacına ulaşıyor! :DSerideki en keyifli kitaptı bence! Ama nedeni belli!İskoçlar!!Başka bir şey söylememe gerek yok sanırım!Su gibi akıp giden, sıkılmadan okuyacağınız keyifli bir seriydi. Aklınızda olsun ;)

    2. Aiden is a mad Earl! Anne is now his wife, somehow, by proxy? They have sex for the first time in a houseful of soldiers? Scottish rebellion is a thing? I don't know?WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF. It sounded like there was such potential for the "unwanted marriage takes a turn for the SEXY" trope, but NO. Instead I got this claustrophobic book that is so stuck inside its narrator's heads that it's frightening. Take, for example, the second (?) chapter, in which Anne is on her way north to m [...]

    3. Mehhhh. This one was a little too "romantic comedy" for me. There's a lot of farcical nonsense and the hero acting like a douche, then some abrupt declarations of love and some intrigue. Overall, kinda dull and at times, irritating. I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't read it again.

    4. [Audiobook: "The Marriage Contract" by Cathy Maxwell; Virginia Leishman/Reader = 4*]Cathy Maxwell's "The Marriage" Contract can be summed up as a nice, comfortable, but predictable, and immediately forgettable historical romance. It was a good choice for me at the point I listened to it because I had just been through several dramatic, angsty and/or tragic books immediately prior to picking this one up. Anne, a young English woman on the verge of spinsterhood is orphaned and unwanted by her near [...]

    5. This is the last in the "marriage " trilogy by Cathy Maxwell. Anne married Aiden by proxy. She must travel to Scotland to inform her husband he is married. It had been rumored for years that Aiden was mad. If you remember the last installment, Leah went to utter extremes to avoid the arranged marriage she was supposed to have with Aiden. But, when Anne meets her new husband, she finds he is quite sane, intelligent, and very attractive. However, Aiden doesn't want a wife and plans to send Anne ba [...]

    6. Güzel bir roman idi severek okudumKadın kahramanın çaresizliğini gerçekleştirmek zorunda kaldığı evliliğiResmini gördüğü kibar yakışıklı erkeğin gerçeği ile karşılaştığında ki hali olaylı karşılaşmasını okumak ilgi çekici idi. Serinin sonunda serinin diğer kahramanları ile karşılaşmak da güzeldi Tabii ki serinin diğer kitaplarını okumak gerekiyor. Önceki seriyi sulandıran yayınevi bu seriyi düzgün ve sırada yayınlaması iyi oldu

    7. MMMM yes it was really really boring . I hate when the characters fall in love that easily. Come on four days or something like that and they totally fell in love with each others . Love is not that easy even in a historical romance

    8. The Marriage Contract was different in the sense that although it was a marriage of convenience, the big Scottish laird, Aidan, was actually the one that pointed out his objection to wedding someone he did not love! It was nice to see a mature guy not act like a douche and actually be the one who cared emotionally about being shackled to some stranger. Aidan's awesome points escalated from there and I was half way in love with him!Ann, the orphan who agrees to a marriage by proxy, ties herself t [...]

    9. I am not a romance novel reader. But this book might just change that. Because even with all my prejudice and scepticism I have to admit that this book did me good to read. It made me laugh more than 8 times, once so loud that I startled myself, while also making me blush from the well written sexiness of its' content.Maxwell simply writes too bloody well for even the most unromantic reader not to give her books a go. I chose this one because of the Scottish setting and was happily surprised by [...]

    10. Anne is married to Aidan by proxy in London. Aidan hasn't been to London in years. He left as a young man to search out his Scottish roots. Not only is he a titled gentleman in London but also a Laird of a Scottish clan. Living as a Scotsman for so many years he has no desire to ever go back. He becomes mixed up in the rebellion against England and is unsure of how to handle that. In the meantime Anne shows up and proclaims to be his wife. She shows him the marriage contract signed by his sister [...]

    11. Günün dördüncü kitabı Ve serinin sonTve anne nin hikayesini okumuş oldum merak ediyordum da İskoç aşkı ile nedense İskoçlara karşı zaafım var ahahahNeyse kitabın adından anlaşıldığı gibi anlaşmalı bir evlilik adamla değil adamın ablası kardeşine bakir bir kız bulur ve evliliğe evet dedirtiyor deli olduğu dedikoduları çıkmış bir adama evet demek kolay değil ama anne herseyi ile kendini ona adıyor karşılaşmalari harikaydı kızı gönderme şekilleri de am [...]

    12. Anne finally signed a contract to marry the earl of Tiebaud who was rumored to be mad. Anne's relatives were threatening to throw her out. They had paid for two seasons an there were no offers of marriage. The earl's sister convinced Anne that there was no madness in the family and a marriage by proxy was arranged. Anne set off for the long journey to Scotland. Before they arrived a carriage accident occurred and Anne was rescued by a wild Scottish warrior in a kilt with half of his face painted [...]

    13. 4 biraz belki fazla da olabilir emin değilim ama okurken hiç sıkılmadim. Gece okurken hangi ara bitti anlamadım bile. Yazarın daha önce okuduğum Yıldırım Nikahı kitabından daha çok sevdim. Haa kitaba 25 lira verilir mi derseniz Verilmez! Sahaflara falan düşmesini bekleyin. Bir de yazarlara not. Lütfen "aşkım" kelimesini kullanmayın. Kulağa bu kadar yapmacık gelen bir kelime daha yok yemin ederim -_-

    14. I really enjoyed this book! I am so glad that I picked it up at the library. The whole cast was enjoyable and it was interesting reading a book that was set during such a hard period for Scotland and the reaction of the Lairds/Lords with English titles and their attempt to use their powers in Parliament.

    15. This book started out great, but the second half just felt forced. It was like Ms. Maxwell was following a over-dramatic plot checklist.

    16. a romeo- juliet type love story. where two from rival families fall in love. he's provoked to shoot her brother and so she doesnt run away with himter is forced to marry a person she's never met. she loses her virginity. gets pregnant.he finds her just before she gives birth. helps her.his secret he might not be able to father kids.his inheritance was to be passed to cousin. grandfather believes the kid is his

    17. The hero and heroine were a good match. I liked that she was the kind of gal who dealt with a situation even if it wasn't what she expected. There was also a clever resolution to a situation. In the background was the sad display of England's bully tactics with a culture it didn't (doesn't) understand. Well done.

    18. I needed something fun after a James Patterson disaster so I picked this up. It looked like an easy read. It was easy and it was "cute" until the end. I do not understand why the author has to introduce characters that have been mentioned NO WHERE in the book. It ended as a disappointing, meaningless bit of drivel. So very sad.

    19. It started out interesting but the relationship didn't progress or develop much the heroine only exhibited burst of sparks as if the author wasn't quite sure about making her meek or strong

    20. Audible Romance PackageAUDIOBOOK: Listen January 27 & 28 20188hrs 55minNarrator: Virginia Leishman does a good enough job.Liked it. Fun easy read.

    21. I thought this was a good read but it has its weak moments. I like the story but it lost me when she said she loved him. I also thought there were disjointed moments in the book as if the story was cobbled together with different parts rather than a working whole. It was a story about a marriage contract, first he drives her away and then it becomes a story about scottish rebellion. I thought it would have been alright but I just didn’t believe the love. It felt too contrived. The falling in l [...]

    22. This was a nice little story. I do enjoy historical romances and this one takes place in 1814 when Anne Burnett is contracted by Lady Waldo to marry her brother Aiden Black (Lord Tiebold) by proxy without his knowelege. After an eventful trip to Scotland Anne meets her husband who is not very happy to know he is married and does what he can for Anne to return to London - he makes things very hard for her at his castle. Anne is stubborn and has decided that she would rather live with Aiden than g [...]

    23. Anne Burnett, an orphan with a lot of baggage, has little choice but to accept a proxy marriage to a Scottish Earl (who also has a lot of baggage). Said marriage was arranged without his knowledge or consent by his very managing, politically powerful sister. Anne is sent off to Scotland to inform said earl of his new state of wedded bliss. Aidan Black is quite happily single—and caught up in business that doesn't need an Englishwoman's attention. So he plans to send Anne packing. If he can't f [...]

    24. This one was a bit more interesting than Married in Haste. That is not saying much. I did like the idea of a woman showing up at a Scottish Castle and telling the Lord that she was married to him. Thing is from then on out it was just a bit too much and too silly.There were three love stories in this book which isn’t so bad unless of course none of them are really worth reading. It seemed to me that Aidan acted rather childish from the beginning and right up until they realized they loved each [...]

    25. I don't know if I had romance overload after reading the first two so quickly (similar to sugar overload, too much delicious sticky sweetness and suddenly you're nauseous). But this one just did not grab me. I liked Anne, but I didn't lover her and Adian shockingly did nothing for me. I was looking forward to this one, if you lised it in bullet points I would checl off just about everything but it just fell flat for me

    26. Cute story of Anne and Aiden that takes place in 1815 mostly in Caithness. Anne is an orphan who is contracted into a marriage by proxy to the rumor mad Lord Tiebauld. Anne now has to take the long trip from London to Scotland to inform her husband that they are married. He wants to marry for love and she has nowher to goo stubborn people. He wants her to go, she wants to stay. Also talks of rebellion, traitors, and the "clearances" between England and Scotland.

    27. Loved the beginning, middle was ok, by the end I was cringing so much from the awkward dialogue my neck ached. Too bad because I liked the concept of a marriage by proxy to a Laird who tries everything to get the Lady to go back to London. CM has a talent for writing despicable male characters that women are supposed to fall in love with but her stories don't have fluidity that would do her characters justice. For a quick romance read it was okay.

    28. I definitely enjoyed these series. The stories were clever, not your usual run of the mill romance, particularly this one with the Scottish rebel who finds himself married without knowing it. It was nice, fast paced and I loved the meeting of the friends at the end of it. It was a good read and I'll definitely be picking up more books by Ms. Maxwell.

    29. After the Outlander series, I may be ruined for all other historical romances. The characters in the Marriage Contract could have been named Dumb and Dumber. The sexy parts made me want to find some hemlock to drink. I could listen to Outlander dozens of times but I would be physically ill if I had to listen to one more minute of this drivel

    30. I really liked the book. I didn't realize it was a series when I first started this book. The narrator was wonderful. All of the voices matched the characters personalities. New and up and coming narrators could learn from Virginia Leishman in what it takes to be a GREAT NARRATOR.

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