Médico Espacial

M dico Espacial No Sector Doze da Gal xia a meio caminho entre a periferia da gal xia m e e os sistemas densamente povoados da Grande Nuvem de Magalh es havia o maior hospital de sempre Centenas de ambientes difere

  • Title: Médico Espacial
  • Author: James White Eurico da Fonseca
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • No Sector Doze da Gal xia, a meio caminho entre a periferia da gal xia m e e os sistemas densamente povoados da Grande Nuvem de Magalh es, havia o maior hospital de sempre Centenas de ambientes diferentes tinham sido precisamente reproduzidos ali, qualquer extremo de calor, frio, press o, gravidade, radia o, ou atmosfera necess rio aos doentes e ao pessoal Fora uma obraNo Sector Doze da Gal xia, a meio caminho entre a periferia da gal xia m e e os sistemas densamente povoados da Grande Nuvem de Magalh es, havia o maior hospital de sempre Centenas de ambientes diferentes tinham sido precisamente reproduzidos ali, qualquer extremo de calor, frio, press o, gravidade, radia o, ou atmosfera necess rio aos doentes e ao pessoal Fora uma obra muito para al m dos recursos de qualquer planeta, de modo que centenas de mundos tinham fabricado, cada um deles, as sec es correspondentes, transportando as depois para o local de montagem.Hospital no Espa o, foi a obra n 214 publicada na Colec o Argonauta Chegou agora o momenot de publicar a sequ ncia dessa obra de James White Sob o t tulo M dico Espacial, descreve, com o mesmo vigor e extraordin rio pormenor, o conflito de dois grupos em guerra que querem usar como pedra do seu xadrez o gigantesco Hospital do Espa o.

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      260 James White Eurico da Fonseca
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    1. This novel is okay, mostly, although it clearly is weaker than the first book. It's quite entertaining, with a couple of nice twists (the charity scam gets gold), and great star battle scenes. However, there are problems: I might suspect that the author was simply trying new things with a book that is a proper novel (sort of), not a collection of stories, but many of the flaws seem more like lazy writing:- compared to the previous book (and as far as I know, the rest of the series), the novel is [...]

    2. Зарязана на 50тата страница , тъй като твърде много ми дойде фантастичния елемент

    3. The second in a short series of Doctor in Space stories by James White. The strength of the stories overall is one of problem-solving. The Doctor faces some strange, alien-related medical problem, and comes up with an obvious or not-so-obvious solution. The first problem faced in this book is a good example of this - unconscious, possibly criminal alien appears to be dying of minor skin infection, but seems to automatically defend against any attempt to cure it. Main character Conway thinks outs [...]

    4. Re-reading this book for the first time since I was a teenager, I'm remembering how much I loved it then. It's still wonderful. It instilled in me the basic concept that just because people are different, there's no reason to treat them with anything less than respect, and what looks like bizarre behaviour is often perfectly explicable if you take the time to see their view of the world. It was probably why I became an anthropologist: there weren't any jobs studying aliens, so I had to study hum [...]

    5. This is the edition I have, and like all well-loved books, it's chipped, cracked, and worn. Halfway through I had to mount a search for the back cover and reattach it. But it's still legible, and you can turn the pages without them flaking off in your hands, so it's in good enough condition.This one book in the series is in the Ballantine 'Bal-Hi' series. This means, I gather, that it's intended to be a cheap edition, aimed at people who are not very literate. Well, it's cheap all right. It's ve [...]

    6. This was brilliant and it could have been even better, if not for the hero gets the girl trope that I find incredibly annoying.Space politics, hospitals, mind hacking / blowing stuff, dealing with aliens, extra terrestrials, waging war among humans, you know, the usual.

    7. A friend recommendedJames White a couple months ago, so I picked up a handful of them. This is the third one I've read, but the first out of what is apparently his mostly popular series (Sector General). It's my first introduction to a rather weird genre, "doctors in space". The book largely takes place at "Sector 12 General Hospital", a gigantic space station dedicated to treating injury and illness for thousands of races, with wildly varying environmental and social requirements. Most of the a [...]

    8. Conway is a doctor at Sector General and when a new patient of an unknown species arrives at the hospital at Sector 12 he is the one assigned as it's healer. After a few false starts Conway figures out the problem and the alien is healed and able to go on it's way.Soon after a call comes from the Alien about a planet it has gone to and Conway is dispatched to sort out the problem. And then war comes to Sector General.

    9. part of the "Sector General" series, #2brief summary, no spoilers:Dr. Conway is the senior physician at the space hospital called Sector General, which is a multi-environment facility that can handle many extra-terrestrials from all over the galaxy, keeping each one in a ward specifically suited to the being's needs (for breathing, gravity, etc. ). As the book opens, he has a new patient of a species no one can identify at first. It seems that this new guy was found in a coma, and that he was ac [...]

    10. Doctor Conway is a Senior Physician at Sector Twelve General Hospital - a giant multi-species space hospital station, caring for sentient beings from your bog-standard oxy-nitrogen air breather to exotic species that live on the consumption of hard radiation. The book follows Conway as he deals with his many and varied patients ranging from a near-immortal alien meddler in worlds right up to Sector General itselfI think this is another book I read at an impressionable age and I still enjoy it on [...]

    11. This was the second novel of James White's doctors in space series. It was written in the 60's which is very apparent by how women are viewed in this "progressive" hospital in space. There are some problems with the series over all, but you have to consider the time period they were written in. I'm surprised they never made a television series based on the novels, it has a definite Star Trek feel to it. I started to find some of the situations a little tedious. Dr. Conway is supposed to be a mid [...]

    12. Anti-climactic. So many things make you go "This is gonna be awesome" and end up un-wow. Case in point: the author introduces an age-old creature seen as a God by lesser cultures, who travels from planet to planet to benevolently help them. The creatures (view spoiler)[suddenly dies in a non-described nuclear attack in the background (hide spoiler)].Conway is boring. The female characters are an insult to the female genre. There's not so much a plot as a succession of events that may or may not [...]

    13. Je crois qu'on n'a pas fait mieux dans le style Hôpital de l'Espace Je trouve que l'auteur, pour ses ET et leurs troubles a fait preuve d'une grande imagination Moi, j'adore malgré le style vieillot de cette SF des années 60-70I believe that nobody has done better in this category Hospital in Space for all. I find that the author, for his ET and their health's disorders, showed a big imagination I, I adore in spite of the old-fashioned style of this sci-fi of the 60-70

    14. This book is the second in the sector general series and really for me builds on the idea first set out in hospital station. Now I am reading the series again from the start now I have the last books in the collection I can see how it has grown over the years since the first was published in the early 60s and the last was published posthumously in 1999. As you can imagine the series evolved over time but for me the earlier ones are still my favourite

    15. A good story concerning the discovery of a new race and the unfortunate events that follow. My only complaint is that the end of the story is a bit weak with everything being resolved in the last few pages (very sudden). However, over all i enjoyed the book as the focus of the book is once again on the medical issues and problems, not on the war, which is only described a broad sweeping way.

    16. I zipped through books 2, 3 and 4 of this series without stopping and they've sort of run together in my mind. A shame, because the escapades of Dr Conway and all his colleagues is great fun, even if we get the same old words chapter after chapter. it's very much like watching a TV soap opera but without the interruption of advertisements.

    17. Определено не завиждам на ГБЛЕ при операция над ЖИЛЕ , и сестра ФРУТ. Проблема идва от там че ГБГЖ не се харесват много ДРКТ и нещата не си идват на мястото. Все пак добре е че БЕКР и ГКРТ да оправят положението!

    18. Toujours aussi génial et surrané. Malheureusement le dernier tome traduit. J'ai donc tenté les éditions originales mon anglais m'a trahi, et le style vieillot ne m'a pas aidé. Mais j'ai acquis du vocabulaire, en général inutile, mais je m'accroche parceque c'est vraiment bien.

    19. the way the different characters interrelate is really good plus the humour makes the series unputdownable

    20. The second book in the sector general series. Conway starts an interstellar war which almost gets the hospital destroyed, but it all works out in the end. Fun and light.

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