Hellblazer: Good Intentions

Hellblazer Good Intentions John Constantine Hellblazer mystical troubleshooter has faced horrors beyond human comprehension stared down devils and battled demons With a devil may care attitude he shoots first and asks quest

  • Title: Hellblazer: Good Intentions
  • Author: Brian Azzarello Marcelo Frusín
  • ISBN: 9781563898563
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Constantine Hellblazer, mystical troubleshooter, has faced horrors beyond human comprehension, stared down devils and battled demons With a devil may care attitude, he shoots first and asks questions laterwhich is why he s just got out of prison Now Constantine must revisit the no horse town of Doglick, to make amends to the family of the man whose death hJohn Constantine Hellblazer, mystical troubleshooter, has faced horrors beyond human comprehension, stared down devils and battled demons With a devil may care attitude, he shoots first and asks questions laterwhich is why he s just got out of prison Now Constantine must revisit the no horse town of Doglick, to make amends to the family of the man whose death he was imprisoned for But Doglick is a town of dark secrets, and Constantine s past may be lying in wait for him there, sharpening its teeth

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      102 Brian Azzarello Marcelo Frusín
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    1 thought on “Hellblazer: Good Intentions”

    1. Wow, there were some really weird happenings in this one. And not the usual demons and such we get in Hellblazer. This dealt with sad, depraved humanity on its own without any help from the supernatural.Constantine travels to a backwoods town to make good something that happened in the last volume (I won't spoil it but it had something to do with why he was in prison.) When he arrives he meets an old flame, and then finds out the town has quite a way of supporting itself. There's also a subplot [...]

    2. One of the best hellblazer story arcs both in design and scenario. Also, the first of Azzarello's dynamic run on the series. It's more down to earth with noir elements rather than supernatural (only the scene with the talking cat comes to mind) and I'll give it 4/5 instead of 5/5 for the whole shenanigan with the movies in the finale. I expected a better reason and far more believable.

    3. Let me begin by saying "FINALLY"I've been reading the Hellblazer comics in order from issue 1 onwards for the first time.d I love the different writers (some of whom are amongst my favorites- Ennis and Ellis) B. Azzarello is an American writer (vs the Brit Ennis and Ellis) and his writing shows it. But the finally was for the artwork-FINALLY an artist that doesn't make me wince. I have never been a fan of the artwork until now. As far as the story it is dark, twisted and bizarre. Perfect Constan [...]

    4. Constantine is always going to be a good, top 3 comic book character. But, what surprised me, is how much I despised the villains. Altogether, a very solid project.

    5. Good Intentions is a mess and unfortunately it has a lot of plot lines running through it that impact later story lines. My willingness to put up with bullshit reached it's threshold with this particular little riff on Deliverance, as John visits some old friends who are possibly more horrible than he is.In theory he's there to apologize and explain his involvement in the friend's death that ended him up in prison during Hard Time, but you can guess how this goes. Badly.I've noticed that Azzarel [...]

    6. I went into this one assuming I'd be a little confused by not having read the previous book, but that was the least of my problems. This story is muddled and coincident-based and confounding. The writer has a tendency to downplay certain things, which gives the storyline a modern crime fiction vibe that is unfortunately wasted. Constantine seems like an idiot and the whole plot is preposterous and super-serious. The art is cartoony and unpleasant, very cheap and animated-looking. There are so ma [...]

    7. John Constantine is top 3 fav characters in comics medium, Hellblazer is essential vertigo and great horror, weird series. Azzarello stories i wish i could erase from my memory. Typical it has to be the american writer after famous brit comic writers who writes like he has to go overboard to prove something. It makes Constantine Keanu Revees film look good in comparison.

    8. So I have this stack of Hellblazer comics from the library, which run through the majority of the issues from the past 20 years. I don't really like the stories, I don't really like the main character, yet i find myself reading through them anyhow. I'm looking at the story vs the art, some issues are successful others are not such a happy marriage. John Constantine has always been a cynical bastard, but the character has been heading down an even darker path in the past five years. I'm sure youn [...]

    9. John is still in the US where he demonstrates the risks of taking hitchhikers in a story that has 'murican references than I'm not a fan of, so it's sadly less accessible for me. The flashbacks are welcome as a backstory from John's younger days.John heads toward Doglick, the town where Lucky's two brothers live, to let Lucky's wife know about her husband's death. Lucky is the reason John got sent to prison and his brothers are Richie and Dickie. John gets mixed up in a story with seriously dang [...]

    10. Zabalen do trigger warnings je příběh, který mi připomněl proč mám ráda SF/F a mimo jiné Hellblazera.John je mistr černých umění teda, jen do nich fušuje : ) ale po všelijakých potvorách je tohle o tom, že největší a nejzvrácenější z nich jsou obyčejní lidi. Mínus - některé vtipy/reference/suituačky prostě přes překlad nepřežijí, to je fakt se kterým se musel pobít překladatel, a já jako čtenář to prost beru.

    11. Brian Azzerelo is a chicagoan. Because he is one of the only american allowed to write the British book, Hellblazer, he was not well like by fans. I liked his work. He took John Constantine from England and brought him to America. He also remade him from a crazy occultist to a cheap street magician. He still had his crazy occult knowledge but he was more of a trickster than a wizard. In this collection he is going to ask forgiveness from the brothers of a man who he supposedly killed, when he is [...]

    12. Mõned esimesed korrad lugedes ei meeldinud, nüüd aga jäi kokkuvõttes päris kobe mulje. Brian Azzarello on crime/thriller autor, pole miskit parata ja nii keskendub seegi osa rohkem Ameerika kauge mahajäetud maakoha viimaste elanike kolka hääbuva elustiili ja sissetulekuallikate kuivamise tõttu pealesunnitud hardcore porno filmide väntamisele ja hiiglaslikule metsseale kes ümbrust terroriseerib, kui miskile Constantinele omasele linnamaagiale. Maagiat pole ses köites üldse, deemonei [...]

    13. The thing I like best about Hellblazer is how John Constantine manages to handle all the crazy events thrown at him. Although there have been many different artists giving him differing looks, the basic elements are still recognizable (almost comfortingly familiar.) The many writers in the long series have also somehow managed to keep John Constantine as John Constantine, although the story-lines vary enormously.Good Intentions is one of the best in dropping the John Constantine we know and love [...]

    14. I liked the art for the most part, there were aspects I didn't like, and other aspects I loved. The writing was disjointed and a lot of it didn't seem to flow and there were whole sections that I couldn't figure out why they were in there. The story was plain and simple messed up and extremely dark. This was admittedly my first Hellblazer book, but I was expecting a little more magic, not the dark areas it did go to. If this was my only exposure to Constantine I would not be interested in the le [...]

    15. A good, not great, Constantine story that strangely merges a "Sid and Nancy" story of Constantine's early years as a punk with a modern-day take on "Deliverance," with all its backwoods creepiness. The art in this story is a highlight, with shadows and subtle images of death infusing nearly every panel. A quick read, despite taking up six issues of the series, and probably best suited for fans.

    16. Brian Azarello's work on Hellblazer is excellent but very challenging to the reader. The series was always dark, but Azarello's John Constantine tends to go beyond antihero and into villain territory. Still, there are always glimmerings of his morality and his desire to do the right thing, although this is frequently misguided. Not for everyone, but very well drawn and written.

    17. Well, a solid 5 to this one. Yet - with one 'but'. Azzarello's a fine writer, but what he's writing isn't Hellblazer. So why the 5? The storytelling, the pace, the suspense and the conclusion were awesome. And - well - getting a Lovecraftean story about redneck internet porn industry is something I'd pay to see :D

    18. The longer this series goes on the moore sporadic it gets. Not that having each graphic novel act as a whole is a bad thing, but it's a stark difference from the early series where everything was interconnected. Overall, I found this volume to be quite interesting, even if the story is a little bit twisted

    19. A rather confusing and preposterous story, with very capable art that seems inappropriate for Constantine; it makes him look like a Joker-style madman. It doesn't help that the script gives him a few Constantine-worthy lines, but none of Constantine's wit or attitude. His motives are as muddled as anyone else's, and the punchline is quite ridiculous. A very strange failure of a storyline.

    20. I just re-read this book and man is the writing terrible.I gave it a better rating the first time because the art is absolutely perfect. This may be the best Constantine has ever looked.But Constantine is a story-based character, and this story is unbelievably bad. It's too bad that they found somebody how to make Constantine truly spooky and unsettling, but they wasted him on this.

    21. Azzarello is very comfortable in settings like the one this book is based about. Down in the murk, backwater towns with a bunch of unlikeable characters, yet despite how seedy and depressing the vibe of the book was, I came to appreciate it at the end when it all came together.

    22. What would bring a bloke like John Constantine to a dirt poor town in America? A favour? A promise? Or is it to settle old scores? Find out what happens when a good small town goes bador does it? Rated PG.

    23. Náhodný výběr v knihovně, bez očekávání či předsudků, na jednu cestu MHD do práce a zase zpátky. Místy pěkné scény i vyobrazení, ale celkově mě nenadchlo. Jasně, neznám reálie, návaznost, ale mělo by být potřeba?

    24. This was my introduction to Hellblazer series. I like the character of John Constantin from the first page and cannot wait for the next issue!

    25. It was okay, but I was disappointed that it kind of lacked any kind of supernatural aspect of what I loved about the series but none the less I did enjoy this.

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