The Half Life of Ryan Davis

The Half Life of Ryan Davis A contemporary psychological mystery thriller for young teens Playing second fiddle to a missing presumed dead sister is soul sucking for fifteen year old Ryan As he tries to move on with his life he

  • Title: The Half Life of Ryan Davis
  • Author: Melinda Szymanik
  • ISBN: 9781927182406
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • A contemporary psychological mystery thriller for young teens.Playing second fiddle to a missing, presumed dead sister is soul sucking for fifteen year old Ryan As he tries to move on with his life he begins to appreciate just how difficult growing up can be And now there s a stranger watching him Will his family ever be whole again Or did Mallory light the fuse thatA contemporary psychological mystery thriller for young teens.Playing second fiddle to a missing, presumed dead sister is soul sucking for fifteen year old Ryan As he tries to move on with his life he begins to appreciate just how difficult growing up can be And now there s a stranger watching him Will his family ever be whole again Or did Mallory light the fuse that will blow it apart forever

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    1 thought on “The Half Life of Ryan Davis”

    1. This is a great, fast paced read that kept me guessing until the end. Was Ryan's sister murdered, abducted or did something else cause her disappearance? Author Melinda Szymanik kept me entertained right until the very end in this contemporary thriller for 11 - 15 year olds. An exciting read for boys and girls. Of particular interest for parents who have teenage boys and want to know exactly what's going on in their heads. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

    2. Wow, what a surprising read. I expected a typical kidnap story that reads like a Criminal Minds episode and got something completely different.The protagonist, Ryan is likeable, relateable and a great narrator as we follow him on his coming of age with a bang type of story. The author balances poignancy and humour well, making the read lighter when the subject matter could've bogged it down, making for a depressing read. But don't let the lightness of the voice fool you, this is a book with a he [...]

    3. Cool cover, cool title.How do you live up to perfection? How do you live up to your parents vicariously living through you? Ryan Davis is finding it hard enough to be himself let alone also take on the mantle of his missing elder sister. When his dreams collide with reality something's got to give. And it is Ryan.I liked how I could get inside Ryan's head. I liked his younger sister. I got why Mum was so paranoid and protective.What I liked less:1. The climactic scene between Ryan and his girlfr [...]

    4. I was hooked from start to finish. It was an unusual and clever plot, the touch where Ryan glimpsed the younger sister and thought it was the missing older one and then the reverse happened later when he saw Mallory and thought it was Gemma. I wasn't too sure about the ending though. I didn't find it fully satisfying. I felt I needed a little more info on what actually happened to the mother and also needed to know if Ryan got to grips better with the difficulties he was having with his dad. Jus [...]

    5. If you're like me and always guess (usually correctly) what's about to happen before it does in both books and movies, then you should read this book. I love it when a book twists in a way that I wasn't expecting and couldn't have guessed.Besides the surprising twists, the other great thing about this book are the characters of Ryan and his family. Funnily enough, it was especially Mallory who seemed to 'haunt' the story so vividly that she seemed almost to be hanging over Ryan's shoulder like a [...]

    6. While poor Ryan tries to come to terms with his sister's disappearance, we're all cringing as he makes his first attempts at dealing with the opposite sex. Sometimes groaning and then cheering as he persues his love interest, the spectre of the mystery of Mallory's disappearance is a cloud that hangs over all his activities. This was a book that I couldn't put down once I got to about halfway. I had to know who was behind Mallory's disappearance and, more importantly, will Ryan get the girl? An [...]

    7. I found this book most intriguing and very hard to put down. The believable characters and mounting sense of mystery and foreboding kept me turning the pages. The pace and tension are well managed and the plot had me hooked. The cover is also very cool.

    8. I bought this book for my teenage son, but my 11-yr-old daughter pinched it on a rainy day and finished it beneath the duvet way after lights out. Her rating: 'five stars, awesome!'

    9. This immediately gets my five stars for the wonderful character of Ryan Davis, who jumps out of the page and becomes completely three dimensional within fifteen minutes of picking the book up.

    10. I was apsolutely thrilled to have found that i would be able to read this particular novel, as it had captured my interest months ago with even the ey-catching & intreguing front cover that is utterly facinating to behold. I was touched by the authors inscription and comments within her book that has made it so personal to me, hence i know that it will be something that i will treasure for many years to come so i would like to thank Melinda Szymanik for that. On reading the blurb i was compl [...]

    11. I received The Half Life of Ryan Davis by Melinda Szymanik for review from Readers Say Reviews, and these are my honest thoughts about it. I literally just finished this whole book in one sitting, that right there should tell you to go find the book and read it right away! The Half Life of Davis is about a young boy named Ryan whose sister Mallory has recently gone missing. When the book starts it has been three years since her disappearance and everyone assumes that she is dead, which is probab [...]

    12. Just to be clear, SPOILERS APPEAR.Some YA books are written for both teenagers and adults but I feel this is better suited for the teenager. Ryan does speak with some wisdom, perhaps beyond his years: "The more people there were, the lonelier I felt and I began to see faces in the crowd." "I wanted a lot of things back: Kim, Alex, Dad, Mum how she used to be and Mallory, who took 'normal' with her that day three years ago when she vanished."I've never lived in the shadow of a sibling but I do re [...]

    13. This is the first Pear Jam book I've read that is actually set in New Zealand. It was also a good, quick read that essentially hooked me from the start and kept me reading it til the end. Of course, it helps that today being Easter friday, it is a good opportunity to catch up on some reading. For a woman, Szymanik seems to know how a teenage boy's brain works pretty well. Or at least enough to convince me. Ryan is your typical fifteen year old - he's got his best friend, Alex, he likes to hang o [...]

    14. I decided to read this book because it looked like a really interesting book and my friend recomended it to me. Something new in this book that I learnt is, that you should never give up in hope of finding the truth. This book was from the category 'A New Zealand author'. I like this category because, I really like New Zealand authors. My favorite quote in this book is, "Apparently my older sister Mallory was perfect." I like this quote because Ryan thinks that his older sister Mallory, was perf [...]

    15. Book Loving Kiwis challenge (by a NZ author).This is a fast paced YA novel set in NZ. Ryan's been living in the shadow of his older sister Mallory who suddenly went missing three years ago. This is a coming of age story but with a few unexpected twists and turns. What I really loved was the authentic feeling teenage voice. Perhaps so much of the YA I read is US-centric and that is why this read so believably for me, but I loved how normal he sounded, how nervous he got talking to the girl he lik [...]

    16. What started off pretty boring and uneventful ended on a pretty interesting, not to mention happy note. I found that this wasnt your ordinary mystery/thriller, but it had you on your toes wondering what on earth could happen. Even though nothing totally eventful happened till the last couple pages it had me excited. The book started out slow and it dragged on nearly immposible to enjoy, but it was a quick read and only took me a couple of hours once i actually sat down to read it. Eventually it [...]

    17. Great teenage boy fiction. Knocked it off in a few hours, but they were a few hours well spent. Ryan is struggling to cope with a controlling Mum and an absent Dad. His only ally at home is his little sister. This family is in crisis because the eldest sibling went missing eighteen months ago. Just disappeared without trace. And now those left behind must live in an atmosphere of anxiety and dispair. All this means life is horrible for Ryan. He is stifled and unable to have any kind of life outi [...]

    18. What an excellent book! Like several other reviewers on , I read it in one sitting. Ryan's growing up is described so well - he's trying to work out how to be Kim's boyfriend; he's starting to discover that there's more to people (like mothers and sisters) than you see on the surface; he's seeing his best friend from more than one angle. All these things are caught within trying to live in the shadow of his "perfect" older sister, Mallory, who disappeared 3 years ago.

    19. The fact that I read this book in an afternoon says it all really. I couldn't put it down. The plot moved quickly and the themes were relevant for young adults. I very quickly warmed to the main character, Ryan, and his little sister, Gemma. I really had no idea how the book would end, and I was quite surprised at the turn it took. Well done, Melinda Szymanik. Thank you for a great read.

    20. Great book, really well written main character- and I can't write moreas I don't want to ruin what happens, but I didn't expect it - fantastic!

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