Permeable Borders

Permeable Borders Nina Kiriki Hoffman has published over stories Her stories have gained many honors including the Writers of the Future award Locus Award and the Nebula Award This current collection collects

  • Title: Permeable Borders
  • Author: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nina Kiriki Hoffman has published over 200 stories Her stories have gained many honors, including the Writers of the Future award, Locus Award, and the Nebula Award This current collection collects 16 of her recent stories, as well as earlier work not previously collected It also includes a previously unpublished story Finding HomeKey SignaturesThe Weight of WisheNina Kiriki Hoffman has published over 200 stories Her stories have gained many honors, including the Writers of the Future award, Locus Award, and the Nebula Award This current collection collects 16 of her recent stories, as well as earlier work not previously collected It also includes a previously unpublished story Finding HomeKey SignaturesThe Weight of WishesFairy TalesHow I Came to Marry a HerpetologistStrikes of the HeartSwitchedFinding Each OtherSourheartInner ChildHome For ChristmasAnger ManagementTrees Perpetual of SleepHostile TakeoverHere We Come A WanderingPermeable BordersThe Wisdom of DisasterA Fault Against the DeadThe Trouble with the TruthHomeGone to Heaven Shouting

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    1 thought on “Permeable Borders”

    1. Hoffman writes these stories in a voice similar to that of Zenna Henderson. I can easily compare this story collection to "The Anything Box".Permeable Borders has a quiet voice, it slips the chains binding down your sense of wonder. It allows you to view the reality of the stories from outside the box. One paragraph caught at my heart from How I came to Marry a Herpetologist "I thought of my diamond-and-pearl-speaking sister, who had married a prince. What a beauty she was. How could any man res [...]

    2. If you loved Red Heart of Memories as much as I did, you must read this collection. Various short stories, many with the characters from RHoM and it's sequels, including Edward and Matt, filling in the gaps I've always known were there. Beautiful, sometimes sad stories, with a theme of home and kin. I particularly liked the retelling of Cinderella. Note that her first collection, Courting Disasters, is really hard to find these days, and scoop this one up. (And if you have a copy of that you are [...]

    3. I love NKH's work, and this collection is no exception. Like much of what she writes, it combines the ideas of magic and finding home. It starts out a little slowly, but I enjoyed most of the stories. As you get further in, characters start to reappear and stories become more intertwined. If you've read NKH's novels, you'll recognize some of the characters, notably Matt and Edmond. Such a treat for NKH fans to have her older stories collected in a volume. Now I think it's time for me to reread h [...]

    4. /photo/user/ List of stories in this "world". I was on the hunt to organize my knowledge of the Matt Black stories and I found out that there were many of them combined here in this anthology.I am very happy I read this book of short stories. I got to meet some fascinating new characters that I would love to spend more time with. I'd say the book ended with a bang. * Seven Matt Black / Edmund / Terry Stories *Sourheart (Edmund)Inner child (Edmund's sister)Home for Christmas (Matt)Anger Managemen [...]

    5. I read this book for the Endeavour Award - actually I asked the library to buy it and they eventually did. But the reality is I will buy it eventually anyway - first because I love this author's work and secondly because it really is a great book. This is a collection of short stories - and it is a fairly small book - there are no novellas here - just 16 short stories. But just enough of them are interconnected that you can almost see them as being in the same universe. In fact it kind of has a [...]

    6. the only new-to-this collection is "Anger Management"AWESOME to have a new collection from Nina♦Key Signatures RE-read 7/6/2015♦The Weight of Wishes RE-read 7/6/2015♦How I Came to Marry a Herpetologist RE-read 7/7/2015♦"Strikes of the Heart" read in Maiden Matron Crone 5/24/2005 re-read 8/9/2015♦"Switched" read in Rotten Relations 2/19/2005 RE-read 7/6/2015 and again 9/17/2015♦Sourheart (from The Ultimate Witch) RE-read 10/19/2015♦Inner Child RE-read 10/20/2015♦Home for Christmas [...]

    7. If you are new to this author (like I was), this seems a terrible place to start. While the writing is certainly capable and the story ideas are interesting, I felt like I was getting the "B sides" of the discarded ideas from things that didn't fit into her novels. Which might be great if you were already invested in these characters. I did enjoy a few of the stories, but by the end of the collection I was regretting my commitment to finish it. There was a good short story posted on tor dot com [...]

    8. I usually prefer hard SF, but these wonderful short stories often had me saying wow! at the end of them. Her amazing ability with words takes you just that little bit further than you imagined, and seeing people and the world around you in new ways. I'll be looking for more of her books, and definitely looking for her longer novels.

    9. Lovely writing, and interesting characters, especially if you enjoy modern fantasy. One of the few authors whose words I often enjoy reading slowly, even when the pace of the story wants me to rush through it to see what happens next. Some of the phrasing and word choices had me re-reading sentences simply because I enjoyed the idea of them.

    10. I am always excited to find a story by Nina when I pick up an anthology. But even better is a whole collection. Hoffman is a brilliant Oregon author who is often overlooked and underappreciated. Permeable Borders is a collection about place and family and magic… and if you're lucky, inanimate objects may start talking to you.

    11. These tales remind me why I enjoy reading Hoffman. There are some that I have read but most were new to me. I enjoyed sitting and reading one tale at a time, extending the time I could spend in her worlds.

    12. An excellent collection of short urban fantasies. Just when I was starting to wish I was reading a novel instead, I hit a story that had characters from a previous story. I love collections of linked stories. And these days, I really like stories that aren't all gloomy. Like these.

    13. SO GOOD. A collection of short stories, some with shared characters. Delightful accounts of people trying to find their way in reality, when the reality they see is subtly different. Uplifting in a non-Hallmark™ way.

    14. "What a great book! Excellent stories that tie themselves together so very well. Some of these stories could easily be expanded into their own books or series. An excellent vehicle for strong young female leads."

    15. Amazing collection of great stories that span a number of recurring characters & series for NKH. Highly recommended if you like stories of human foibles among fantastic set dressing.

    16. Nina Kiriki Hoffman always delivers. It's great to meet new characters and re-visit old ones. Good for my soul.

    17. This was a fascinating book, with some stories grabbing my attention more so than others. If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the Christmas one (without wanting to spoil anything).

    18. I love Nina Kiriki Hoffman's work so much! I usually feel like I've gotten a high off of it, when I'm finished. I end up with such a sense of joy and peace. I know that's crazy, but

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