Babies in Waiting

Babies in Waiting Meet Louise Toni and Gemma They are all expecting babies in September But none of them realized what they would come up against as they face nine long months of pregnancy and the reacti

  • Title: Babies in Waiting
  • Author: Rosie Fiore
  • ISBN: 9780857389589
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Louise, 38, Toni, 26, and Gemma, 18 They are all expecting babies in September But none of them realized what they would come up against as they face nine long months of pregnancy, and the reactions of friends, family and colleagues Meeting through an online forum, they form an unlikely but powerful bond.

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    1. March 2012 - not yet bought this but think I ought. Ok it's chick-lit but my baby is due in September (like these characters so it kind of feels worth reading, if only for that reason!)March 2012 - My mum bought me this as a Mother's Day present (well I am a mother-to-be!)April 2012 - Took this away with me to read on our Babymoon in Spain.This is British chick-lit and I suspect it would appeal most to women who are either pregnant or have been pregnant. A lot of the references are very relevant [...]

    2. I have to say that although I found the beginning a bit shaky I ended up really enjoying this book. It has a nice mix of the fun moments of the kind you would want and expect from 'chick lit' as well as some brutal honesty.The three heroines are really well portrayed by the author, and their personalities opinions and experiences are nicely woven together. I got a little frustrated with the 18 year old Gemma, I feel that she came across more 16 than 18, a little too immature for my liking, but i [...]

    3. All three women in this story are connected in the same magical form of motherhood. It’s a journey you feel like you’re on with all of them throughout the whole book. Rosie Fiore writes in such a way that you feel like their friends of yours. The forum idea in there was brilliant, helped these women through their experiences when they felt they had no one else to answer their questions and worries. My favorite character was Toni as she seemed so mature and headstrong but I also liked Louise [...]

    4. It takes me a few days to read this lovely story of motherhood. Three ladies - Louise, 38; Toni, 26; Gemma, 18 - all of them are expecting their babies in September. Due to some circumstances, they befriended one another and face the impending motherhood together. However, the fact that Louise's baby's father is a married man, their new friendship couldn't stand the drama. It's just a one terrible mistake, and Louise is being judged. It's lovely to see their babies reunited them to be supportive [...]

    5. A great read. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I liked how the characters felt real and although I didn't always agree with them I felt like it made the whole story more real. I chuckled out loud on several occasions and even had a wee tear in my eye a couple of times but overall it was definitely a feel good read and I feel good having read it.

    6. Oh, please don't judge me. Chick-lit was on sale on and I downloaded loads of this **** for cheap and because every now and then I need mindless entertainment. And to be honest, I didn't mind the story (I'd watch it if it were a chick-flick movie), I just hate the writing of these types of books. Oh well - it served its purpose. On to more memorable books.

    7. i loved this book was sad when it ended just wanted to read more. i loved the storyline and the characters absolutly brilliant book

    8. Sam for bigbooklittlebookI picked this up as a bargain e-book in early 2012, but due to a tragic accident between a printer and a Kindle screen couldn’t begin it until after Christmas!Being a first time mum that had made friends through antenatal classes, toddler groups and online, I was intrigued to read a book based around three different women thrown together through pregnancy, with a spot of romance, love triangles and friendship rifts thrown in for good measure.So, ‘Babies in Waiting’ [...]

    9. A fantastic easy going read A really good easy going read, taking you through 3 very different lifestyles, pregnancies, births and how life unfolds in the aftermath. I really enjoyed this book it made me laugh and remember things I had experienced in various stages of pregnancy and in the 1st few bleary eyed months. A really good balance with humour and what challenges await Mum's that no one warns them about.

    10. This is a story about three very different women who find themselves pregnant. Louise has an ill-advised one night stand with a colleague. Toni is told if she waits too much longer, she won't be able to have children, so her and her husband begin trying. Gemma is a teenager who wants to hold onto her boyfriend. All due in September, the three women strike up an unlikely friendship as they navigate their pregnancies, relationships, and their lives.I don't read chick lit very often, but I really e [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book as a fresh mum to a little girl. I don't know if I would be interested in this book not having a baby or not being interested in having a baby.I missed more details about how the women were feeling in their pregnancy, for me it was left a little bit on the surface. I liked the idea of telling a story about three different pregnant women, all of them from different environment and in different age. At first I was a little irritated that Toni told her story herself and t [...]

    12. This is a debut novel by the author and tell the story of three different women; who has a thing in common between them; they re pregnant. Except that each of them got pregnant for different reasons. Louise, after a mistake of one night stand with her colleague, found herself to be pregnant, Toni who was told that if she did not start to get pregnant now, she may not be later, was pregnant almost immediately after trying with her husband, and Gemma who got pregnant intentionally so that her boyf [...]

    13. Beautifully written book. As I am due a month before the girls in the book I was originally reading the book along with where I am at (trimester-wise). Near the middle though I just wanted to know what was going to happen with the characters and had to keep reading it. There were moments in the book where I burst out crying, I would get mad at what some people said or did or even did do, and I laughed a lot. My hubby would look at me like I was crazy when I would burst out laughing then when I e [...]

    14. A very sweet and easy read, I was quite touched by some parts and even got teary eyed. I did feel that Rosie played it safe occasionally and some of the reactions of the characters were a bit blah (that might just be my feary personality!) but all the same I was genuinely interested in where the characters would land up and how it would all play out. I also think it was enjoyable for me as I'm trying to fall pregnant and some of the info - espcecially from the forum - was actually quite informat [...]

    15. This book is a fun, mum-lit read, not the best I have ever read but very enjoyable escapism. This book will obviously be more interesting to women interested in babies, as it is the tale of 3 pregnant women's journeys to motherhood and romance, and the pitfalls in between. Women who would rather say, have a pelvic floor/nice furniture/disposable income/sports car will be bored to death by this fictional story :-) The writing flows well and I really engaged with the characters. An ideal maternity [...]

    16. A fun and easy read. Three very different women find themselves pregnant in very different circumstances but like many new mums find through their pregnancy/children. I could relate to the women and some of their experiences, concerns as a mum to be. The characters are likeable and their stories interesting. One birth made me cry. A good holiday read and recommend to mums-to-be. Satisfying ending.

    17. I loved the way the characters all interconnected and the differing levels of maturity showed how they coped with the problems that pregnancy presented them. The forums made me smile as it made me think of the support, help and love I see daily on another forum I belong to! An ideal book if you are pregnant or just had a baby, I wouldn't have bought it but my daughter who is due in 6 weeks did and encouraged me to read it, am glad I did.

    18. Pretty well written book for the topic. I liked how it went full circle, from when each found out they were pregnant, being pregnant, the birth, and then how they all managed afterwards too. Many books cut off at some point before that. It was a little hard to remember who was who sometimes with quite a few characters, but overall an enjoyable read. I also liked the modern day feature of them posting on baby forums!

    19. Downloaded whilst pregnant, and related to a fair bit. Bit cliché in parts but shows different sides to pregnancy, birth and having a baby. Characters were well developed and enjoyed following their journeys. Some Americanisms crept in, but on the whole I really enjoyed this book, very easy reading.

    20. A wonderful book about 3 women who are expecting babies at the same time. They start out as strangers, but after 9 months they are close friends. The book is funny and shocking at times, a main shocker being a Toni (39 weeks pregnant) delivering Gemma's baby in a kitchen. Warm and funny, I highly recommend it!

    21. I loved this book! If you've had a baby or are currently pregnant you will undoubtedly be able to relate to one of the main characters at some point throughout the book. I loved sharing the amazing journey of pregnancy and early motherhood with the characters and could not put thus book down. hope this author hurries up and writes another novel soon

    22. Easy to read book that is so easy to relate to - especially if you have been pregnant. Anyone looking for a book that you can glide through at the end of the day without thinking too deeply will likely enjoy this book.

    23. Despite not having children I did enjoy this book, there was enough content not pregancy related to keep me interested. Great story and still wondering how all the characters lives progress so would love a follow up book.

    24. I really loved this book you don't have to be mammy to be or a mammy to enjoy it . The detail Rosie goes in is incredible I felt like I knew these girls like as friends. the friendship between the 3 girls was lovely and poweful and definitely showed the ups and downs of love and friendship.

    25. Absolutely loved this book!! couldnt put it down!!! Found myself staying up just to carry on reading!Loved The Characters! Fingers crossed for a update! :) Aimee

    26. Enjoyed this book a lot. Well written. Easy read. Good story. Believable characters. I would read another of the authors books. Tho I would really like a sequel to this!

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