Sky Color

Sky Color The sky s no limit as the author illustrator of The Dot and Ish winds up his Creatrilogy with a whimsical tale about seeing the world a new way Marisol loves to paint So when her teacher asks her to h

  • Title: Sky Color
  • Author: Peter H. Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780763623456
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The sky s no limit as the author illustrator of The Dot and Ish winds up his Creatrilogy with a whimsical tale about seeing the world a new way.Marisol loves to paint So when her teacher asks her to help make a mural for the school library, she can t wait to begin But how can Marisol make a sky without blue paint After gazing out the bus window and watching from her porThe sky s no limit as the author illustrator of The Dot and Ish winds up his Creatrilogy with a whimsical tale about seeing the world a new way.Marisol loves to paint So when her teacher asks her to help make a mural for the school library, she can t wait to begin But how can Marisol make a sky without blue paint After gazing out the bus window and watching from her porch as day turns into night, she closes her eyes and starts to dream From the award winning Peter H Reynolds comes a gentle, playful reminder that if we keep our hearts open and look beyond the expected, creative inspiration will come.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ Sky Color : by Peter H. Reynolds ✓
      188 Peter H. Reynolds
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    1 thought on “Sky Color”

    1. Inspiring book about showing and telling how you see the world because your sky may not be blue. Encourages creativity, imagination, and new ways of seeing things.

    2. Look up. What color is the sky? What color would you paint the sky if there was no blue to be found? No blue paint, no blue crayons. Marisol must paint the sky for her library’s new mural, but she cannot find the blue paint. She must come up with a way to show the world the sky in a new way. New color. The sky isn’t blue all the time. Sky Color is a beautiful, sweet, inspirational tale filled with imagination and color that will have readers looking at the world in a whole new light. A book [...]

    3. I loved Ish and The Dot by this author; this book is considered the third of the three in “his Creatrilogy” series, according to the inside front cover of the book. And I love this book too.It reminds me so strongly of when, as a child, I was first introduced to modern art, and would see multiple colors in faces, blue in hair, multi-colored dots that looked different close up than far away, and how it all worked. I enjoyed seeing that art then, and I enjoyed the story and art in this book.I [...]

    4. I thought this children's book was really sweet. I read it to my six-year-old last night at bedtime. We talked about the book as I flipped the pages, figuring out what the little girl was going to do. This is another great book teaching kids about using their imagination and using the natural world for creative inspiration.

    5. The final book in Reynolds' Creatrilogy invites readers to see the world in new ways. Is the sky always blue?

    6. Reynolds has created yet another gorgeous book about being yourself and finding your inner artist!

    7. I'm planning on using this one with my Wednesday sketchbook times becausewho says the sky HAS to be blue? Thanks to Peter Reynolds, who introduced the idea of ISH to my kids (and a multitude of others), they feel less compelled to ask, "Is this right?" They lean into the uncomfortable feeling of ishness and get their minds flowing with possibilities.

    8. simple & colorful illustrations. good message to observe & explore the things we see everyday and make it your own and beautiful

    9. Great for creativity. A young girl who doesn't have a "blue" color can still capture the colors of the sky.

    10. Today, we're going to read a book called Sky Color. (Show cover) Now when I look at this picture, I think that this book will be about the girl in the picture painting the sky. I think this because there is a little girl with paint and a paint brush and the title is Sky Color. Does anyone else have a prediction of what will happen in this book based on the title and picture on the cover? (take students answers) When you hear the words Sky Color, what do you think of? What color do you think the [...]

    11. The end of the Creatrilogy, Sky Color does not disappoint. Following in the footsteps of "The Dot" and "Ish", the book lifts the reader up with brightly colored paintings and words meant to inspire and transport. These books belong in the hands of every kid who needs to learn to be brave (which is all of them). Peter H. Reynolds has a way of gently nudging without preaching.

    12. I love Peter Reynolds and have long used Ish & Dot. I came across a section of his books recently, and I was delighted to add a couple more! This fits his style. It encourages creativity, confidence, and problem solving. I love the way the lead - Marisol - has to work through her problem to get started with her art, and I also enjoyed the reference by Reynolds to a real dilemma he faced. This is beautifully illustrated, and I've found kids love these books. The term "ish" is a common express [...]

    13. Peter H. Reynold's "creatrilogy" comes to a conclusion with Marisol and her classmates creating a mural for their school library (you know I'm sold already on the idea of a collaborative project that celebrates the gifts and talents within the group lending to a lasting contribution to the learning environment--but I digress).When it seems as though the blue paint has gone missing, our artist-in-residence--Marisol (from ISH) has to recreate her sense of sky color.What I love about Reynold's newe [...]

    14. “Before we read our story today, I’m going to give you all a little quiz. All of your answers will be a color. Are you ready? What color is an apple?” Students respond. “What color is a flower?” Students respond. “What color is the sun?” Students respond. “What color is the sky?” Students respond. “Did we all agree about the colors every time?” Students respond. “Why do you suppose that is?” Students respond. “The story we’re going to read today is called Sky Color [...]

    15. TED 8650 Children's LiteratureOur book today is called Sky Color. It is written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, who also created The Dot and Ish. Do you remember what those books were about? (Students answer.) You're right, they were about kids being artistic and creative. So what will this book be about? (Students answer.) Good. So the title is Sky Color, what color is the sky? (Students answer.) We usually see a blue sky, but we also see many other colors. Let's see what happens to the y [...]

    16. We've read many books by Peter H. Reynolds. We love his artwork and his stories about creativity. His illustrations are wonderful and he has a way of telling a simple story in an inspiring and artful way. Our girls love his books and talk about reading Ish and The Dot over and over on the Tumblebooks website (tumblebooks). This story shows how we can improvise and find a way to create something beautiful, even if it's different from what we first expected. We really enjoyed reading this book tog [...]

    17. Marisol loves to paint and is thrilled when the class is told they'll be painting a mural! She volunteers to do the sky, but then finds out there isn't any blue paint. She'll need some inspiration to complete her task and portray the sky. A fun story on colors and a reminder that obvious isn't always the best choice. I enjoyed the illustrations, but I had one problem after stating there's no blue for the mural, the ocean is somehow painted blue? Hmmm No content issues.

    18. The main character is a little girl named Marisol who sees art as the best way to express her feelings. One day, Marisol’s teacher tells the class about the mural project for the school library, which gets Marisol very excited. However, when Marisol finds out there was not more blue painting, she feels devastated because she thinks she won’t be able to paint a perfect blue sky. But, this won't get in Marisol's way. This book is about how to channel our emotions and find a way to express them [...]

    19. ThroughIsh, I discoveredPeter H. Reynolds a few years ago and I really like his focus on thinking, looking and creative solutions. In this book, Marisol needs to paint the sky on a mural. But there's no blue paint. Observant readers will enjoy reaching the same conclusions as Marisol. This book sends a great positive message about multiple solutions.

    20. Talented artist Marisol volunteers to paint the sky for her class mural, but when she has no blue paint, she is hesitant about what to do. Observing the sky as she travels home and then goes to bed, she returns to school inspired to paint her own version of the sky. It would be hard not to love this book with its positive message about what art is and the different visions artists often have about the world around them. The pen, ink, watercolor, gouache, and tea illustrations depict all sorts of [...]

    21. I'm so happy to have another story featuring Marisol. With his signature watercolor illustrations, Reynolds reminds children and adults that there are no limits on what we can create and dream. After you read this, you will sigh deeply with contentment.

    22. Not as brilliant as earlier books, but after The Dot and Ish, there are high expectations. Still, this delights me, our art teachers, and our students with the reinforcement of our core belief that everyone is an artist!

    23. I loved this. For all the growing artists in life, of all ages. Beautiful pictures in watercolor/pen and an easy to read story Also, the sky isn't just blue!

    24. Is the sky blue? Young artist Marisol assumed so, but lacked blue for the library mural. Then she observed- afternoon, evening, and through her dream time. What color is the sky? Sky color.

    25. Too often I hear students disparageeir own abilities, saying "I can't draw!" and giving themselves a hard time instead of just exploring their own creativity. The Reynolds books, "The Dot," "Ish'" and now, "Sky Color" may well be an answer to the "I can't" way of thinking providing nudge toward creative self expression and exploration and perhaps, self acceptance. Meanwhile, I wonder if anyone else started hearing Harry Chapin's song as they readis one.ear worm! Tag, you're it!"And she said, 'Fl [...]

    26. In "Sky Color," a young painter runs into the dilemma of being asked to paint the sky in a school mural but finding there is no blue paint in the supplies! She spends a day looking closer at the sky and realizes that it is so much more than blue. From sunsets to storm clouds, she realizes she doesn't need a stitch of blue to paint a vibrant sky. This book has beautiful, vibrant-yet-gentle illustrations and a great message about looking closer and thinking outside the box.If you'd like to help th [...]

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