Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up

Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up Kirkus said warmhearted and innocently wild this stand alone sequel will find appreciative fans among teen music obsessives and social activists Olivia Wen Stella Charlie and Mo the members of t

  • Title: Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up
  • Author: Mark Peter Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780385906470
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Kirkus said, warmhearted and innocently wild, this stand alone sequel will find appreciative fans among teen music obsessives and social activists Olivia, Wen, Stella, Charlie, and Mo the members of the legendary band Lemonade Mouth have been labeled many things But just how did this little group of misunderstood outcasts end up rocketing from high school nobodies to hoKirkus said, warmhearted and innocently wild, this stand alone sequel will find appreciative fans among teen music obsessives and social activists Olivia, Wen, Stella, Charlie, and Mo the members of the legendary band Lemonade Mouth have been labeled many things But just how did this little group of misunderstood outcasts end up rocketing from high school nobodies to household names In their own words, the band tells the story of the momentous summer when an overworked music promoter, an unwanted visitor from India, and an unexpected reappearance by a figure from Olivia s past shook their world and launched them on their roller coaster ride to destiny There are plenty of false rumors out there, but this is the real story, the continuation of the official history of Rhode Island s most influential band Lemonade Mouth is going worldwide and taking no prisoners The outcome will be nothing short of revolutionary.

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    1 thought on “Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up”

    1. I don't think I've ever felt this way about a book before, to be quite honest: it annoyed me to have to read it. This book literally and completely annoyed me. The only reason I stuck out to the end was because I thought something big was going to happen, even though that was pretty much opposite of what the book was about. When I got to the end, I was sort of happy with it, and sort of pissed that I read this book. I really think it would have been perfectly fine as just one book. There really [...]

    2. This is an excellent YA novel that will speak to many teens, especially those interested in music. There are many more levels to the story, though, and many teens will be attracted to this story of a teen band whose existence seems to be on a roller coaster ride, sometimes soaring with the stars, and sometimes all the way at the bottom. A very good, hip, current teen read.

    3. Ok so I watched the movie a while ago, never even knowing there were books. And this is really embarassing, but I liked the movie more. Probably because they made it into a Disney movie with a happy ending for everyone. (The movie reference in the book was the funniest part).

    4. Lemonade Mouth is still riding on the high of what happened at Catch a RI-ZING Star when they start their summer vacation. They are recording new music and their friendship is stronger than ever. So of course things immediately start to go wrong. Wen's Dad quits his job to start a hot dog food truck business and enlists Wen to be a dancing hot dog on street corners - unpaid. Olivia is contacted by the Mom who abandoned her when she was just a toddler. Mo's parents force her to be friends with Ra [...]

    5. Excellent way to end a simple but good story, I liked this book more than the first. The story felt like it was going the same way as others and they would get everything they wanted in the so called "usual" way however by the end you realize that after many problems they encounter they find success but in their own way which goes completely with the message this book gives. This totally goes with the phrase used in the book "this isn't a Disney movie", even though this book series turned into a [...]

    6. Some authors make sequels that don't really measure up to the first book. Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up was NOT one of those books.The book was really moving, as well as the first book, and I actually felt like I was a fan in the crowd of a Lemonade Mouth concert. Reading this book brought back the feelings of wanting Lemonade Mouth to be an actual band. I like the foreshadow in the story, and Hughes lets the reader know that Lemonade Mouth will be a huge success in the future, but he doesn't reveal [...]

    7. A sequel to Lemonade Mouth. As I sat reading, I couldn't help but wish that they'd done a movie sequel as well. This was a very good sequel! What happens when a group of kids DON'T get what they'd always dreamed of, but things are ok anyhow. This tells that story. The writing style is unique to most books I've readeach chapter has view points from several different characters and each of them write differently. In this book, Charlie writes as if writing a screenplay. It was hard to get into his [...]

    8. I loved reading this book and having more Lemonade Mouth!! This tells of all the ups and downs of the summer after Lemonade Mouth came together. They deal with being actually famous, and not liking the price to pay for it. And there's more revolution.The characters were great as always, and all different. Charlie's especially changed from his sloppy typing to a play script. That was cool. I also liked Rajeev, and Chet Anders. Olivia got into contact with her mom, which was huge, and also ended u [...]

    9. I did enjoy it, but it could've been better. My complaint is, suddenly these books are trying to spread some huge message. It's always been about the revolution, but it went from sticking up for underdogs to everyones perfect the way they are.That is a good message, but it seems a bit overdone and sappy. I know they're about equality but, this just seemed a little forced. As if Disney was behind the second novel. Though I did like it. Olivia's story with her mother was gripping, and probably my [...]

    10. This was the sequel to the original Lemonade Mouth that I discovered at Half Price and enjoyed reading with my middle school son. Both books cover a freshman band's rise to fame told from the perspective of different band members almost documentary style. This one dragged a little compared to the first one, especially since some of the narrators tell their story in screenplay format for no good reason, which disrupts the flow of the story. There are also some pretty unrealistic aspects on the pa [...]

    11. Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up is the epitome of a Hollywood sequel in book form. After an original that is filled with heart and wraps the story up perfectly, the sequel has to do everything bigger and better, and throw everything but the kitchen sink in to disguise the fact that the story has nowhere to go.I was filled with trepidation upon starting this book, because Lemonade Mouth had one of the most perfect and complete endings I’ve read. But I loved that book, so how could I not read this one [...]

    12. This sequel to Lemonade Mouth (book, 2007; movie, 2011) finds the quirky band still doing local gigs and enjoying themselves. Told from multiple view points, we reconnect with Olivia, Wen, Stella, Charlie and Mo as they plan on a rather boring summer, only to have their lives become very complicated when legendary agent Earl Decker wants to sign them. He has a vision for the band, and they are happy enough to be made over with funky new clothes, and thrilled to be given more exposure, even thoug [...]

    13. Whatever happened to the five teens of Lemonade Mouth? The sequel to “Lemonade Mouth,” which is most recognized as the popular Disney movie, reintroduces us to Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella and Wen during the summer before their sophomore year. Told in alternating voices by all five band members, plus family and friends, Lemonade Mouth is offered a fantastic opportunity to contract with the legendary music promoter, Earl Decker. From the beginning of the book, however, we learn that there is a [...]

    14. I finally read this! I've been waiting so long for this.First of all, I loooooved the writing style. It was so simple and it just flows. The author did a very good job in portraying how each point of view was unique and independent. Plus, adding the voice of characters other than the band members was absolutely genius!The plot was not too complicated but it certainly had its ups and downs, some of them predictable and otherst so much. I cant help but say this but this is so much more realistic a [...]

    15. Чаках 5 години, за да прочета тази книга, докато най-после я намерих и предполагам, че сега се очаква да й дам ревю Е, не ми беше достатъчно. Когато я приключих, бях щастлива, че най-после разбрах какво се случва с героите след края на филма, но се натъжих, защото това окончателн [...]

    16. Sequel to Lemonade Mouth. The band is following up from their experiences in the first book to relate in alternating voices what happened afterwards to skyrocket them to success. I had a bit of difficulty keeping the characters straight at the beginning – but this may be because I did not read the first book. However, once I got into it, it was easy enough to tell them apart and I was intrigued by their experiences.

    17. THIS WAS SO AMAZING OH MY GOSH! I almost cried because of finishing this beautiful duology!! These are so empowering and fun and well-written and makes you think and just amazing. Everyone in the universe has to read these! And the movie reference about Madison Square Garden around the last pages made me laugh so hard you don't even know.

    18. This book has so many emotional ups and downs it might as well be a Katy Perry song. No matter how good it gets, you know'll it'll always get worse. It has some hilarious moments (there's even a dig at the disney movie!) but also some cheesy stuff. Still quite a few plot pieces are unique and not frequently done. So entertaining, but still fluff.

    19. I don't think this was as good as the original. That being said, I still found it very entertaining and I do think it is worth reading if you enjoyed the first book. This book still quirky, funny, and charming. I mean, what fun would it be if we gave up on the revolution?And just for the point of saying it, as said by Olivia, "Charlie, this isn't a Disney movie"

    20. The first book is better, but it's good. When they had all the opportunities, they refused them just for defend their own ideals and their pride. They didn't wanted fame and money. What they wanted was to be together and make music (it doesn't matter if it was in a studio or in a garage). And they did it, but while defending what they believed in.

    21. More like 3.5 stars. This book was pretty good and the way the plot was written is very unusual. The first book was better and the ending was sorta sudden but all "the loose ends were tied" as my English teacher says.

    22. Just as good if not better than the first one, so full of intensity, music (yes, even printed) and friendship, yet quirky and hyperreal too. I got this (and the first) from the library, but I might end up buying them

    23. I really love Mark's writing style. It's just so fun to read. Especially all of the different fonts. I just wanted it to be longer. "Charlie, this isn't a Disney Movie." I DIED. SO FUNNY.

    24. Really goood sequel to the first book, I love the writing style in the books. How Olivia uses letters and Charlie flashbacks. I want a 3rd book now! Definitely reccommended!

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