Avenger of Rome

Avenger of Rome Emperor Nero s grip on power is weakening In every shadow he sees an enemy and like a cornered animal he lashes out at every perceived threat His paranoia settles on the figure of Gnaeus Domitius Corb

  • Title: Avenger of Rome
  • Author: Douglas Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780593065167
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emperor Nero s grip on power is weakening In every shadow he sees an enemy and like a cornered animal he lashes out at every perceived threat His paranoia settles on the figure of Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, Rome s greatest General who leads the imperial legions in the East.So popular is Corbulo with his men that he effective presides over an Empire within an Empire Is CorEmperor Nero s grip on power is weakening In every shadow he sees an enemy and like a cornered animal he lashes out at every perceived threat His paranoia settles on the figure of Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo, Rome s greatest General who leads the imperial legions in the East.So popular is Corbulo with his men that he effective presides over an Empire within an Empire Is Corbulo preparing to march against Rome and take the purple Gaius Valerius Verrens, Hero of Rome, is ordered to Antioch with the power of life and death over Corbulo, a soldier he worships There he finds word of his mission has preceded him and every man s hand is turned against him But Corbulo s eyes are not on Rome, but on a new threat to the Empire s border The Parthian King of Kings, Vologases, is marching to war and with such an army that if not stopped he might overwhelm the entire Roman east.Valerius marches at Corbulo s side Outnumbered they make a stand in the barren wastes beyond the Tigris to meet Vologases in an epic contest of military might and ingenuity that will decide the fate of the Empire And while he fights for the Empire, and for his own survival on the battlefield, Valerius must decide whether to complete his mission, or risk incurring his Emperor s dangerous wrath.

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    1. This series is getting better in writing style and in characterization. It turned out to be quite a page-turner and quite exciting, on the whole. I am glad that future books in the series will take Valerius from Nero's Rome, beginning with the upheaval following Nero's suicide. But that is to come. I think Nero's been overdone; we all know his cruelty, megalomania, narcissism, paranoia. I skimmed over the chapters dealing with him. This time Valerius is tasked by Nero to spy [er, 'write a report [...]

    2. Whew. I finished it. Not a phew as in ‘that was tough going’ but a phew as in ‘wow what a powerful conclusion.’I’ve been reading Doug Jackson’s books since Caligula first appeared in hardback, while I was still writing my first, and I love his work. But when he started the Valerius Verrens series, something changed and his work stepped up several notches.Hero of Rome (the novel that introduces the character) is one of the best Roman novels I’ve read and the scenes of the evacuation [...]

    3. Review:Douglas Jackson and his hero Gaius Valerius Verrens returns in book three of the same named series.As pointed out by the Splendid reviewer Kate this is two books in one tome, We follow our hero on a journey to Antioch escorting the lady Domita to visit her father. Its not an easy journey, full of intrigue danger and coming together of characters. The other part of the book puts us on Valerius home turf, the battlefeld, if you have read the other two books you know how good the author is a [...]

    4. Avenger of Rome is the third book in Doug Jackson’s series to feature the hero Gaius Valerius Verrens.The Eastern Empire is in flames, Judea as risen up in rebellion and slaughtered its Roman garrison and the Parthian Empire, sensing Roman weakness has set it sights on placing its own puppet ruler on the buffer state of Armenia. Only one man can stop the Parthians, General Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo. Adored by his legions he has a plan to smash the power of Parthia once and for all. If he fails t [...]

    5. I rather like the fact that Gaius Valerius Verrens has grown as a person and a character through the three books. The first book had slight flaws ( a slightly rushed relationship) and left Verrens a hero, but very much a broken hero. So in the second book we had a man coming to terms with his fame and his injury and being thrown into the dark pit of Roman politics and at the whim of the very dangerous Nero.So Avenger of Rome finds him trying to keep out of the limelight but Nero has another pois [...]

    6. The Hero of Rome is back! In this third novel, Valerius is sent east by an emperor with only the slightest of grips on reality - Nero. His mission is to spy on the immensely successful general Corbulo who may have been a little too victorious with the Parthians for his own good. But nothing is as straightforward as it seems and it's not long before Valerius is tested again to prove his loyalty, courage and honour. This is a book of two halves - the first follows Valerius' most arduous journey to [...]

    7. I finished Avenger of Rome, or it finished me. Hard to decide. One hell of a thrilling ride. Four books into what was originally described as a trilogy and no sign of slacking, just getting better and better. There is no doubt for me that, at the moment, when we’re talking Roman-period Historical Fiction, it’s Douglas Jackson, Robert Fabbri - and then the rest.The story has now moved into quite a recognisable and well-trodden period of Roman history. We’re in AD66 and Nero is persuaded to [...]

    8. This was a solid historical fiction book. Characters were well developed, the plot had quite a bit of turns and twists. The only thing that was not to my liking were the author's descriptions of battles. Ever since the beginning of the first book, the battles were a bit rushed, and I think author himself has a great difficulty describing what is happening. Therefore he usually starts the description, which is for some reason terminated in the middle. The rest is then summarized in the aftermath [...]

    9. Valerius es enviado al Este, a cumplir una misión secreta del Emperador Nero. Pero la misión será un secreto a voces y obligará al guerrero a convertirse en espía y político. Enorme plasticidad en la descripción de las batallas y la acción.

    10. This has been the 21st Roman HistFic book which I have read this year and, to my mind, the very best of a great bunch.

    11. As the third novel in Jackson's "Hero of Rome" series opens, we find Gaius Valerius Verrens, Hero of Rome, has not escaped the clutches of the depraved emperor Nero. The praetorian prefect killed at the end of "Defender of Rome" has been replaced by an even more vicious creature named Tigellinus.Tigellinus was a real historical personality known for his cruelty and for gaining imperial favor by arranging the emperor's notorious debaucheries. To a man like Tigellinus, a courageous warrior like Ga [...]

    12. Douglas Jackson has penned an excellent, epic tale of loyalty, trust and war around the heroic Gaius Valerius Verrens, as empires clash in the third book of the series, "Avenger of Rome". The strength of this historical fiction novel is its robust cast of characters, who all play distinct roles in crafting the overall plot. Jackson also does a good job of detailing the military skirmishes to the point where they are quite vivid and brutal. "Avenger of Rome" is as strong in this third outing as w [...]

    13. Avenger of Rome is the third novel (following Defender of Rome and Hero of Rome) in a series that follows young tribune Gaius Valerius Verrens as he travels around the empire, trying to survive, while back in Rome politics can be just as deadly as any sweaty barbarian’s blade.I particularly enjoyed the beginning and end of this book. Gaius is sent to Antioch to spy on the enormously popular General Corbulo, but the voyage there is fraught with danger and really sucks you into the characters’ [...]

    14. Emperor Nero`s grip on power is weakening.In every shadow he sees an enemy and like a cornered animal,he lashes out at every perceived threat.Gaius Valerius Verrens Hero of Rome is ordered to Antioch with the power of life and death over Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo,Rome greatest General,a soldier he worships.After the last outing of Valerius in which he was drawn into the politics of Nero`s court,our hero is back on the battle field and up to his neck in blood and guts as he marches at Corbulo side, [...]

    15. Having not read the previous two books, I found this great as a stand alone story. I have to admit to finding the references to the previous novels a bit tedious, they occur just a little too often for my liking, and I did find it a little slow in some places. But when it did pick up, it had my heart pounding - and what more could you ask for a novel like this? Depth of Character Perhaps? Tick that box. It seems that you know these people soon into the story. Gripping Plot? Yep, tick that box to [...]

    16. Definitely my favourite of the series so far. For historical fiction fans -- this has everything. A build up to an epic battle, plots, intrigue and more than its fair share of twists. General Corbulo is a great character and very believable Nero's degeneration is nicely handled. I liked the comradeship that developed between Valerius and Tiberious. A bitter sweet ending that I hadn't seen coming. An excellent book.

    17. fascinating read. Valerius is a character that you can really get involved with, although you can wish he would not always put duty first.Travel to join up with Corbulo in the East had a lot of problems, as did his reception when he arrived as Corbulo's second in command. The characterisation of the General was excellent, as were the battle scenes.

    18. Again a superb novel set amongst real characters from History with Gaius Valeroius Verrens in the thick of it. What I like about Jackson is his understanding of the period and the way the Roman Army works. This, along with an excellent plot line make these novels immensely readable. I lookm forward to the next Verrens novel.

    19. This is the second book I have read by Douglas Jackson, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down, so I guess that's a good sign.

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