Little Wolves

Little Wolves A tragic act of violence echoes through a small Minnesota townSet on the Minnesota prairie in the late s during a drought season that s pushing family farms to the brink Little Wolves features th

  • Title: Little Wolves
  • Author: Thomas Maltman
  • ISBN: 9781616951900
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A tragic act of violence echoes through a small Minnesota townSet on the Minnesota prairie in the late 1980s during a drought season that s pushing family farms to the brink, Little Wolves features the intertwining stories of a father searching for answers after his son commits a heinous murder, and a pastor s wife and washed out scholar of early Anglo Saxon literature wA tragic act of violence echoes through a small Minnesota townSet on the Minnesota prairie in the late 1980s during a drought season that s pushing family farms to the brink, Little Wolves features the intertwining stories of a father searching for answers after his son commits a heinous murder, and a pastor s wife and washed out scholar of early Anglo Saxon literature who has returned to the town for mysterious reasons of her own A penetrating look at small town America from the award winning author of The Night Birds, Little Wolves weaves together elements of folklore and Norse mythology while being driven by a powerful murder mystery a page turning literary triumph.

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    1. 4.5 "Midwestern prairie gothic" stars!! 2016 Honorable Mention ReadI was immensely impressed by this sophomore novel by Mr. Maltman.There are so many interweaving themes and all of them dark. This takes place in southern Minnesota in the prairies where all four seasons are strong and powerful. Farmers, preachers, coyotes, wolves, murder, myths, torture, dreams and a light sprinkling of the supernatural all are present in this atmospheric, nebulous and intriguing literary novel.I am purposely goi [...]

    2. Beautiful book, and my 50th this year! Made the challengeSet on the Minnesota prairie in the late 1980s during a drought season that's pushing family farms to the brink, Little Wolves features the intertwining stories of a father searching for answers after his son commits a heinous murder, and a pastor's wife (and washed-out scholar of early Anglo-Saxon literature) who has returned to the town to seek her mysterious roots. A penetrating look at small-town America weaves together elements of fol [...]

    3. Maltman's Little Wolves is a fast-paced, haunting story. It is comparable to a southern gothic, transpiring instead in the 1980's Minnesota prairie. Norse legends, including Valkyries, Beowulf, and Ragnarok preside over the plot of this work which takes place in a town full of German descendants. One of the main characters, Clara Warren, is a linguist; the author takes advantage of this fact to sporadically delve into the etymology of Old English and German words which helps illustrate the deepe [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars Little Wolves by Thomas Maltman is a haunting, dark tale and a powerful murder mystery. I don’t normally read murder mystery novels but when I do they have to have that little bit extra to keep me interested and the fantasia of myth and folklore had me from page one.Lately I have been doing most of my reading on Kindle and am really enjoying the experience. But Little Wolves was a hardback book that I bought and boy the experience of holding and reading a novel like this really enhan [...]

    5. Minnesota prairies, wolves and coyotes, religion and dark secrets spanning generations, a pregnant and lonely preacher's wife, Beowulf, hog pits, an incomprehensible murder committed by a child. This book has it all.It's beautiful and haunting. I loved the writing, how the author developed the tone and place, as well as the characters (some of the elderly women described were downright terrifying!). But I loved the wolves especially, those dangerous, sentient, somewhat magical beings.

    6. Set on the Minnesota prairie, in 1980, this novel opens with an horrendous act and a father who needs and wants answers. The tone from the beginning is ominous and the story just pulled me in and kept me there. Small town, life, farms that are failing, a preacher's wife who has ties to the place but doesn't really understand how or why she has been drawn there. A father who told his daughter stories of wolves and mythology, Beowolf, wolves, coyotes, what do they all mean and where does the evil [...]

    7. My heart always sinks when I open a novel and the first page is in italics. This usually indicates that we're going to get some evocative flashback or a dream or the secret thoughts of someone deranged. In Little Wolves it's a private fiction, a folk tale in the making. It was only after I'd read a few more pages that I realized that the novel itself was a kind of folk tale, set in a small town in Minnesota, a Prairie Home Gothic.The novel doesn't quite live up to its materials and characters, b [...]

    8. I am quite frankly flabbergasted by all of the positive reviews and recent praise for Little Wolves by Thomas Maltman. The story seemed to have multiple personalities competing for attention, without any one of those personalities successfully doing so. I suppose what was supposed to be the main storyline was that of Grizz Fallon, a father hopelessly searching for answers after his son murdered the Sherriff of their small Minnesota town, prior to walking into a cornfield and shooting himself. Co [...]

    9. A lush and complex book that is thoroughly entertaining. I could recommend this for anyone, Steven King fans should also consider it. This is rich in folklore, even covers a good bit of Beowolf. I classify this as a mystery/thriller. With each detail added to the story, the mystery increases.

    10. more2read/review/little-wolves-by-thomas-maltman/This story emerges from a town in a wilderness, a small community struck with a death that unearths many dark secrets that lie amongst kin and a community framework. In this town everybody thinks they know everything about everybody, but time will show that there are many lies and things that have happened with darker truths behind them and that maybe only a few are aware of as they insidiously show themselves.Amongst the preconceived opinions and [...]

    11. Originally reviewed at Minnesota Reads.I have been waiting for another book by Thomas Maltman ever since I read his first novel The Night Birds. Ten pages in, I was mesmerized by the descriptions of locusts crunching under boots in the Minnesota summer of 1876. In The Night Birds, Maltman told a beautiful story, surrounding a tragic event in our past, with grace, a flawless recount of history, and beautiful, sometimes haunting, detailed descriptions. Maltman, who studied as a poet, has a gift fo [...]

    12. Really like this author's writing. I like the storyline and the uncertainty of the characters. Interesting how the folklore was mixed in to plot. Note to self:mention of a Sineater (count up to 3) I look forward to reading his earlier work.

    13. If one of Garrison Keillor's updates from Lake Wobegon took an unexpected left turn into darkness, you would end up with something much like "Little Wolves." I read this book in two sittings, so that should speak to how successful Thomas Maltman is in drawing the reader into his shadowy prairie story. A book full of mystery and mythology, Maltman tells the tale of a young Lutheran pastor and his wife who have just moved to the small Minnesota town of Lone Mountain when an unthinkable crime takes [...]

    14. ***I won this book from a giveaway***This was a fabulous book. It was a very dark story about a current event and several from the past, but somehow the author was able to keep the tone light in a way that didn’t allow the book as a whole to feel disheartening. The book was filled with many different stories: folklore and legend, a little girl’s imagination, mythology, families feuding for generations, ancient literature, and modern day religion. I especially enjoyed the references to word [...]

    15. "We've been waiting for you, Judas," Jesus said. "We couldn't begin till you came." Madeleine L'Engle, "Waiting for Judas"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.

    16. I began reading this book on the same morning that a gunman opened fire outside the Empire State Building, and the shootings in Aurora, Colorado were fresh in my mind. So this book, which opens with a scene of seemingly senseless violence, resonated strongly with me, and felt even a little raw. Still, the lyrical writing and the atmospheric setting compelled me to read on. I spent time in Minnesota during my college years, and was raised among Scandinavian/German stock in the Lutheran Church - s [...]

    17. This was compared in print to Haruf and to William Kent Krueger. I don't see the resemblance. Especially to Krueger who writes within a core (even for the most distressed and off characters) of good intent to the wider human possibilities that do exist. Both of them also write plainly. This is not plain writing. It's fancy. It's 2.5 star but I cannot round it up. My enjoyment factor was 2. It's dismal, and the Gothic aspect didn't work for me at all. His wolves are really coyotes? Why? Wolves an [...]

    18. Has a lot going for it, though not nearly a gothic version of Haruf's work, which seems the most commmon touchstone for reviewers/blurb-ers. It's more: Prairie Home Companion (Linguists and Lutherans!) does 80s Metal Murder Ballad (Ragnarok!) I wish Maltman hadn't thanked is editor so profusely in his author's note, cause a good editor could've pointed out a lot of the problems and cut out some of ridiculous genre cliches thyat undermine the tone of stark mysterious earnestness. There's way too [...]

    19. A mystery that got some very positive reviews, Little Wolves tells the story of a young wife and mother-to-be who convinces her pastor husband to take a job in Lone Mountain, MN because she is sure that this is the area where her mother disappeared. The facts of her mother's disappearance are not clear to her; she dreams about wolves or coyotes or both, and being born covered with hair and rescued from freezing to death by a group of mysterious wolves or coyotes, which she seems to equate someho [...]

    20. Although I'm unable to give Thomas Maltman's second book the four and a half star rating I'd like to, on account of the limitations of the rating system on the website, it's a strong enough book that the decision to waver in one direction or another was clear and easy, and I'm left with no choice but to give him five. The ultra-cool and creepy Little Wolves was the perfect chiller for the weeks just preceding Halloween, and gave the gift that very few books in its genre can offer the contemporar [...]

    21. Imagine, an "All Iowa Reads" book that I actually liked! This one was more mystery than I was expecting, even as I got quite a way into the story. And to be honest, I was a bit annoyed that coyotes were called 'Little Wolves', but by the end, I understood why. The story is set in Minnesota. A young man commits a violent act and the whole community reels under what's happened, not the least of whom is his father. As the story unfolds all is slowly revealed and the ending is more than just a littl [...]

    22. Little Wolves is a tough novel to explain. I understand why some people do not like to see the word “literary” used to describe a novel type but, for lack of a better word, I am going take the notion one step farther and will call this one “literary crime fiction” – or “literary thriller.” That is exactly what Little Wolves is: a character and setting-driven novel with a plot encompassing elements of both the mystery and thriller genres. It has an exciting story to tell, and it tel [...]

    23. Little WolvesbyThomas MaltmanMy " in a nutshell" summaryA tragedy occurs in a small town and because of this lives are changed and a multitude of secrets are discovered.My thoughts after reading this bookThis is one of those tremendous tragic novels that only truly gifted storytellers can master. It's a story of tragedy and sadness that mesmerized me as the reader. It's the kind of horror and nightmarish tragedy that can not even begin to enter our imaginations. This book is sad and graphic and [...]

    24. A book about darkness, evil, wild things lurking in the shadows, the original monster that rises up to claim us. Woven into this murder mystery is the story of Beowulf and Grendel, showing us the root of our desire to quash the monsters among us and the inevitable complications in deciding who or what is monstrous and who or what is the hero.I was impressed by the rendering of the experience of pregnancy in this novel. Maltman nails the character of Clara, pregnant throughout the novel, who expe [...]

    25. 4.5 of 5My ThoughtsMesmerizing!I picked this up to just read a few chapters to get a feel for the book and see if I thought I would like it. Before I knew it, I was half way thru and did not want to put it down.The author’s writing is so lyrical and descriptive. There is that undertone of evil that really drew me in and the pages just flew. This was one of those books where you tend to block out everything that is going on around you. I got so wrapped up in the story that I feel like I just ca [...]

    26. I imagine one of the more difficult tasks for an author is to create an intriguing mythology within their fictional universe. This novel revolves around such a mythology, from which a rich mystery emerges along with a powerful romance between human and nature. Upon a moment's reflection, I'm surprised to find myself ascribing the label of mystery to the genre. Roughly 3/4 way through I realized that indeed, I had been caught up in such, but it was the portrayal and development of the characters, [...]

    27. Not a narrative that would normally pull me in, but this one did and I very much enjoyed it. It reminded a bit of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle in terms of the setting, characters, and of course the characters' relationship with the coyotes/dogs. I think the back story of the two crazy a## sheriffs could have used a little more development, but maybe it's okay to wonder what set them down that path. Maltman's writing style is swift, concise, and powerfully descriptive without being overly verbose [...]

    28. Set in a fictional community in southwestern Minnesota, this was a fantastic gothic, small-town mystery written by another wonderful Minnesota writer. The novel mixes meditations on faith, small town provincialism, family secrets, and our shared mythologies into a great story. I like how Maltman explores how outcasts and outsiders meet resistance in small towns with generational histories. I was reminded of the tv series 'Bates Motel' and Flannery O'Conner's stories. The writing is wonderful. Hi [...]

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