Young Philby

Young Philby An elegant twisty spy story by a true master of the craftBestselling novelist Robert Littell employs all his considerable skills in telling the story of Kim Philby through the eyes of than twenty tru

  • Title: Young Philby
  • Author: Robert Littell
  • ISBN: 9781427227171
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Audio CD
  • An elegant, twisty spy story by a true master of the craftBestselling novelist Robert Littell employs all his considerable skills in telling the story of Kim Philby through the eyes of than twenty true life characters As each layer is revealed, the question arises Who really was this man When Kim Philby fled to Moscow in 1963, he became the most infamous double agenAn elegant, twisty spy story by a true master of the craftBestselling novelist Robert Littell employs all his considerable skills in telling the story of Kim Philby through the eyes of than twenty true life characters As each layer is revealed, the question arises Who really was this man When Kim Philby fled to Moscow in 1963, he became the most infamous double agent in history A member of Britain s intelligence service since World War II, he had risen to become their chief officer in Washington, D.C after the war The exposure of other members of the group of double agents known as the Cambridge Five led to the revelation that he had been working for Russia for even longer than he had been part of MI6 Yet he escaped, and spent the last twenty five years of his life in Moscow.In Young Philby, Robert Littell tells the story of the spy s early years In the words of his friends, lovers, and Soviet handlers we see the development of a fascinating, flawed man who kept people guessing about his ideals and allegiances until the very end.

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    1. Ο Ρόμπερτ Λίτελ είναι ένας αρκετά γνωστός Αμερικάνος συγγραφέας κατασκοπευτικών μυθιστορημάτων (κυρίως), κατά κύριο λόγο χάρη στην συγγραφή του μνημειώδους τούβλου με τον τίτλο "The Company", που αφορά την ιστορία της CIA. Κλασικά, όμως, στην Ελλάδα είναι αρκετά παραμελημένος. Το " [...]

    2. Βιβλίο που διαβάζεται στην Ελλάδα, από γνώστες προσώπων και πραγμάτων σχετικά· Κιμ Φιλμπυ, Βρετανός πράκτορας τον Μυστικών Υπηρεσιών (MI5-MI6) ο οποίος μαζί με άλλους τρεις - η περίφημη τετρας του Τρινιτυ Κολετζ του Κεμπριτζ - αποτέλεσαν την μεγαλύτερη κατασκοπευτικη ζημιά στ [...]

    3. Kim Philby could possibly be the most notorious double agent in espionage history. Recruited by the Secret Intelligent Service during World War II, he began spying for the Russians on the British intelligence service. Robert Littell’s Young Philby follows what little we know about his early years up till what made him a great double (or should we say triple?) agent.Kim Philby was a real high-ranking British intelligence officer who worked as a double agent serving as both an NKVD and KGB opera [...]

    4. It has been awhile since I've read Robert Littell. This wasn't one of his best novels (*** 1/2), but it was still fascinating. At its core, 'Young Philby' is an ahistorical, fictionalized telling of the early life and background of Kim Philby, the most famous of the Cambridge Five. Littell's fictionalized account imagines the possibility that Philby was actually more than just a double agent. I would tell you more, but then I would have to kill you. Anyway, 'Young Philby' was well-written, well- [...]

    5. Младият Филби е способен да шпионира за всички: knigolandiafo/book-review/mРоманът е прекрасен исторически разказ за бурните и хаотични години около идването на власт на Хитлер, та до оня важен негов последен изстрел – Лител ни пренася сред бунтовете в Австрия преди Хитлеровия аншлус, [...]

    6. Readable fictional account of the life of Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby, who was a Soviet agent/spy and was a member of the Cambridge Five.The story at a fast pace but with contributions in the first person by different people in each chapter this at times felt very disjointed, and although clear [that it was a different person telling the story] it was not obvious who was "narrating" at the outset and left the reader to guess for some pages. For me as it is a novel this format meant charac [...]

    7. This is was a most interesting look into the pre war activities of Kim Philby considered by many to be the most successful double agent of the Cambridge Five. The book is only 286 pages long but its dramatisation of the facts through the eyes of the various people he came in contact with over this time provides an interesting slant on how he affected the lives of these individuals. His contact with British, Russian and Americans gives credence to the fact that he was probably a triple agent!Robe [...]

    8. I am fascinated by anything to do with espionage. That, and the fact that I recently read and enjoyed 'A Spy Among Friends' by Ben Macintyre, meant that I had high hopes of this fictionalised account of the early years of Kim Philby's cloak and dagger activities. Unfortunately, 'Young Philby' is a tad disappointing. It's not a bad book. But it never really reaches the heights. It's a workmanlike, competent novel. But it's also a strangely dull one. It never lives up to the comment from author Fr [...]

    9. ”Young Philby” by Robert Littell, published by Thomas Dunne Books.Category – Spy/BiographyTo enjoy this book and get the most out of it the reader must have some knowledge of Harold Philby.Philby may well have been the most talked about double agent in history. He was a graduate of Cambridge University and the son of an eccentric father. His first attempt at the spy or espionage game started in 1933 when he went to Vienna and became part of the Austrian Socialists and Communists. He and fo [...]

    10. I love historical fiction because I always learn something new I remember the headlines when Kim Philby, the famous British SIS agent, was outed as a double agent- Big news,big scandal in 1963.I found the format of this book terrific as each chapter uses first person narrative of each of the key players that were involved in this real life tale of seduction and espionage moving quickly along from 1934 until the escape to Moscow in 1963:His lovers, his handlers, his father,his classmates, student [...]

    11. I’ve been thinking for a while now that someone really needed to write a novel about Kim Philby, the most successful of the Cambridge Spies. Littell’s novel focuses, as the title suggests, on the early years of Philby’s career as told through the letters and reminiscences of those who knew or were connected to him during the period including fellow Cambridge spy Guy Burgess and, for a single chapter, Philby himself. For the vast majority of its length, the novel succeeds with its mix of vi [...]

    12. Historical fiction of the infamous double agent in the 30's who was recruited by the Soviets along with four other Cambridge leftist intellectuals. After Philby defected he caused much turmoil among the Allies and precipitated the CIA's mole hunt which wrecked havoc within the agency.This book presents an interesting perspective on Philby in the 30's. At school, then onward to Vienna on this motorbike trying to avert a coup by Hitler's cronies, and then as a journalist in the Spanish Civil War - [...]

    13. At times, whilst readingYoung Philbyit is easy to believe that you are reading a factual account of Kim Philby's early years, such is the air of authenticity with which bestselling author Robert Littell has imbued his novel. Written in the form of letters and memoirs of those who knew him, Young Philby is an atmospheric novel of one of history's most infamous double agents. ^GEIf you liked Young Philby why not try:A Foreign Country by Charles CummingThe Russia House by John Le Carre

    14. Entertaining, thought-provoking, and thoroughly enjoyable. Littell uses first person with different narrators of each chapter to great effect as a way of exploring a possible early life of notorious spy Kim Philby. His book weaves a plausible and very engaging tale. As historical fiction in the espionage genre goes, this is a strong contribution. I finished the book thinking that Littell made a good case for his hypothetical scenario, and, regardless, told a terrific story in the process. A nice [...]

    15. In the world of spies and counterspies, uncertainty is a constant: a cause of sleepless nights for some practitioners, an aphrodisiac for others. For Robert Littell it is grist for his latest espionage novel. Littell’s “what if” premise supposes that Harold Adrian Russell Philby — nicknamed Kim after Kipling’s fictional spy — was not the person we have been led to believe. who enjoy cold war espionage, spy tradecraft, World War II history, or plain old-fashioned good writing will app [...]

    16. Very interesting and well written fictional account of Philby's early life. I loved the narrative device of having multiple characters telling the story of their interactions with Philby. It gives a sense of the enigmatic nature of the Philby story, everyone has a view but no one really knows. Great stuff.

    17. Un grand Robert Littell. Avec une fin étonnante et troublante. Romancée ? À voirLittell est de toutes les façons le plus grand ecrivain actuel dans la catégorie espionnage. Il est à l'espionnage ce que le rhum est au baba. Enfin je trouve

    18. This is an excellent novel about a famous spy. The author uses facts from Philby's early life in Vienna and weaves a story that indicates that Philby might have been a triple agent. It is a great book like al of Robert Littell's books.

    19. The interview style made the book less interesting. There is a lot of potential for a great story when talking about Kim Philby, this book has none of it.

    20. I fell in love with Robert Littell’s writing when I had experienced it as I read voraciously through “The Company”. He is known to have been a master of the genre with his numerous critically acclaimed and enjoyable tales of espionage. His evident expertise comes from the fact that he was a reporter for Newsweek before he turned to writing fiction. However, you may note that both “Young Philby” and “The Company” are fictional depictions of very real people and incidents in the actu [...]

    21. Not bad but largely forgettable. Dialogue a bit on the nose, and constantly switching first-person perspectives can get confusing. The end kind of tied it all together and provides a fun "what if" for history nerds to ponder over. The back of the book puts Robert Littell in the same league of historical espionage writers as John La Carre and Alan Furst. If this book is any indication, that's a pretty big leap.

    22. A very interesting read, each chapter written by a different person involved in Philby's life and 'career'. It all adds up to a picture of a fascinating and complicated man who became the most infamous double agent in history.

    23. Interesting take on the much-told story of Kim Philby, employed by both the British and Russian secret services. This concentrates on his early days as a student and journalist, and overs his recruitment by both sides in the 1930s and later in the Cold War. Very readable.

    24. Best taken in short doses and spread across weeks to let it sit and be reflected upon, this witty page-turner offers pleasure only and no definitive answers. Masterly plotted and narrated it will surely win the hearts and minds of all those who love the Great Game.

    25. A good read from a master storyteller. When it comes to spy novels, Littell is one of the best.Do yourself a favor and read this book. 4 stars

    26. You can't help thinking that this is an interesting idea for a book, the story of one of the most famous real-life spies, told from the point of view of Philby's own life. Now the book and it's publicity material is quite tricky about the background of this book. Whilst there's nothing there to indicate whether or not this is a true story or fictional, it's written in a way that implies that the whole thing is the true story of Kim Philby's early years. YOUNG PHILBY is however, a novel. It expan [...]

    27. Ambiguity is all-important in this absorbing insight into Kim Philby’s early activities; entirely fitting for an exploration into the intrigue of international espionage. This slim novel is narrated like a kiss-n-tell unauthorised biography, with events being revealed through the words and deeds of Philby’s contemporaries. Many of the episodes and escapades have the ring of historical verisimilitude about them… yet the whole book is one giant ‘what if?’ It all feels perfectly plausible [...]

    28. This novel concerns, as the tittle indicates, the early years of the life of Harold "Kim" Philby, the Cambridge educated,upper-class member of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)from the late 1930's to early 1960's. He later defected to the Soviet Union when it became known that he had been working as a double agent for many years. This event followed the defection of two of his early friends from Cambridge and fellow spies, Ronald Maclean and Guy Burgess (a fourth conspirator was la [...]

    29. Harold Philby, Kim per gli amici, è un giovane inglese di buona famiglia; il padre (o come Kim lo definisce, quel sant’uomo di mio padre), ha abbandonato la fredda Inghilterra per lo sconfinato deserto arabico ma ha mantenuto i contatti con i più importanti membri del governo inglese. L’improvvisa fuga di Kim da Londra suscita scalpore, il suo desiderio di prendere parte attivamente alla lotta contro i regimi di destra del centro Europa prevale sul buon senso e sulla volontà paterna; arri [...]

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