إدارة الأولويات الأهم أولا

  • Title: إدارة الأولويات الأهم أولا
  • Author: Stephen R. Covey ستيفن آر. كوفي
  • ISBN: 6281072006969
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    • Ù إدارة الأولويات الأهم أولا || í PDF Download by ✓ Stephen R. Covey ستيفن آر. كوفي
      135 Stephen R. Covey ستيفن آر. كوفي
    • thumbnail Title: Ù إدارة الأولويات الأهم أولا || í PDF Download by ✓ Stephen R. Covey ستيفن آر. كوفي
      Posted by:Stephen R. Covey ستيفن آر. كوفي
      Published :2019-01-23T08:24:26+00:00

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    1. Another terrifically helpful book from the pen of Stephen Covey. I personally found especially useful the two-by-two matrix he discusses as a way to organize yourself. The four resulting quadrants include:1. Important and Urgent2. Important, Not Urgent 3. Urgent, Not Important 4. Not Urgent, Not ImportantSimply put, most people spend far too much time in quadrants 3 & 4. We also spend too much time in quadrant 1, not that those issues are unimportant, but because we don't manage our prioriti [...]

    2. "إدارة الأولويات الأهم أولاً" تجوب خلال صفحاته الخمسمائة يشحذ أفكارك ويملأ رأسك بإلهام طاغ يجعلك تؤمن بأنك قادر على بذل المزيد ليس في عملك الذي لا بد أنك تبذل فيه الكثير ولكن في بيتك كتاب يبحث عن السلام الداخلي والتوازن النفسي والعاطفي يساعدك على إيجاد البوصلة داخلك مهم [...]

    3. كم من الناس وصلوا إلى ماكانوا يصبوا إلية ؟! وهل بعد الوصول راحة وسعادة ؟! كيف نستطيع أن نجد أنفسنا كما نود في كــل أدوار الحياة من دون أن نـخل بأحدهـا؟بعد أن قرأت هذا الكتاب الرائع الذي لم يحوي فقط على معلومات ونظريات وإنما على حلول يمكن تطبيقها على أرض الواقع أجبت على أسئلة كا [...]

    4. TimeTimeTime whole time Issue :((((. in this book Stephen teaching us the 4th generation in time management #1st.Is To do but it was hard to keep it in your eyes so its not so helpful.#2nd.Is Calendar like to say 13:14 I am going to club then another hobbit but when you miss something your all day would go wrong. #3rdTo write your goals and then try to work on it and I don`t know where`s the time management in this case !#4thTo Classify your Tasks in a table and then began to do them according t [...]

    5. A thought-provoking model for living by principles rather than your to-do list. It challenges the way most Westerners structure their days and weeks, and shows how to replace your hectic, stressful schedule with a peaceful, fulfilling one. Unfortunately, it's much more verbose than necessary; it's repetitive, with lengthy examples.Summary: Live a principle-centered life. Listen to your conscience (which acts as a compass to "true north" principles ultimately from God) and put first things first [...]

    6. This book was a slow read for me, it was really hard for me to get into it, I especially had a hard time with all of the different "quadrants" of organization and such, I'm just not into that. Although, there were a lot of things that I did like about the book. One point brought up is that we use busy-ness as a way to validate ourselves and to feel important, and I think that's very true, and I am starting to realize that it really doesn't matter. I don't have to be involved in a million differe [...]

    7. Stephen Covey’s book First Things First is an elaborated section of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The book tends to focus on Human Habits through the guidance of a Compass rather than a Clock with its core principle of Quality versus Quantity.The author helps people achieve habit by presenting the Four Quadrants:Quadrant I – Urgent + ImportantQuadrant II - Not Urgent But ImportantQuadrant III – Urgent But Not ImportantQuadrant IV - Not Urgent, Not ImportantCovey recommends [...]

    8. على الإطلاق أفضل ما كتب في إدارة الوقت !أحب أولئك الذين يكتبون بتفاني ، بثقة ، وبتواضعستيفن كوفي أحدهم قبل أن يحدثك عن فلسفته الخاصة في وضعالبوصلةأمام الساعةيتكلم عن أربع أجيال لإدارة الوقت ، إيجابياتهم ، أخطائهم ، وسلبياتهموتأثير هذه الطرق ففي المناهج التقليدية لإدارة الو [...]

    9. بأختصار بسيط، هذا الكتاب أحد أفضل الكتب التي قرأتها في حياتي بدون شك. إذا كان هناك بعض الكتب القادرة على تغيير حياة الإنسان، فلا يوجد شك أن هذا الكتاب أحد الكتب. قرأت الكتاب باللغة العربية عن طريق ترجمة د. السيد المتولي. الكتاب يقدم عرض مفصل في ما يخص إدارة الوقت، وينظر إلي الم [...]

    10. I have this book so marked that I stopped marking it. I have the audio and the paper back. It's a book I reference to and read multiple times. If you're looking for guidance on your day to day activities, if you're struggling with your priorities, Stephen Covey's philosophy on the compass vs the clock will sure help you.

    11. عن كتاب الأشياء الأولى أولاًهذا الكتاب يقدم منظور جديد وفكرة تستحق التطبيق في عالم الأهداف و تنظيم الوقت وجدولة المهام"أن تحيا وتحب وتتعلم وتترك أثراً" الكتاب يتكون من خمسة عشر فصلاً مقسمة على أربعة أقساميتحدث أن جعل ما يهمنا ونهتم به -من داخلنا وعميق قلوبنا - أن نجعله أولاً [...]

    12. For me, this was a new way of looking at "a balanced life." Sometimes we focus so much on the urgent things, that we forget about the important things that aren't necessarily so urgent. Very insightful. It made me think that I need to focus left on getting things done, and more on getting the important things done!

    13. Teaches you the art and craft of time management. Move away from reactive day to day to do list planning and gets you to view your time as the week proactively scheduling in your priorities with the compass card. The principle of the clock and the compass is right on.

    14. كتاب أقل ما يقال عنه أنه رائعيوفر عليك قراءة الكثير من الكتب فى تنظيم الوقتو ما يميز الكتاب أنه يتوجه بالكلام للأشخاص الذين لديهم نظام فى حياتهم بالفعل و لكن يخبرهم كيف يديروا حياتهم بأسلوب أفضل و يستغلوا أوقاتهم بصورة أكثر فعالية

    15. قرأت المترجم من جرير باختصار ، الكتاب الذي غير حياتي !!

    16. "أن تحيا وتحب وتتعلم وتترك أثراً" الأهم أولا! يدور الكتاب حول جعل أعمال المربع الثاني" مهم غير عاجل" أولوية و كيفية ذلك بالتفصيل الممل وهذا يجنبنا الوقوع في الطوارئ لاحقا باعتبار عمل الطوارئ "مهم عاجل" هو ما يسبب القلق و الضغط،، اما المربع الرابع "غير مهم غير عاجل" فتجنبه واجب ف [...]

    17. I wrote this review when I read this book two years ago, and it's still up to now one of the book that influenced and affected my life the most:First Things First is a self-help book written by Stephen Covey and Roger & Rebecca Merrill. The book aims to teach us how to put our first things first trough a time management system and defining the priorities in our lives. This excellent book had a real impact on my life, and I always recommend it to people who are willing to make their lives mor [...]

    18. Don’t buy the Kindle version but DO READ the book.This Kindle version is frustrating, disappointing and missing important content. It may say it has new technology and audio/visual but I found no links or content to it. They had some colored infographs but all the diagrams, worksheets and charts they mention are not available anywhere in this version. The format they used for the Kindle must have been previously used for a print book as numerous word breaks are found throughout the Kindle vers [...]

    19. I couldn't help thinking most of the time while I was reading this book that it's kind of like a diet book: "All other diets are uselessThis isn't a diet, it's a revolutionary new way to approach eatingDo what we say in this book and your life will be transformed foreverblah, blah." When the bottom line is really: Think about what you're eating and make smarter choices. Most time management books are probably similar: "Follow these guidelines, rather than every other time management gimmick you' [...]

    20. I first read this book in about 1990 and the content is as relevant today as it was back then. I learned so much from this book that has served me well for 19 years of professional work, and every time I reread a section it just reminds me how important if is to make sure you are doing first things first.I feel that Covey has a great mind when it comes to achieving your personal best, and this book puts the rubber to the road. The materials in this book about setting goals, translating your goal [...]

    21. أفضل كتاب قرأته في الإدارة.يساعد الإنسان على معرفة الأولويات في الحياة وفي حياته الشخصية حسب القيم وحسب الرغبات الحقيقية للإنسان نفسه. يساعد أن الإنسان في وضع رسالته في الحياة وأهدافه بطريقة صحيحة. كتاب مفيد أن يقرأه الإنسان من المرحلة الثانوية، ليبدأ حياته الجامعية وما بع [...]

    22. Taught me about keeping the first things, the most important things, first. To keep most of my time on what is important and not urgent. Preparation, prevention, planning, and relationships. To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy

    23. Not as big a jump for me personally, as this book is a bit of a refried 7 Habits. There are some decent tips/pointers.I recommend skimming this one rather than intently reading it.

    24. If you think that living in emergency mode is not the optimal way of living, you are right and this is the perfect book to read in order to reflect about real arguments that support your way of thinking and to realize how what you always knew deep inside is true. And most importantly, if you need a support to be acompaigned in the journey of creating a balanced way of living, this is the book. I loved it and this is exaclty what I was looking for.

    25. Quick read, but good points. "Vision is the highest manifestation of creative imagination and the primary motivation of having motivation."

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