Sammy's House

Sammy s House Sammy Joyce kini menjadi staf penasihat wakil presiden di White House Semua tampak pas pada tempatnya Dia tinggal dengan sahabatnya ikan cupang peliharaannya bisa tetap hidup dan hubungan dengan Cha

  • Title: Sammy's House
  • Author: Kristin Gore Gita Yuliani K.
  • ISBN: 9789792276794
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sammy Joyce kini menjadi staf penasihat wakil presiden di White House Semua tampak pas pada tempatnya Dia tinggal dengan sahabatnya, ikan cupang peliharaannya bisa tetap hidup, dan hubungan dengan Charlie Lawton sang wartawan Washington Post sedang mekar mekarnya.Namun, baru saja kemenangan diraih pemerintahan yang baru ini, skandal melanda Presiden Wye tampaknya kembalSammy Joyce kini menjadi staf penasihat wakil presiden di White House Semua tampak pas pada tempatnya Dia tinggal dengan sahabatnya, ikan cupang peliharaannya bisa tetap hidup, dan hubungan dengan Charlie Lawton sang wartawan Washington Post sedang mekar mekarnya.Namun, baru saja kemenangan diraih pemerintahan yang baru ini, skandal melanda Presiden Wye tampaknya kembali pada kebiasaan lama berteman dengan alkohol Selain itu, sebuah blog yang menjelek jelekkan pemerintahan sepertinya memiliki sumber orang dalam Tepat saat itu, Charlie mengumumkan promosinya ke biro New York, dan Sammy harus mengatasi masalah pribadinya sendiri Seiring iklim politik yang memanas, kisah cinta Sammy pun mulai lepas kendali Dapatkah Sammy tetap berdiri teguh ketika idealisme dan kepercayaannya diuji

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      402 Kristin Gore Gita Yuliani K.
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    1 thought on “Sammy's House”

    1. This book was talking about politics and I almost DNF-ing this book because I was so bored. The only thing that kept me from aborting this book was LyingWye. I was super curious with who were behind it. Sammy's suspicion had a result and finally the traitor was revealed! But then the conclusion wasokay, it felt so rush and didn't bring any excitement. I mean c'mon we finally know who was the biggest traitor here!Sammy and Charlie relationship was cute and sweet, although they need more trust bet [...]

    2. Ok, this one was much better than its prequel! Sammy was a bit too unhinged for my taste in the previous novel. Gore dialed back that crazy a bit here, and it made for a lovely story. I quite enjoyed it.

    3. I love Kristin Gore's writing. I really, really do. And frankly, Sammy Joyce is one of the most lovable, quirky characters I've encountered in years. She's multi-dimensional, real and endearingly flawed. I couldn't really give a rip about the plot, though I'll allow that the ending was a little fast and forced, because for me, the books are essentially character study, and wonderfully enjoyable ones at that.The one part of the book that sticks in my craw is Sammy's Potomac River-plunge at the ou [...]

    4. "hilarious insight and a fresh perspective on political life" reviewAlas, NO! I read this as a respite after reading three books on World War II, but this was the definition of annoying chick lit, and did not lift my mood. Predictable, nothing new about Washington. Thought it had potential as a premise, but went nowhere.

    5. 3,7 starsI know i'm not gonna enjoy it , not as much as i enjoy the first book and i am rightIf the first book was sooo funny,clever and full of joy,this second book was too serious and stressfulThank's to Sammy's and Charlie's relationship ,their sweet encounter saves this book from getting 2 stars from meI miss Kara.d Ralph the security :(

    6. I liked the first one better. This one dragged a little. And wasn't as hysterically funny as the first. (Maybe my expectations were higher.) The main thing that I didn’t like about this book is the author’s blatant and almost borderline-comical bias toward the Democratic party. She never calls them by name in the book, but it’s obvious. A couple times when I was reading, I felt like saying, "OK! I GET IT!!! You hate all Republicans, and judge all people you encounter by what party label th [...]

    7. I really loved the prequel, Sammy's Hill and was very excited when I discovered Sammy's House as the continuation of Sammy's journey to The White House. While I did not find Sammy's House to be as humorous as Sammy's Hill, it was still an enjoyable book. I liked the to read about the inner-workings and life of White House staff. I don't often think about all of the work that goes on behind the scenes and Sammy's House was an interesting viewpoint into that world, albeit fictitious.

    8. I don't even remember what prompted it, but I was board one day at work when I was in New Zealand and I found out that Gore wrote this sequel to Sammy's Hill! I got so excited. I found out she was on a book tour and was coming to a bookstore near my parents house and I asked, for my birthday as my only gift, for them to buy me the book and get it signed. I waited until I got home to read it and I wanted to reread the first one before I read this one.My first "new" book since I have been home! Ev [...]

    9. Now this is some very smart chick lit! In fact, it might be too smart to be called chick lit. So what is it? Just political/relational fiction? That doesn't quite cut it. This was a little bit of a mystery, a little bit of a love story, a lot about the inner workings of the West Wing, and very interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I've already put Sammy's Hill on reserve at the library!This book is both serious and funny, and the funny is really funny. There are lots of asides that made me [...]

    10. Who doesn't like the occasional romantic political comedy? No one I know. This book is definitely better than Legally Blonde 2 (few things aren't). It's also better than all of the Harlequin novels I've ever read (which, for your information is 4 and I was 13). So knowing what it's better than, I suppose you might want to know what is better than this book. Simply speaking, a lot of things are better. Not just bacon and cheese. I think I could easily compile an entire hot dog cart filled with bo [...]

    11. This is a worthy follow-up to Sammy's Hill. I imagine, for an author, the benefit of not having to develop a new narrative voice in a sequel is offset by the difficulty of living up to the first work. Gore accomplishes this task, but it's certainly not a rehash of the first book. Everything has matured a bit - Sammy, her love life, the politics, idealism, and the writing itself. The problems are more difficult and more complex, but the journey is even more interesting, if slightly less amusing.R [...]

    12. Another stellar book by Kristin Gore in my opinion. I really loved the character Sammy Joyce and would love to see another book in the series chronicling her crazy life. Although, as this book wrapped up, it did seem that Sammy had grown tremendously from the girl I met int he opening pages to Sammy's hill, the prequel to this book. Once again, this story was never dull, full of outrageous situations and zany circumstances that the heroine found herself at the center of, this time in her tenure [...]

    13. Written by Kristen Gore, television comedy writer and daughter of Al Gore, "Sammy's House" is full of funny observations and lots of quirky personality. The story moves along between Sammy's hectic job in the Office of the Vice President and her relationship with her suddenly long-distance boyfriend. Pages are heavily peppered with Gore's very visual humor. Gore may be best at bringing out the inner weirdness in her characters than developing relatable traits. Despite all of Sammy's constant wor [...]

    14. Buku ini dibeli krn sy baca buku pertamanya, Sammy's Hill waktu jaman kuliah dulu. Seperti buku pertamanya, buku ini masih punya karakter utama yg sama, Samantha Joyce, alias Sammy yang kerja sebagai orang dalam pemerintahan.Somehow buku2 Kristin ini ga hanya kental dg kehidupan romansa career woman, tp jg penuh dengan intrik dlm pekerjaannya yg menarik. Pada buku ini, Sammy sibuk dg pekerjaannya sbg seorang staf Gedung Putih sekaligus dg kehidupan asmaranya yg naik turun. Menarik melihat kesibu [...]

    15. Author, Kristin Gore (the real-life daughter of former Vice President, Al Gore), provides us with a fictional insiders perspective of the White House. Sammy, the heroine, juggles her life between boyfriend, Charlie, who works for the Washington Post, her parents and some back-stabbing White House staffers. The politics of love, parenting and work, all rolled into one. And that's not all. She has to contend with a President who falls off the wagon, an obnoxious movie star who can't keep his hands [...]

    16. The sequel toSammy’s Hill, and kind of a downer. Sammy’s boss RG has become Vice President, but thanks to the president’s vices, scandal and political strife are waiting just around the corner. Sound familiar? Gore’s clearly working out her (justifiable) anger toward a certain BC here, and a lot of the passages have a bit of a “oooh, burn!” quality to them. The book is still humorous, and Sammy is still an unusual and delightful protagonist, but it’s just way less fun to read about [...]

    17. found this book in the clearance section at Barnes and Noble and was very intrigued because I have never read anything like it before so I picked it up even though I didn't read the first one. & this is what I thought.Sammy Joyce and her wonderful inside look inside the White House, her family, the love of her life , her two Japanese fighting fish and her very optimistic roommate and good friend was a surprisingly successful story that engulfed me in the pages and left me with a breath of fr [...]

    18. Sammy Joyce is back and her adventures have taken a new and more high-profile turn now that she's working in the White House. We rejoin Sammy a year and a half into the new administration and things are getting compicated. She's living with her best friend, but her dreamy, perfect boyfriend, Charlie, has just been promoted. To New York. Important info is leaking from the inner workings of the White House and nobody knows who the informant is. Then there's that pesky thing with the President--wha [...]

    19. Ok, so I was dubious about reading this book. The first one was cute but not super-impressive, and there's the whole Gore-daughter-turned novelist thing, but my brother bought it for me for my birthday, so I decided to give it a try. And I really liked it. It's definitely a beach read (or perhaps a me kind of beach read), but the main character was really well, and neurotically, drawn; the relationship was engrossing; and the plot was intriguing. I'll admit I spent a little time trying to figure [...]

    20. The excitement I held about this sequel dwindled around page 100 or so when I realized that a) it was nearly 400 pages and b) the elements used to enhance the plot/create tension were rather predictable (however, that just may say more about me and my crazy self than it does about Gore's writing techniques). It was still a pleasurable read because of Gore's comedic writing skills -- the way you're sucked into Sammy's quirky internal conversations and the way she observes and characterizes the pe [...]

    21. This is the sequel to Sammy's Hill, which I read several years back. I picked this book up because I was looking for some light reading while I was on vacation. While it certainly fit that criteria, I was slightly annoyed at the immaturity of the protagonist. I'm supposed to believe that a woman this immature managed to hold a job in the vice president's office? Although Sammy did have her professional moments, her relationship skills are a complete and total mess, and okay, that didn't bother m [...]

    22. I can't QUITE give this 5 stars because I would feel a little guilty. But I really enjoyed it. I realized halfway through that the author's last name was GORE - of the illustrial AL GORE. Suddenly the heroic vice president dealing with a bumbling (but sincere!) president (with a domineering slightly crazy wife!) made a LOT more sense.Gore's familiarity with the White House and Washington makes this book fun to read as a DC native. Sammy is frustratingly naive and self-centered, but in a way that [...]

    23. Sammy Joyce returns in this sequel to Sammy's Hill. She now works in the White House for the Vice President concentrating on health issues. Her boyfriend Charlie, reporter for the Washington Post, is promoted and moves to New York. Sammy's life is hectic trying to juggle her work and keep up a long distance relationship. Sammy handles work issues with calmness and authority. It's her personal life that gets out of control. There are times where her paranoia concerning her boyfriend is just too o [...]

    24. Samantha is a junior staffer in the White House, working for the Vice-Pres. When it becomes apparant that there is a leak in the administration, and more alarming, that there are secrets to leak, Sammy finds herself more involved than she'd ever expected. Combine that with her steamy but inconvenient relationship with a member of the press, and it could all spell trouble for Sammy if she doesn't watch her back. I ignored some of the more pointed remarks that appear to have been directed towards [...]

    25. This book was very comical. It highlights all of the drama surrounding the White House, and Kristin Gore plays a really funny heroine. I actually learned a lot about the white house, she alludes to historical places and moments in White House history, and her fictional presidents are hilarious. Although, the one character I didn't really like was Jake, her roommates boyfriend. He didn't seem very realistic. But I connected with her character in a lot of ways, especially in the way she was so pro [...]

    26. Kristen Gore is a great comedic writer; this book just pulled me in with all its amusing commentary about life in Washington. I enjoyed it more than Sammy's Hill (same hypochondriac, neurotic protagonist but the development of the character is less forced in this second book) and being a politico, enjoyed the parallel activity of trying to discern exactly what could be construed as a direct quote from Al Gore. She's picked an alternate addiction (alcohol) for her President and set the tale up ni [...]

    27. This is a great, light read. The sequel to Sammy's Hill, this one is just as laugh-out-loud funny. I especially loved the scene when Sammy is hit on by a senator, with an unexpected twist. And author Gore, as the former VP's daughter, gets in some hilarious digs at the current administration & doesn't even really bother to try to veil them. It's also pretty obvious she has modeled the VP in the book after her own father in many ways. Sammy, as usual, gets herself in some funny situations (th [...]

    28. Not a bad follow up to Gore's first novel that introduced the slightly neurotic Sammy as she tries to fight the good fight in D.C. It's peppered with knowledge of the inner workings of the White House and interesting national policies, but it's an easy light read. I often found myself expecting huge clichés to wrap up major plot twists and discoveries, but like the first book, Gore would often tease you with material that usually preceded one and then veer towards a less soap opera-style event [...]

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