The Chocolate Moose Motive

The Chocolate Moose Motive When Lee hires a free spirited employee with a tie dyed troubled past she discovers that even the counter culture can conceal a killer As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis can tantalize p

  • Title: The Chocolate Moose Motive
  • Author: JoAnna Carl
  • ISBN: 9780451238023
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Lee hires a free spirited employee with a tie dyed, troubled past, she discovers that even the counter culture can conceal a killer As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis can tantalize people s tongues, Lee s newest hire is likely to make them wag Forsythia Sissy Smith is the granddaughter of Warner Pier s only remaining resident hippie, and lives ouWhen Lee hires a free spirited employee with a tie dyed, troubled past, she discovers that even the counter culture can conceal a killer As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis can tantalize people s tongues, Lee s newest hire is likely to make them wag Forsythia Sissy Smith is the granddaughter of Warner Pier s only remaining resident hippie, and lives out at the Moose Lodge once an informal commune in the forest east of town But the fact that Sissy is a third generation flower child is the least of Lee s concerns The previous winter, Sissy s husband, Buzz, was found shot to death, and local talk named Sissy the number one suspect Even though her alibi was airtight, the gossips are still pointing their fingers at her Lee sympathizes with the young woman even so when Buzz s dad, a tough retired Army colonel, threatens to sue Sissy for custody of her son Then the chief gossip is found dead, with Sissy on the scene Was she lured there Or is she the killer Lee has a sneaking suspicion that there is someone even sinister to blame Someone out to keep a dark secret from coming to light And they would have no problem killing a certain clever chocolatier who might uncover the truth

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    1 thought on “The Chocolate Moose Motive”

    1. I’m not one who normally reads many cosy mysteries but I enjoyed this one. It was a light fun read that held my interest. I liked the character of Lee McKinney Woodyard, owner of the chocolate concoction business TenHuis Chocolade. I also liked the interesting trivia about chocolate that is interspersed between several chapters. Particularly I liked learning about the history of chocolate. There were warnings about the dangers of chocolate to dogs, which I already knew. Not so sure about choco [...]

    2. Readers return to Warner Pier in the twelfth book in The Chocoholic mystery series by JoAnna Carl. The Chocolate Moose Motive continues the adventures of Lee Woodyard and the crew from TenHuis Chocolate. Fans of the series will enjoy the quaint Michigan setting and returning to characters that have become old friends. The long lived series is full of interesting chocolate facts and trivia and some excellent recipes, but the main ingredient is always murder!One of the things that I like about thi [...]

    3. "The Chocolate Moose Motive" is a cozy mystery. It's the twelfth book in the series. You don't need to read the others to follow this one, and this novel doesn't spoil any of the previous mysteries. This story had the unique ability to make my mouth water--fine chocolates, yum!The characters were complex and reacted realistically to events. I liked that the heroine didn't think she was smarter than the police or some great detective. It was more that she heard things, and she wanted to help her [...]

    4. When Lee hires Forsythia “Sissy” Smith at TenHuis Chocolates, Lee knows she’s in for some trouble. The townspeople have it in their minds that Sissy was responsible for her husband’s death. The previous winter, Sissy’s husband was found shot to death, and the case was officially declared to be a murder. In fact, many feel that Sissy got away with murder, even though she had a supposedly airtight alibi. Lee’s prepared to weather the storm of gossip but what she doesn’t realize is th [...]

    5. Oh this book is so goodI dearly love this book. I love all of JoAnna Carl's Books. This has some funny parts in it as well too and they make you laugh out loud. My favorite character in this book is the Grandmother. She is so funny and very witty. I give this book 5/5 Stars on .

    6. Well, I'm happy to see that Joe is finally answering his phone! 11 books and it seemed like the major problem was that Joe would never answer his stupid phone.This one felt shorter than the others. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it. Not sure if I would continue reading if the library didn't have them. But they do, so on I read.

    7. Warner Pier is a fun place to visit. The characters are enjoyable and I hope to see more of them in future books. I borrowed this book from my local library and will be looking for more books by this author during my next visit.

    8. Chocolate, dead body, hippie and a moose!! Only JoAnna Carl can weave this together for a interesting mystery! Love her Chocoholic Mystery collection!!

    9. A scrumptious mystery! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies:Since the death of her uncle, Lee McKinney Woodyard has taken over as business manager of her Aunt Nettie’s company, Ten Huis Chocolates, working alongside her aunt. As a young girl, she spent summers with her aunt and uncle, working for them at their business. Later, when her own marriage broke up, they took her under their wing again. The chocolate shop became a secure haven for her. Living in Warner Piers, she had met and married [...]

    10. TenHuis Chocolade is such a busy place Lee thinks they may need more help. When she overhears an argument in the grocery store and does a little investigating she believes she has found her new payroll clerk. Forsynthia "Sissy" Smith is a the granddaughter of the area's only remaining hippie. She lives east of town with her grandmother at the Moose Lodge. The place was once an informal commune. Lee has learned that Sissy's husband Buzz was found shot to death the previous winter and Sissy was th [...]

    11. A delightful mystery in the Chocoholic series with Lee. Fast paced, quick-reading. Good story!When Lee hires a free-spirited employee with a tie-dyed, troubled past, she discovers that even the counter-culture can conceal a killer… As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis can tantalize people’s tongues, Lee’s newest hire is more likely to make them wag. Forsythia “Sissy” Smith is the granddaughter of Warner Pier’s only remaining resident hippie, and lives out at the Moose Lodg [...]

    12. I really liked this book, very well written and thought out. I could see the ending, but I liked it anyway.

    13. The Chocolate Moose Motive is the 12th book in The Chocoholic Mystery series.Shortly after hearing a somewhat heated discussion between Sissy Smith and her late husbands father, Ace Smith,in the grocery store, Lee McKinney,runs into Sissy again in the parking lot. Literally. While exchanging insurance information, Sissy mentions that she is the famous murderess of the area. As soon as Lee returns to TenHuis learns that Sissy's husband had been murdered a couple years ago, she was cleared of any [...]

    14. The 11 predecessors to this book had a lot in common. One of the hallmarks was the numerous, if not surplus, characters present in each book. Compared to the rest this book has few murder suspects. So it was likely for anyone to guess the culprit - not I though. The threadbare cast aside, this book has the same painstaking set up for suspense and danger for the heroine. The latter didn't solve the mystery. There was shadowing involved, but alas no deductions. I often wonder what is the purpose o [...]

    15. Lee McKinney Woodyard, Business Manager of Ten Huis Chocolade is busy delivering chocolates to an upscale grocery in near by South Haven, when she accidentally overhears an argument in the next aisle. Fearing possible physical violence, she runs her cart into a young woman's cart. Their next encounter is in the parking lot, when Lee accidentally backs up into the woman's VW. The lady introduces herself as the 'murderess.' Shocked, Lee goes home and tells her Aunt, her husband, Chief of Police, a [...]

    16. An interesting mystery to solve. Even though I guessed who did it mid-way, I was curious as to why for a long while yet.

    17. Book Cover First Impressions:I thought this book based on the title and subtitle “A Chocolate Mystery” would actually be about chocolate and going into mouth watering descriptions of new chocolate recipes and the stories within. However this book barely talked about the delicious subject.My review:Although this book front cover claimed to be a story about chocolate, I believe the real story was with the chocolate store’s owner Lee and her investigative skills to solve a murder mystery base [...]

    18. The story was very disjointed in my opinion. One minute Lee is yelling at someone, then she is laughing - the situation did not change. The ending was rushed and not satisfactory. This book veered away from the chocolate production, except to enter descriptions of a piece when someone took it. Really? Bland descriptions interspersed in the book, no real talk about the chocolates.Also, the "tongue twisting" has gotten old. Not only does Lee do it, but after each occurrence we are hit over the hea [...]

    19. In this latest installment in the “Chocoholic Mystery” series, Lee is pressed into service by the lone remaining hippie at Warner’s Pier. She hopes that Lee can stop the suspicions of the townsfolk that her granddaughter is a murderess. But then, another person ends up dead and the granddaughter is again under suspicion. Can Lee discover the truth, and can she prove it? With few characters in the story, you may soon solve the mystery of who the real murderer is, but the motive remains to b [...]

    20. The Chocolate Moose Motive was the first book I've read by JoAnna Carl who has written quite a comprehensive series for chocoholics. Not being one to read series books out of order, this was a stretch for me, but it wasn't that difficult to become immersed in the story and in the characters. Carl has created Lee, our protagonist, as a folksy purveyor of chocolates and as a great solver of mysteries. The writing moves along slowly, in that gentle folksy manner, and even though I suspected the mur [...]

    21. I decided to read some books of this series because several people on who liked books I like like the series. This book was different than most of the adventure/mystery books I read. Most are down to earth, basic strong stories. This book was somewhat cutsy. I would say it was a combination of mystery and chic fiction. Not there is anything wrong with it; I just prefer the normal mystery books. But it was interesting enough that I will try reading at least one more from the series.

    22. When Lee meets Sissy Smith, she begins to wonder about the rumors that this young woman killer her husband a few months back. When Sissy comes under suspicion of a new death, Lee jumps in to figure out what is happening. The characters are always enjoyable, although I miss the supporting cast we used to see. Still the plot is strong and keeps the pages turning.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    23. This is a fun and light-hearted series--- perfect when you need an easy read. I live in Holland, MI, so all the landmarks and such near the fictional town of Warner Pier is home to me. :) This is the 12th book in the series and while I will continue to read them all (because at this point the characters feel like old friends!) the series is starting to feel like the same old, same old-- no surprises anymore-- same story each time. Though I really liked the new characters introduced in this story [...]

    24. The plot & characters were fun. The pace was slower than others in the series. I like the backdrop & backstory of chocolate, but there was a lot of repetition in the details. Maybe a different editor on this one? Or something? I don't mind occasional look backs, but I was beginning to think that the author thought I was stupid or not paying attention. That vibe moved my rating from a 4 to a 3.5ish. Still fun, still like the author, but just not on point.

    25. Lee is in the grocery store when she overhears a confrontation between two other shoppers and when she leaves the store she backs her van into the VW of one of those shoppers. It is in this way that Lee meets Sissy Smith. Everyone believes she killed her husband and when Sissy finds another body the gossip mill hits overdrive.

    26. A chance encounter raises Lee Woodyard's curiosity about petite Sissy Smith, who calls herself a murderess. Aunt Nettie's chocolate shop needs an assistant for Lee, so she hires Sissy, who, local gossip insists, killed her husband. But when Sissy finds another body, Lee can't help get involved in the investigation.

    27. This series tends to border on the simplistic to the almost absurd, but the town of Warner Pier, Michigan and Lee Wodyard and friends are so appealing that you just don't care. This mystery was actually really engaging and I didn't see the end coming until we were almost there, so a very well done entry.

    28. I cannot believe that this has an average rating of nearly four stars. This is one of the most poorly-written mysteries I've ever read. The writing feels contrived, and the mystery is basically solved without any need for the main character. I don't imagine I'll be reading JoAnna Carl again. 12th book in a series? Really?

    29. You got to read " The Chocolate Moose Motive" it will grip you to want to finish the book that day. Put you're self in the place of a person being blamed for the murder of you're Husband. And the only person to give you a chance to work and not having people talk behind you're back is Lee Woodyard.Read and find out what happens.

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