Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket A Texas love affair between the hottie sheriff and his luscious next door neighbor What s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff and he s playing it cool Mae Montaine knows the man h

  • Title: Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?
  • Author: Cerise DeLand
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • A Texas love affair between the hottie sheriff and his luscious next door neighbor What s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff and he s playing it cool Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he s always happy to see her So why won t he come over and see her sometime for a date A hug A kiss More West Farraday yearns for the All AmeA Texas love affair between the hottie sheriff and his luscious next door neighbor What s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff and he s playing it cool Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he s always happy to see her So why won t he come over and see her sometime for a date A hug A kiss More West Farraday yearns for the All American knock out who lives next door, but Mae s got problems and secrets He d love to help her out of her problems And her clothes Then into his bed When the timing seems right, West makes his move He s happier than a colt in clover Mae s skeptical they can make it as a couple After all, town gossip says the good sheriff is hard on the ladies But when three bad coyotes invade Mae s life, West tries to prove to her that a man who s hard in the sack can be oh, so easy to love.

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    1 thought on “Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?”

    1. Sheriff. West Farraday, Had Suffered Just Watching His New Next Door Neighbor. She Had Dropped Everything And Had Come To Texas From New Jersey When He Informed Her That Her Sister And Brother-in-law Had Died In A Car Crash And Left A Toddler, Mae Montaine Gave Him Plenty Of Sleepless Nights With Her Sexy Body. He Admired Her Dedication To Care For Her Niece And Settle In Winston Instead Of Taking The Little Girl To Live In New Jersey. Mae Also Gave Him Pause As She Was A klutz he Bailed Out Of [...]

    2. This is the first Cerise Deland book that I have had the plesure of reading. Just the cover and title alone tempted me to give this a read, and I am go glad that I did. West Farraday is the towns hunky Sherrif and the next door neighbor to Mae Montaine. Mae recentely moved from New Jersey to a small Texas town to raise her two year old niece, after her sister and brother-in-law are killed in an accident.These two are attracted to each other from the moment they meet, but they both keep it very w [...]

    3. This is a great book by Cerise DeLand. I really enjoyed this romantic and sexy story. Mae Montaine moves into her sister’s home to take care of her niece after the death of her sister and brother-in-law. Her neighbor is the sexy sheriff, West Faraday. When Mae needs help, he is there at here beck and call and boy would he like more. They both secretly want to be with each other. Sheriff finally makes the first move and they are hot together. The plot was thrilling and exciting - a mysterious b [...]

    4. This is a great book to read, one that I really enjoyed and would recommend to those who enjoy a mix of romance, mystery and bit of erotica… Yup, this is one of those books that was a quick HOT read, one that is was hard to put in down (just a fair warning there was a couple of farfetched storyline ideas but easy to glance over…) Mae moves from Newark, Jersey to a small town in Texas after the death of her sister and brother-in-law to help raise her niece. Her neighbor is the sheriff of the [...]

    5. I really liked this book!! Hot cowboy comes to the rescue all the time. I mean who wouldnt? It was kind of confusing what happened to Mae's sister and brother in law and it was kind of explained towards the end. Other then that it met my smut requirements.

    6. Mae was a delight. I loved her character. She's a beautiful woman and she knows it but doesn't let it get to her head. West is such a sweetheart. He was patient with Mae and gave her time to grieve. He's so good for her and Emma.

    7. This was a great read, it was quick, not too complex and fun. I love all the tension between the hero and heroine. HOT HOT HOT. I think this book is perfect for when you are lazing around and you need a cowboy fix :) I highly recommend you give this one a chance! YUMMY Hero ahead!

    8. This is the first book I've read by Cerise DeLand and I liked it. It felt a little rushed to me, but I liked the characters well enough that I wanted to find out what happened to them - and I got nervous when the bad guys showed up at Mae's house. Fun, hot, light read.

    9. Have you ever had a fantasy about a hot neighbor? This is a good novella about a city girl from Jersey and a small town Texas sheriff. There is yearning, romance and even a little suspense.

    10. A Hot Texas Hero Meets His MatchTwo unlikely neighbors -a handsome Texas sheriff and a beautiful woman from Newark and their hot steamy love affair amid a mystery. A very satisfying story with believable characters so well written!

    11. Well, I don't know about you, ladies, but I am definitely happy to see there are still good and sexy short stories around!Mae has felt an intense attraction to her neighbor, West, ever since she met him. Little does she know, he's had the hots for her all that long, too. When another accident caused by Mae causes them both to snap under the sexual pressure, will their mutual attraction be enough to keep them together? Or will other parties who wish to harm Mae manage to keep them apart?This was [...]

    12. Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? was an enjoyable novella by Cerise DeLand. The book revolves around Mae Montaine, a clumsy city girl who has been thrown in the middle of a small town in Texas. Her sister and brother-in-law were in an accident, leaving their two year old daughter in Mae's care. Luckily for Mae, her next door neighbour is the gorgeous, extremely helpful sheriff West Farraday. As the novella progresses, so does the relationship between Mae and West. Although there was nothing wrong w [...]

    13. I went back and forth several times between being completely caught up in the story and groaning at its cheesiness. I almost put it down 20% through because of the crass mind set of the characters--it read like something I'd read in Playboy or on Literotica, rather than sounding like an erotic romance. It wasn't the language that was off-putting, but the mind-set of the characters. Sex and their as-yet-unfulfilled raw attraction for one another was the only thing they were thinking of. The emoti [...]

    14. This contemporary Western romance has a great balance of romance, intrigue and hot heavy sex. Mae is living a life that’s been thrust upon her following the death of her sister and brother in law. Inherit niece and house and move to a small town where she has caught the eye of the Sheriff West. There’s trouble in this town though when Mae finds out her brother in law was involved in illegal activity and now she has to keep herself and her little niece safe.DeLand has sprinkled a balance of l [...]

    15. Gun is billed as a western read with comedy, suspense and spice. Packing all that in 82 pages is tough and it didn't work here.There is no real comedy, Mae is just a little klutzy at the beginning, the spice is quite light (not what I was expecting from a Cerise Deland book), while the book takes place in Texas there wasn't much western feel to it and the suspense took all of perhaps 4 pages. I did get involved in those 4 pages though.Since it didn't really satisfy any of the ways it was suppose [...]

    16. I just had to give this story 5 stars. This is the first book I have ever read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked West & Mae. Mae was a beauty but she was in no way vain. She was sweet & had insecurities of her own. This made me love her. West was easy to love it was hard to imagine him as another wanted to paint him. He seemed like a great guy from the get go. They both just wanted to be loved for who they were. This was a really great read and had some scorching [...]

    17. NetGalley Free BookWest is the sheriff in town and has a new neighbor named Mae. I get the play on names do you? Mae has moved to town because her sister and brother had died in a car accident and left their daughter and all their belongings to her to take care of. She needs help acclimating to Texas so West becomes her hero.This book did not do it for me. The love scenes did not even sizzle. The plot was predictable from the get go and the characters were only two dimensional. I think the autho [...]

    18. OK I'm 35% into this and I'm calling it quits. I didn't give it a star rating since I didn't finish it. Maybe its gets better. I like for the author to describe the main characters so I have a picture in my head but if I hear one more time how incredibly hot and good looking Mae is I'm going to hurl. I get it- She stops traffic when she walks down the street but for the LOVE OF GOD stop repeatedly telling us. I really wanted to like this- I love the title- the premise is good. I might go back to [...]

    19. I enjoyed this steamy romance. I am quickly discovering this author has got one hell of a talent for writing a hot romance. Mae and West have a sizzling relationship and the story was a sweet happily ever after, despite the twist towards the end. The characters are likeable (and in West's case, lickable) and the story moved well. It was a very entertaining read. The steamy love scenes were crazy hot. I'm finding myself liking this author more and more and I can't wait to read more from her.

    20. Cute, short story with some steamy scenes. Mae moves to Texas to raise her young niece after her sister and her husband are killed in an auto accident. A New Jersey girl, she's a bit out of her element in small town Texas. West is the local sheriff and just happens to be Mae's next door neighbor. He's had to rescue her several times and put out one fire or another.

    21. Short little story with love, kids, sherifs and graphic sex.Piccola storia d'amore comprensiva di bambini, sceriffi e sesso come se piovesse. THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND ROMANCE BECKONS FOR THE PREVIEW!

    22. I went back & forth between enjoying this book then foynd myself rolling my eyes with some of the language. It hasn't made me want to avoid this author in the future thoughjust more intrigued

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