Immortal Bound

Immortal Bound Amele must fulfill her binding to the Elemental God Nikolai as was her promise Is the warrior Queen ready for all that he will demand of her however Cold hearts and stubborn ways make for a fascinati

  • Title: Immortal Bound
  • Author: Jennifer Sage
  • ISBN: 9781466081895
  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook
  • Amele must fulfill her binding to the Elemental God Nikolai, as was her promise Is the warrior Queen ready for all that he will demand of her however Cold hearts and stubborn ways make for a fascinating adventure on just what it means to keep your word in the Immortal Realms.

    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ✓ Immortal Bound - by Jennifer Sage ¾
      481 Jennifer Sage
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    1. Here I sit again at my computer trying to come up with words to sum up another book. Usually the words flow easily and I can get exactly what I want (and need) to say about a book out without much hesitation or even thought on my behalf. Not that those reviews are thoughtless on my behalf, but more clear to what to say about them. This book has proven to not be the case at the moment. Immortal Bound is book 2 in the Immortal series by Jennifer Sage. This story follows Amele as she fulfills her b [...]

    2. I was waiting on pins and needles for when this book came out.The only reason i didn't review it then was i simply got busy unfortunately. This book ,this series is so awesome. Jennifer Sage keeps getting better and better. If you read the first one read this one for sure your going to love delving deeper into this world she has created and added to. If you've not read the first one read this anyway AND the first one. I cant get enough of Jennifer Sage she is truly magical how she makes you beco [...]

    3. Amele, an immortal Sidhe, bound herself to Elemental God, Nikolai, to save her loved ones. She promised to bear his child. From the start, their time together is a battle of wills. Amele refuses to bow down to the sexy God. Nikolai is intrigued by the Queen that shows no fear. When they finally admit their love for one another, forces try to pull them apart. What will happen to their budding love? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles thrown at them?Again I loved this book. It was just as [...]

    4. Holy Cow!!From the moment I started reading Immortal Bound, I DID NOT WANT TO STOP!I have read Book 1, Immortal Dreams, Isabel’s story and couldn’t wait for Immortal Bound-Amele and Nikolai’s story. Jennifer has a way of making you fall in love with her characters and want to know what happens next. Once again, her visionary and imagination takes you on a journey with Amele and Nikolai and what a wild and emotional journey it was. I never felt so much emotion in a book before.To be shocked [...]

    5. I was looking forward to reading this and i wasn't disappointed, it was even better then i expected. We learn more about the gods, have some battle of wills, fight scenes, hot steamy sex scenes,again everything was paced nicely and enjoyed glimpses from more then one point off view.I love Amele, she is strong, very protective and not afaird to put a God in his place. Also loved learning more about Elemental God Nikolai and seeing how he handled Amele.I laughed, i cried, i felt like begging, on t [...]

    6. omg this book was awesome if you read the first book then you will most defiantly love this one its Amele and Nikolia and how they fall in love and fight for their right to love each other they have to fight against a jealous goddess named Reisha who in her anger lets loose a horde of daemons and other unthinkable creatures to destroy both world will they win will they get their happily ever after well you will have to read the book to find out. five gold stars well earned and definatly worth bu [...]

    7. Originally reviewed at prufreads/My rating: 4 out of 5 stars"Please, take my strength, take my love, take my mark upon you and never doubt that you are mine. That I am yours."~Nikolai ***Please note book was gifted by author in exchange for an honest review***Immortal Bound picks up where Immortal Dreams left off and wow does Amele have her hands full! The Warrior Queen was an easy stand out in book one and in this installment, she truly meets her match. Amele is a strong, independent and pridef [...]

    8. This series must be read in order. The first book is Immortal Dreams.The first book in this series starts out modern fantasy and quickly morphs into straight fantasy. This book is just pure fantasy :) I have never read a sequel quite like this. The supporting character from the last book Amele is the main charcter in this one and her story is way more amazing than I could have ever imagined! Being voluntarily bound to an Elemental God is way more complicated than it at first appears.There is loa [...]

    9. Immortal Bound: Amele (Immortal Dreams, #2) (by Jennifer Sage)Amele, a warrior Queen is promised to the God Nikolai. Although apprehensive she must learn to live with him and obey him. It is an adjustment to her but she is determined to keep her word.Immortal bound picks up perfectly where book one Isabel(Immortal Dreams, #1) left off. Some questions are answered and there is adventure and intense drama through out the story. Amele is very likable, she is a tough woman, but also has a soft side. [...]

    10. Very good readread in two days Very entertaining. great characters believable storylines. hot sex what's not to like. believe you should try it as well

    11. "I am here my Lord, let us go and take your sleet and rain from this Day of Light! I want to get this over with!" Amele was not happy about going with Nikolai, the Water Elemental God. She was grateful though, that despite his having a blue tint to his skin, he was gorgeous. I felt like I was that proverbial fly on the wall through this whole book! I was right there! The descriptions painted with Ms. Sage's words were vivid and not a detail was missed. This is, as the title states, the second bo [...]

    12. This is book 2 for the Immortal Series from Author Jennifer Sage. I really enjoyed the story of Isabel in book 1, Immortal Dreams. This second book is a stunner! Very quick paced, lots of intensity!Immortal Bound is the perspective of Amele, a Sidhe Queen and skilled warrior. She is introduced in book 1 and plays a major part there, so DO be sure to read the books in order. The other main player in this book is Nickolai, the Elemental God of Water. Where book 1 gave us a glimpse of the Immortal [...]

    13. Immortal Bound picks up where Immortal Dreams leaves off. In this book, the main characters are Amele and the Elemental God Nikolai. The story is a fiery ride as Amele and Nikolai have a clash of wills. In addition, there are some surprises along the way. Along with this, one of the other Elemental Gods wants a war. I found myself wrapped up in the story and rooting for Amele and Nikolai. The ending was intriguing and the story wrapped up nicely. As with the first book, the characters we are int [...]

    14. This book was amazing!! If you have not read the first book you really need to because the story begins with the first book and continues here. The realm of immortals Jennifer has created is both captivating and beautiful. You are drawn into this world with the words that are so vivid you can see them in your mind. This book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and you may even want to yell at the words on the page a time or two, I know I did. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Sage writes in [...]

    15. God I love the way this women thinks! I love the way she can tell a story in so many ways! Amele is the girl everyone wants to be adored by a God who will do everything for her! It's the most intense story I've read in a long time! My eyes were actualy hurting from reading because I wasn't able to put down my freaking tablet! Once you start reading, you just can't stop! I know there will be more great work from Jennifer because it would be a sin if she stops giving us a piece of her mind! She's [...]

    16. This was well written and the characters are just as strongly written as before. In Immortal Bound we pick up right where Immortal Dreams leaves off. It focuses on Amele, a warrior queen who has bound herself to Nikolai a Water Elemental God to save her loved ones. You can just imagine how that goes. Needless to say, you will get a good chuckle. Jennifer Sage is definitely an author you want to keep an eye on.

    17. This was an exciting book with gods and fantasy. It has a warning that it's for a mature reader that lead me to think there would be a lot of sex. There is sex and it can be graphic. This isn't just a sex story. There is so much more, rituals and swords and fights and sex. It maybe for an adult, but it's a lot more. This is a fantasy story that I got hooked on and stayed glued to.

    18. Loved itEven though you know how it's going to turn out the road to get there was nice. I liked the action in this book and the romance. I kinda wish it was a 3rd book in the series.

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