The Reluctant Debutante

The Reluctant Debutante In New York Ginger Fitzpatrick has absolutely no interest in taking part in the newest rage in America the Cotillion Ball Instead Ginger would rather be rallying for women s rights at least unt

  • Title: The Reluctant Debutante
  • Author: Becky Lower
  • ISBN: 9781440551420
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook
  • In 1855 New York, Ginger Fitzpatrick has absolutely no interest in taking part in the newest rage in America the Cotillion Ball Instead, Ginger would rather be rallying for women s rights at least until she meets her brother s best friend from St Louis, a dark mysterious man named Joseph Lafontaine, who ignites her passion and makes her question if love and marriage is sIn 1855 New York, Ginger Fitzpatrick has absolutely no interest in taking part in the newest rage in America the Cotillion Ball Instead, Ginger would rather be rallying for women s rights at least until she meets her brother s best friend from St Louis, a dark mysterious man named Joseph Lafontaine, who ignites her passion and makes her question if love and marriage is such a ridiculous notion after all.What she and the rest of New York s high society don t realize is that Joseph is half Ojibwa Indian, and therefore, totally unsuitable for marriage to a fine, cultured young lady.In this Edith Wharton meets Julia Quinn tale, a young woman rebels against high society and opts for a life in which she creates her own set of rules Sensuality Level Sensual Ever since submitting her first screenplay to Bonanza at age twelve, Becky Lower has had a love affair with the American west Since personal time travel is out of the question, she pursues her passion by writing about it Becky is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and lives in Oberlin, Ohio with her dog, Mary.

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    1. Becky Lower is a talented and gifted writer who has taken bits and pieces of American history and created a lovely and adventurous tale filled with love, suspense, and romance that makes this reader fill as if I am present in "The Reluctant Debutante". The heroine, Ginger, is strong-willed and determined to be her own person. Yet, in order to attain her one true dream of leaving NYC and heading west to St. Louis, Missouri, she abides by her parents' wishes by attending the Cotillion Ball. From p [...]

    2. Becky Lower’s The Reluctant Debutante is a well-researched, richly drawn portrait of 1855 America that intertwines a number of historical events and persons with a very romantic and sensual tale. Vastly entertaining, with a fabulous tie-in to the famous Gasconade Bridge train disaster, Lower skillfully constructs a story full of challenges, betrayals, love and enduring friendships that has a way of pulling you into her character’s lives and wanting more. All in all, The Reluctant Debutante i [...]

    3. A heartwarming continuation of the Cotillion Series by Becky Lower. As Grace enters into her third season, she knows this has to be her year. Desperate to be married and free herself from the clutches of her evil stepfather, Grace must marry this year or lose her hefty inheritance from her father. But with her stepfather, Simon, determined to keep her a spinster, she’s not sure she’ll be able to find a suitor in time. When Grace spies Halwyn across the dance floor, she formulates a plan that [...]

    4. Becky Lower's debut novel, The Reluctant Debutante, is a wonderful addition to American Historical Romance. With a market flooded with English Historicals (and don't get me wrong, I love them) it is refreshing to delve into American history in a unique way.The heroine, Ginger Fitzpatrick, lives up to her flavorful name. She is a woman not willing to continue living in the same way as the women before her. She meets and works with Amelia Bloomer to help advance women's rights. In an ironic twist, [...]

    5. This book--Lower's debut--takes you from high society of 1850's New York City to St. Louis and the burgeoning West. Feisty red-haired Ginger Fitzpatrick, the oldest of nine siblings, prefers to be friends with Elizabeth Blackwell and Amelia Bloomer than empty-headed debutantes, and would rather work in her father's bank than attend the Cotillion Ball. Joseph Lafontaine, her brother's friend, is half-French Canadian, half Ojibwa Indian. He is upstanding, brave, and understands that his Indian blo [...]

    6. The first time Ginger meets Joseph, the reader knows they belong together. But Author Becky Lower doesn't make it that easy.The Reluctant Debutante takes a walk back to the 1800s, when women showed their breasts, not their brains, and introduces us to Ginger Fitzpatrick, a champion of women's rights. We also meet Joseph Lafontaine, a French-Canadian hunk who makes cooking over an open fire sound like foreplay.Ms. Lower incorporates rich descriptions with colorful situations and takes us down a p [...]

    7. I am totally at a loss of what to say about how much I LOVED this book. Normally I'm not super into books/movies set in this time period, but I thought I would give it a shot because the summary sounded interesting, and I am quite glad that I did!The characters were all wonderfully written, VERY "fleshed-out". I loooved Ginger's personality. It is just so amazing for someone in this time period and social setting. I could very much relate with her.Overall I thought it was extremely well written, [...]

    8. This is a must-read for any history buff. From the opening chapter, I knew I held something special in my hands. The heroine--strong, independent Ginger Fitzpatrick--is Bloomer-deep in developing women's rights. The hero, Joseph Lafontaine, is half French-Canadian, half Ojibwa Indian. The moment they meet, the sparks fly. This alone would be enough to get me hooked (when was the last time you read a well-written Western/Native American romance?), but then author Becky Lower took it even further [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book more than I expected to. At first, I thought it seemed a bit "sweet" for my tastes, but as I read further, I found myself becoming quite attached to both the hero and heroine. I'm impressed that the author chose to confront racism against Native Americans. You don't usually find heavier issues addressed in romance novels, and this was a refreshing change of pace.Also, the historical information regarding the Gasconade Bridge collapse really added to the novel and provided an [...]

    10. Combined review of the first three books of this series featured at THE READING CAFEthereadingcafe/the-cotillion-ball-series-by-becky-lower-combined-reviews/#comment-177044.5 for this book!REVIEW:The Cotillion Ball series begins by introducing us to the Fitzpatrick family. Dad, Mom and many young and older siblings that are named after herbs and spices. In this book, our focus is on Ginger Fitzpatrick. Ginger is a bit of a rebel in her own way. She is all about woman’s rights and is quite voca [...]

    11. Becky Lower’s fourth book, The Tempestuous Debutante is a great addition to her historical debutante series set in America. This book is all about Jasmine, the bratty twin we first see, and not in a favorable light, in her twin sister Heather’s book, The Abolitionist’s Secret. I was both wary and excited to read Jasmine’s story. Wary because she had caused a large amount of trouble for her twin and therefore was not a sympathetic character in the previous book. But I was also excited bec [...]

    12. The Reluctant Debutante by Becky Lower – overall: 4/5; tension: 3.5/5; flames: 2/5This is Becky Lower’s break out story set in 1855 New York and takes us on a journey to the newly found Hampton’s and blazing iron trail to St. Louis. The story is stocked full of interesting characters and situations that have a promise of more stories to come. This is one summer read you won’t want to put down until you hit the end. A great beach read. Ginger Fitzpatrick is a spitfire in more ways than on [...]

    13. Jasmine appears to only have her own interests at heart. She doesn't want to be one of the "poor unfortunate ones" (a deb left over from last year, unmarried). She's shows her young years in her attitudes, her self-centeredness, she has a way to go before she's truly grown up.Alistair is a titled nobleman from England, hoping to make his way in the America. He needs to latch on to society in someway, and George Fitzpatrick is just the person who can help him. If he has to entertain his daughter, [...]

    14. Becky Lower is an incredibly talented author. The books that she writes are poignantly beautiful and romantically poetic. Her characters are written with extraordinary depth and detail, and the backdrops she chooses for each story are creatively painted through the words she pens on the page. Every story she tells takes you on a journey through time and brings historical cities to life with their bustling streets and ambitious people. In Blinded by Grace, the city of choice is none other than th [...]

    15. There was a lot that worked for this novel for me. I loved the chemistry between the Rosemary and Henry. They were each such strong characters on their own that when they came together their chemistry was a force to be reckoned with.The setting and the little attention to the historic details all worked well for me. The author does a wonderful job with the historic facts and events which added to the story but didn’t distract from it. She added in a lot of details about fencing which I thought [...]

    16. If you thought you were going to settle in for a predictable story when it comes to the latest of the Fitzpatrick siblings, you would be wrong. I have to admit I started off annoyed with Jasmine and her spoilt attitude, in comparison to her siblings. Then I remembered that Jasmine is her own person and I need to see her for her own self. I came to find that she is even more of an original and a trailblazer than those that came before her. I, as a reader, did the pigeon holing that her mother, Ch [...]

    17. Another book in Becky Lower’s Cotillion Ball Series! This time the radical Rosemary, duplicitous author of dime-store novels is the match-making focus of the determined Charlotte, matriarch of the Fitzpatrick family. Rosemary shows no interest in the opposite sex; her romantic thrills are found in the potboiler novels she writes under the pseudonym F P Elliott. Unfortunately the new owner of her publishing company insists on meeting the elusive Mr Elliott. As she feints and parries with the ha [...]

    18. The Reluctant Debutante, set in 1855, encompasses a time when expansion led eager souls westward. (Love the first meet in this book!) Ginger Fitzpatrick, determined to get to St. Louis to improve her father's banking business, pacifies her parents by first agreeing to take part in the social season. Joseph Lafontaine has come from St. Louis to New York to sell horses. Every inch the son of a French/Canadian, his arrival takes debutantes in the social whirl by storm, to include Ginger. But Joseph [...]

    19. I won this book from the author in the TRR anniv party. This book is right up my street - historical with humour, I do like a feisty heroine too, dealing with issues, merging fact and fiction (I do like to find out facts!) and a happy ending (though if I had to say anything, I thought Ginger went a bit too soppy at the end).Overall, a great read and the start of a series, so I'll be following to see which historical events are covered in future.

    20. Wow, the chemistry between Henry and Rosemary is white hot!! They are by far my favorite characters of the series, not just for their heated interactions with each other, but for the masterful nuances of their personalities. They were both interesting and complete persons on their own, which is, in my opinion, something that is not found often in a genre that can sometimes rely too heavily on the idea of lovers completing each other. This series just gets better and better!

    21. I had never been interested in historical romance until I picked up one of Becky's books. Her easy way of telling stories had me hooked. I love the way Ginger sees the world and wants to change it. Her sweet romance is one I'll never forget.

    22. As posted at THE READING CAFE 14 Sep 14!5 out of 5 for this reader folks!OH YEAH! Becky Lower is back with her fourth book of her Cotillion Series and she hits a home run. I LOVED this book!We first met Jasmine Fitzspatrick in the previous books as the spoiled brat, manipulative twin sister of Heather, and overall hard character to embrace and feel sorry for. As her season was ruined the previous year due to an injury (and her own stupidity), Jasmine is like a starving lion ready to pounce and c [...]

    23. 5 out of 5 for this reader folks!Oh Becky Lower! I have been with you from the start of the Cotillion Ball series and I am determined to make sure that you find long lost family members of the Fitzpatrick family to add to this series because not only can I NOT get enough, but cannot image this series ever concluding. Perhaps the children of all our couples?? LOLSo YES I LOVED THIS BOOK. I was anticipating Rosemary's story and boy did you ever deliver.Rosemary Fitzpatrick is the spitfire of this [...]

    24. How It Made Me Feel:I greatly enjoyed this book and was intrigued from the moment I made it past page 2. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and sometimes, I feel that the authors don't always get the feeling of what it was really like in that time period. Though I will never know for sure, what the United States was like in the 1900's, I know that what I read in Becky Lower's book seemed extremely realistic and true to the point. I enjoyed the witty repartee and intelligent conversa [...]

    25. Hurray! Becky Lower is ba-ack with her fourth Fitzpatrick sibling, Jasmine, in The Tempestuous Debutante, Book 4 of her Cotillion Ball series. Jasmine is Heather’s (The Abolitionist’s Secret) outgoing, self-serving twin, whose season was cut off last year when she fell and broke her ankle on the night of the ball. Now she will finally have her season, scheming this time to one-up her sisters by marrying an Englishman with a title, which will bring her wealth and prestige, the two things she [...]

    26. 19 year old Rosemary Fitzpatrick has been writing and having her dime novels published under the guise of F.P. Elliott, presumably thought to be a male by Cooper Publishing. Everything has gone smoothly until the head of the publishing company decides to send his son, Henry Cooper, to check out the authors and meet with them personally. Rosemary gets herself into a tizzy and once she meets this handsome gentleman and introduces herself as F.P. Elliott's secretary, Henry Cooper is entranced with [...]

    27. Another wonderful book in Becky Lower’s Cotillion Ball Series. The series follows the love adventures of the sons and daughters of the Fitzpatrick family. It is the 1858 debutante season in New York and Halwyn Fitzpatrick is relieved he has no more sisters, ready for the marriage market, to escort to the round of balls this season. However, his mother has determined it is time Halwyn married and settled down; she has a line-up of shy debutantes to parade before him, especially now he has his n [...]

    28. Blinded by Grace, Becky Lower’s fifth book in the Cotillion series tells us the story of Halwyn Fitzpatrick. Halwyn is a loveable hero. Serious and responsible (how can you not be as the eldest son in a family of nine children?), Halwyn is the caretaker of his large family. He would like to settle down into married life with a good woman, but does not see the necessity of amorous feelings. Marriage, after all, is an amicable business relationship. If there is one thing Hal is good at, its busi [...]

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