Snow White

Snow White Last fall Sterling republished Charles Santore s critically acclaimed version of The Wizard of Oz Now we proudly welcome another of his lavishly illustrated classic tales Snow White This exquisitely

  • Title: Snow White
  • Author: Charles Santore
  • ISBN: 9780517064979
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Last fall, Sterling republished Charles Santore s critically acclaimed version of The Wizard of Oz Now, we proudly welcome another of his lavishly illustrated classic tales Snow White.This exquisitely retold and newly designed edition remains faithful to the Grimms beloved original Featuring dreamy vistas, lush forests filled with animals, expressive characters, and anLast fall, Sterling republished Charles Santore s critically acclaimed version of The Wizard of Oz Now, we proudly welcome another of his lavishly illustrated classic tales Snow White.This exquisitely retold and newly designed edition remains faithful to the Grimms beloved original Featuring dreamy vistas, lush forests filled with animals, expressive characters, and an unforgettably beautiful heroine, it weaves a magical spell that will enchant children.

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    1 thought on “Snow White”

    1. Snow WhiteGrades 1-2This version of Snow White is illustrated and retold by Charles Santore, with credit given to the Grimm Brothers on the inside of the book’s cover. Santore’s illustrations are absolutely stunning, sophisticated and realistic beginning from the inside of the book’s cover to the end. Santore captures the characters’ emotions, details of the characters’ garments, animals and scenes with remarkable detail and realism, with illustrations that look like oil paintings span [...]

    2. This is a gorgeous copy of the original Grimms' fairy tale Snow White. It keeps one of the original endings and the pictures are simply beautiful. I love how he keeps Snow White as a young girl, true to the story, so that when the prince awakens her she is a young woman and ready for marriage. In most retellings they have her be a young woman from the start but then they keep her in the coffin for a couple months before she is saved, instead of for years like she's supposed to be. I love that th [...]

    3. Lovely version of Snow White. Some elements and writing felt more like Goldilocks than Snow White, but I may just not know the classic story as well as I thought. This version also has some of the classic violence you'd expect from old fairy tales (multiple attempts on Snow White's life, cutting out the deer's heart, etc.), but the violence is written, not illustrated, so savvy storytellers can leave those bits out if they so desire. Illustrations are fantastic.

    4. What makes this book so absorbing are the lovely illustrations. My public library has two copies of it, and every time I shelve it, I've found myself wanting to read it. So, I finally did. It was also nice to read a version other than the Disney one that most of us are so familiar with. An absolutely beautiful book!!!

    5. While I have never been a fan of this particular overly-trusting and snooze-prone heroine, she does a lot more than Princess Aurora who never does anything but injure herself and sleep for a hundred years. Frightened away by her stepmother’s attempted assassination, Snow White earns her keep with the seven little men, cooking, cleaning and keeping house for them. Her beauty is matched only by her sweet nature and willingness to work for her living. Can’t fault her for that.In this instance, [...]

    6. Title / Author / Publication Date:Snow White: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm / Santore, Chalres. (ill.) / 2002Genre: Fairy TalesFormat: Picture Book – printPlot summary:Retells the Grimms’ fairy tale Snow White faithfully following the original storylines.Review citation:Gr 1–3—Lovely, broad paintings provide a rich sense of place and characters in this faithful rendering of the well-known tale. Snow White is a pretty child, the envious queen is haughty and wonderfully wizened in her dis [...]

    7. This is a gorgeously illustrated version of Snow White, where she is a young child for most of the book. This helps to explain why she continues to make bad decisions when it involves little old ladies coming to knock at the door of the dwarves' cabin! Each character is drawn very differently and takes on their own personality. Grades 1-3Curriculum Connection: This would be a good book for a fairy tale unit, and also for reading comprehension in the form of first, next, then discussions. First, [...]

    8. Most of the illustrations in this book were beautiful, but I felt like Snow White herself was lacking something. She felt hollow. She didnt have the warmth that the other characters in the story conveyed. I thought she looked the most alive in the scenes where she is supposed to appear to be dead. There are three different scenes with her in a casket looking positively radiant, but on every other page she is dull.I wanted to love these illustrations, but I just dont.

    9. I absolutely loved the pictures of this story. It's slightly different from the Disney version in how many times the evil queen tries to kill Snow White. The ending is also a toned down version of the ending from the Brothers Grimm version. This version also reminds me a little of Once Upon a Time. The illustration of Snow White looks almost exactly like the younger Snow White on the TV show. It's pretty great.

    10. Another of a bajillion variations on the Snow White fairy tale. This is one of the best I've read, though, and certainly the most beautifully illustrated. I appreciate that the authors present an elevated (and not abridged) version of the Grimm & Grimm tale in what is essentially a book for little children. It reads like a short story -- not a picture book.

    11. Harmony found this book at The White Rabbit bookshop along the riverwalk in Durango, near the oh-so-tasty Cream Bean Berry ice cream cart. The illustrations are so rich that we ALL loved them, but when we got to the last page of the story and saw the magic mirror, we all became fans for life of Charles Santore and I now plan to collect his books.

    12. This book is absolutely beautiful! The illustrations are done wonderfully; they really portrayed the beauty of Snow White. While reading this retold version of the classic fairy tale I was often reminded of another classic fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I would highly recommend this book.

    13. This story contained the whole story of Snow White. I did not know about the Queen's many efforts to kill Snow White. She strangle Snow White, poison her, and put her to sleep forever. When the Prince finds her she had grow up and they married. I think it is creepy that they made the Queen dance until she died.

    14. A wonderful tale of a young princess that escapes into the woods from her evil stepmother the Queen to a small cottage. There she meets the seven dwarfes and becomes their friend. The evil queen determined to kill her at all costs tries to kill her. Snow white prevails against it all. In the end gets her prince and becomes a queen herself. A must read

    15. I thought that the art work was very interesting and it made me think about something I had not thought about before, which is how young Snow White would have been mentally when she woke up. The story portrayed everything quite nicely and was overall an enjoyable read.

    16. I really enjoyed this book. The pictures were wonderful and there was so much detail it was the perfect fairy tale book. When I think of fairy tale books this is the perfect example that comes to my mind. I would recommend this to anyone.

    17. What a terrible story. Creepy. How did she age asleep? I have no idea. I like how the original ending is used in this telling, and the illustrations are beautiful. I will look for more of Charles Santore's work.

    18. Fabulous, detailed illustrations. The older girls wondered how she went from looking as though she were a child b/f she ate the apple to growing older in *death* and wake up to marry her prince charming.

    19. This is a good adaptation that keeps the darker tones of the story and, of course, the illustrations are gorgeous.

    20. Good rendition of the classic Grimm tale, with lush, vivid illustrations. Well worth a read, esp. with children.

    21. I loved the pictures in this book. Just a kids' book, but lovely pictures. As I recall. It's been a while.

    22. Lovely children's book of the classic fairytale. A worthy addition to my growing collection of children's fairytales!

    23. I know fairytales so well, that I'm watching the artwork in these. Snow Whites eyes are legitimately scary. Other than that, pretty and well executed but lacking something.

    24. This Picture book had beautiful pictures and I wished I had more time to look closely at them.Traditional Fantasy

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