A Rural Affair. Catherine Alliott

A Rural Affair Catherine Alliott Newly widowed Poppy Shilling should be feeling distraught at the death of her husband Phil But in fact she can t help feeling relieved No longer will she have to endure Phil s iron fist ruling over

  • Title: A Rural Affair. Catherine Alliott
  • Author: Catherine Alliott
  • ISBN: 9780141047799
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newly widowed Poppy Shilling should be feeling distraught at the death of her husband, Phil But, in fact, she can t help feeling relieved No longer will she have to endure Phil s iron fist ruling over her and their two young children, or his unfortunate penchant for lycra cycling wear.

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      486 Catherine Alliott
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    1. Poppy Shilling has been fantasizing about killing off her prig of a husband for a while. His obsessive ways, constant put-downs, and absences from their children's activities have gotten Poppy fed up. Imagine her surprise when the constables come to the door to tell her that Phil has been killed by being smooshed with a frozen block of pee that fell from an airplane. Poppy tries hard to be properly sad and grieving but she is happy to move on with her life especially when she finds out that perf [...]

    2. Колкото по-нови са книгите на тази моя любима авторка, толкова по-тъжни стават.Не, че липсват смешни моменти, но не са толкова много .Не се учудвам, защото е нормално с остаряването , да търсим повече смисъл в заобикалящите ни житейски уроци.Наскоро прочетох някъде, по какво м [...]

    3. An ok book, but certainly not the best Catherine Alliott book I've ever read. Was struggling to finish it after I'd got half way through and the stuff about the hunt made me give up completely as I find the whole act barbaric, no matter that it's a fiction set in the countryside - to portray it as a harmless hobby is WRONG! In fact I wonder if it was rather foolish of the writer to include these scenes because I can't be the only reader to find it extremely distasteful.

    4. The first part of the story sets the scene for the reader of the type of man Phil was and the relationship Poppy had with him. We get to know about how they met and where Poppy was in her life when that happened. Finding out more about Poppy’s own childhood we also come to understand why she needed the supposed predictability and dominance of Phil.Even though Poppy lives for her children and has very little confidence when Phil is alive, after his death and his secret is revealed she questions [...]

    5. Poppy Shilling never thought life would come to this – raising her two children and taking care of the household on her own, while her husband Phil is always off working or cycling or handing out his passive-aggressive lists of things for her to do. She starts wondering more and more if she married the right guy, and whether she’s brave enough to walk way (with the children of course, as Phil wouldn’t have the faintest clue what to do with them). Then one day Phil’s killed by a freak acc [...]

    6. A light hearted and enjoyable read, starting with the death of Phil, Poppy Shilling's husband and as the story progresses, we learn more about the background to her marriage and the reasons for her lack of grief in his loss.Poppy develops as the tale unfolds, with the help of her friends and family who encourage her to get out, join the local choir and book club and Poppy gradually matures and grows. A very likeable character, you can sympathise with her in her loss and the way she copes with he [...]

    7. I’m really surprised by the mixed reviews for this one on . Ok, including a particular incident during the hunting scene might not have been the best idea, but I really did enjoy this book from beginning to end. It’s a long time since I last read a Catherine Alliott book, but I’m now acquiring her back catalogue. The writing is genuinely witty – a bit grown-up Milly Johnson? – and although I’m not a massive fan of romantic comedy I found myself laughing out loud several times at some [...]

    8. Poppy Shilling is married to Phil they have 2 children Phil likes to be in control of everything. She fantasizes about her Husband dying, until one day the Police knock the door to say he has been killed, she should be upset but why is she relived? Phil has been hiding a dark secret but what could it be? Poppy settles into village life joining various groups she wants to get on with her life. But can Poppy put the past behind her and meet someone new that will make her happy? I was really disapp [...]

    9. For me, a good book is one that makes me feel whatever the character is feeling. This book wore me out! I felt Poppy's euphoria and her deepest depression and all the emotions in between.Poppy had imagined, in an abstract way, how it would feel if she were to become a widow. When her husband is suddenly struck by debris from a plane, (you won't believe what the debris actually was), she is actually relieved. When a woman comes to her door after the funeral, Poppy learns that her marriage was an [...]

    10. Having never read any of Catherine's books before I wasn't sure what to expect. I did find it hard to get in to but once I had it was an enjoyable read. There were some very amusing moments in the story which I loved. I wasn't really sure about the plot but it seemed to work. I found myself warming to the village life and I loved it when Poppy the main character gets on a horse when she hasn't been on one for ages, I think this part really drew me into the story. I would definitely like to read [...]

    11. Very enjoyable read, like Jilly Cooper with less sex and Joanna Trollope with more laughs. All the usual country saga suspects: horses, fit local lord of the manor, randy old goats propping up the bar in the village pub, and an Aga, of course. Entirely predictable ending but it doesn't really matter, put your feet up after a hard day with this book in one hand and a glass of wine within reach of the other, and you're sorted.

    12. This book was ok. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments which always appeals to me but the story was over all VERY predictable and many of the characters where completely pretentious which just doesn't appeal to me. It's an enjoyable enough read I suppose but I doubt very much that I will remember a great deal about it a few weeks down the road!

    13. I knew how it was going to end, but I still enjoyed all the goings-on of Poppy Shilling and her friends. It was a fun story with some good laugh out loud moments. I do like Catherine alliott and definitely think that her books have got better over the years. She is one of my favourite chick lit writers.

    14. cute, fun but please I am so tired fumbling, bumbling woman where are the strong woman in these books.

    15. Such a fun read. It isn't going to win any awards, but there are parts that caused me to pause and do some thinking. There were other parts that caused me to chuckle aloud.

    16. This book started out good,it held my interest and I wanted to keep reading,good likeable characters too. Poppy's husband dies and she's really ok about it as he wasn't the nicest man in the world and she's eager to see what the rest of her life has in store for her. She has her friends round to support her and all the people in their little village and they start a book club to try and help her a bit.It's funny in places and has the potential to be entertaining but it just starts to drag on and [...]

    17. I began the year with a hefty queue of long serious books which I am still reading, but took a break with this light novel about a woman who finds out that her husband was having an affair before he was killed by a frozen cube of excrement dropped by a high flying jet. Just the first of many humorous twists and turns. It was a fun read and I'll probably try another by this authorbut now back to the long serious books.

    18. I absolutely adore this book! It is so funny and the characters are so enjoyable. I was wanting a light read and ended up getting so much more. I highly recommend to everyone just to give it a shot! So hilarious, I’ve already bought another from this author.

    19. Sam HetheringtonAn easy read - but not my favourite book by Catherine Alliott - wished the ending happened earlier and we found out more about what happened at the end!

    20. Poppy Shilling is in a loveless marriage. Her husband Phil works all the time and then goes out and rides his bicycle. He’s constantly Lycra-clad which, is not necessarily a good look for him. He’s never home to help take care of their two children and gets more and more irritated with them all the time. Poppy wonders how he’ll die. Will he be walking under scaffolding and get hit by a rogue falling hammer? Or will it be something simpler. What it ends up being is completely freaky and a b [...]

    21. A women who married second best and regretted it. She fantasised that he would meet an untimely death never thinking that it would happen. It becomes reality and then she finds out he has been having an affair for years.It's how she copes afterwards which makes the book worth reading and very funny at times.

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