Song of the Dwarves

Song of the Dwarves None

  • Title: Song of the Dwarves
  • Author: Thorarinn Gunnarsson
  • ISBN: 9780441726905
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
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      134 Thorarinn Gunnarsson
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    1 thought on “Song of the Dwarves”

    1. A great retelling of Norse myths that include Odin, Thor, Loki, giants, dwarves, elves, Valkyries, and magical horses ~ and btw the horses can talk and are very persnickety!*A couple of them even had EIGHT legs!**Magical swords like Gram and Magical horses like Grane were very prevalent throughout the duology.***I must admit, I couldn't help but hear Anthony Hopkins voice in my head as Odin the whole time I was reading! But, that was ok! ~~~~~~~~~~Odin -- Allfather of the Gods~~~~~~~~****However [...]

    2. "Song of the Dwarves" retells Norse (Viking) mythology as a modern fantasy story, of which this first book deals with the coming of Odin, etc. to Earth (Midhgardh) and their fascination with the developing life, their subsequent decision to stay, the transforming of one of their number into the World Oak, and the differing realms discovered thereby. This part of the story ends with the discovery of the Rhinegold and the way it serves, by its effect on the will of the bearer and its own sentience [...]

    3. I enjoyed the first two chapters of this book quite a bit. The stories of the origins of the Norse gods/ddesses was well done and very enjoyable. After these stories, however, this was simply a retelling of the eddas and sagas that you can find in any number of books. These retelling were very well written, so if this is your introduction to Norse myths, these should delight you.

    4. Big bang and Norse GodsSong of Dwarves is a book that retells some of best known myths on the Norse tradition, with a different interpretation that links it with the Nibelung/Niflungr legend. I have seen this mix before in a Manuel Velasco’s book “El Anillo de Balder” (Baldr’s ring), where the ring is one of the most precious possessions of this god, amplifying his powers. The ring is the central topic on the plot and through the pages we learn that is linked with the Nibelungenlied. On [...]

    5. A semi-interesting take on the old Norse legends that at least kept me around to finish it. I enjoyed it a lot more after I started looking at it as mythology rather than a novel, as it definitely does not have a novel's pacing. No idea how "accurate" the myths are, but I found them entertaining and in particular had fun picking up all the things that Tolkein stole for the Lord of the Rings.

    6. This is one I didn't actually finish, which is rare for me. I don't like leaving a book unread.I found this book on the shelves at Goodwill, and picked it up, hoping for an "epic retelling of Nordic myths."Well, it's a retelling, I suppose, and the stories themselves are good. However, I think "epic" is too liberal an adjective. It's a tame, childish retelling, in all honesty. It attempts to be epic, but the writing talent is mild, willing to take shortcuts, and the dialogue is really incompatib [...]

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