The Tree Of Hands

The Tree Of Hands Once when Benet was about fourteen she and her mother had been alone in a train carriage and Mopsa had tried to stab her with a carving knife It was some time since Benet had seen her psychologically

  • Title: The Tree Of Hands
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780099434702
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once when Benet was about fourteen she and her mother had been alone in a train carriage and Mopsa had tried to stab her with a carving knife.It was some time since Benet had seen her psychologically disturbed mother So when Mopsa arrived at the airport looking drab and colourless in a dowdy grey suit, Benet tried not to hate her.But then the tragic death of a child begOnce when Benet was about fourteen she and her mother had been alone in a train carriage and Mopsa had tried to stab her with a carving knife.It was some time since Benet had seen her psychologically disturbed mother So when Mopsa arrived at the airport looking drab and colourless in a dowdy grey suit, Benet tried not to hate her.But then the tragic death of a child begins a chain of deception, kidnap and murder in which three women are pushed to their psychological limit.Winner of the Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger in 1984 and shortlisted for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards Adapted into a hit thriller film starring Lauren Bacall.

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    1. Prefácio de Ana Teresa Pereira:"o que mais me impressionou em A Árvore das Mãos foram as histórias de amor. Particularmente uma. São poucos (existe mais algum?) os livros que descrevem assim o amor, o desagrado que se transforma em aceitação, a aceitação em ternura, a ternura em"São poucos (existe mais algum?) os livros que me fizeram sentir tanta ternura por uma (duas) criança A Árvore das Mãos conta a história de três mães. Uma Grande, uma pequena e outra indefinida"Não devo o [...]

    2. I love books that have multiple plot lines that throw you for a loop until they are all nicely tied together. This is one of those books. It is dark and disturbing and definitely shows the not so nice side of people.It doesn't have the happy ending, so if you are looking for that look elsewhere.

    3. As I have stated elsewhere, I am a fan of Rendell's books although I have to tread warily with them as they are often extremely unsettling in a way different from most psychological thrillers. I had read this book many years ago and another friend (have forgotten who) was mentioning Rendell so I pulled this one off my shelf for a reread. At the moment, I think that Tree of Hands is one of her best. It has all the twists and turns one expects from her: multiple plotlines and disparate characters [...]

    4. There are those books that you read and enjoy and then forget. Tree of Hands has stayed with me for years. Like all of Rendell's books, it is uncomfortably dark and cynical. She never hesitates to lure readers to sympathize with miscreants and then punish the characters. Her books are like tense drives on a dangerous mountain road.

    5. When I first read this book, I felt as if I was holding my breath through most of it. I am not a mother and don't feel particularly maternal, yet I found this book extremely disturbing for what happens to the children at the centre of the plot. It worried me for ages afterwards and I'd find myself going over it eventually, a couple of years later, I re-read it. It was no less disturbing but, somehow, second time around I was able to cope with it more.This is in no way a criticism. I love a novel [...]

    6. This book is more philosophical and psychological than it is a mystery but it is suspenseful and there are crimes and misdeeds aplenty. Benet's first book was wildly successful and she is now living very comfortably in London with her beloved little son James and working on her second book. At the opposite end of the economic spectrum the waitress? Carol lives with Barry, who adores her, but whom she refuses to marry, and her own little son Jason who is more in the way than beloved. At least Jas [...]

    7. I got over 100 pages into the book, but I just couldn't finish it--the only two characters I had feeling for were both in a mess of trouble, there wasn't even a murder yet ("just" a kidnapping--not really a spoiler alert since it's on the back cover--for which one of those two characters either was being blamed or was going to be blamed), and the tension of worrying about the unjust suspicions, the element of mental illness, and worrying whether one of the two characters I liked was either going [...]

    8. Another brilliant, character-driven psychological thriller by Ruth Rendell. This one tells the story of Benet Archdale, a successful novelist whose mentally ill mother visits from Spain and attempts to relieve a grievous situation with an ill-advised act.

    9. Every time I finish a Ruth Rendell book, I swear I'm not going to read another. Her villains really get under my skin and take up residence in my mind. Then one of my subscription services offered a few of her titles at a low price, and I found myself seduced into buying them. I'm glad I did because I found out that that they aren't all straightforward murder mysteries, but they all show her wonderful ability to craft unforgettable characters.Chief among them is a woman whose young son dies in h [...]

    10. This a strange Rendell book. It also is perhaps, the most emotionally driven in terms of plot. While Rendell, especially when she writes under the Barbara Vine tend to be mysteries of the psyche, this book is more about psyche and emotion. It is also in some ways, the one where you root for what in other cases would be a villain simply because that character really isn’t bad. At the very least, Rendell makes you consider the meaning of the terms bad and good.Crossposted at Booklikes.

    11. I listened to this over a couple of evenings and it certainly kept me up and awake. This is almost perfect Rendell, bearing the trademark of her best tales - a braided plot that pulls together disparate characters and classes, clever misdirection, and deep and violent emotions. Constantly surprising and psychologically acute, this was both very easy to be gripped by, but also full of interesting observations made on raw life as lived in gritty, realistic London. Marvellous.

    12. Really 3.5 stars. RR is an amazing prose writer. I plan on reading everything she's written. This one was good, the characters rang very true to me. The plot was at bit predictable. This was written in the 80's and since then this sort of thing has been done to death. I think my next RR will be The Bridesmaid, maybe Portobello. I'm on a bit of a Rendell kick at the moment.

    13. Really well done! Two parallel plot lines, involving two separate sets of characters, that eventually intersect. Also, Rendell does that unsettling thing she's a master of--making an everyday person, whom we might very well rub shoulders with, into a bit of a 'crazy.'

    14. The first book of hers I have read - not as scary as I expected, but a really good investigation into how events can link together to cause people to act in very strange ways.

    15. Excellent, as Ruth always is! The strange and tortured psychology of ordinary people, told in an extraordinary way. I wish I could write like her.

    16. This is unquestionably one of Rendell's most disturbing novels . . . it took years before I could bring myself to re-read it.

    17. I rated this well, because this book kept me wanting to return to it. For one, I didn’t know what *kind* of a story this would be, and was mostly surprised at how the story unfolded. (This is my first time reading a Ruth Rendell book.) I thought this was just a family or kinship-focused kind of plot with a view on depression, and how it would affect a person and loved ones. But it was more than that, in a good way with enough suspense to keep me hooked.Yet in the same sense it was a little con [...]

    18. Ruth Rendell is my favorite writer of psychological thrillers Her characters have a normal facade but she peels away the surface carefully so that you see how disturbed they are. You see how easily disaster can occur with one bad choice after another. She also writes under Barbara Vine and those books are also excellent.I just reread this after many years and it is just as good. You will be inside the minds of her characters as they make their decisions, usually based on false information. You w [...]

    19. An unsatisfactory ending was the topper to this story. I guess I just don't like it when people get away with things they should not get away with, when I disagree with the decisions they make. For starters, Benet's insane mother should have had to pay for her crime. Let's face it, she should have had to pay for being an unfit mother a long time ago. Perhaps that's the main point of this book: what make a mother fit or unfit? Certainly Mopsa, Carol, Carol's mother are all unfit; but while Benet [...]

    20. I have just recently discovered Ruth Rendell's books. (My local library has been doing some remodeling so books that were formerly on the bottom shelves are now more accessible LOL). Anyway so far I have enjoyed them mainly because she has a rather quirky writing style and I like how there is a lot going on. She was certainly ahead of her time creating characters that are not that likable, but similar to a train wreck, you just can't look away. I am glad that I have discovered her work and that [...]

    21. Another fantastic and engrossing tale from the pen of Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine. Usually I think the Vine titles are more satisfying, but this one was up there with them! As usual from this author we get a collection of well drawn characters who are mostly quite strange, an unlikely but theoretically possible plot, lots of tension, and some ambiguities. I was gripped throughout. Still don't understand who shot a couple of the characters though.

    22. I was really looking forward to reading this, as flipping through the first few pages I was happy to see skillful, unique writing. But ultimately it was far too stressful for me. I cannot conceive of Benet NOT going to the police after discovering Jason was kidnapped. (And honestly, what is Jason going to do about adulthood when he doesn't even have a birth certificate)? It was too much for me. I'll read more of Ruth Rendell, however, as she seems to be on top of her game.

    23. Surprised and ConfusedThe first part of the story is rather a shocker. What follows is quite a jumble of characters and their odd deceitful behavior. I made it through to the end and was glad it was over. There are lots of great authors and books to be found. This one was a disappointment.

    24. i thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story lines all thread together in a believable way. I'd love to know what happens to Terrence Wand but that's the only unfinished story. The writing is excellent The characters are well developed. I recommend this book

    25. Thought the double murder at the end was a way too convenient way to get rid of the "bad guys". At times felt the storyline was wandering all over the place. This is my first Ruth Rendell. Have not decided if it will be my last

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