The Apocalypse Ocean

The Apocalypse Ocean A new Xenowealth novel from the mind of Tobias Buckell On the seas of an ocean that spans many worlds a girl raised by uncaring aliens seeks bloody revenge

  • Title: The Apocalypse Ocean
  • Author: Tobias S. Buckell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • A new Xenowealth novel, from the mind of Tobias Buckell On the seas of an ocean that spans many worlds, a girl raised by uncaring aliens seeks bloody revenge

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      465 Tobias S. Buckell
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    1. Tobias S. Buckell's Xenowealth series is an entertaining melange of space opera and Caribbean diaspora culture. I only discovered the series after his eco-thriller Arctic Rising (featuring a Black lesbian James Bond-like character!) became a bestseller in 2012.The first three books in the Xenowealth series, Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin and Sly Mongoose were published by mainstream publishers but then Buckell successfully used Kickstarter to fund the production of the fourth book in the series [...]

    2. The Apocalypse Ocean is the fourth book in Tobias Buckell‘s Xenowealth series.The story behind this book is almost as interesting as the book itself. Buckell talks here about how he used Kickstarter to successfully reboot this series. I haven’t seen the ebook, but I can tell you the hardcover is gorgeous. More about that later, though…The Apocalypse Ocean continues Buckell’s tradition of blending larger-than-life characters (Pepper and Nashara are back!) and well, let’s call them “li [...]

    3. This is the fourth book in the Xenowealth series by Tobias S. Buckell. As in the previous books this one takes place several years after the events in the previous book. This one starts with an alien monster in the dark and its randomly killing people. In the fight against this monster there is a pickpocket, a genetically engineered criminal mastermind, two cyborg political agitators and an alien android. This is all set in a universe where mankind is divided in to two different' and sometimes w [...]

    4. Originally published at SFFWorld.The Apocalypse Ocean is the fourth novel in Tobias Buckell’s highly entertaining Xenowealth series, following on from Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, and Sly Mongoose. However, the path to the release of this novel wasn’t a smooth one: after three novels that allowed the story to grow and expand, Buckell and his publisher, Tor, decided not to go with a fourth novel and instead a change of direction was called for (which led to Arctic Rising and its sequel, Hurrican [...]

    5. Apocalypse Ocean gave me the connection to place and characters of the first book in the Xenowealth series, Crystal Rain, while also containing easily as much action and adventure as the other two, Ragamuffin and Sly Mongoose. I think this is Buckell's best book yet.The book starts with some of the classic tropes of a fantasy novel - young beggar queen of a dockside town is watching a dangerous looking interloper from the rooftops; she has arranged for him to run into trouble so she can observe [...]

    6. I’ve been a fan of the SF writer Tobias Buckell ever since I met him at a convention. He’s a cool dude, and writes fairly hard-boiled SF novels. He first came to fame with Crystal Rain, set in a world colonized in part by aliens who wanted to be worshipped as ancient Aztec gods – human sacrifice and all. This was to be Book One of a five-book series. Alas, after three books, his publisher suggested they move on, and Tobias did so. But he still wanted to write Book Four and Book Five, and h [...]

    7. I realize I give out a fair number of 5 stars. I can't help it. I enjoy reading! The ability to give out half stars would be nice.But on to this book. I contacted the author via a twitter giveaway and got a digital copy of this book. OH MAN OH MAN AM I GLAD I DID!!!!It was sci-fi without being tech-p*rn you guys know what I mean. The world was interesting, and the beginning was just confusing enough that I wanted to keep reading. I discovered after finishing that there are more books written abo [...]

    8. The book started with that most classic of scifi tropes, there's an alien monster in the dark and its randomly killing people. Throw in a pickpocket, genetically engineered criminal mastermind, two cyborg political agitators an alien android and some awesome dialogue and mindbending high tech and you have the fourth novel in the brilliant Xenowealth Universe, of which this is the best one.

    9. Decent action novel set in the same universe as Buckell's other novels, with a recurring character or two. Fleshes out some of the backstory on the former alien overlords. In general it's a fairly by-the-numbers "urchin gets involved in events beyond his reckoning and has adventures" tale that makes for a fun read.

    10. I've read a lot of sci-fi in my life. Even for sci-fi some of the concepts in this book were really far-fetched. The first half of the book I devoured in one day, the rest over the course of a week. The first half was really pretty good, while the latter half was a trudge.I read this as an I09 book club selection. I probably won't read the rest of the series.

    11. So happy Buckell did a Kickstarter and wrote this book! Fascinating new world and a riveting character in Kay, plus some old friends. It's been a while since I read the other Xenowealth books and I should reread them, but it wasn't really a barrier to enjoying this one.

    12. I should have mentioned this long ago, but this was a great, really fun readetty much what you can expect from Buckell's Xenowealth series.Buy it, read it, and encourage him to write more of these.

    13. Solid 4th instalment. Not quite as impressive as the previous books but some interesting new characters & plot elements. I would have liked a longer book though - there's a hell of lot of story crammed into a very short space.

    14. I got lost a few times with who was on which side, but that's just because I read fast and tend to skim when I'm doing the "get as many pages done while on the train" thing.I liked this a lot. I managed to miss the part where it was Book 4 somehow, so I'll go back and read the other 3. :)

    15. Best book in the series. Interesting setting (as usual for Buckell) but cleaner writing and better character development for the new ones (the old standbys are just there).Also, what happened to Etsudo?

    16. My first Kickstarter-funded book. About what one would expect from crowd-funding: a lot of telling rather than showing, passable plot, wooden characters. But mildly entertaining and I made it through to the predictable end.

    17. The Xenowealth saga continues in good form, with what might be Buckell's tightest tale yet. Old favorites return, new favorites emerge, and myriad crazy-ass ideas are satisfyingly put forward, all culminating in an ending that demands a sequel. Or maybe that's me? More, please!

    18. Boy, I hope another of these gets written, because that story sure isn't done. It's a great story, too.

    19. This one was a hard one to put down. I hope Buckell kickstarts the next Xenowealth book because if this is what the end result is, then Viva la Kickstarter!

    20. Fun book, decently written although more of a romp than a tight story, and more variety in perspective than you'd normally see in a scifi book.

    21. Another excellent entry in the Xenowealth series. Here's hoping crowdfunding can keep this series a viable one for Buckell.

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