The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze #734)

The Wedding Fling Harlequin Blaze Celebrity Scandal Inside the Runaway Bride s Secret Rendezvous It s been a busy week for actress Leigh Bailey The stunning starlet reportedly ditched her cheating groom on her wedding day and ran off

  • Title: The Wedding Fling (Harlequin Blaze #734)
  • Author: MegMaguire
  • ISBN: 9780373797387
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Celebrity Scandal Inside the Runaway Bride s Secret Rendezvous It s been a busy week for actress Leigh Bailey The stunning starlet reportedly ditched her cheating groom on her wedding day and ran off to enjoy a honeymoon for one at a secluded tropical island But rumor has it that she s not aloneAnd we have the exclusive scoop on Leigh s hush hush hideout right from tCelebrity Scandal Inside the Runaway Bride s Secret Rendezvous It s been a busy week for actress Leigh Bailey The stunning starlet reportedly ditched her cheating groom on her wedding day and ran off to enjoy a honeymoon for one at a secluded tropical island But rumor has it that she s not aloneAnd we have the exclusive scoop on Leigh s hush hush hideout right from the drop dead delicious dude she s been foolingaround with Resort pilot Will Burgess was just going to give us the basics enough to earn some much needed cash But we never anticipated our intrepid insider getting up close and very, very personal.It s the most salacious celebrity story of the yearn t miss out

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    1. I've read The Wedding Fling by total accident, due to the Russian Roulette my Kindle played on me, but I am glad I did because I discovered a new to me author whose writing style I very much enjoyed and will definitely check out Meg Maguire's next books.The premise is pretty movie-like: Leigh is a B rate actress who doesn't enjoy all the media attention and speculation at all. On her wedding day after she discovers her fiancée has been cheating on her, she flies the scene and goes off alone to [...]

    2. The Wedding Fling by Meg MaguireI forgot how seductive Meg Maguire's writing can be.As soon as I started reading this, I got sucked back in to the Meg Maguire Black Hole and I couldn't get out.And I didn't want to.Once again, Meg takes a seemingly simple premise (run-away bride off to Barbados, and conflicted pilot with a dream and an ailing father), and she makes it sing. Like an opera at the Met.There is something about her writing. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's simple and straight-f [...]

    3. Meg Maguire (Cara McKenna) is getting stronger and stronger as a writer. Awesome sentences and emotionally complicated descriptions abound in this book. I selfishly hope for contemporary romance to have a prose stylist as fabulous as historical romance's current best (Cecilia Grant and Sherry Thomas), and I'm betting my money on Maguire.However, I wasn't an ideal reader for this story. I don't care for stories of privileged white people going to an "exotic" country where they realize what's impo [...]

    4. Leigh Bailey is an "it" Hollywood starlet on the brink of marriage to her rocker fiance. She is secretly having second thoughts since the relationship has not been the same in several months. Even though she has reservations she is a good girl, and lets others in her life determine life choices that effect her happiness, including her mother. When Leigh receives a phone call after dressing for her wedding, she knows the only sensible thing to do for herself is to go on her honeymoon alone. Yes, [...]

    5. It's too late to write a full review now, but I wanted to put this down before I forgot.I was reading along when this paragraph stuck out for me as saying a lot in just a few lines:Will stared over the water for a moment, and Leigh studied his eyes in the dying sun, bright as a blue glass pendant she’d admired in the shopping district the previous morning. She wondered who had raised this man and given him those eyes, and what they thought of the life he’d made for himself, so far from New Y [...]

    6. This review can also be found here.I admit that I was a little uncertain when I started reading this. Sometimes this type of story can seem rushed -- A bride immediately jumping into a relationship with another man. Happily, it wasn't the case with The Wedding Fling. I felt the pacing was decent and the story was entertaining. Leigh Bailey is definitely not what you'd expect out of an actress. She's naive, nice and doesn't like the spot light at all. Her mother controls her life. Her parents do [...]

    7. Leigh Bailey is an actress who has had a few hit movies but really could care less about the Hollywood spotlight. While she used to deeply love her boyfriend and now fiancé, things have become strained between them. She chalks it up to wedding planning jitters and hopes to reconnect with Will on their honeymoon. But when they are done on a phone conversation and he clicks over to his ‘brother’ which happens to be his “girlfriend on the side” and Leigh hears the conversation, she is hurt [...]

    8. I was very impressed by the first Meg Maguire book I read, THE RELUCTANT NUDE, and looked forward to reading this latest release with anticipation. Leigh Bailey, a dancer who has reluctantly become a hot commodity in Hollywood, is on the verge of marrying Dan, her boyfriend of several years. She's not entirely sanguine at the prospect, afraid that Dan, a musician, has become more interested in the cachet (and cash) associated with being her partner than in developing his own creativity. The prob [...]

    9. This is the perfect book for Holiday, you know what, it's also the perfect book when you are in a need of a Holiday which is basically, whenever you are NOT in one ;) After more "heavy duty" books I really enjoyed reading a more "easy going" book. Naturally each of the MC had their issues but basically it was a fun and optimistic read.Leigh runs off from her wedding day after discovering that Dan, her fiance, wasn't the guy she wanted to commit to. Wanting a bit of a break from her life as a cel [...]

    10. I love Harlequin Blaze and this one did not disapoint. Meg Maguire has written a blazing hot romance that was hard to put down. Leigh is a Hollywood starlet and also a runaway bride. Off on her honeymoon alone, she meets Will, a pilot and hero who is everything Leigh is not. Free. Independent. Fun. My favorite parts of the book included:1) Will - even though he had faults, he is a dynamic character who changes in throughout the story, thanks to Leigh. I love his playfulness, his caring, and his [...]

    11. I like reading Harlequin romances because you know you're getting your HEA in 200 pages or less. Sometimes I just need to get to the chase without a lot of angsty build up. Normally that works for me but in The Wedding Fling, unfortunately, it didn't.Long story short - Leigh found out that her fiance is cheating on her. Instead of going through with the wedding, she takes off to Barbados, on her honeymoon. Leigh needs to clear her mind and figure out what she wants to do with her life. She meets [...]

    12. *** JANUARY 10, 2013 ***3.5 stars. another strong offering from meg maguire (cara mckenna), Queen of the Contemporary Romance. the writing started off shakier and less assured than in maguire/mckenna's best works, but before long and through the rest of the work the story, as always, was a winner, most notably populated by characters who were fully rounded and had woven together a believable, compelling story and chemistry thing maguire/mckenna does best is to imagine and write authentic and cre [...]

    13. Courtesy of Harlequin through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.On her wedding day Leigh Bailey discovers that her friend and now fiance has been cheating on her. Now a runaway bride, the starlet runs off to the all inclusive honeymoon-for-one on a secluded island in hopes to avoid the on-slaughter of media and questions she is yet to face let alone answer. But on the island, Leigh is not alone.Will Burgess is a resort pilot who is a little desperate for money, with his father sick with [...]

    14. This book tell the story of Leigh, a famous actress who on her wedding day, found out that her fiancé, Dan is having an affair with another girl. She knew that she has to call off the wedding; hence, he did the only thing that she knew how; she run away to spend her honeymoon alone. Will, who is the person in charge to fly her to the honeymoon destination, was tempted with the monetary offer from a publisher in exchange of info of Leigh’s where about. Soon enough, he found out that Leigh is n [...]

    15. I had a few issues with the relationship in this book and mostly the fault was that I didn’t really believe and connected with Leigh. She’s too naïve and way to pleasing. She wants do what everyone wants and what people expects, especially her family.But the problem for me was the fact she’s 27 and it’s still letting her mother boss her life and career. I still don’t know how she managed to have a relationship and even almost marrying him.I liked Will in a few moments and he’s way o [...]

    16. 3.5 for the story. I give the sex a 5.Meg Maguire is clearly a talent. This may be one of those books that stays with me a while and I might like it better later. I liked the protags as characters, but the run-away-bride premise always prevents my full engagement, as does the celebrity thing. (I hated that movie, too, by the way, even though I like Julia Roberts and cast.) The end had a grand gesture, but it also felt small and simple, so I didn't take too much away--I have a thing about grand g [...]

    17. My full review here.I got this as an ARC from Net Galley and based on this cheesy description, I was apprehensive.I ended up enjoying this book very much. If a romance novel has two believable characters, a sizzling attraction, and good writing, odds are I will like it.Leigh and Will work. Of course, the chemistry between the main characters is always going to be critical to whether a romance novel works. Leigh, saddened (sort of) by her breakup on the day of her wedding and exhausted by the suf [...]

    18. I love Meg Maguire's writing and this book did not disappoint. Despite having a rather generic premise and a somewhat predictable story arc, I was pleasantly surprised at how eager I was to keep reading. The main characters, Leigh and Will, are very likeable and they have great chemistry, both as friends and lovers. Without that, I would have been incredibly annoyed at how quickly they fall in love (less than one week). It's still pretty far-fetched but I was able to roll with it because neither [...]

    19. This book as a solid 3.5-4 out of 5.I won't recap the story because it's already been done well.This was a short, easy, fun romance novel. I liked the characters, Leigh especially. She was so nice! And Will was a great guy too. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop, and I loved their banter back and forth. It was nice to have two characters who weren't so mushy with each other from the beginning. Their conversations seemed real - not too sappy, but not unbelievable either.I would definit [...]

    20. Over all this was a cute story. I will give it to her. I would have hurt someone. This story does have some cheating involved in it and I know that is a big no for some people. It isn't the base of the story though. I have not read a book in a while that has just pulled me in and held me. This one is one that did get my interest and I wanted to see how things were going to play out. It was a good story. Personally I think it was a little too nice. I kind of wish that things went a tad bit differ [...]

    21. 3.5 Meg Maguire delivers. I love her writing. Her male characters are always so very likeable. Will is all endless summer: tanned, relaxed, and casual. His effortless charm and wit mixed with an alluring maturity and bold masterful sexiness elevates him to a seriously swoon-worthy man. The passion builds and explodes very satisfyingly.

    22. Great characterization. I didn't give it more stars because as a category romance, it's abbreviated and the course of the romance doesn't feel long enough for love. Nature of the work though. well written.

    23. I enjoyed this one. The writing was good. However, I think that the book suffered because of its length. It felt too short to make it believable. Here's me wishing it was a single-title romance instead of a category romance.

    24. Thanks to the publisher, Harlequin, and NetGalley for the chance to read this early!Review Coming Soon!!!Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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