Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory

Pitch Perfect The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory A musical tale of collegiate a cappella filled of high notes high drama and high jinks is now a major motion picture Get ready to be pitch slapped The roots of unaccompanied vocal music stretch all

  • Title: Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory
  • Author: Mickey Rapkin
  • ISBN: 9781592408214
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • A musical tale of collegiate a cappella filled of high notes, high drama, and high jinks is now a major motion picture Get ready to be pitch slapped The roots of unaccompanied vocal music stretch all the way back to Gregorian chants of the Middle Ages, and collegiate a cappella is over a century old But what was once largely an Ivy League phenomenon has, in the past twA musical tale of collegiate a cappella filled of high notes, high drama, and high jinks is now a major motion picture Get ready to be pitch slapped The roots of unaccompanied vocal music stretch all the way back to Gregorian chants of the Middle Ages, and collegiate a cappella is over a century old But what was once largely an Ivy League phenomenon has, in the past twenty years, exploded And it s not what you think Though the blue blazers and khakis may remain, a cappella groups at colleges across the country have become downright funky In Pitch Perfect, journalist Mickey Rapkin follows a season in a cappella through all its twists and turns, covering the breathtaking displays of vocal talent, the groupies yes, there are a cappella groupies , the rock star partying, and all the bitter rivalries Rapkin brings you into the world of collegiate a cappella characters from movie star looks and celebrity size egos to a troubled new singer with the megawatt voice Including encounters with a cappella alums like John Legend and Diane Sawyer and fans from Prince to presidents, Rapkin shows that a cappella isn t for the faint of heart or lungs Sure to strikea chord with fans of Glee and The Sing Off, this raucous story of a cappella rock stars shows that sometimes, to get that perfect harmony, you have to embrace a little discord.

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      316 Mickey Rapkin
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    1. This book was acca-awesome! When I discovered that Pitch Perfect the movie came from this book I just knew I had to read it! I love a good non-fiction book that reads like fiction. If you love to know "behind-the-scenes" details then this is a great book for you. Not only did I love how it was told, each group (UVA's Hullabahoos, U of Oregon's Divisi and Tuft's Beelzebubs) got a chapter that related to their part of the shared journey. I read a review that said it was hard to follow, but if you' [...]

    2. Go ahead, make all the fun of me you want, I love a cappella. It's probably my mom's fault, she loved Broadway musicals and I grew up knowing all the lyrics to My Fair Lady and Oklahoma and, yes, The Music Man, where Professor Harold Hill keeps seducing the town council away from their duty into four-part harmony. I loved the Spike Lee documentary about a cappella, too. So it follows that I loved Pitch Perfect, that great little 2012 film about two collegiate a cappella teams, one all-boy, one a [...]

    3. I wanted to like this so much more than I actually did.As someone who sang a cappella in college, and who's been a fan of collegiate a cappella since being introduced to it at around the age of ten, I was easily caught up in the book's first several chapters, which introduce the featured groups and delve a bit into the history and cultural relevance of collegiate a cappella. Ultimately, though, the book didn't sustain my interest. I found Rapkin's authorial voice to be inappropriately sly and sm [...]

    4. Ugh. So wanted this to be good. It has all the ingredients for a cracking non-fiction read, but the author's voice ruined the experience. Strange tense shifts mid-chapter, a snide, smug tone, and the most jarring and inappropriate remarks and asides (for example: "he was handsome - the kind of guy even your dad would want to sleep with." I mean what???!?). If it was written better I would have finished this.

    5. Didn't like it. Its a subject sadly I know oh, too intimately and this book does not capture the experience. In essence, too journalistic. Too much of an extended magazine article that does not capture the charm, comradarie, desperation, eccentricities of the collegiate a cappella experience in fact the expression "collegiate a cappella" immediately destroys the subject. No. No. No.

    6. The Deal: Pitch Perfect follows 3 college A Capella groups through one collegiate season as each tries to do something.Divisi, an all-female group from the University of Oregon is trying to prove that they belong as one of the nation's elite college groups after a crushing loss in nationals and the exodus of their core singers.The Hullabahoos, an all male group from University of Virginia, is trying to get drunk (a lot) and sing at a Lakers game.And the Beelzebubs, an all male group from Tufts U [...]

    7. It was interesting in parts, but other parts I felt like it went off and didn't make sense. I felt like I learned a lot about collegiate a cappella, and I actually found it fascinating even though I'm not a singer or performer.I wouldn't recommend this book, but I'm glad I stumbled upon it because now I have a large playlist of a cappella groups that I wouldn't have known about had I not read this book. Also, the book is nothing like the movie; I didn't read the description before I purchased th [...]

    8. This book is hard to rate since there isn't really a story or main characters. It's non fiction and about three different a cappella bands. There were a lot of person in the book and I mean A LOT. It was hard to keep up with the names and the places. I liked it but It was missing something.

    9. This book wasn't exactly biographical, but just examines some aspect about the politics of collegiate a cappella. And no, the book is not written exactly like the movie (which is pretty obvious to anyone who skims through it or reads the book jacket). It wasn't the most fascinating non-fiction book that I have read, but it was fairly interesting (probably more so for those who have any musical appreciation at all for a capella). I also was a little surprised to read the mentions of my alma mater [...]

    10. I was three quarters of the way through this book when it hit me. I don't have to finish this. I was interested in the subject to begin with but drowning in detail all too quickly. And detail I will never retain. It's not about how this form of music emerged. It's about the various a capella groups in US colleges and their history, something I should have realized from the title. No point was too small to mention and i found the construction of the bood disjointed and unhelpful. Glad I put it as [...]

    11. I liked the movie so I was curious about the book eh. This book was the perfect "right before bed" book because it was interesting enough to want to read, but not so interesting that it kept me up all night wanting to finish it. If you're interested in reading about college a cappella, read this. If you are looking for a book about the movie, this isn't it.

    12. I liked the movie adaptation of this a lot. The singing gave me goosebumps. The film is just hilarious!

    13. I loved the movie so I thought why not give this one a try Mmhhmm well lets just say I didn't love it like I did the movie.

    14. Okay I definitely did NOT expect Pitch Perfect to be based on a book.I loved the 2 movies (I just finished watching the 2nd!) and frankly, I'm super excited to read this.

    15. First, if this youtube/watch?v=Z39fIm is being too focused on business, I can only imagine what the lighthearted side of a cappella is like!I loved this book – not because of the actual text, though that was entertaining, but because I had had no idea that a cappella had changed so much since I was in college! Sure, I remember the khakis and navy jackets, but, barely 15 years after my school went co-ed (ridiculously late!), the women’s group was already far better than the men’s. I particu [...]

    16. Closer to 2.5 stars. I wish this book — the non-fiction basis for the Pitch Perfect movie series — had stuck with one a cappella group and followed them to finals. Or stuck with one group per section, or had stuck with a linear timeline, or something that passed as an organizing principal. It's just this grab bag of names and anecdotes, of people who don't distinguish themselves at all except when they're misbehaving. I lost track of the players quickly — when you're covering decades of [...]

    17. Who knew there could be just as many dramatic moments in collegiate a capella as there are in its cinematic representations? In all seriousness, this was quite an interesting insight into the reality of a capella in the 2000s and before, and it was even more insightful to read it nearly a decade after its publication. It was pleasantly amusing to read stories about groups like Divisi and the Beelzebubs before they would even encounter the incredible opportunities that have occurred in the past d [...]

    18. I had higher expectations for this book, in part because I loved the movie so much. Maybe this is the Magic of a good screen writer. They can take a mediocre book and bring it and it characters to life on the big screen. This book fell flat for me and it was a struggle to finish it even after months. Sorry, don't recommend.

    19. I slogged through and finished this today. I kept hoping it would get better, but it never did. There was really no point to the book, it was just a series of vignettes, a few were amusing, but college humor can call pretty quickly. Whoever pulled a movie out of this book deserves the millions those movies have made!

    20. Struggled to get to the finish. Was hard to follow, non-chronological, and too many characters to actually care about any of them.

    21. Just couldn't get through it. More history, less story. Too many names mentioned to keep everything straight. I wanted to like it, but.just no.

    22. Entertaining. It got a bit difficult to follow the back-and-forth in the timelines. but the heart of the book still came through clearly.

    23. Really had nothing to do with the movie other than they were both about a cappella and there was one very minor character that Anna kendricks character seemed loosely based off of.

    24. Eh.The most interesting part is the Divisi story, which is obviously where the inspiration for the movie came from. But let's face it, it's hard to describe acapella, a auditory medium, in words. And Rapkin isn't particularly good at it. It's interesting to see where the movie came from, but only one-third of it is slightly interesting and the rest is forgettable.

    25. It was odd to read this in 2016, when the subculture it narrates has become relatively hip, not just thanks to the 2012 film adaptation and its 2015 sequel, but also the TV series Glee, which premiered in 2009 (the year after this book came out) and has popularised the primacy of the national competition as the means of judging merit, and the idea of the vocal mashup of two songs in contrasting genres. (It's such a tired idea now, though.) The book works on the basis that collegiate a cappella i [...]

    26. What hurts this book the most is the repetitiveness. Some things are necessary, such as reminding the reader who each individual member of each a cappella group is. Others, such as the ever-present reminder that the Hullabahoos performed at the RNC in 2004 in every single chapter they are mentioned, results in a faint feeling like the reader is considered somewhat of an idiot. Regardless on whether or not it's necessary, the sheer amount of repeated information makes one want to skip through pag [...]

    27. I picked up this book after recently watching the movies Pitch Perfect (2012) and Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) in quick succession. I quite enjoyed the films so I figured that I would enjoy their source material as well which was this particular book. Pitch Perfect (the book, not the movie) to me however was just an okay read. It mainly follows the journeys of three college a cappella groups: Divisi, Beelzebubs and the Hullabahoos. They go through their own trials and tribulations, encounter personal [...]

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