Don't Care High

Don t Care High Don t Care High It s than a nickname it s a concept At Don Carey High School school spirit is so non existent that nobody even noticed when a highway on ramp got built over the football field But new

  • Title: Don't Care High
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9781443113984
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don t Care High It s than a nickname it s a concept At Don Carey High School, school spirit is so non existent that nobody even noticed when a highway on ramp got built over the football field But new students Paul and Sheldon have a plan to wake the school up and Don t Care High will never be the same Totally off the wall, but always good natured, this hy Don t Care High It s than a nickname it s a concept At Don Carey High School, school spirit is so non existent that nobody even noticed when a highway on ramp got built over the football field But new students Paul and Sheldon have a plan to wake the school up and Don t Care High will never be the same Totally off the wall, but always good natured, this hysterically funny book is not to be missed.

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    1 thought on “Don't Care High”

    1. Definitely one of Korman's best, the premise is so ridiculous, the plot so extravagant, the characters so sublime Wonderful story of a high school that learned how to care about a phantom that didn't care back.

    2. Of all the author's books, this may be the funniest. And that is not to slang I Want to Go Home! or the Bruno & Boots books, which are also funny enough to make you inhale a mouthful of raisins. It is a story of New York City and a how a boy from a small town in Canada gets used to all the stimulation and variety. Some of my favorite parts are the neighbors in the high-rise opposite his apartment and the eccentric things he can see them doing (nothing raunchier than a guy who every day puts [...]

    3. I can't believe I haven't added this book. I loved it soooo much when I was young. It spoke to me for reasons I'm not even clear on. I loved the rabbit man. The radio station. The taxi drivers and the hero, Mike. Paul was okay, but mostly a clear narrator. Mike was just the coolest coolest cool dude ever. I <3 him.

    4. Oh It was okay The plot just didn't make sense and the events along the way we're over the top yo the point of not making sense. I read it, but I would have a hard time authentically selling this one to kids.

    5. My absolute favorite book as a youngster. I must have read it 10 times before I made it to 10th grade. Everything about that book spoke to me and I plan to read it again for nostalgia's sake.

    6. In the story Don't Care High by Gordon Korman is about a boy named Paul Abrams. Paul moved this summer and is now in 10th grade and at Don Carey High School But on the first day he had found out that no one cares about this school. The kids call the school Don't Care High. He wants to change this but he just doesn't know how. He meets his new friend Sheldon who was at the school the school before. Sheldon says what about student body president we haven't had on since 1956. They found a random gu [...]

    7. The plotline was definitely something a bit unexpected, but also relatable to all high-school students.( To some Degree.) I feel some similarities with all of Gordan Korman's books, most notably "Schooled" so if you liked that book, this would be a similar read. The way Korman gives the reader the perspective of 2 students - behind the scene to bring a school from it's state of "not caring" to a school of caring about everything, all because of their seemingly stupid antics is interesting, and t [...]

    8. Great book for kids or youth. Funny concept and writing style. I think I read this one many times when I was younger. Love Korman.

    9. 4.5. Another funny Korman book! Huzzah!Gordon Korman is another one of my favorite authors. Since I read laughed my way through I Want to Go Home! way back over a decade ago, he has instantly become one of my "must-buy" authors. Unfortunately, he's not very popular in the Philippines so his books are hard to come by. Thankfully, I got some credits so I was able to buy Don't Care High. Hurrah!"Don't Care High" is actually a wordplay on the name of the school, Don Carey High School. The students [...]

    10. Jonathan Beck ENG204Did you feel that the book fulfilled your expectations? Were you disappointed?‘Don’t care high’ fulfilled my expectations of having a good plot. I really enjoyed the fact that this book made me read on and on. Like when Paul (the main character) tried to sneak into Mike’s(his weird friend) house to see what it looked like, I was very interested because what if Paul was caught.Did you enjoy the book? Why ? Why not.?I did very much enjoy this book mostly because of the [...]

    11. I originally wanted to read this book as many reviewers on the nets said that it was one of the best, if not THE BEST Gordon Korman book. Having immensely enjoyed A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag in the past, I decided to finally give this bad boy a read, as Canada has just republished this book with this awesome, yet simple green cover.Alas, it did not measure up. I did enjoy the book as I tend to enjoy the shenanigans Korman's characters generally get up to in his YA novels. (view spoi [...]

    12. In a school where students are so unmotivated that their school is called "Don't Care High" comes Paul a new student who's arrived with something almost unheard of: ambition. Struggling in the world of locker barons, principals who only care about announcements, and students and teachers who just don't care, Paul and his friend Sheldon set out on what is initially a prank but might do the seemingly impossible and bring school spirit back into Don't Care High. If you're bothered by unrealistic se [...]

    13. A young-ish YA novel I read while looking for books for my son to read. I really enjoyed his book, Schooled, when I read it with my son's class so I decided to give this one a try.The main character goes to a new high school where none of the students care. They don't care about grades or classes or subjects. They meander to class and are too apathetic to even be difficult. Some of the teachers still try, some have given up. The school needs repairs, none of the clocks are at the same time, and [...]

    14. Paul has just moved from a quiet little town called Saskatoon to New York City. To make matters worse, he is enrolled in Don Carey High School, known to its students as Don't Care High. A school in which sports, clubs and causes have all been cancelled due to lack of interest. On his first day, he announces to the class what his ambition is, a word which draws a murmur from the others. Enter Sheldon Pryor, the mastermind behind the scheme to drag the student body out of its collective lethargy. [...]

    15. What a weird little book. At times hilariously funny, nonsensical, stupid and genuinely good. The most ridiculous book I've read but in a good way, really well written. This is the story of Paul who recently moved to New York City (the Greatest City in the World) from Saskatoon, Canada. Paul is eager to attend high school in the big city and ends up at Don Carey High where the students and staff affectionately (and not so affectionately) refer to as Don't Care High. No one cares about anything b [...]

    16. I have questions, but no answers. I wish I could have a conversation with Gordon Korman to sort some things out. I would ask him what's up with the principal in this book? Is that some kind of post-modern commentary on God? Is it a Greek chorus? Is it one of the other characters in disguise? Is it Otis? And what's up with Otis? Is he really an undercover government agent? Is he really an adult in disguise? Is he imaginary? Are Paul and Sherman the only people who can see him? Does he represent s [...]

    17. Remember that 2 stars means "It was okay."As with most Gordon Korman works, the beauty of this novel is in its bizarre randomness. Students at Don't Care High (really, Don Carey HS) all stumble through their day like zombies. Zero ambition, zero interest. No one on any sports teams, etc. except for the Locker Baron who dispenses lockers for favors. You could have four lockers anywhere you wanted them, if you were willing to pay the price. (I don't think Lockers McLockerson ever went to class?)Bu [...]

    18. More of a 2.5. It saddens me to say this, but this was not Korman's best effort. Although many of his books rely on crazy premises, none of them are as absurd as this one. You have really got to suspend your disbelief to be able to enjoy this book at all. Not that there aren't any chuckle-worthy bits in it, they're just fewer than you would expect from Gordon Korman in his early writing years. Especially considering that the predecessor to this was No Coins, Please, one of my top two favorites a [...]

    19. First Korman I've read and remembered (thanks Lu!), as I found my book log from age 11 a while ago and there was totally a Korman in there which I have absolutely no memory of. I thought this was really interesting, but the voice didn't quite grab me as much as I'd hoped. I do have to admit part of this might have been due to having an eBook version which had some copyediting flaws which I found frustrating. Still hoping to turn up some Bruno and Boots novels in our picking over of the secondhan [...]

    20. This is another of Korman's comedic takes on High School that entertained me in my youth and teens and it's still brilliant today. I just finished re-reading it and one thing that struck me was how this book, and a few others of Korman's, that really gave the vibe of New York in the 80s before it got cleaned up. In a way besides being an excellent YA book it is also a time capsule. I hope to introduce my niece and nephew to Gordon Korman's brilliant YA fiction when they get older. They have a se [...]

    21. Possibly one of Gordon Kormon's best. This book captures the atmosphere of a large high school perfectly, the characters are extremely endearing, and it is laugh out loud funny. Like most of Kormon's books, it involves a troublemaker and his more conservative side-kick getting up to high-jinks, but the stunt they pull in this book is surprisingly psychologically believable. You find yourself thinking "Yes- THIS COULD HAPPEN".In a way, it's a subtle commentary on hero-worship, how celebrities bec [...]

    22. A pleasure to reread this childhood favourite to my son. Like all Gordon Korman books it does a great job of ramping up from the simple premise--Paul and Sheldon nominate weird kid Mike Otis to be student body president on the apathetic Don't Care High--to the finale of 2600 students all dressed like their bewildered hero at a rally to reinstate him. By the end my son was saying Mike Otis's famous line along with me "There are a lot of things at this school I don't understand."

    23. I read this in junior high and thought it was pretty cool. Though I can't remember that much about it, I remember it was about a boy who was new to a high school where nobody really cared about anything. They weren't concerned about grades or sports, and he was very perplexed by that. Strange and outrageous events ensue because of the khaos that this school atmosphere invites. It's a fun read for children at the 7th grade level and was assigned by our English teacher, so it is teacher-approved.

    24. THIS BOOK WAS HILIRIOUS! I can't believe it was published so long ago but this book was really Funny. It had alot of twists and it was fast paced. Alot of the content I couldn't believe cuz it was so crazy and outrageous! I loved it but the reason I only gave four stars was cuz I think it was too fast paced and kind of a dead end and alot of the stuff was too unrealistic!

    25. Cute, feel-good story set in NYC - about how just a few people can make a difference and energize a group. Was reminescent of my fave, I Want to Go Home - I swear I recognized some of the descriptions or small plot points. But this one wasn't as funny. Cute, though. I bought this online since it's out of print.

    26. Re-reading several of my favorite books when I was young. The ones written by Gordon Korman. I laughed out loud several times which shows that the book is still funny to an adult decades later. Also is a clear indicator where I got my sense of humor from. This was his first YA book and inspired by his own HS experience. Great book & story for all ages.

    27. I happened across this book a long time ago by sheer chance, and I was not disappointed. It's pretty amusing if exaggerated about high-school life and how one guy tries to get the other kids motivated for their school. There's some colorful characters and amusing bits in here, it's a light and refreshing read even if it might now be dated. :P Old school FTW.

    28. One of the best books I read in high school. No preaching. Just plain good fun. I felt my school was just like this one. Teachers not caring if you passed or failed. Students floating along and not caring one way or another about anything. I felt like somebody had set up a hidden camera in my school and was watching our every move to get my high school experience so right.

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