Blood and Moonlight (Moonlight, Book 1)

Blood and Moonlight Moonlight Book Moonlight Trilogy Book One Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf Kiara Morrigan O Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within Witnessing the mu

  • Title: Blood and Moonlight (Moonlight, Book 1)
  • Author: Moira Keith
  • ISBN: 9781476298825
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
  • Moonlight Trilogy Book One.Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf, Kiara Morrigan O Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within Witnessing the murder of her Fae mother two years ago drives her back into those worlds, to search for answers and revenge.Devlin McClure lives for one thing the Pack When their leader, theMoonlight Trilogy Book One.Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf, Kiara Morrigan O Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within Witnessing the murder of her Fae mother two years ago drives her back into those worlds, to search for answers and revenge.Devlin McClure lives for one thing the Pack When their leader, the Cadeyrn, disappears, desperation sends Devlin to the last person he should be asking for help the Cadeyrn s estranged daughter, Kiara.Kiara and Devlin are drawn to each other by fate and destined to embrace the very thing that threatens to rip their worlds apart Now, Kiara will have to decide which is stronger, blood or moonlight

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    1. Stop by the book tour at my blog, click banner to go directly to the post.Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books I love this book! I can't wait for book two, hope it's not too long. Lol. This book was very different to most the paranormal books I read. It has something I had not read about before.Blood and Moonlight is the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy by Moira Keith. This story focuses on Kiara, half fae, half werewolf, and its an intriguing mix. There are many exciting twists and turns. [...]

    2. Y’all know how I love a good were story, well Blood and Moonlight is something I have not read before. A werewolf and Fae story… Am I the only one new to this type of paranormal intermingle???What Blood and Moonlight had going for it:What I really liked about Blood and Moonlight is that Keith took the time to develop her characters. I felt like the more I read I was sort of unwrapping a bit more of who each character was. Keith had a way of not just telling me of who a character is, but inst [...]

    3. This is a first for me, as I have never read a wolf, fae story (the heroine, Kiara comes from both bloodlines) and I was pleasantly surprised. Moira Keith has a strong writing voice, and her skills lured me into this wonderfully written paranormal romance.Devlin possesses all the characters traits of a hot, strong yet compassionate and loving hero, that we all love to read about in a romance.Devlin and Kiara's chemistry and sexual tension is palpable and sizzles off the pages. The mystery is int [...]

    4. Kiara is a half-bred--half wolf, half Fae. Being royalty in the fae courts, she has been brought up to be ashamed of her wolf bloodlines and kept in the dark about her wolf pack. All that changes when members of the wolf pack go missing and she is thrown into a mystery alongside a hunky pack leader sworn to aid and protect her. And hunky he is. I love a man who not only protects his woman, but helps her grow stronger and to feel more comfortable in her skin. They complete each other.The chemistr [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars I liked the build to this story. The author enabled me to learn a lot from the characters whilst delving into the story. Kiara has had a very difficult life, being of mixed blood she wasn't accepted into Fae, even though her Fae blood is royal. She was rejected by most of the Fae because of the wolf blood that also coursed through her veins and ended up being exiled. She was often challenged and bore scars on her body and soul from those encounters. She doesn’t know anything about he [...]

    6. Blood and Moonlight by Moira KeithThe main character in Blood and Moonlight is Kiara, she is half Fae and half wolf, and she has grown up hiding/ignoring the wolf side of her and keeping a lot of what she feels deep inside hidden away. Being ashamed of part of your self is not easy feat. Kiara’s is plagued by the death of her mother who was killed by wolves and Kiara cannot forget that, all Kiara wants is to find answers to who killed her mother. When Kiara meets Devlin McClure from the local [...]

    7. HELLOOOOO HAWT PIECE!!!! Boy I sure do love me some werewolves! Especially hot ones! Hehehehe this book fascinated me. I am now very invested in this series because not only does it hold my attention, but it’s full of very fun characters and an extremely mysterious plot line and just downright good writing! I don’t know how else to say how much I enjoyed this book!So, we’ve got a mixed blood situation here. kiara is part Fae and part werewolf. She was raised by her Fae mother who is also a [...]

    8. How much do I love this series? To be honest, I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this book just from reading the premise. I mean, come on, we’re talking Celtic fae, Celtic werewolves, and a story that’s partly set in and around Lake Tahoe. What’s not to like? But with Blood and Moonlight, Moira Keith exceeded even those high expectations.For starters, there’s the book’s heroine, Lady Kiara Aislinn Morrigan O’Conaill, recent exile from the fae courts. Kiara manages to be both kick [...]

    9. I received Blood and Moonlight in return for an honest review as part of the Blog Tour Hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. Kiara is half werewolf and half fae but she grew up in the fae court knowing that her father passed away when she was little. When her mother is murdered the queen banishes Kiara from the court sending her on a search for the fae named Isleen who promised to give her answers but she's not seen her since. When the alpha werewolf shows up at her office asking for her help in find [...]

    10. I just finished reading Blood And Moonlight. It is the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy written by Moira Keith. Wolves are turning up missing from a local pack in Vegas. It’s baffling the pack. They don’t know what to do or how to solve the mystery of why they are disappearing. They ask Kiara for help. Kiara is a half breed. She’s part fairy part wolf. Will she solve the mystery in time or will other wolves disappear? Is it too late or is there time?I really loved this book. It was amaz [...]

    11. Half Fae Half Wolf…g a half breed has never been easy for Kiara, her mother killed and unable to get answers to her death or the disappearance of an old friend the good thing in all this mayhem is that she has always had her guards and good friends Reese and Keenan.Then one day Devlin comes into her office and things begin to unwind and lead her down a path that not only has the answers she seeks but truths that she won’t be able to accept so lightly.Wow, where to start with this book….I h [...]

    12. Blood and Moonlight is the first book in the Moonlight Trilogy by Moira Keith. The book focuses on Kiara, a woman who is part fae and part wolf. Kiara tries to forget about her wolf heritage, but when a handsome member of the wolf pack comes seeking her help about her fathers disappearance – she can't ignore the wolf inside.The hero in this story, Devlin, has all the right traits to be the perfect leading man. He is definitely perfect for Kiara – I don't think too many men would be so patien [...]

    13. My thoughts:What a wonderful story! I enjoyed every page. Moira Keith's story is unique, original and creative. She has created fantastic characters and set them in a world of intrigue and deception. I loved the fae/wolf bloodline heritage of Kiara and all that went along with it. Kiara is a strong heroine who pales only by comparison to her counterpart Devlin. He is the kind of man we are all looking for. All of the characters have been created with personalities and characteristics that make t [...]

    14. Raised in a world of beauty and power, a world her mother had loved, did little for Kiara. She was treated with disdain because of her mixed blood, and then banished from the Fae domain. She needed answers, and with her two Fae bodyguards—friend—she set out to find them.Devlin was a wolf on a mission. To find the pack leader, who had disappeared, along with other high ranking members. By order of the high council he goes to Kiara and asks her for help in finding their leader—her father—a [...]

    15. Blood and Moonlight is the first in the Trilogy about Kiara Morrigan O'Conaill, who shares the bloodline of both Fae and Wolf. Kiara is searching for answers regarding the death of her mother two years ago. She joins forces with Devlin McClure, who needs help to find the leader of his Pack, who has mysteriously disappeared. Kiara and Devlin find themselves increasingly drawn to one another as they struggle against an unknown enemy.The characters in this paranormal romance are very well written, [...]

    16. Were stories are a favorite of mine. This was unique that it is were mixed with fae. Its a first of this kind for me. Kiara actually comes from both bloodlines. She was banished from the fae and believes she has no living family left. Devlin shows up asking for help for the were pack in the disappearance of their leader. Its about to change things she believes and leave more questions then answers. Kiara and Devlin team up to try and solve the disappearing pack members.I love the mystery involve [...]

    17. I am hooked on this Trilogy and can't wait for the next book to come out! A beautifully written story. Moira has a way of writing such lovable characters, I love going through all of Kiara's trials as she learns to accept both sides of herself. Great read!

    18. Moira knows how to take popular elements in today's romance novel and give it enough of a twist to make it more than the same ole story. :)

    19. This is a super great book!! I could not put it down! Now to impatiently wait for the next one to come out, lol! :)

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