The Boarding School Experiment

The Boarding School Experiment There are three steps to taking revenge on the most popular hottest guy in your senior class Stealth Planning ExecutionAfter Elena fails at all of them she s tossed into a government run boarding sc

  • Title: The Boarding School Experiment
  • Author: EmilyEvans
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There are three steps to taking revenge on the most popular, hottest guy in your senior class Stealth Planning ExecutionAfter Elena fails at all of them, she s tossed into a government run boarding school in Alaska The worst part Thane Trallwyn her worst enemy and subject of her blown revenge goes in with her.Alaska s not big enough.

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    1. This book, despite its somewhat low ratings in the YA world (since usually books belonging to that genre has tons of "I HEART [main male character]"), was actually pretty good. The reason that I think it didn't rate higher is because the blurb above does not attract the right readers, and so readers might be disappointed. For me, since I had planned to skim through the book (due to the blurb), it turned out to be a nice surprise.First, you simply have to disregard the above blurb. Basically, it [...]

    2. I feel like I've been decieved. Here I was, looking for a chick lit or anything that resembles a chick lit, and found this. I thought this was about Elena and Thane's relationship and they got sent to a boarding school in Alaska. At least that's what the blurb says. The Boarding School Experiment was all about the "weirdness" that's been going on the school. Yes, there were teenage relationships, but the story didn't revolve around that. Seriously, somebody has to change that blurb above, and fa [...]

    3. thanks to the descriptions because of thatmy curiosity got the best of me hahahaha This is amazing this got me hooked from the very last pageit is like at first hate then become love then teamwork .

    4. I love reading about "love-hate" relationships and this book certainly grabbed my attention because of it. Although, it was quite a bit of a surprise when the story took an unexpected turn.Over-all I liked the book for being a quick read and for its characters. Elena, main heroine, wasn't your typical wishy-washy female and Thane was all alpha male but in a good way. Rhys was another interesting character and I wished to have read more about him. I would also have loved reading more about the dy [...]

    5. Loved the unique story from this book as it was something different and got me hooked on the plot!! The relationship between Elena and Thane was also different which made it more interesting to read and had you rooting for them from the start :) Love Emily Evans writing!!

    6. I bought this book on Kindle after I heard the author speak about self-publishing. Her presentation was so good that I thought I should give her stories a try! I haven't read many (any?) other self-published books, and I was happy to see Evans defying the negative stereotypes: although this book is a self-pub, it is typo-free and the Kindle formatting is excellent (even better than in some of my major publisher Kindle books). Evans's writing is also very smooth, again, just as good as that I've [...]

    7. Nice read. Wrong blurb. I have to admit, it was a big surprise on my part, as a reader. I was thinking hey, I'll pick this up for a light read. You know, just to pass time. A pastime. But it wasn't really about teenage puppy love. Or anything light. It was so much more, but so much less too. And because it was 'so much more', I rated it with 2 stars even if I was thinking of giving it a 1.It was fast paced with lots of adrenaline rush. You can't even feel the 'love' thing any more and I like the [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsI loved to climb. I loved revenge. Combining the two had landed me where I was now.I'm glad Elena hates Thane for reasonable reasons. It's not petty like the principal thinks it is. Thane and Elena get shipped out to a fancy but extremely dodgy boarding school. It's not dystopian by a long shot but there's something fishy going on. Emily Evans is awe-sum. Okay, she's awesome and also really really absurd. Her characters always take stupidity to the next level. The plot lines are terribl [...]

    9. Omg. Omg. OhMyGod.At first I was like, what's this book about? Is it a love story including a school to get together or something else. And OMG, I didn't think I'd like it that much.The Boarding School Experiment is a nice story, though I didn't really like how they didn't get revenge from this whole mess. The way the coordinators acted and the emails they got and all, there sure was something odd about this school.I really liked the Elena and Thane love story, it was so cute. And the end, omg a [...]

    10. 4 STARS I know it seems a lot but between Macy's 5 STARS and my 3 STARS 4 STARS it is.On a side note It is a lot better than I thought it would be and the author did a great job with a unique story line and has the opportunity to explore the Boarding School Experiment's in a more romantic setting if the author continues.I'll be honest, if the author decides to continue the story not only will Macy continue but so will I. Also, who says the author has to give up the mystery.

    11. The full review can be found at my blog. I was slightly disappointed by this book. I really feel like she could have turned this book into a great trilogy if she had put a little more into it. The idea behind it is good, she’s got good chemistry between the two main characters. The problem? Everything felt rushed, like it was a mad dash to the end but in the end the reader loses.

    12. i love Emily Evans wits! The story is not as close as the description of the book. Some would think they're deceived by that & i'm one of them. Anyway, i like the story. It's not another your typical chick lit which i'm glad. The romance is moderate for YA, perfect! However, i was lost at most of the description of the sport events. That cost half the enjoyment & lost one of the star on my rating.

    13. I want a Thane, where can I get one???? Awesome book, I really liked the characters and the plot. It wasn't what I expected was going to happen - but in a good way. I am really starting to love Emily Evans' books. I have them all and can't wait to read the next one, I am thinking 'The Kissing Deadline'!

    14. This was weird, well not really expecting Elena's view in all things and her attitude of being, i don't know uhm secretive?. But I enjoyed reading this and the attraction between Thane and Elena was inevitable, hate and love is separated by a thin dashed bar. XD

    15. It was an interesting read. Gets a little slow in the middle but they bring back another character from the start of the story and there are quite a few action scenes.Kind of Teen Action a little romance and a fair amount of spying and science involved though still a teen boarding school novel.

    16. i love this book. it was fast moving which i love. i like the romance in the book to. i want there to be a squeal because the ending could made you want to read more . i lover this book.

    17. This book captured my attention from the first chapter. It was fast paced and well written with realistic characters.

    18. Great plot the storyline was entertaining seeing how she would pretend she had no feelings for Thane. Elena is a good at climbing and a great friend. Loved this book

    19. I never thought that events would turn out that way. I was supposed to give this book 3 stars, but the suspense and the tension of the events nearing the end made me change my mind. Go figure.

    20. awww *sigh* oh! that was the sweetest present ever. i was gonna rate this book waay lower cause i like a good romance with lots of romance but uh that present was uh my god love it.

    21. I love Emily Evans' writing style, but not a huge fan of this story :( A lot of the imagery is really hard to follow. I had a hard time picturing what was happening in some scenes.

    22. This book was like “The Mysterious Case of the Albright Academy” by Diane Stanley with a bit of romance.

    23. So usually I love the books I read by Emily Evans. This one was going great up until the ending. I have no idea how this ending even seemed conceivable to her. This book strayed a bit from the others I've read by her and I was really excited. I'd already read other reviews of a terrible ending, so I was prepared, just not as prepared as I should have been.I liked the idea of this book, but I wanted more information. Such as, was Alaska the only school or was there really other schools? (view spo [...]

    24. eh, just okay. I wonder if this was one of her earlier books because it wasn't as polished. Several scenes I couldn't visualize because I couldn't follow the descriptors. The characters were interesting and varied. I liked that Elena was scampy. A lot of it I had to go a little further in my suspension of disbelief. But really, I think the thing I disliked most, was how much more of this one was action than romance compared to the first one I read by her. I just liked the Accidental Moviestar co [...]

    25. This book is not at all what I was expecting to read. It was a pleasant surprise how much I did enjoy this book.

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