Lord Beast

Lord Beast Rhys Ashcroft unwillingly accepted the title his father left him at his demise and was forced to resume his duties in England Devilishly handsome Rhys was in high demand by the women of the ton and h

  • Title: Lord Beast
  • Author: Ashlyn Montgomery
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rhys Ashcroft unwillingly accepted the title his father left him at his demise and was forced to resume his duties in England Devilishly handsome, Rhys was in high demand by the women of the ton and his cruel perceptions of external beauty left many broken hearted and bitter After a near fatal accident disfigures his face, he isolates himself in Falmouth castle and manyRhys Ashcroft unwillingly accepted the title his father left him at his demise and was forced to resume his duties in England Devilishly handsome, Rhys was in high demand by the women of the ton and his cruel perceptions of external beauty left many broken hearted and bitter After a near fatal accident disfigures his face, he isolates himself in Falmouth castle and many presume him dead Danielle Carmichael held no expectations to make a suitable match and happily accepted her fate as a spinster She resides in the country with her aging relatives with the spires of Falmouth Castle piquing her curiosity Despite her better judgment, she explores the castle one evening and meets the hostile stranger who therein resides, becoming drawn to his cloaked features and icy rebuttals Determined to befriend the dark and mysterious stranger, she returns day after day only to be met by his callous disregard.Can her determination to befriend him eventually thaw the coldness of his heart Set in Regency England, this is a heart warming story of one girl s perseverance and one man s acceptance of change and fate.

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    1 thought on “Lord Beast”

    1. I enjoyed this novella and the writer has a very engaging style. The setting seemed real with authentic clues such as costume and attitudes and the conflict was there from the start. I can only say a longer story would have been even better, after all who wants to put a good story down? This is a book I came back to download after having a look inside.

    2. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for more, visit Punya ReviewsHmmm Ashlyn Montgomery’s debut (and only) historical romance, Lord Beast, quite baffled me. I had enjoyed quite a bit of it, while wanted to stomp my feet in frustration in some other. There were plot holes, dialogues that sounded too modern to be called Regency and unbelievable situations that should’ve irritated me. However, it didn’t. One thing I’d give that even after every [...]

    3. Ohhhh I want to weep for this book. It could've been the most endearing love story ever written. I wish the author hadn't succumb to mediocre plot devices that are generally employed by 'other' HR writers. 80% of the book had me grinning and at times laughing out loud at Dani's behavior and the dialogue between the main pair. Then the stupid and unnecessary misunderstanding happens and Rhys starts acting like a complete imbecile and then he out of no where realizes he was wrong but continues his [...]

    4. A delightful "Beauty and the Beast "read. Rhys is strikingly handsome and has all the women at his feet. Then an accident mars his beauty and he hides himself in a castle. Enter spinster Danielle Carmichael who lives in sight of the Castle. One night she decided to sneak in and explore the place. What happens makes for as romantic and enjoyable book. I was sorry to see this was her only book. I hope she writes more.

    5. Felt and read distinctly modern, especially in the dialogue. Dani's actions are incredibly unrealistically bold for a woman of her time. That was a turn off. The one and only sex scene was okay, but a second scene later on would've been great. I enjoyed the story, but it was a good bit of amateur romance rather than a book written by a seasoned, professional historical romance writer.

    6. It was nice. I read it because I found the excerpt on wattpad. I would recommend it to hopeless romantics. Rhys and Danielle were just so cute. Danielle acted very inappropriately throughout but it was great. I did feel somethings were left up in the air. Like did Miss Pennyworth really do it. Things like that really bother me.

    7. This hero was completely irrational. And a twisted plot crotch-grab took this story down to 3 stars for me.

    8. 3 1/2 stars.I enjoyed the book, but I feel like it could have done with some more development. It seemed to move at a very fast pace, and I felt as though, at times it was slightly unrealistic. I understand that it is fiction, and it is also Historical Fiction, and how things were done then differ from now, but even still - the feelings that developed between the characters seemed to appear far too fast and a little too out of character.Dani was my favourite part of this novel. The protagonist i [...]

    9. Great readI liked the story and the characters. The writer has a unique way of developing the characters. I would recommend this book.

    10. Ok so I got this because Beauty and the Beast retelling and I never say no to BatB.The writing was fairly sloppy: wrong words used in the context (he had taken up "vacancy" in his castle, the "dark" was barking); apostrophes were used incorrectly rather frequently - in some cases in order to make a plural! Pet peeve of mine; adverbs were occasionally in the wrong place in the sentence, giving it another meaning that didn't make any sense in the context. All in all I had to rebuild sentences quit [...]

    11. I liked Danielle and Rhys but overall the book had too many problems and was a one star read. First this is a historical romance and people above the station of servants did not use nicknames in public or address servants by their nick names. I could ignore that but mental health issues were briefly mentioned and again the context and language was too modern.But the main problem centered around the premise of the story. Rhys' disfigurement and isolation from the Ton and society in general. If Rh [...]

    12. Really enjoyed this book! I love to see authors start out small and continue to grow, and this book Is just one example of that. The fact that the story didn't directly relate to beauty and the beast was a relief. In fact when I first started reading it, i didn't even know that that was what it was based on. The story of beauty and the beast was simply used as inspiration, as it rightfully should have been. **SPOILERS are about to occur**Two things stuck out to me from the story in a some what i [...]

    13. This book was crazy good. I normally like my books with a little more - scratch that - a lot more heaving and thrustingbut this book managed to keep my interest with very little of that. Obviously it's a take off on the classic tale, but that's where it ends. The book is a story unto itself. Rhys and Dani are a couple made in romantic literature heaven.My only complaint? I can't find anything written by this author!

    14. 427kb, Regency, he was disfigured by an accident, and stayed in hiding. Most thought he was dead. She believed she would never marry. Despite her better judgment, she explores the castle one evening and meets the hostile stranger who therein resides, becoming drawn to his cloaked features and icy rebuttals. She comes day after day. Can she melt his icy heart?

    15. Lord BeastThis is the first book I have read by Ashlyn Montgomery. I have really enjoyed reading this book. The story is about a gentleman way of looking at the ladies to decide if they are perfect by his standards and how circumstances changes that impression. The heroine has a lot to do with his change. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

    16. I was reluctant to stop reading Lord Beast (I reached 26% of it), but I couldn't find myself enjoying the fast-paced friendship/romance developing between the two MCs. Maybe it's because I find slow but sure strong friendship turning into romance more appealing. So I believe it's not the book's fault; it's me!

    17. This was a good story and I enjoyed it, but I was often distracted by spelling and grammar errors. Also, the author used the word "cuckold" inappropriately, which could have made the story very confusing. "Cuckold" has a very specific definition and is not meant to be interchangeable with "deceived". Overall, though, a good book.

    18. This one was a sweet story, much better than I expected and, though I felt some things could have been explored further, I don't regret having read it. I do think the author went around the same things too many times and missed on the opportunity of developing other aspects of the story.

    19. Very sweetIn the beginning I thought Dani and the beast fell for each other too fast, but when I really paid attention it was actually perfect. Two people both scarred in their own way wound up healing each other. It made my romantic side swoon.

    20. I had been waiting for a long while before carried this book again and it was WELL worth the wait! I loved how the hero and heroine met and interacted! I would definitely recommend this book to any and everyone!

    21. I like the story very much, the heroine was great but the hero was okay. Ii would of like more action and passion between them.The ending was kind of rush but over all it was a nice story.

    22. 4.5I really wish that this book was longer! So that there would be more detail and stronger scenes! I loved the characters :) This book is so cheesy! Cheese is my weakness! I loved it

    23. 2nd time reading I love this rendition of Beauty & the Beast!!! I loved the characters in this adult version because it still resembles the childhood story

    24. Haaa! I did judge the book by its cover (with this one). Brrrr It took me months to read this and finally, at last, it was better than what I expected. Wahehe!

    25. I liked it. I mean there are a lot of stupid adaptations- lack of originality- o the fairytale, but i enjoyed reading this novel.

    26. charming story of Beauty and the Beast, but these character s were not of the regency or any historical period. very contemporary in thought and actions.but still a nice story

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