The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune Welsh heir Robert Godwin knows everything about his powerful family s interests but what does he know of his own heart Tucked in the hills of South Wales is Oxmoon the ancestral estate of the Godwin

  • Title: The Wheel of Fortune
  • Author: Susan Howatch
  • ISBN: 9781453267226
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • Welsh heir Robert Godwin knows everything about his powerful family s interests, but what does he know of his own heart Tucked in the hills of South Wales is Oxmoon, the ancestral estate of the Godwin family In the summers before 1914, music streams through the family home as the Godwins, at the height of their prosperity, dance in the ballroom with their guests But deWelsh heir Robert Godwin knows everything about his powerful family s interests, but what does he know of his own heart Tucked in the hills of South Wales is Oxmoon, the ancestral estate of the Godwin family In the summers before 1914, music streams through the family home as the Godwins, at the height of their prosperity, dance in the ballroom with their guests But despite the remarkable talents of heir apparent Robert Godwin, the fates have a rough, tough ride planned for him and those he loves Fortunes shift during two world wars, disastrous love affairs leave the family battered, and finally jealousy threatens to destroy Oxmoon and all it symbolizes Based on a true story that has been updated to modern times, The Wheel of Fortune is a timeless tale of love, hatred, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness This ebook features an illustrated biography of Susan Howatch including rare photos and never before seen documents from the author s personal collection.

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    1. Murder, madness and mayhem - oh my. The Godwins have lived at Oxmoon for generations. The story begins in 1913, and is narrated by Robert the younger (all the first born sons of the first born sons are named Robert). Robert senior struggles to bring the estate back to financial health after it was run into the ground by his mother's notorious lover, Owain Bryn-Davies. Robert is raised with distant cousin Ginevra (Ginette) and the two maintain a strong bond of friendship that eventually blossoms [...]

    2. Ah, how to rate a 1000+ page family saga that attempts to retell 14th century Plantagenet drama as a 20th century story . . . . All this royal eccentric behavior sure seems outrageous compared to Victorian and Edwardian standards!The story is split into sections told by different members of the Godwin family to move it through the generations. We begin with Robert Godwin (one of many), who is our Edwardian Black Prince to Ginette, his Fair Maid of Kent. I especially enjoyed how Howatch creativel [...]

    3. This novel is a little over a 1000 pages but don’t let that put you off. If you love great English historical fiction this really is the best. I’ve read Cashelmara and Penmarric and loved them but this novel is my favorite. Loosely based on the last of the Plantatgenets,  it begins with a new cast where Cashelmara ends. The very detailed novel concentrates on the Godwin’s beloved family home of Oxmoon in Gower, South Wales and focuses on the class structure of England in the early 1900s. [...]

    4. Wohoo! I'm done! I read all of it! Of course, it was a total drag from about half way through so I'm not sure this is such a marvellous achievement. I did not like this at all as much as some of the other books I've read by Susan Howatch. However, I read those when I was in my twenties and far more easily impressed than I am now.The book tells the story of the grand old estate of Oxmoon, and the people on it. It is a family saga spanning several generations, starting at the end of the 20th centu [...]

    5. More like 4.5 stars.Very clever and detailed 'modern' interpretation of the lives of the English historical figures Edward (AKA The Black Prince), Joan (AKA The Fair Maid of Kent), John of Gaunt, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V. The cast come alive in this multi-generational saga that encompasses everything from scandal, lust, murder, sodomy, drunkenness, abuse, illegitimacy, jealously, madness and extortion spanning the years 1913 to 1966. I seriously loved how the author wove the historical f [...]

    6. Sodomy, adultery, murder, robbery, madness, lust. That's how one of the characters describes his family's antics, and he ain't wrong.Set in the first half of the 20th century, but beautifully paralleling the lives of Edward III, the Black Prince, John of Gaunt, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V, this is the story of the Godwins, masters of Oxmoon. Each generation is haunted by the sins of the fathers, each of them clinging to the mantra of 'I draw the line' in a desperate attempt to ward off thei [...]

    7. This book is one of those books you can read and re-read countless times and still find the story interesting. I myself didn't see the connection between some of the characters and real life historical people or time periods, but I'm not all that well versed in European history. In fact, if I'd read a review of the book stating that the characters and time were based on the Plantagenests (sp???), I probably would have run away screaming because it would have made me think Wheel of Fortune sounde [...]

    8. This book is a family saga on the Godwin's family told over a period of fifty years in their Welsh estate, Oxmoon. I must agree with Misfit, this book is without any doubt the best book written by Susan Howatch, even if I did loved Cashelmara and Penmarric. The parallel with the real historical characters is fabulous. As in any book by SH, is hard to tell which is my favorite character but I'm still divided between Kester and Hal.

    9. This is definitely my all-time favorite book. It has everything I like, multi-generations, historical parallels, a story told from the viewpoint of many intriguing characters. It's a long book, but it caught my interest from the beginning, and I have gone back and read it two or three times again. I have loved all of Susan Howatch's family sagas, but this one is the best!

    10. Susan Howatch writes this multi-generational book with a very deliberate gimmick, and yet it's such a clever one that I loved every minute of it. The novel is enjoyable enough on its own merits as the story of several generations of an English family, told in succession by a tortured adrenaline junkie, his flamboyant wife, his repressed younger brother, his artistic son, his ambitious nephew, and finally a grand-nephew determined to raise the family status again to glory. But what if you know yo [...]

    11. This huge, dramatic, glorious, complex family saga reeled me in page by page (ok, screen by screenI confess). Each lengthy chapter is told from a different character's point of view, so the reader gets both intimate insights into each complex personality as well as a more balanced perspective. It can be a challenge to keep it all straight, but the drama continues at a fast pace so I never got bored. There were times when the overuse of "doing the done thing" and "drawing the line" got on my nerv [...]

    12. Don't let the slow start put you off, this book plunges into a complex and complicated family and morphs into a book that can't be put down. Knowing it is based on actual royalty and the line of the Black Prince makes it all the more fascinating. There isn't a two dimensional character in the book, including those who have minor roles. I cannot believe Horwatch escaped my attention or so long, but I am looking forward to reading her entire canon of work.

    13. 4.5 Stars. Wheel of fortune is a modern telling of the lives of the Plantagenets: Edward The Black Prince through Henry V, taking place between 1913 and the 1970's. While the book itself is quite hefty at almost 1200 pages, it was very quick read; mostly because I had to force myself to put it down. I have to say that Harry was my favorite character even though nothing ever really seemed to work out for him. The book is separated into six different parts each reading like a diary entry in the 1s [...]

    14. This is a sprawling family saga, following a Welsh family from the Gower Peninsua from the late 19th century through to the 1970s. It's also a retelling of the history of the Plantagenets - Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V. It's very well-written, and it's quite an interesting experience, reading a modern retelling of history. You know what will happen, sort of - which characters will die, which will be murdered, but not the circumstances or the context. And it's about how every acti [...]

    15. This massive book by Susan Howatch retells the story of Edward III of England's dynasty in a 20th century setting told in five first person narratives through the century. I absolutely loved this book and thought it was brilliantly done through John's story, but it began to weaken in its appeal through the final third of the book -- Henry and Hal's stories. However, the strength of the beginning far outweighed the weakness of the resolution for me. Note: Read this book after reading Anya Seton's [...]

    16. This is my favourate book of all time. I loved the style of writing, the drama, everything! I read this book when i was still in university (10 years ago!) and i own a copy that has seen better days. i still cannot resist reading it once in a while; it's the only book i've re-read over and over

    17. Several years ago, I once posted a list of my top ten favorite historical fiction novels of all time. Susan Howatch's 1984 novel, "THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE" made the list. In fact, I would go as far to say that it would have also made the list of my top favorite novels . . . period. I love it that much. Back in the 1970s, Howatch wrote several family sagas in which the main characters were based upon members from a certain group from Britain's Royal Family known as House of Plantagenet, which ruled [...]

    18. The Wheel of Fortune is a book I'll never forget reading. It fell into my lap by sheer and complete coincidence- a tatty, thousand page horror obtained second hand from the old collection of an aunt who had obtained it second hand herself. Ancient. To this day, I have no idea why I even started reading it- it seemed too long, too heavy, too boring. Oh how wrong I was. I read it- all 1149 pages of it- in two days, two days of doing literally nothing else save for the occasional fridge raid, bathr [...]

    19. A difficult book. On the one hand, very well written, sometimes extremely funny, and lots of twists and turns to the inevitable who-dun-it. On the other hand, extremely long, extremely redundant, and too much melodrama. A nice windup at the end leads back to the very beginning, but it's contrived. The most interesting, and perspicacious, character, is a psychiatrist! These people, with just a few exceptions (like Bronwen) are just too neurotic to sustain interest.

    20. I have to admit, I could not have expected how much I ended up enjoying this book. I managed to blast through this ~1200 page tome with ease, always wishing I had the mental power to read faster than I could. Howatch's writing exhibits some real talents. Firstly, without being able to fact-check or verify, it seems the author really knows her stuff: this multi-generational family saga begins in the late 19th century and spans all the way to the 1960s, and yet Howatch effortlessly weaves in lots [...]

    21. Used to camp on the Gower Peninsular in a beautiful bay called Port Eynon. The bay just before you reached this, back towards Swansea, was called Oxmore, well, Oxmore something, and I'll check it up when back on the Big Girl Computer.Anyway, this bay was particularly popular with surfing crowd because of the rather treacherous currents and cross currents - perfect for a game of wet suited chicken with added ironingboard. There was a big house back inland from this stretch of shingled shore and i [...]

    22. The best book I read in 2009 and a new author for me. A long read (1100pp)but engrossing. It struck me as being something like a much longer version of my own novel A LIFETIME BURNING! Certainly anyone who enjoyed ALB would probably enjoy WHEEL OF FORTUNE. I've started collecting Howatch's Starbridge series and I'm looking forward to those. Wheel of Fortune

    23. I enjoy family sagas. Particularly those written with the history spent over generations on a homestead similar to Oxmoon. The experiences of the 3 sons, each in their own way desiring to be heir was strange but fascinating. It just proves that life isnt a complete bed of rosesr anyone.The Wheel of Fortune was well worth the read.

    24. My favourite book by Susan. On the first read, I immediately re-read.All of Susan's books are worth a read, but some struggle with her splendid Church of England series. Start with this book or Penmarric, or Cahelmara, or the Rich are Different. These are the books I turn back-towards when nothing else appeals.

    25. I loved loved loved this book! I only wish there was something else I could read now that I could lose myself in the way I did here.

    26. This is a book you can sink yourself in. Story of a family with all drama you can think of. Takes awhile to read but so worth it. Howatch is a master of prose.

    27. Gorgeous book. Brilliant, complex, imaginative.She is a master.And I named my oldest daughter after the heroine.

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