Recipe for a Happy Life

Recipe for a Happy Life There s than one recipe for a happy life Hannah Goodman doesn t grow up like most kids on the Upper East side Her mother Gray is an award winning photojournalist with little time for the banalities

  • Title: Recipe for a Happy Life
  • Author: Brenda Janowitz
  • ISBN: 9781250007865
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s than one recipe for a happy life.Hannah Goodman doesn t grow up like most kids on the Upper East side Her mother, Gray, is an award winning photojournalist with little time for the banalities of child rearing, and when she s not jetting off to follow the latest scoop, she s camped out at the Hotel Chelsea The closest thing Hannah s got to a traditional matriThere s than one recipe for a happy life.Hannah Goodman doesn t grow up like most kids on the Upper East side Her mother, Gray, is an award winning photojournalist with little time for the banalities of child rearing, and when she s not jetting off to follow the latest scoop, she s camped out at the Hotel Chelsea The closest thing Hannah s got to a traditional matriarch is her grandmother a glamorous widow six times over with a sprawling Hampton s estate But Gray is determined that her daughter resist the siren song of the trust fund set, and make her own way in the world So Hannah does just that becoming a successful lawyer in New York City, and dating a handsome musician Hannah has it all, or so it seems, until one hot June day the carefully constructed pieces of her life break apart When she throws it all in and seeks solace at her grandmother s estate, she discovers that where happiness is concerned, you don t have to stick to the recipe.From Brenda Janowitz, the author of Jack with a Twist and Scot on the Rocks, comes a charming, clever, and romantic novel about three generations of women with a culture all their own.

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    1 thought on “Recipe for a Happy Life”

    1. 2 and a half stars, maybe. It was contrived The main character acted more like she was 20, than 34 years old. One of those books that I knew everything would fall into place, even as I knew the author wanted me to believe, otherwise. A few parts touched me, but more annoyed me

    2. A light story about three generations of women and the love and secrets they share. It was a light hearted read and just what the doctor ordered for some convalescing I am doing. Relaxing and fun!

    3. Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogRecipe for a Happy Life contains so many of the details I love to read about: the Hamptons, complicated grandmother/mother/ daughter relationships, and a perfect pinch of romance to spice things up.Hannah is at her wit’s end when her boyfriend’s mother accuses her of trying to kill her boyfriend (it was a mistake! he’s alive!) and runs off to the comfort of her grandmother. Never being close with her always on the go, legendary photographer [...]

    4. I adored this novel. I fell into Hannah's world so completely that I miss her this morning. The setting (Hamptons at its most luxe), the characters -- a glamorous, wise, generous grandmother that I fell in love with, a broken 30-something heroine who has hit a wall in her life, a flawed mother who reminded me a little too much of my own, and a love interest to root for. (Please excuse the poor grammar in this review -- I'm a bit excited) It's a perfect summer read, and a pretty perfect read, per [...]

    5. I absolutely LOVED this book SO much! It was great fun, but not a comical story. I loved the characters and their connections to one another which changed and/or grew substantially over the summer on the Hamptons where the story is set. Take one non-traditional, very wealthy, Jewish grandma (I had one like that and one very traditional one) who has, in this case, been widowed a multitude of time, and add her thirty something granddaughter to the mix for one incredible summer at a grand estate on [...]

    6. Young wasp spends summer in Hamptons with grandmother wasp. The word "grandmother" can be seen about 10 times per page make it a drinking game! Both wasps attend parties, eat light lunches and reconnect with those from their past, opulence and pastels everywhere. End.

    7. Received this book from the author at the Cornell Reunion, 2015.It's not my normal genre, but an easy to read, feel good, romantic, "how to have a happy life"-book. Really quick read, and entertaining enough.

    8. I loved this book. I even ended up taking pics of a couple of the pages because I felt like this book was talking to ME. I am on a quest right now to find happiness in my life, and I am estranged from my own mother.

    9. Originally posted on Gone PecanAfter a horrifically bad day (in more ways than one), Hannah escapes to the Hamptons to her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother (charismatic, classy, always says and does the right thing, married seven times & widowed six), is more of a mother to Hannah than Hannah’s own mother. Hannah immerses herself in her grandmother’s presence in an effort to forget her troubles. What Hannah encounters in South Hampton, besides the trust fund set and million dollar [...]

    10. A Wonderful Story of Family, Love, Loss, and Moving OnA funny thing happened on my way to read just a few pages of Brenda Janowitz's latest novel, Recipe for a Happy Life: I couldn't stop reading. My goal was to get the first chapter in, get a feel for the story, and then come back later to finish and write my review, but the story pulled me in immediately, and every time I tried to walk away from the book, I couldn't. I'm a fan of Janowitz's and loved her first two books, but this one is by far [...]

    11. What a breath of fresh air. You are transformed into a lifestyle of parties that only the rich and famous can dream of. Hannah's life has never been normal, her mother is an award winning photographer traveling the world. She was never close to her mother, but her grandmother was always there for her. To Hannah she saw her grandmother as more of a mother then her mom. Some crazy things happen to Hannah and she decides to take the summer off and spend it with her grandmother at her house in South [...]

    12. Hannah Goodman’s mother was an award-winning photojournalist and was always jetting off for a story. Hannah’s grandmother, a wealthy and much married grand dame was Hannah’s friend and confidant. (Note: grandmother was widowed 7 times.) Grandmother sent Hannah to the best private school in NY, but Hannah didn’t fit in. She finished law school and became a lawer in a big firm. Hannah found her dream man and married, but he died two years into the marriage. She lived the “village lifesty [...]

    13. I'd follow Brenda Janowitz anywhere, but the Hamptons was a special treat. Usually I yawn at the first mention, but by the time I knew the destination, I was so caught up with the grandma's character that I wanted to claim her as mine. And for the first time, out of all of the books set here, I actually got to know the place! I love the quirky assertive voice of the author's previous romcom heroines, so looked forward to another fun pop psychology romance. And yet Brenda always has something to [...]

    14. If you like family relationship books - you will really like this one! It has a very deep loving relationship between granddaughter and grandmother. There is a difficult relationship between mother and daughter. There are some romantic relationships as well. The writing sweeps you away to the Hamptons - I did not want to come back! You can see the houses as she describes them. You can hear the waves hit the beach. Janowitz draws a beautiful picture with her words.I love strong women characters. [...]

    15. Hannah Goodman's life is a bit of a mess. She's decided to leave Manhattan and spend her summer in the Hamptons with her grandmother to avoid dealing with a sticky situation with her boyfriend. Hannah loves her grandmother dearly and enjoys a much closer relationship with her many times married (and widowed) grandmother than with her own mother, who is a world travelling photojournalist with whom she did not have a conventional or warm relationship as a child. When a series of unexpected events [...]

    16. Really liked the beginning but the book started to ramble later. I mean what 34 year old hangs out with a 14 year old, lets him drink and lets him drive (not at the same time). The plot line felt like a mishmash of emotional life events just for the purpose of making the reader sad. But it doesn't make you sad because you don't connect with any of the characters least of all the main character.I loved The Dinner Party and was hoping this was similar but it was not. I won't give up on this author [...]

    17. This book would have been *even* more fun to read if I could have done so with a champagne cocktail in a hammock somewhere. Because this is a warm hearted breezy read just right for a summer's day.My favorite character is the indomitable grandmother, with her lifelong wisdom and impeccable fashion sense all rolled into one. Her strength (and her secrets) propel the book forward. Even as Hannah's life unravels, and just everything goes wrong, grandmother is always there, always ready for action.I [...]

    18. This is very light fiction, perfect for a time when you don't want to think too much about what you're reading. Although I don't like the term "chick lit," that's what it is - frothy, summer tale of rich, entitled people who spend their days at the beach with a cocktail.I enjoyed the writing, but found most of the story predictable. It's not a bad book; in fact, it's fairly entertaining. It's just not great literature.

    19. I adored reading this book and being part of these characters lives, even if only for a short bit. I dove into this book and found myself lost in the world within the pages. The grandmother is one to be adored! This story is about so many things, love, family and moving on! You may laugh, you may cry, but you WILL feel something in this well written and beautiful story! 4.5 stars!

    20. truly a must read book. it makes you realize what really is important in making you happy in life and it also puts into perspective that there is always someone doing worse then you. it also has some much needed humor spots where you just can't help but smile and laugh out loud. so glad I picked up this book and I will most certainly be looking up more books by this author.

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