Justice for Sara

Justice for Sara When seventeen year old Katherine McCall awakened one morning to find her beloved sister Sara brutally murdered her whole life changed in the blink of an eye Kat was named the prime suspect and on

  • Title: Justice for Sara
  • Author: Erica Spindler
  • ISBN: 9781250012524
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When seventeen year old Katherine McCall awakened one morning to find her beloved sister, Sara, brutally murdered, her whole life changed in the blink of an eye Kat was named the prime suspect and, on a string of circumstantial evidence, charged and tried While the jury found her innocent, not everyone else agreed, and her only choice was to go into hiding But she carriWhen seventeen year old Katherine McCall awakened one morning to find her beloved sister, Sara, brutally murdered, her whole life changed in the blink of an eye Kat was named the prime suspect and, on a string of circumstantial evidence, charged and tried While the jury found her innocent, not everyone else agreed, and her only choice was to go into hiding But she carried a dark secret with her, one that made her worry she might actually have had something to do with Sara s death .Now, years later, Kat is still haunted by her sister s unsolved murder and continues to receive chilling anonymous letters, but she has tried to move on with her life Until, on the tenth anniversary of Sara s death, she receives a letter that makes the past impossible to ignore What about justice for Sara What about justice for Sara And for herself Kat realizes that going back to Liberty, Louisiana, might be the only way to move forward and find some peace And there s a killer out there who was never caught.But the town she s come back to is hardly different from the one she left The secrets and suspicions still run deep Kat has an ally in Detective Luke Tanner, son of the former Liberty police chief, but he may be her only one With plenty of enemies, no one to trust and a killer determined to keep a dark secret buried, Kat must decide if justice is worth fighting and dying for.

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    1. ****This book has two different titles "Don't look Back" and "Justice for Sara"They say you can't go home again.Katherine McCall was a rebellious seventeen-year-old when her sister and guardian, Sara was brutally murdered. Due to the fact that her parents were also deceased and she was to inherit all of the family money, Katherine (Kat) was named as the prime suspect. She was charged but released as the jury found her innocent. However, not everyone agreed with this and she decided to go into hi [...]

    2. This is a new author to me and I enjoyed it very much. I actually read it in one sitting but that's partly because it was so absorbing and partly because I am on holiday and so I had lots of free time:)I found the writing to be very good, the characters were well drawn and the story was fast paced and interesting. Kat was maybe a bit casual with her own life from time to time but then she had reason to be. The love interest was played just right - it did not take over the whole story and Luke wa [...]

    3. Katherine aka Kat McCall returns to the place where she had grown up, the small town of Liberty in Louisiana, which she had left 10 years previously after being charged and found not guilty, for the murder of her sister, Sarah.She needs to find closure for the guilt she has about her sister’s death, which was not caused by her, and is also determined to find out who had killed her.Once again, the author sets the story in a small town that holds secrets and people who are determined to stop her [...]

    4. Well, now. This was an unexpectantly good cat and mouse mystery. I don't believe that I've read anything by Erica Spindler, but I'm certainly familiar with the name.Kat McCall returns to her hometown after a long absence of ten years. Why, you ask? Small sidestep. She had been accused of the murder of her older sister, Sara, when Kat was seventeen years old. There was bad blood between the two sisters. (Oops! Forgive me for that one.) Sara had been raising Kat upon the death of their parents. It [...]

    5. Erica Spindler's novel, Justice for Sara, is the story of a complex and compelling relationship between two sisters, one that ends in a violent death. Ten years ago Katherine (Kat) McCall, a rebellious teenager, wakes to find her sister, Sara, brutally murdered. Kat was the prime suspect, charged with the crime, but was found innocent at the trial. But not everyone in Liberty agreed with the verdict so she was left with no choice but to leave her hometown and try to move on with her life, still [...]

    6. After ten long years Katherine McCall (Kat) is returning to her home in Liberty, Louisiana. This is where her sister, Sara was brutally murdered. Although Kat had been acquitted of Sara's murder she knew there would be people in the town who would still want nothing to do with her and believed she killed her own sister. But Kate wanted to prove those people wrong and she was determined to find the real killer.In the meantime, Kat decides she wants to start up her own bakery business, but it seem [...]

    7. Katherine McCall was finally returning to the cottage she had lived in with Sara ten years previously. After their parents had died, Sara became Kat’s guardian – they had always been close but then Kat suddenly became a rebellious teenager. She fully acknowledged the horrible, tormenting teen she had been, and knew that at seventeen years of age, Kat’s life had changed forever. Now with her return to Liberty, she hoped (but didn’t expect) the townsfolk would have moved on…As she discov [...]

    8. I sort of wished that I had given this one up. The heroine pulled so many TSTL stunts that I can’t believe that my eyes aren’t permanently in my head from rolling them. I have a hard time believing that Kat was so naïve as to believe that her going back home wouldn’t cause trouble. I did like the relationship between Kat and Luke, but am not sure if I can buy into Luke not thinking of her as a criminal.It seemed like the author wanted to put doubt on every character possible to be the kil [...]

    9. Kat McCall has returned to her home town Liberty, Louisiana. Ten years earlier her life had changed forever after the brutal murder of her older guardian sister Sara. With both her parents and Sara dead things get even worse when she is accused of being the murderer. Found innocent by the jury not everyone is convinced of her innocence and she is forced to disappear to make a new life for herself.Ten years later the town she returns to hasn't changed much with suspicions running deep and those a [...]

    10. I won my copy of Justice for Sara by Erica Spindler through GoodReads FirstReads, and I LOVED it!! This masterfully constructed mystery is about a murder that happened ten years previously, the main suspect being the sister of the victim. After being acquitted of murdering her sister and leaving town, 27 year old Kat McCall moves back to her hometown ten years after the crime to seek the truth and get justice for her sister and hopefully reveal the real culprit. Kat has been receiving cryptic ta [...]

    11. While I did enjoy it, there were moments where the heroine made me upset. She was constantly playing investigator and putting her life on the line. The story is a bit predictable but I like the romantic elements. This is not my favorite by Ms. Spindler but I'll continue to pick up more of her books.

    12. True Spindler fashion!A long time can of Ms. Erica I couldn't wait to read this book. Kept me engaged and I felt a connection to each character. She never fails to impress me. Put this or any of her books in your rotation you will not be disappointed!

    13. It was an interesting book, but I guessed who was responsible (and why) about a third of the way into the book. Also, I found present-day Kat annoying as she tried to play amateur detective.

    14. This book will have you trying to figure out who the killer is, with the turn of each page. As I read I would think, AHA! I KNOW WHO THE KILLER IS. Umm, no I didn't. I was so blindsided by the end. This story took so many unexpected turns that I felt suspicious of EVERYONE. hahaIf you want a good crime mystery book, this one is it! I absolutely loved it. I have only read one other Spindler book, Shoking Pink (also a very good read)! I will definitely be rereading this book in the future. Looking [...]

    15. I always feel a little stab of sadness when I read a book that has a compelling premise, but it ends up having a disappointing delivery. Such is the case with Justice for Sara, one of the cheesiest thrillers I've read, ever.Look, I'm all for an old fashioned type of mystery with a limited set of suspects, a small town setting and a little side romance. But all of those are at best done in a mediocre way here, except for the romance which is actually right down dumb.I'm going to start with the go [...]

    16. What would you do if you’d been charged and acquitted for the grisly murder of your sister? You’d probably run off, lick your wounds, and learn to live a life as far away from the stress of your past as possible. That’s what I would do. But that’s not the case for Erica Spindler’s strong, independent, and determined protagonist in “Justice for Sara.” Spindler’s heroines are created with depth and an intensity of character that makes them a force to be reckoned with. Katherine ‘ [...]

    17. It was a really good book with lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed reading it so much, very engulfing and never felt bored while reading it. I despised Lilith from the beginning but liked Jeremy and his taking care of Kat. The love between Kat and Luke was kind of hmm how to put it in words? Maybe cliche is the right word for it. But it was heartwarming.

    18. Kat McCall comes back to the Louisiana small town where, ten years ago, she was tried and acquitted for the brutal murder of her sister and guardian, Sara. There's huge hostility from the locals, almost all of whom believe she dunnit. With the local acting sheriff, Luke Tanner -- son of the now terminally ill sheriff who did his utmost to get her put away -- Kate solves the mystery and sees justice finally done.Although I found this a very fast read, I also found it a very irritating one -- and [...]

    19. This was a book I needed to read in order to tick off a challenge task, but I probably would have picked it up on my own if I had come across it. It sounded like it was right up my ally. I like suspense.I like thrillersd who doesn't like a great whodunnit? But this was just okay for me. Inspite of my list of dislikes with this one, there were things I felt that were done well, so I will go with 3 stars.The ending wasn't a surprise, but I liked how things shifted. That was actually the part that [...]

    20. Oh my goodness what a brilliant book, brilliant characters, a brilliant plot and plenty of twists and turns right to the very end.Kat McCall's sister Sara was murdered ten years ago and everyone thinks it was Kat as they were known to have a very turbulent relationship. But Kat is found not guilty but then she moves back home to Liberty to find her sisters killer.I liked Kat from the start and I loved police officer Luke Tanner,he's her perfect knight in shiny armour ready to help her find the k [...]

    21. [Note: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher]When I started this book, I have to admit that I wasn't sure I was going to like it. Keeping the characters straight was a problem (keeping Sara and Kat straight was a big issue-- I had to keep looking at the title for a friendly reminder) and the style of jumping back and forth in time wasn't my favorite. However, the book quickly became a story I didn't want to put down. And I suspected the killer of Sara quite early in the story so it w [...]

    22. If there are any lovers of mystery out there that love guessing who the killer is from the very first page, and love being taken down many twists and turns, then I’d say ‘Justice For Sara’ may be the book for you. I was expecting this book to be mediocre but it ticked off so many of my boxes!! I had my suspicions on who I thought the killer was but it wasn’t till about page 50 where I was pretty sure I was right. Cut to a few days later, I’m sitting in the living room hitting the sofa [...]

    23. In two words LOVE THIS BOOK- ok that's three, but true none the less!!! It starts with Katherine McCall returning to her hometown, the scene of the crime so to speak, where she was wrongly accused and acquitted for murdering her sister 10 years before. As "Kat" tries to find the real murderer and "Justice for Sara" she is seeking redemption not only from the people of her hometown but also forgiveness for herself and her troubled past!! Love the small town feel of everyone knows everyone, but do [...]

    24. You never really know peopleNo matter how hard you try, you can never really know people. You think you do but all you see is their public image.Kat was blamed for her sister's death ten years ago. They acquitted her but the town always blamed her. Kat has had a stalker for many years sending her notes demanding justice for Sara. Kat decides to go back to her hometown and investigate the crime herself. With a few great plot twists. Kat discovers that when it comes to money, no one can be trusted [...]

    25. I don't know why I avoided this book for so long. I checked it out from the library and then read every other book first. I really liked it. I got close to guessing who the ultimate "bad guy" was. The characters surrounding Kat were really unpleasant people. I can't imagine how she thought she would set up a bakery in that city, considering most of the residents wouldn't talk to her. At any rate, vindication is nice, and the ending was nice, and I found it to be a good read.

    26. Loved it! Once again Erica Spindler has written a fantastic novel. Worth the 5 star rating! A lot of thought had gone into the plot of this novel and I really liked all the characters even the bad ones. Kat was a great main character. Looking forward to reading more of her books and if you haven't already read this book I recommend everyone who likes a good crime novel to get stuck into this one!

    27. Justice for Sara is another outstanding Erica Spindler book. Kat returns to the scene of where her sister was murdered and she was accused. The real killer tries to keep the crime unsolved. With a couple of red-herrings and a bit of romantic interest. The story unwinds with violence and clues until Justice for Sara is finally achieved.

    28. I love how authors always write within their place of living!! It's great to read about parts of Louisiana & try & guess which parts are completely fictional vs which ones are based off realistic places!! Love the momentum of the storyline!!!

    29. THIS was Erica Spindler's BEST book yet. I fell inlove with the two main characters. Great suspense, great twists and I really wanted to now who did it and had to read to the last page. Don't miss this one. A+

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