Lake Como

Lake Como Hallie Elliot has a perfect life She is an up and coming interior designer in one of San Francisco s most sought after firms and has just recently become engaged to Peter a brilliant young journalis

  • Title: Lake Como
  • Author: Anita Hughes
  • ISBN: 9781250017734
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hallie Elliot has a perfect life She is an up and coming interior designer in one of San Francisco s most sought after firms, and has just recently become engaged to Peter, a brilliant young journalist But when she stumbles upon Peter and her boss in what seems to be a compromising position, her trust in her perfect life is shaken So Hallie escapes to Lake Como, Italy tHallie Elliot has a perfect life She is an up and coming interior designer in one of San Francisco s most sought after firms, and has just recently become engaged to Peter, a brilliant young journalist But when she stumbles upon Peter and her boss in what seems to be a compromising position, her trust in her perfect life is shaken So Hallie escapes to Lake Como, Italy to spend time with her half sister, Portia Tesoro, an Italian blueblood dealing with the scandal of a public estrangement from her cheating husband While staying in the Tesoro villa, Hallie falls in love with the splendor and beauty of Lake Como, and finds work designing the lakeside estate of a reclusive American tech mogul The caretaker of this beautiful estate is a handsome man named Angus, and Hallie finds herself drawn to his charm and kindness, despite hints of a dark secret in his past But just as Hallie is beginning to find her footing on Italian soil, she uncovers a family secret that upends all the truths she s believed about herself, and calls into question the new life she s built in Lake Como Sisterhood, family, career, and sumptuous descriptions of Italian life fill the pages of this newest offering by Anita Hughes Lake Como is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story of love, self discovery, and the quest for truth.Love, sisterhood, and sumptuous descriptions of la dolce vita fill the pages of Anita Hughes Lake Como, a heartwarming story of romance, self discovery, and the quest for truth.

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      261 Anita Hughes
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    1 thought on “Lake Como”

    1. I struggled to finish this book. I even asked my Book club leader if I could get an exemption from reading this after I started it. The protagonist never grows up. What a complainer. The author is fixated on describing the dress and handbag or fashion accessory in every scene (Chanel! Gucci! sickening). I thought perhaps there was a word count that had to be met in every chapter hence the shallow descriptions.

    2. I am quite convinced that St. Martin's Griffin is a pseudonym for Harlequin. I give ye this example to prove my point. Please note the first sex scene begins on page three."He pulled Hallie down and covered her with his body. Peter was built like a runner: long legs, narrow hips, thin, angular shoulders. But when he made love he was like a wrestler, pinning her to the bed. She loved the feel of his chest rubbing against hers, his tongue exploring her mouth.Hallie felt Peter's breath hot against [...]

    3. Lake Como has everything you could possibly want in a book: family, art, fashion, love, and incredible scenery. This book makes me want to visit Lake Como so badly; I am seriously considering for my honeymoon next year…now all I need to do is convince my fiancé.The story centers on the main character, Hallie Elliot, who from the outside, seems to have it all – a great job as an interior designer and a fiancé who is a popular journalist. However, when she sees her fiancé Peter and her boss [...]

    4. I’ve bought this book mostly because of the name – I've been to Lake Como, and it is a gorgeous - as well as the plot description on the back cover. I expected to plunge into the atmosphere of this place and its architectural magnificence. But author's descriptions were limited to short “ .e view was breathtaking”, “the villa was breathtaking”. Despite the fact that I didn’t like the novel at all, not a single page of it, I read it to the end, so I feel like I have right to share m [...]

    5. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.I really enjoyed this book as it had a few twists and turns I didn't see coming, and a few I did. Our heroine lives in San Fran and is living her perfect life: great relationship, dream job, good family station and close relationship with her grandmother. But something's off. She goes to Italy to spend time with her stepsister and ends up discovering family secrets. I liked this book a lot because of the story and the des [...]

    6. This book was given to me by a friend so I felt obligated to read it, otherwise I would have stopped after the first couple pages. It was so cliche and stereotypical. I predicted just about ever twist and was annoyed with the constant outfit descriptions. Like I know how pairs of Gucci sandals the girls has but not much else. The characters we shallow and the twists were so anticlimactic. And the endingurg I wanted to just throw the book in the trash by that point. I am surprised this book has s [...]

    7. I'm embarrassed that I read this book. Read it on a plane, so my choices for alternate ways to spend my time were limited, but still. So what's wrong with the book? Cardboard cut-out hackneyed characters, full of stereotypes about Italy (uh, Italian men don't go to airports wearing silk shirts unbuttoned to their navel and covered with gold chains). The book is full of so many oddities about Italian culture it makes me wonder if the author has ever been to Lake Como, or at least at any time sinc [...]

    8. I was very fond of Hallie, she didn't just side step what Peter did nor did she go crazy. I liked how she wasn't hard nor a pushover. She does give herself some space and goes to Italy. Her sister, Portia has a lot on her plate and Hallie can center on her rather than herself. When she gets there Portia ends up taking off and the Italian men in the area have taken notice of Hallie. Before she knows it, Hallie has landed herself a job of a lifetime and the attraction of a new manovelreview/2014Ju [...]

    9. I brought this book to read during a lakeside vacation, and while my vacation wasn't anywhere near Lake Como, it was certainly better than the book! I was disappointed in this novel. I thought the characters were unrelatable, shallow, and one-dimensional. The protagonist (Hallie) was very immature and, to be honest, annoying. I felt like she acted as a young teenager instead of her 29-30 years. It also seemed that the plot was all over the place as well as poorly paced. One minute Hallie was see [...]

    10. Having been to Lugano and driven around Lake Como, I picked up this book a few years ago. Now I am attempting to plan a trip to Lake Como & hoping to stay at The Villa d'Este, reading this book made me feel at home. I felt the descriptions of Lake Como in Anita Hughes' Lake Como as though I have actually stayed there already. I must admit that I worried about Peter and still do, but I cannot come up with a better way to handle it than the author did, but that dedication . Then towards the en [...]

    11. I received a copy of Lake Como by Anita Hughes in exchange for an honest review.What a fabulous read that had me wishing I had cocktail in hand and a pair of heels on my feet while reading! Lake Como whisked me away and wrapped me up in Hallie’s story, beginning with her suddenly rocky relationship with Peter and ending with a touching love story. In between we have royalty and family secrets and the intrigue and mystery surrounding the Tesoro family had me unable to put this book down. Hughes [...]

    12. This was the perfect vacation book! I read it in one sitting because I had to know what happened next - Did Hallie's boyfriend cheat? Would she take him back? What happened between her parents? The plot twists and turns as a family secret unravels. But what also had me turning the pages were the lush descriptions of Lake Como. No detail is too small from the clothes, food, cars, boats, villas, jewels, scenery I was completely transported by the author's descriptions into this luxurious world. By [...]

    13. Hallie Elliot has a career that she loves, and she is hoping to soon become engaged to Peter, an ambitious young journalist. When she catches Peter in a compromising position with her boss, she decides to take a much-needed vacation at Lake Como, where part of her family lives. She does a lot of soul-searching, while also being given the opportunity of a lifetime decorating the estate of a reclusive American tech mogul. This book is similar to ones by Luanne Rice, Kristin Hannah and Nancy Thayer [...]

    14. I was so excited when I won this book in the giveaways! It was a fabulous read, my first book from this author. Thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn't put it down. Her vivid descriptions of the scenery, landscape of this part of Italy was phenomenal. I felt like I had been transported to this beautiful place. The characters were so captivating, I loved Hallie, loved the relationships she had with her grandmother, sister and mother. Loved the relationship with the 'new man' in her life. Loved, loved it [...]

    15. I loved Anita Hughes first two novels, but I think this may be my favorite. LAKE COMO is 24 carat gold escapism--with family jewels and glittering multi-million dollar homes on Lake Como. This novel took me outside of my life and transported me into a fairytale of designer clothes and champagne, stunning natural settings and gourmet food. And yet the characters were also struggling with real life issues of trust, self-discovery and forgiveness. A fabulous read on so many levels!

    16. All I can say is WOW! I loved this book. Set between San Francisco and Italy, the descriptions of the Italian setting made me want to travel there. The characters were well thought out and multi faceted. This is the second book by this author that I have read, I read Market Street earlier and I enjoyed them both. I'll be looking for more from this author, as she is taking her place on my list of favorite, must read authors. Can't wait.

    17. Wow! What a fantastic book! First, please let me start by saying I highly recommend all of the books of Anita Hughes! Why? She takes me to a place, draws me into the story, and keeps me reading all night!Lake Como? Great read. Great setting. Beautiful cover. Inside the cover, is a lovely story focusing on family dynamics and secrets. However, I also view this book as a love letter to Lake Como, because the description of the area is so detailed and beautiful.

    18. I received this book compliments of First Read for my honest review.I don't usually read romance novels but I certainly enjoyed Lake Como. The character developemnt was good and the descriptions of Lake Como, the clothing, the food were superb. This is an entertaining book and the perfect adult fairy tale. If you like romance, this book is definitely for you.

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book! I love interior design, fashion, and Italy (the men, the food, and the scenery haha). This novel had all of that, plus romance, a little drama, and a main character who evolves beautifully over the course of the story. I read it very quickly and would love to see a sequel

    20. Wow, this is the first book I read by this author and boy was it good. I read it in a few hours because I couldn't put it down. I'm very fond of books with an Italian background. Italy spells love and I enjoyed this book tremendously. A must read.

    21. I received Lake Como as a Good Reads Giveaway. I loved it - It was a captivating, romantic read. The author does a wonderful job describing the Italian food, the people, and culture. By the time I finished the book, I felt as if I had traveled to Italy myself!

    22. Absolutely loved this book and love Anita Hughes writing!!! Can't wait to read her second book (since I've read her first and third). Keep writing, please!!!!

    23. An enchanting story of a woman finding herself amongst the world's most beautiful place and people. I love Lake Como, Italy, and this book brought me right back. A wonderful women's fiction read.

    24. Is there a zero star for complete stupididy and waste of time. Superficial nonsense that totally missed any chance of my reading it even though it was on the beach. Pure junk.

    25. Hallie has almost everything she wants in life, she's got a great job and she's waiting for a proposal from her boyfriend Peter.One night she sees Peter with her boss and it raises red flags that Peter may very well be cheating.He denies it and proposes soon after.Hallie has her doubts and she can't be happily engaged when she's unsure of Peter anymore.Her family suggests that she goes to visit her half sister Portia in Lake Como and give herself some time to think.Portia is dealing with her mar [...]

    26. Just for random fun, if I were to give it a prize/ribbon, I would probably dub it as the cutest romance novel of the month because the story plot line is just so cute and interesting.One of the things I loved about the book was the personality. Does that sound weird? I'm talking about the perspective of the main character, aka Hallie. The story was written is such a great view that the whole book kind of became Hallie. I instantly became drawn into her character and whatever she felt, it was lik [...]

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