PathFinder When Alice TodHunter Moon who insists on being called Tod was five years old she saw a beautiful golden dragon boat fly over her PathFinder village She knew at once that the boat was Magykal That was

  • Title: PathFinder
  • Author: Angie Sage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Alice TodHunter Moon who insists on being called Tod was five years old, she saw a beautiful golden dragon boat fly over her PathFinder village She knew at once that the boat was Magykal.That was years ago, before her mother died, her father disappeared at sea, and the Garmin took her best friend, Ferdie.Now it s up to Tod and Ferdie s brother Oskar to rescue FerdieWhen Alice TodHunter Moon who insists on being called Tod was five years old, she saw a beautiful golden dragon boat fly over her PathFinder village She knew at once that the boat was Magykal.That was years ago, before her mother died, her father disappeared at sea, and the Garmin took her best friend, Ferdie.Now it s up to Tod and Ferdie s brother Oskar to rescue Ferdie from the Garmins keeper, the malevolent Lady Their journey takes them to the Castle, where they receive help from ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap and Ex ExtraOrdinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand.But the Lady s brother, the Darke Sorcerer Oraton Marr, has a plan that will put everyone Tod holds dear in danger To save her people, Tod must embrace her identity as a PathFinder and navigate the Ancient Ways mysterious Magykal paths leading to unfamiliar and sometimes dangerous lands.Taking place seven years after the story arc of the original bestselling Septimus Heap series, and full of Angie Sage s characteristic humor and heart, PathFinder celebrates the joy of discovering one s own personal Magyk, and of choosing the path that lets that Magyk flourish and grow.

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    1. 2016:Well, finally did it. It's been 2 years since its actual publication but I finally went ahead and bought the book (after having to accept that no edition without those really annoying unevenly shredded page edges was going to come out and no way was I passing up this gorgeous cover) and finally read it. I told myself I'd refresh my memory and reread Fyre before starting on Sage's new sequel trilogy to one of my favorite series, but I'm in such desperate need for new books to read every year [...]


    3. "You choose between two courses. And that is the trouble with choosing-there is always the one you didn't take. It may have been better, it may have been worse, but that's not the point. You could not choose both. And sometimes, when the tide is running fast, you have only one chance to decide. You do your best at the time, with what you know then. It's tough, but that's how it goes."It's Septimus Heap, what did you expect?Twice I was hit with vicious pangs of feels while I was reading PathFinde [...]

    4. I read as much as I could stand. It's not that it's bad, it's just too teen-oriented for my tastes. So, does anyone have any fantasy recommendations? Something more in the adult line, say, on par with Game of Thrones. I know that GoT centers on plenty of teens, so it might seem hypocritical, but their characters/scenes were handled on a mature level.

    5. This book has been poorly marketed -- it is a sequel to the excellent Septimus Heap series. However, the protagonist is a young girl named Alice TodHunter Moon, who prefers to be called Tod. After her father goes missing, and her village is burned, she goes off to the Castle following the wishes of her long deceased mother (poorly explained.) Meanwhile, Tod's friends and William Heap are kidnapped by the evil Garmin. Much of the Heap family are involved and together they go on a journey to liber [...]

    6. Ein neues magisches Abenteuer, eine zauberhafte Heldin und ein Wiedersehen mit Septimus Heap! Die junge Todi steht vor einem aufregenden Ereignis: Mit 12 Jahren wird sie endlich von ihrem Vater in die Rituale der FährtenFinder eingeweiht. Kurz darauf ist Todis Vater spurlos verschwunden. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund Oskar begibt sich Todi zum Zaubererturm, weil sie sich Hilfe vom Außergewöhnlichen Zauberer erhofft. Dieser ist niemand anderes als Septimus Heap. Und er hat es gerade mit einem mä [...]

    7. I was unimpressed by the writing style and felt their was an over abundance of characters as many from the Septimus Heap series made appearances. Overall, unsatisfactory. Might be enjoyed by a younger reader, but I found the "she was this" and "he was that" writing style combined with the point-of-view jumping to make for unlively reading.

    8. This is going to be SO awesome. Fyre left me pining for more, and while it's not exactly Septimus Heap, at least I still have something to look forward to in the Septimus department! I absolutely, positively, cannot wait. But somehow I have to.

    9. I thought this was a new series but it is a mixture of the Septimus Heap characters with newcomers, Alice TodHunter Moon, nicknamed Tod, and siblings, Oskar and Fergie. Tod is at an initiation of PathFinders, a group of children that have the unique powers of being able to breathe underwater. Not everyone has this ability and the only way to find out is to risk drowning. When Tod observes her aunt eavesdropping on the secret meeting, she talks to her dad about it. He says he'll ask the aunt to l [...]

    10. I liked Tod and the Pathfinders, but this book wasn't the thrill that I was hoping for. It didn't have the humor that I've come to expect from Sage, the little plays on words or funny insights into the characters that always made me chuckle aloud as I was listening to the books in the Septimus Heap series. The narrator, Nicola Barber, was very good though, and she had big shoes to fill with the men who read Septimus Heap. Allan Corduner, who read book one, is tied with Jim Dale as far as I'm con [...]

    11. I'm a huge fan of the Septimus Heap series, especially on aduio. When I discovered another series, I immediately decided to listen to it. There is a new narrator, which makes sense since the primary character is a girl (Alice TodHunter Moon) instead of a boy (Septimus Heap), but was also disappointing because pronunciations changed. For example, Marcia's title was always read as "Extra Ordinary Wizard" - but now it's "Extraordinary Wizard." At least she kept "Mar-see-uh" instead of "Marsh-uh" fo [...]

    12. I loved Septimus serie, but I guess I've outgrown this one. I read it super fast and everyting was kinda ok, but I know that if I have had another possibility, I would have chosen another book.Anyway, had only this one at the beach and I am happy I read it. Tod is sweet and it was fun to read about Septimus again, but even he felt somewhat different ://

    13. TodHunter Moon, Book One: PathFinder (World of Septimus Heap)ByAngie Sage, Mark ZugWhat it's all aboutI must say that it took me awhile to figure this book out. I think I should have read the series before this oneyou don't really need to but I think it might have made the characters and their magical actions more clear to me. The book summary says the events of this book take place seven years after the original Septimus Heap seriesbut I never read those books. But then againybe I am placing wa [...]

    14. This new book from Angie Sage is set in the world of Septimus Heap with new characters. Seven years after the end of Fyre, we meet Alice TodHunter Moon (Tod), learning about her heritage as a Pathfinder. Soon we are pulled into a world of adventure as the evil Garmin take away her friends and then come for her. Many of our old friends from the Septimus Heap books join us for the ride.The book starts quite slowly and has the feel of a middle-grade read. As the adventure with Tod progresses, it fe [...]

    15. It's been too long since I've read a juvenile fantasy, but what a great book to re-enter the realm. Angie Sage continues the Magykal series with a new heroine, Alice Todhunter Moon (Tod) a young Pathfinder. Tod's mother died before Tod learned all about the land from which she came and her father just passed on the secrets of the Pathfinder when she turned twelve. But now, he is gone, too, never returning from a fishing trip. And she is left with an aunt she both fears and detests when monsters [...]

    16. When I discovered that Angie Sage was writing a second series based in the Septimus Heap world, I was pleased. When I realised that this book was basically a sequel to the entire series, and would feature almost everyone we've come to know and love after the past 7 books, I was even more pleased! This book is a great start to a new series, introducing a new tribe of characters and opening up the world beyond the Castle with promises of even more to come. The story takes a little while to get goi [...]

    17. [3.75 Stars] I'm having a hard time rating this one. I thought the addition of this new culture in this world was really interesting, and I loved the backstory for how their culture came to be different than all the others. While it was cute, imaginative, and had the perfect amount of characters from the first series involved, it had a lot of build up for almost nothing. I was hoping for more resolution in this book that I didn't get. It was also very predictable. I didn't guess some of the smal [...]

    18. This is my first book by Angie Sage, and even though it can be paired with the Septimus Heap series I was able to follow along pretty well.This is a great book for students (grades 3rd-8th) who like fantasy and world building. It moved along at a quick pace with lots of adventure and twists. There may have been a few too many characters to keep track of (especially if you haven't read the Septimus Heap books), but it was a fun and interesting read.

    19. Name: Avik Nandy Date 2/24/15 Per-------Book Review Graphic OrganizerTitle: Pathfinder: Todhunter Moon (Book #1)Author: Angie SageIt is set in the world of Magyk, which is kind of like earth but, it’s all weird with Wizards, and ancient egg artifacts, and a lake in the middle of every continent.The main character is Todhunter Moon and she goes on a special adventure because her father is kidnapped by and evil Wizard, and she must save him.Another character is Oskar Sarn and he is a boy who hel [...]

    20. That was fun. It was so refreshing to see all my favorite characters again. After reading a bunch steamy YA books, it was kind of nice to read a really fun middle grade book. Firstly we saw Septimus Heap, who is supposedly very handsome and a total flirt ( according to Jenna). I think we met all of the Heap brothers, but I can't be sure, I lost count Also Marcia was there and she was just as kickass as always. However the new main character Todhunter Moon is also pretty amazing. She actually nev [...]

    21. As a BIG Doctor Who fan, I would like to Start this off with Riversong's (Alex Kingston) catchphraseSPOILERSI really missed the world of Septimus Heap, and all of the wonderful characters. I knew this book was suppose to be in the same world, and may make mention of some of the older characters, but I was thrilled!! most major characters are there!! 7 Years after Fyre (in the story)Queen JennaSeptimus (Now Extraordinary Wizard)Marcia (Ex Extraordinary Wizard & Dabbler of Dark Arts?) Simon He [...]

    22. The original series is not doing too well in my library; still struggling with why over half of the middle grade and YA books being published are fantasy, when that is NOT what my students ask for. I keep forgetting that publishers are not there to provide books that my students need, they are there to make money!!!This was perfectly fine, much like all the other books in the series. I'm glad that they seem to be keeping the format consistent (short, squat copy, at least in the ARC) with the res [...]

    23. I am not the slightest bit ashamed that I read a book for 8-12 year olds when I am almost 20. I LOVED reading the Septimus Heap series throughout my earlier teen years, and meeting some of those characters again in PathFinder was a dream come true. This book caused many late-night reading frenzies, and I went to sleep with a smile on my face multiple times. As always, the plot is intriguing and the illustrations are amazing. The new main characters are fantastic, and I look forward to seeing whe [...]

    24. As absolutely lovely as expected. Sage again triumphs in storytelling, lyrically weaving humor, suspense, and that warm fuzzy feeling into each page. The return of characters from the Septimus Heap series gave the story a nostalgic feeling, and seeing how their lives are threaded into those of the new characters was especially pleasant. Long live these magykal stories.

    25. I love whole Septimus Heap serie and I am grateful Angie Sage decided to write more books set in this magical universe :). They are so simple and lovely and reading them is for me perfect escape from real world.

    26. The book started well. Then different points of view, extra characters, back story and confusing adventures left me wishing the book was done.

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